Grupo Arga develops all kinds of private investigations in the workplace. When we talk about labor investigations, we refer to all those conducts that can produce some type of fraud or impairment in your company. These actions can be given by a variety of subjects, from suppliers, customers or even the workers themselves.
Therefore, when you have a hunch that some type of conduct of these types may be taking place in your company, it is best to contact professionals.
Among the services most demanded by our private investigation office are fraudulent sick leaves. That is why they have adopted a higher category, having created our agency a department specialized in the investigation of fraudulent sick leaves.

A labor detective is a resource that without a doubt can provide the best sense of resolution for all those who are undoubtedly in search of an investigative device that can provide all the answers to a fact that deserves the best sense of investigation in an entity.

This is how a labor detective is one who provides the indicated response for the execution of operations that can be promoted in a business environment and that undoubtedly seek the structuring of activities that aim to determine the existence of fraud schemes in the figure sick leave requested by employees.



In a business environment, many will wonder if the intervention of an expert in research is ever needed, well, in this sense there are many criteria and diverse opinions that exist around the generation of a criterion that allows them to cover a optimal decision criteria.

Sick leaves are events that occur in the work environment and that sometimes are not legitimately substantiated, this leads us to a situation where many employees commit an act of labor fraud, requiring the articulation of labor investigations that are capable of providing the most important answers to this type of suspicion.

The investigation of sick leave is as necessary for a company as breathing for an individual, since it is the only one that may be able to establish a very solid method and criterion of investigation around the generation of various aspects that are prone to to cover up probable acts of fraud in the work environment.

An investigation for sick leave is one that is capable of providing the answers that the bosses and the board of directors of an organization need to know, in Spain sick leave represents more than 43% of the cost structure of business entities and at a of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) the situation does not improve since it represents 62% of its entire cost structure. At Grupo Arga we know that sick leave is a legitimate resource that is capable of contemplating the best response to a need for rest and physical and mental recovery that an employee requires.

All the aspects in which sick leave is covered are contained in the international labor convention of which Spain is a signatory, as well as all the regulations and requirements that are contemplated by the European Union (EU) in terms of labor legislation, the right that workers have to a period of rest after an unforeseen event such as an accident and/or sick leave is something that must be guaranteed.

The most important thing that can be done in this regard from the labor entities is to guarantee that all workers benefit without the need for their labor benefits to be affected, as well as with the guarantee of extension of their medical services, more and taking into account if the fact that caused said sick leave arose in the work environment, that is why an employee must initially act with extreme caution and a sense of assistance in protecting their workforce.

However, despite the fact that all these elements are contemplated through a scaffolding of laws and regulations that generate a normative culture towards the company, it is necessary to highlight that these regulations sometimes contemplate many gaps where not all workers but some , are asserted to generate a position of advantage and of course misuse of this resource.

In this sense, from Grupo Arga detectives, we always generate the recommendation that due to the fact that an employee misuses this resource, all workers should not be viewed from the same perspective, however, it is always necessary to carry out investigations, without issuing signals and avoid discussions that may lead to moments of considerable conflict in the work environment, for this the best way to establish labor investigations is achieved through an expert detective.

Labor investigations allow the members of the management level of the company to make the best decisions based on also taking the opportunity to clear up doubts, doubts that at some point may represent an economic and financial loss for the entity, that day when a worker does not attend his work, claiming a false sick leave or absence of legitimacy represents for the company a scenario where it loses out as a work entity, since it cannot perform all its activity in the best way.



Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that has the best resources that are capable of satisfying all the responses and requirements of its clients, which is why from our organization we execute in detail and precision all the aspects that are linked to the noble work and the noble exercise of private investigation, where we deploy the best of the best towards our clients.

Corporate investigation requires a great deal of precision and subtlety when establishing guidelines that are capable of providing an appropriate response to all doubts and elements of technical disposition that the client requires to generate efficient decision-making, this means that the detective who is performs these tasks must undoubtedly highlight the application of strategic elements that are capable of fulfilling and satisfying all the requirements that are entrusted at the beginning of each case.

The investigation processes that Grupo Arga detectives carries out allow the successful deployment of each operation, this is achieved through a team committed to the execution of tasks with a high level of expertise and technique, carrying out all these activities with a great sense of discipline and dedication in the development of their work.

Labor investigations are not completely closed if the best criteria and data are not provided to the management train of the organization, in this case, clients must be provided with all the information on the cases of sick leave that they are requesting to investigate, In this sense, the routine of the researcher is observed, if he attends the doctor, if he is resting at home, what his rehabilitation itinerary is, all these aspects configure the possibility of providing an adequate response framework.

