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Infidelity Private Investigators in Spain | Get evidences of infidelity.

Infidelity Private Investigators in Spain | Get evidences of infidelity.

When dealing with an infidelity case, most of the people wonder whether they should be hiring a private detective or not. If you try to deal with an infidelity case, you will never be able to end up with positive results. Instead, you will end up in a mess.

This is why you should make sure that you are hiring an expert private detective.

The infidelity detectives in Spain are well versed in offering the services that people need when they are dealing with infidelity cases.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything. You can simply move forward and keep the peace of mind.



Infidelity Private Investigators in Spain | Get evidences of infidelity.

Infidelity Private Investigators in Spain | Get evidences of infidelity.

Before you hire a private detective in Spain to go forward with infidelity case, you need to have a clear understanding about how they will be able to deliver support and assistance to you. Then you can make an informed decision and get the help of a private detective without facing any issues.

Private detectives are not really when you can see in western movies. They are professionals, who have a license and appropriate skills to deliver detective services to clients. When you suspect that your spouse is cheating, you will come across the need to know his/her whereabouts. In addition to that, you will also come across the need to figure out whom he/she is contacting as well. The private detective knows how to extract these information. Once you handover the task, the private detective will offer the information that you need in a timely manner.

You should also keep in mind that favorite tool of private detectives in Spain is not guns as you can see in Western movies. However, they are using appropriate tools, such as cameras to get hold of valuable information. These details will be provided to you as proof. You can even use these information in courts in order to get assistance needed with your infidelity case.



Infidelity Private Investigators in Spain | Get evidences of infidelity.

Infidelity Private Investigators in Spain | Get evidences of infidelity.

There are few important factors that you need to consider before you hire infidelity detectives that are based in Spain. You should focus on these factors to make sure that you are receiving the most outstanding service from private detectives at the end of the day. This can deliver you the chance to obtain the services while keeping the peace of mind as well.

As the very first thing, you need to check and see if your private detectives are licensed. Only licensed infidelity detectives in Spain will be able to deliver a quality service to you while adhering to the specific requirements that you have. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that you are hiring a licensed and an experienced detective to get the services you need.

You can request for a copy of license from the private detective agency that you are dealing with. Then you will be provided with the copy without any hesitation. The license can be obtained only after going through a strict procedure. Therefore, you can trust on the license and it will guarantee that you are receiving a quality service at the end of the day.

We are a licensed agency that can help you to obtain infidelity detectives in Spain. Therefore, you can contact us and move forward with the services that we deliver. We ensure that your requirements are catered at all times and there is no need to worry about anything.


Before you handover the infidelity case to a private detective, you must go ahead and sign a contract. Make sure that you read and understand every single clause in the contract before you sign the contract. Then you can have a clear understanding about what you are receiving from the private detective agency at the end of the day.


Infidelity Private Investigators in Spain | Get evidences of infidelity.

Infidelity Private Investigators in Spain | Get evidences of infidelity.

Experience is something that must be there in the services offered by private detective agency. Therefore, you need to double check the experience of the agency that you are dealing with. If the agency has experience in offering services that are related to your ones and if the agency has been able to complete those tasks successfully, you can handover your task without keeping any doubts in mind. That’s because you are guaranteed to receive such an outstanding service from the private detective agency that you are dealing with.

Keep all these facts in your mind and go ahead with the best private detective agency like our team at Arga detectives Group. Then you can get the best services from us and make sure that you get the assistance needed to move forward.






Many people when they suspect an act of infidelity do not know that the best option is to look for detectives of infidelity , since they are the real guarantee to establish the act of an investigation that is of quality, and that in turn has the possibility to promote obtaining all the information needed to build a specific case. 

The detection of an act of infidelity, sometimes leads us to determine different aspects of suspicious acting in our soul mate, since from one moment to another things change unexpectedly, our partner begins to act differently and they also begin to generate other behaviors typical of an attitude that raises many questions.

Infidelities are conceptualized according to the Dictionary of the Royal Academy with three key elements: Lack of fidelity, lack of Catholic faith and as the set of faithful who do not accept the Catholic faith. However, when we refer to the concept of infidelity from a detective perspective, we make mention of the plot related to sexuality or adultery, that is, when the relationship ceases to be monogamous and sexual relations with third parties are maintained. In the society in which we currently live, unfortunately, infidelity is something that is the order of the day.   