 LABOR DETECTIVES IN SPAINAt Grupo Arga detectives we have been innovating for more than 10 years in order to generate the best results for our clients, this means the guarantee of establishing a sense of constant improvement towards what we do every day.



A labor detective , once he has been entrusted to carry out this type of activity, is that resource that is conducted with great precision to determine all the events that are related to the execution of an investigation apparatus that has the capacity to promote the better sense of case resolution and proper provision of evidence for all of our corporate clients.

From our investigation agency Arga, we do everything possible so that our clients have the best tools so that they can make the best decision regarding the instruments that they can use to know the existence of a fraud scheme in the figure of sick leave at the level of its entities.

That is why the labor detective in the field will be guided in the first place by all the elements provided by the directors and employers of the company, once the analysis stage begins, it will take into consideration various elements to carry out a detailed follow-up of the routine that the investigated may be executing.

It is here where the articulation of doubtful behavior will be detected, as well as everything that is related to the structuring of elements that serve as weighty evidence for the determination of suspicious behavior. Once these patterns are detected, a technical report of the investigation will be made that will make it possible to communicate what is happening in these work entities.

All that they need to know or that is actually happening in their companies has the role of labor detective of Grupo Arga, the greatest execution support, which allows this type of work to be carried out with great precision and discretion regarding the execution of investigative processes.



At the Arga detective agency, we have the best professionals and the best means to respond to any need you may have in any investigation in the labor area.
Do not hesitate to ask us any questions and we will gladly inform you of our investigation services in the labor area.

The huge set of contracts that are closed in our detective agency in Spain for labor investigations are in a high percentage those directly related to unjustified dismissals and fraudulent dismissals, especially in recent years where the economic recovery has caused workers to feel more secure in their jobs.

According to statistics, the incursion into fraudulent acts controls the first place in the list of most recurrent dismissals in the last ten years. Sick leave, emblematic of a right on the part of the employee, has in some cases become a double-edged sword as it is an excuse to commit fraud against the company itself.

At Arga Detectives we guarantee that if you, as an employer, suspect that one of your employees is using this method to get out of your job, we can turn your suspicions into evidence.

         Various irregular situations arise in the labor sector, which is why the function of labor detectives increases , since as expert professionals in this area they are characterized by carrying out effective work to expose any attempt at deception, in this way you will be able to achieve results in the shortest possible time.

Through Grupo Arga Detectives you will be able to find this type of professionals and many more for each service area, because we invest our greatest dedication to each private investigation, to carry out each job with a high level of quality that only we can offer you based on to our experience.



The demand for research in Spain is high, perhaps for this reason there are many research “companies” that are offered at really ridiculous prices in the field of private research. However, the client has to understand that, as happens with other areas of our lives, when something is offered to us at very low prices, we have to be suspicious.

The hiring of these investigators may result in a reduction in the results since they do not have the experience or the recommended means to acquire the evidence that this type of case requires.

The difference between another agency and our agency lies in such fundamental aspects within private investigation that, on the other hand, seem obvious such as speed, discretion and efficiency.

At Grupo Arga Detectives we have experts who have years of experience and, of course, we have offices distributed throughout the country, reaching all Spanish provinces and cities.

Through the effort and dedication Grupo Arga Detectives has obtained the highest recognition from our clients who always come back to us to solve problems that arise. Your trust and confidence in us pushes us to continue growing and reaching everywhere, offering our services to all citizens.



         Within a company, a large number of situations can be unleashed that cause significant losses, such as fraud, information theft, espionage, among other types of problems, before which it is time to call the labor detectives in time so that study the complexity of the case until taking corrective measures in this regard.

We commonly deal with false casualties, alleging some kind of false impediment, frequent lateness, decreased production, in addition to having the Mystery shopping service to measure the attention and response to each client, each modality of our services is a resounding commitment.

In the business area it becomes essential to have this type of detectives who are effective in these problems, especially because we know the laws that support workers, therefore evidence must be obtained that can demonstrate what is really happening and be able to solve this kind of complexity.

To reduce the loss of financial resources, human capital, material, among others, it is best to go to Grupo Arga Detectives to carry out an effective contracting, to focus on obtaining information to expose the problem that is causing such consequences.

We have the best detectives in this area, since they have a legal training that distinguishes them to undertake this kind of tasks, which allows us to write reports that have an important legal value with which each client can take some legal action, of this way you can use our services as protection.



Currently there are many companies that are going through many commitments at an economic and financial level, adjusting to the new normality has not been something easy, however, it is necessary to understand that as long as we can be consistent with a greater response capacity, we make structuring viable. investigation operations for all those who need to know the truth towards work behavior that can become repetitive in the employee.

As is known, sick leave is a legal figure in which various employees can take cover, when they have an accident in their work entity they benefit much more from the granting of this, this type of measure is one that also a sense of temporary protection is provided to the employee in case of temporary invalidity, illness and incapacity.

Since this figure is something that can benefit the client, however, this type of activity is related to the execution of elements that we all know are typical of an employee recovery process, a worker who is covered under this status is undoubtedly one who has a specific diet (therefore there is no possibility of an exorbitant consumption pattern), as well as must go to certain therapies and certain rehabilitation routines with specialists.

Sick leave is not the problem, it occurs when employees make improper use of this resource and covertly seek to protect a type of activity that is alien to the interests of the entity that is hiring them, that is how From this point of view, it can be considered that this type of event comes into play with the determination of a fraudulent labor scheme.

To determine around an element of greater precision that is what is happening with a work environment that is being carried out, the labor detective is a resource that is oriented towards the optimal resolution of an investigative process.

It is for this reason that the operations that undoubtedly result in the structuring of a highly optimal process by our labor detective undoubtedly seeks the relevance and determination of various aspects that can specify the greatest collection of evidence towards what is really happening in a work environment.



When many companies find themselves in the need to know what is really happening in business environments, without a doubt, they must understand that this type of event is related to the appearance of various schemes that are a real stimulus for the worker.

Also, it is very likely that there will be some aspects related to the organizational hygiene of a job or also with the incentives of labor benefits that are implemented in companies.

That is why before using a labor detective as a resource, it is recommended that companies take an internal look at what is the element that represents the greatest threat that makes the development of these events possible.

This is how, from the point of view of structuring business investigations, a labor detective has the necessary inputs to execute the best sense of validation of the suspicions that an employer may have regarding the probable illegitimate status of a job with respect to this figure. In this sense, this type of research aims to establish a resolution of each situation of this type in the shortest possible time.



         Labor detectives have important knowledge to discover the falsity of information presented by an employee, first of all we investigate the relationship between the employee and the professional who signs the impediment, to put aside any cause or link that causes him to be lying. .

In the same way we use the technological search to track the steps of the employee, within this type of technique we apply an electronic sweep to eliminate any existing doubt that there is a microphone or camera implanted to spy on you, since they are computer means that help us to deny any case.

In addition, within our actions we can apply means of surveillance and monitoring, use interviews with neighbors, take advantage of the security camera of their residence, among other kinds of bold actions that allow us to establish a focus for the extraction of legal information to know what is really happening.

Leave everything in our hands to corroborate the information that your employee has presented, because instead of causing problems within the work environment, it is recommended to act impartially so as not to raise suspicions until we obtain the evidence that clarifies the type of crime that is being committed.

Our expert detectives are in charge of providing each user with the exact situation with the employee, since we establish the best service to determine any level of labor fraud, for which irrefutable evidence is required, precisely being our greatest specialty.

Based on our success, we establish a high credibility about our services, since we work with a high proportion of ethics and efficiency as a pioneering detective agency, where your investment is guaranteed because we provide proven results to provide a level of peace of mind to each client. .

We have experts who deal with your problems to cover your needs at the end of the day, where we test the capabilities of our private investigators, because we change your problems for solutions obtained throughout a dedicated investigation, to reduce the inconveniences of companies. .

The reason for finding answers promptly is to trust our detective agency, because at Grupo Arga we have the best labor detectives for the entire Spanish territory, we carry out this type of work without any limitations, since our commitment is to provide a quality before the pretensions of each user.



         The labor detectives of Grupo Arga Detectives are prepared to deal with any type of problem of this nature, we have great effectiveness that has been demonstrated throughout our history, we have stood out for guaranteeing the safety of your company, our 10 years of exercise support us.

We apply a high dose of quality within each of our jobs, especially in this specialty that requires results in a short time, we guarantee assistance with everything you need, in the same way before other private investigations we stand out for having experts for service area.

We can uncover anything from a job scam to infidelity, these are two areas over which we exercise control because for each case we provide a specialist who is in charge of collecting the necessary evidence that can be used in court or in any legal activity that claims Your rights.