Arga, the Detective Agency in Madrid is aware of this social problem and therefore treats it with a team of highly qualified professionals who are specialized in investigating the behavior of spouses. Do you think that your partner is not totally honest with you? If so, we can help you solve your problem. Having the question of whether your spouse is not faithful to you can cause such a high degree of anxiety that it can affect your health. If this continues over time it can cause a disorder in your personality.          

As a person, you have the right to know the truth and all the circumstances surrounding your marriage or your relationship if you are not married.   

Sometimes it can happen that your partner is with you for some type of financial interest or for some unknown reason. Finding out that truth is something you should know, because you should find a solution to this type of interest-motivated relationship. Grupo Arga Detectives will treat your problem with total discretion and only you and the private detective who handles your case will know about such investigation. A professional will attend you with total delicacy and understanding of your pain and will guide you at all times how to approach your case.           



Our detectives in Madrid will provide you with all the necessary photographic and videographic evidence to keep records of reality and thus prevent your partner from continuing to deny infidelity.   


Only you and we will know about the research carried out, so anonymity will be one of the basic pillars that will support all the research. If you want more information about infidelity investigation services, call us and arrange an interview.   

If you think your partner is being unfaithful to you, go to professionals like those in our detective agency who are experts in marital problems. We will help you solve them. If what you are looking for is to solve your problem, with our private detectives in Madrid, you can do it. Our first consultation is free and without obligation.  

It is important to know all the circumstances surrounding a marital infidelity, for this, Grupo Arga Detectives will explain the possible reasons for an infidelity that we have established thanks to statistics as well as our own experience during the last 10 years of our professional career. Another important aspect to know in this process are those samples that indicate that an infidelity may be taking place.

When we speak of a great country such as Spain, we are referring to a dynamism within it, along with a considerable level of mobilization . From the economic, popular and also cultural criteria , this also means a complicated network of different eventualities in which one can see, at least in one section, the inconveniences caused by the coexistence of a huge number of people in a large city.                          

This amalgam of eventualities has the possibility of actually causing infidelities, whose victims need to be certain of what happens to act in some way, which is why private detectives on infidelities are so necessary.   



 Obtaining evidence of infidelity can be an easy task if the couple in question knows where and how to look, because when it comes to infidelity, there are certain signs and attitudes that can be a key indication to confirm this situation.  

These infidelity tests are important before choosing to hire a private detective who can obtain stronger evidence of the situation that will allow a person to make a severe choice about what is happening.  

Before initiating an investigation for infidelity with the help of a private detective, it is extremely important that the person in question has evidence of such suspicion, thus facilitating the initiation of such investigation for the detective.

 For this reason, it is important to know and take into account the most common signs and signals that a person who is being unfaithful presents, in order to obtain the necessary infidelity tests to end this situation:   

  1. Obsession with the phone and social networks

People who cheat on their partner generally begin to do so through messages and calls, and may be the first through different social networks, so they begin to have more use and dependence on this device.

            This obsession with it begins suddenly and gradually increases, until it is at the point that the unfaithful person cannot live without being texting on the device, this being an easy sign to identify.

            Similarly, this situation is usually more noticeable when the person who owns the phone does not allow others to see what he or she does with it, does not abandon it, deletes call and message logs, among others.

  1. Mysterious activities

One of the easiest infidelity tests to collect is a new fondness for new activities where you have no room. This starts suddenly and is about items that previously weren’t curious.  

            These activities are usually carried out in any free time that the unfaithful person has, being suspicious to give information about where he is going, the company he will have and what this hobby is about.



            For this reason, it is important to stay alert to a situation like this and collect as much information as possible about said activity and its location, in this way it can be provided to the private detective who will be in charge of investigating the events.

  1. New commitments

Very similar to the previous one, this occurs when the couple in question begins to have new responsibilities outside of their normal working hours, generally taking up more time at the end of their day.

            This behavior usually occurs frequently and, when questions are asked about it, the unfaithful person simply changes the subject or tries not to share information about what happened, usually through guilt or fear of being discovered.

  1. Find unknown marks and objects

This is one of the easiest infidelity tests to collect and it is notorious marks on the clothing of the person who is being unfaithful, it could be a lipstick mark or even the smell of an unknown perfume.  

           These are tests that may be the most obvious sign of infidelity, and may also be unknown objects that belong to the person with whom you are being unfaithful. In this case, the recommendation is to save them and use them as evidence.