The number of users who hire this type of service is increasing, the usefulness of the private investigator has been revealed by the amount of fraud that we have uncovered, we are sure to meet the demand of each client, for this reason we understand each other with your needs.

In the face of any approach that you present to us, we work effectively to provide your life with the peace of mind that it needs, trying to make it happen in a short time to provide real, verified and supported information in a report that you can use as evidence.



For the most part, the workers do their duty as such. However, it is true that, as in all fields of life, there are people who try to take advantage of a painful event. This is the case of what begins with a small ailment or inconvenience and ends up becoming a sick leave due to the lies of the worker who claims not to feel ready to work. for not proceeding to fulfill their duties to the company.

When an employee exaggerates his pain and invents excuses that prevent him from performing his work normally, he is breaching his contract with the company and causing a serious inconvenience, because this produces an obstacle in the operation and movement of the company.

It is indisputable that the Workers’ Statute, together with collective agreements and other more general laws, have the mission of protecting the worker. However, this state of protection can turn against the employer himself, who may feel that some of his employees, hiding behind their fundamental rights, use them to evade what their functions are.

Thus, a small back ailment can end up in sick leave for months due to the worker’s exaggeration of his injury. Something that is hardly verifiable by the doctor himself.

This is where the figure of the private detective in Spain comes into play , ready to obtain evidence that reveals the reality so that those responsible are sanctioned in a timely manner.



There is no doubt that if a worker is caught red-handed carrying out an activity or behavior incompatible with his sick leave status, he will be sanctioned and punished by the competent administration. But to get to this point, the employer must have empirical and objective evidence that this situation is actually taking place.

The employer must have the evidence in his possession before taking any sanctioning action against the worker. The hiring of a private investigator is essential for the resolution of this type of situation that can last for months and have a significant economic cost, sometimes even unaffordable for the employer himself (the case of self-employed and small companies whose benefits depend on the performance of their workers).

Grupo Arga Detectives works to offer you the best service provided by experts in this area of private investigation. Years of experience that allow us to know first-hand the fundamental steps to take in each of the cases that are presented to us.

Our experts carry out an exhaustive follow-up and surveillance of the worker until they find the evidence to end the situation that does not allow the employer to maintain a normalized routine within their own company. To achieve this, we have state-of-the-art material that allows us to capture the best snapshots and videos.

Ask us for a quote without any commitment, we will study your case promptly and we will propose the fastest, most effective and cheapest way to correct this negative circumstance for your company.

In Spain we have laws that protect all citizens and specifically workers within their workplace. But compared to these rights, workers must also fulfill some fundamental duties. For this reason, if you, as an entrepreneur, find yourself helpless in this type of situation, at Grupo Arga we guarantee a prompt resolution in a discreet and rapid manner.



When talking about fraud in the workplace, we commonly refer to the most widespread fraud, which is fraudulent sick leave. In this context, the private detective finds a worker who simulates a fictional illness or sequel. With this, what the worker who enjoys sick leave intends is to prolong it.

This type of fraudulent cancellation represents a great loss for all types of companies, being in many cases, an extremely dangerous fact for the economy of small and medium-sized companies. There is usually a pattern of behavior during the period not worked that consists of receiving a second remuneration from a second job that is carried out surreptitiously. During this unfair situation, the worker continues to enjoy all the advantages of the employment situation, causing serious losses to the company.



When contracting Grupo Arga’s sick leave investigation services, we carry out a detailed action plan aimed at discovering the hidden reality. Said action plan will be based on a surveillance and follow-up on our part of the worker where all the surrounding reality will be reflected in this regard.

To do this, we will record everything that the alleged fraudster does at all times. In this way we can record if you work a second job, if you go out partying making movements that you shouldn’t, if you play sports, drive a motorcycle that you shouldn’t or simply walk correctly or throw the rubbish making movements that are incompatible with the medical prescription.

After the completion of the private investigation, we will issue a report where all the evidence obtained in this regard will be collected. If it were necessary to go to trial, the private detectives involved would appear at it to attest to everything that happened.



When we speak of habituality, we refer to testing, by the private detective, the behavior of the person under investigation that extends over time and is not something specific. For this, we carry out an investigation that includes several days, in order to prove that the investigated person performs the behaviors repeatedly.

This is a concept that jurisprudence, courts of justice and judges have demanded for a long time in this regard. By investigating for several days we make sure that when it comes to going to trial there is no doubt about the real situation of the worker.