  1. Take care of your image

Finally, among the most obvious signs of infidelity we can highlight a sudden interest in personal image, wearing new clothes, more care in grooming each day, all with the intention of looking increasingly attractive.

            It is important to take into account all the aspects mentioned above, as well as any other that comes out of nowhere, as it could mean an indication of infidelity on the part of our partner.

            In all cases, it is recommended to keep a written record of the events, specifying the date, reactions, time and any relevant information of said events to provide this to the detective who will carry out the investigation.



 Once you have sufficient evidence of infidelity , you will have to resort to a private detective who will be in charge of starting an investigation that will allow you to know the truth about your partner’s situation. 

 Today it is possible to find a variety of agencies in charge of providing all kinds of investigative services, with infidelities being the most demanded of all, so you have many options to choose from.  

However, we highlight our Arga group of detectives where for years we have been in charge of providing the best investigation service throughout the country, professionally handling all cases of infidelity.

Our detectives are recognized for having experience and all the knowledge necessary to carry out different investigation strategies that allow them to complement the infidelity tests provided by clients.  



 Likewise, we must emphasize that we are an agency that is not only characterized by having the best detectives in the territory, but also by having prices accessible to all, being the main option of many throughout the country.

For this and many other things, don’t hesitate to contact our detectives, who are available 24 hours a day to provide a fast and reliable investigation service for all our potential clients.

Collecting the evidence of infidelity can mean a difficult time, as well as discovering the truth behind each of these tests, but it is a moment to go through before avoiding constant suffering for the hidden truth.  

The importance of these investigations lies in being able to restore tranquility to people who are not treated as they should and valued by their partner, since it is a situation that is slowly robbing them of tranquility and happiness.

For this reason, many people decide to carry out infidelity investigations, in order to get rid of a doubt that does not even leave them to sleep, which is why our detectives are in a position to help whoever needs it.

 Currently it is possible to find a variety of detectives experts in infidelities thanks to the demand that this service has had. In the country we have a variety of agencies that provide these services and other research.  

For its part, in Arga detectives group we have the best detectives experts in infidelities, who have proven experience in the area and will be of great help to collect all possible information regarding this situation.  

In the face of infidelity, there are different actions to take, one of which is having expert detective services on the subject to help us resolve any doubts or suspicions regarding the subject.

Hiring an expert detective today is extremely simple, as we can find a variety of agencies that make available to all different expert detectives to carry out any type of investigation.   

This is why we must highlight our Arga detectives group, because for years we have made available to those who need it, the best detectives who are experts in infidelity, computer science, and any type of investigation.  

These detectives are in charge of carrying out different functions that allow them to get to the truth of any situation, thus collecting evidence that can later be used before a judge.

 In addition to having these investigative investigative detectives , we also have the best prices compared to other detective agencies, thus providing an accessible service for anyone who needs to know the truth.  

For this reason, do not hesitate to contact our agency to have the service of the best detectives in the entire region, ensuring a confidential investigation and evidence to restore your peace of mind.



Investigating an infidelity is one of the most requested tasks from our expert detectives , so we can guarantee that these detectives will conduct a prompt investigation and collect all the necessary evidence.  

However, we must emphasize that, before our expert detectives initiate an investigation for infidelity, it is important that the person requesting the services be sure of what is happening and have some signs as evidence.  

 When carrying out an infidelity, many of the people present obvious signs, among which we can highlight the change of attitude, the interest towards certain things that before were not interesting at all.

 Another important indication of infidelity is the obsession with the mobile phone, since on almost all occasions lovers exchange text messages and through different social platforms, many times at night.

 Finally, one of the most notorious signs that an infidelity is taking place is overtime work, even work on days where it is not applicable, since many of these infidelities take place in the workplace.

When collecting these small data, they must be provided to the expert detective so that he can verify it and follow up on the person doing the infidelity so that he can obtain evidence of what he is doing.   

While this happens, the detective will keep a log with the progress of the investigation and then share it with the client and keep him informed of the progress until he can present the physical evidence.



All this is a simple process that will take a few days and the client will obtain everything they need to act legally in the event of infidelity, if that is what they want, also with the presence of our expert detective in court.  

For all this, do not hesitate to contact our expert detectives who will be in charge of facilitating this entire process of obtaining information so that you discover the truth, while maintaining professionalism at all times.  