In this area the services offered by our Agency are:

  • Pre-employment reports for personnel selection.
  • Curriculum verification.
  • Personal and family history.
  • Control of employees and related in the development of their work activity.
  • Work performance and productivity.
  • Detection of information leaks and, where appropriate, prevent them.
  • Observation of executives in order to verify commercial fidelity.
  • Work absenteeism.
  • Control of sick leave: it can be false, prolonged or successive sick leave.
  • professional intrusiveness.
  • Duplication of employment.
  • Unfair competition.
  • Breach of professional secrecy.
  • Breach of contract.
  • Customer diversion.
  • Merchandise control.
  • Dedication and use of union hours.
  • Ratification in the Social Courts.
  • Job abandonment.
  • Duplication of work activity.
  • Workplace harassment, mobbing .
  • Failure to comply with security measures and other internal regulations.
  • Attempted fraud derived from leaks of information, theft, diversion of clients or control of delegations and franchises.
  • Counterintelligence.
  • Mystery shopping or mysterious client
  • Infiltration of workers to monitor other workers.
  • Unfair administration.



Why hire Arga Detectives? The answer on our part can be simple, because we have the best. However, for those who do not know us, we can expose a series of characteristics that define us and allow us to continue on this arduous path that is private investigation, being the best.

-With us you will have the certainty that you are hiring an agency certified by the Ministry of the Interior, with all the legality required by the authorities that control us.

– Experience, a fundamental characteristic of all the members of our staff. Professionals who have developed their careers at Grupo Arga Detectives and who have helped them develop as professionals.

– Everything in writing. The contract is our tool so that the client has security in what he contracts and what he is going to pay. An agreement between both parties to maintain a guarantee measure both on the part of the client and

Our Detective Agency in Madrid is an expert in labor investigations. We have been dedicated to the private investigation sector for more than a decade and we offer a wide range of possibilities. We work throughout Madrid. Both in capital and in towns. If you are looking for private detectives anywhere in the national territory, do not hesitate and request information.

The budget is free and without obligation. Contact us.

Labor investigations | Labor Detectives | Arga Detectives Group



When one wants to hire a private detective who specializes in labor matters, such as false leaves, a private investigator with high training in the situation is needed. A feigned discharge could lead the suspect to immediate dismissal.

If you suspect that a worker is carrying out a scam, do not hesitate to contact Grupo Arga Detectives to resolve any concerns.



The labor investigation is hired by many companies due to the irresponsibility and lies exposed by the workers, since they are using a fraudulent disability to get their earnings without the need to work and since that is illegal, many companies are looking for detectives labor experts in fraudulent sick leave.

The truth can be understood through the enormous disparity of elements at the moment of having labor conflicts that can be offered between a worker and the company.

The consideration of an impeccable investigation is the writing of an excellent report that our labor detectives will deliver to you.



Already when it is at the level of idealization, a good labor detective must know like the palm of his hand the labor legislation that is currently circulating, all those probable sources that have some reference to the mentioned topic and thus be able to focus the investigation. to get the essential evidence that can demolish any fraudulent sick leave.

At a formal level, it could be commenting that the report cannot have any error or exaggerated statement that is not detached from the observation made and thus be able to achieve the proposed tests.

Something simple that a detective should understand when he has a labor matter, the really basic thing would be to get intensive training in labor rights, and it is a requirement for the correct conduct of any labor investigation.



Grupo Arga Detectives in Spain has a wide variety of professionals, with knowledge in labor matters to achieve in this way the necessary information that the client requires to continue with the dismissal of the alleged inventor.

When it is necessary to comment on the value of labor detectives, the truly common thing would be to look for Grupo Arga Detectives , since you have the possibility of obtaining the evidence you need without any hesitation.



It is important to understand that not all detectives have the same price for the proposed investigation, because they have the possibility of having a low or high value.

At the time of hiring a Labor Detective , the first thing that most people look for is the economy, but on the contrary, the costs derive in relation to what services the client requires or what costs the client achieves through the search for some satisfaction you need ..

The extra expenses in the situation that there were, should be justified. They can be listed below:

  1. Travel expenses. Since it is not the same to carry out a search at 10 kilometers as it is to carry out a search at 200 kilometers.
  2. Some costs that have the possibility of deriving such as registration, which are registration, ownership, highway ticket, etc. In order to achieve, give the information that is required.

Given that if you are looking for an economic detective, when you get one, it would be recommended that you do not hire him since it could be much more expensive for wasting your time in most cases, since sometimes they do not have the correct understandings for research.





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