           Given the follow-up process carried out by expert detectives to discover an infidelity, different doubts arise from customers, so we will highlight the most common ones below:  

  1. How do detectives act when a client arrives with an infidelity?

According to the experience of our expert detectives , many of the people who come seeking help do so with doubts as to whether an investigation would be appropriate or not, even with the signs of infidelity. 

            Given this, the position of the detectives is to motivate people to solve their doubts, because on many occasions they can become serious, ending up taking away sleep and tranquility.

  1. How do they start the investigation?

As mentioned above, before the detective begins the investigation that will lead to the truth of the facts, it is important that the client provide essential information such as the hours of work of the person being investigated, work area, among others.

           Once these data are available, the monitoring that will reveal the truth will begin; It is also important to highlight whether it is a person who travels for their work or not, since in this way a follow-up route can be proposed.


Detecting infidelity is a stage that many women (and men too) have gone through in their marriage, which is why we offer you an effective and quick solution to dispel all your doubts with our group of detectives. 

 We take care of detecting an infidelity , as well as obtaining evidence of what your partner does through photos and videos. Detecting this can be extremely simple if you take into account different signals that the couple can demonstrate. 

Currently there are different ways to detect an infidelity , from consulting with your partner to get a simple response from you, hiring the services of a private detective, or conducting an investigation on your own. 

Among all these options, many people choose to select the help of a private detective, our group being the most popular in all of Spain thanks to the fact that we carry out discreet and effective work.

For our part, we are a group of detectives who take care of providing the information that our clients require, whether it is to locate a person, to know what activities they carry out, among others.

 This information is provided to our clients through photos and videos, so that they can have a clear view of what is happening with the person who wants to investigate discreetly.

For all this we can say that our group of detectives is an excellent option to detect infidelity , as well as to carry out an investigation of any kind, since we have the best detectives in the area. 



            Sometimes the signs of infidelity are in front of us, so the job of the private detective is simply to confirm this situation and doubts, so we recommend that you consider the following:




      Infidelity in a marriage can arise from different factors, the most common being communication problems between the couple, monotony in the activities and conversations they share, difference regarding intimacy, among others.

  • Attitude changes

Detecting infidelity is easy when it comes to changes in attitudes in a person, because these changes occur for a time and with it are accompanied by new habits that were rarely done before. 

           For this, many people choose to check their partner’s phone and locate the person they talk to the most. Once done, you can confront and the signs will be visible when the person becomes tense and avoids giving answers.

  • Obvious signs

These signs are those that betray an infidelity first hand and are lipstick marks on clothes, someone else’s perfume, disheveled hair, among others; But be careful, these signs are telling when they are presented in a continuous way.

  • Vague explanations

This happens when the couple wants to know about how their husband’s day has gone and what he has done and he is left without an answer, or they provide unconvincing answers, saying them nervously and tense.

           At this point many people recommend the intervention of a private detective, since it is a situation that has been going on for a long time. In this case we can say that our detectives will obtain the information quickly.

  • Hostile attitudes

Generally this is an attitude that is accompanied by changes in attitude, being notorious when evading questions, or adopting a nervous and hostile attitude when faced with any type of question about acquaintances or activities.

  • Many hours of work

Detecting an infidelity can arise from rare attitudes in the workplace, which are usually accompanied by overtime work, being something that rarely happened at first. 

            The latter is because many people (especially men) use the work area as a strong excuse for things they do, including business trips and extra days of the week.

  • Demand more space than normal

This will become noticeable when the person wants to go out alone everywhere, regardless of the time of day, claiming that they need to spend time alone. Although we all need our space, this attitude often gives away an unfaithful person.

            All these signs are some of those that a person who is being unfaithful can present, so the recommendation is to pay as much attention as possible to them to act on time.

           As we mentioned, our group of detectives is available and a phone call away to help you detect an infidelity and put an end to the doubts that torment you, being the main option of many people in the area.  



 Despite all the actions that can be taken to detect an infidelity , we can highlight that the best is that of our detective services for various reasons. 

First, we are a group of detectives who have spent years doing these jobs, having a variety of clients who support our services and can testify to the work being done.

It should also be noted that we are a group of detectives who work with the greatest discretion and effectiveness possible, obtaining clear and truthful answers about what the client wants to know.

Finally, our group of detectives are characterized by providing a quick response to all our clients, having the best prices in the area and providing an immediate budget when clients get in touch.

Detecting an infidelity can be a difficult and hard time for each person, however, it should be borne in mind that it is important to maintain a good attitude at all times, without exposing the mixture of emotions that this generated. 

The latter due to the way in which you can react, taking any action that you will later regret. For this reason, it is important to envision the possibility of all kinds of results once our private detective services are hired.


The best private detectives hired to determine an act of infidelity are available to our agents, all with the aim of establishing a detective resource that is capable of providing the answers that our clients need.  

 At Grupo Arga detectives, our commitment to clients remains unchanged around the generation of responses that can develop the best of the areas of investigation that are conducive to solving each case. Our infidelity detectives are trained to find the answers to each case where they are required.



A case for infidelity investigation is built progressively, it is worth noting that in the first place there are various emotional elements that directly affect the client who requests an investigation of this type, therefore, it is something very normal that in the first exchange it does not provide information that is in accordance with some aspects of the research case, since everything derives from a subjective reason.

The opportunity to establish an investigation of this type supposes for the client to answer various aspects that are linked to the generation of an investigation process that is key around the resolution of a high caliber investigative process. The generation of various aspects that facilitate the construction of a research case allows to precisely get to the bottom of the events surrounding the construction of a case that can provide the appropriate answers in a desired period of time.

The possibility of successfully conducting an investigation process at the level of infidelity focuses on the possibility of determining, under expert judgment, all the elements that are related to the structuring of an investigation of this type, taking into account first of all that the proposal of an investigation of this type requires scrutinizing various elements that are characteristic of an intimate agenda, when conducting an investigation of this type, the generation of various elements that guarantee the extraction of relevant data and information for the client is taken into account, This has to do with knowledge of personal agendas, as well as a precise review of all the itineraries that are present in the life of the probable adulterer, for this it is essential to know if he maintains an optimal treatment with his friends, if there is a friend of the opposite sex, and if this friend also generates a process of trust beyond a friend d, or if on the contrary said friendship represents a channel to have access to an extramarital relationship. That is why through an expert review our detectives  

Private companies are allowed to achieve the execution of various research milestones that may favor obtaining immediate results. 

Doing an investigation for infidelity is something that is not so easy to execute towards a given context, since they must sometimes do everything possible to discover under a highly expert eye everything related to a case where the person under investigation has a double life, this leads to the generation of aspects that are necessary to know in detail what is happening.

The determination of findings and responsibilities at the level of an investigation for infidelity is something that is not achieved in a resolute way; it implies the generation and construction of various aspects that allow the collection of all the necessary information to be incorporated into a technical report that will later be It will be supplied to the client, that is why our private detectives for infidelities, employ the use of technological tools that achieve the efficient documentation of every fact of investigation.  

The results of an investigation of this type, sometimes not the client’s peace of mind, since on their own sometimes they tend to generate more questions than answers, which is why Grupo Arga agents who perform these tasks provide guidance post-investigation to each of its clients in order to establish an optimal criterion in terms of decision making.



When executing an investigation of this type, it is necessary to highlight that agents are that essential resource that is capable of maintaining a state of certainty in our clients, in the same way it is necessary to highlight that the cases that we have solved from our agency by the Because of infidelities, they have found the expert resolution of various elements that help the client to satisfactorily solve the problem at hand.

That is why Grupo Arga detectives invite all our potential clients to reflect on the implications of hiring a detective service, since they generate the opportunity to highlight mechanisms that allow efficient collection in an expert sense. of information.

That is why, from the point of view of the implementation of an efficient investigation, the client can avoid unpleasant events such as discussions, and being exposed before his better half in trying to know what is happening, a question that will be decisive at the time avoid tasks that can be carried out on their own initiative and that involve the exposure of their personal figure.

The construction of a solid investigation process by our private detectives , comes from the hand of interweaving various elements that can ensure the fact that they can operate under a halo of understanding of emotions, with the aim of making us solidarity with our clients through timely and specialized action. 

INVESTIGATION OF INFIDELITIES IN SPAINGrupo Arga detectives, is an organization that has over 10 years working throughout Spain on all matters related to private investigation, which is why its main objective is to sow essential guarantees through infidelity investigation to reassure and generate the elements of certainty that the client needs. 

Loving relationships implies happiness, but also bitter drinks, it is inevitable, one day everything is fine, but the next you can find strange messages, changes in schedules, frequent excuses, among other types of signs that translate into a negative change that It is known as infidelity.

But at the moment they are simple suspicions, which can be reduced with the help of the demonstration of events, this is simple for detectives and evidence of infidelity , because they are specialists in this type of personal problem, at Grupo Arga we have these experts who are licensed. 



Hiring detectives and evidence of infidelity ends up being transcendental to really know what happens in your relationship, both to fight for it, and to cut the lines of deception, in the face of any decision you want to make, we support you through elements forceful.  

First of all, our specialists have first-hand information, about the profile of an unfaithful person, their habits, environments, and other characteristics that give life to deception, this allows us to get to collect information more quickly, to calm that concern for know the truth.

It is true that there are currently online services that provide false alibis, appointments and others to support this type of love deceit, but through our professional services we take care of nullifying any attempt to hide the truth, we provide you with reliable evidence about. Being in the midst of infidelity is complex, especially because you live constantly with that doubt, you lose confidence completely, this gives rise to various discussions that are deteriorating the environment of the relationship, for this reason it becomes essential to have All the information about it.

Through the hiring of detectives and infidelity tests, you can obtain privileged information, knowing what your partner is doing, exact data, until you have conclusive material such as photographs and videos, thanks to the application of forensic techniques.  

The evidence on this type of action is very useful for situations that have to do with divorces, pensions, and any other type of legal action that can be taken as a result of this deception, since you not only get rid of the lie, You also get the opportunity to change the situation in your favor.

The value of this type of professionals resides, on the mental peace that provides an evidence, since it ratifies immediately what is happening, a love deception becomes very painful and must be clarified in time, for this reason it is one of the most demanded services.

Each time a private detective can participate in different causes with great professionalism, that is, not everything has to do with deceit, but also with the resolution of personal problems that can cause terrible consequences.

The construction of an infidelity case is done through infidelity detectives who can offer the best sense of response to the requirements that clients have established, which is why at Grupo Arga detectives we offer a service that is capable for all of Spain to accompany our in these moments that can be extremely difficult.  

Throughout Spain, our detectives who intend to carry out a highly specialized investigation process are directed towards offering the best investigation service at the service of clarifying cases related to the investigation of infidelity, an issue that ends up representing a great advantage for our customers.


An investigation for infidelities mainly deals with the articulation of elements that can respond accurately if a person is in fact being the victim of an act of emotional fraud in the relationship carried out with the person under investigation, this mainly translates into a situation of deception and Adultery, an issue that undoubtedly calls into question the mutual commitment regarding their plans and elements of future importance.

The detectives infidelities are high value resources to organizations research as Grupo Arga, which are able to manage any various time requirements by a person who may require joint research activities towards determining process research that has the ability to see if it is assuming a fact with reason and a sense of cause and / or on the contrary assumption is speculating or maximizing some fact of emotional significance with respect to the verification of whether it is really suffering a infidelity situation.  

The construction of a process that can execute an investigation for infidelities at first passes through understanding the context in which the problem develops, it is there where you must know what type of relationship we are talking about, in this sense for a detective it is It is important to know if we are talking about a courtship, a fleeting romantic relationship, or if on the contrary we are trying a long-term relationship with a view to consolidating a commitment or a marriage, these are important elements to know since they provide clues that are inherent in the behavior of each of the two members in the relationship.

In general, young and fleeting couples tend to be unstable, but couples who have been committed for years have tended to generate the establishment of a plan and certain goals that result in the consolidation of a common life plan, This for the agent is an extremely important input since it also allows him to detail how strong the researcher’s commitment can be with what the client has expressed.

Once the investigation has begun for all the indications that the client provided, the contrasts of fact and hypotheses are established with the aim of promoting a sense of validation and determination of facts that can represent a fast, agile and dynamic way of obtaining evidence is concerned .



The construction of this process will mainly lead to the fact that the investigating agent is going to focus on the elements that have had the most weight during their deployment work in their theater of operations, an issue that will undoubtedly generate the determination of hypotheses, facts and responsibilities of the investigation case and as a last result the best of the results obtained will be provided to our clients by means of a technical report in done under a highly expert vision our client will be informed of everything that has happened in the execution of the case.

Through an investigation with a high precision criterion, our infidelity detectives have been able to successfully answer all the questions of the investigation raised by the client, which has involved the execution of a highly practical investigation scheme towards the construction of a case. that is capable of generating the informative elements and data that the client needs to know. Grupo Arga detectives, proposes a strategic operation through these actions, although they are not a recipe, it can be said that they largely represent all the elements that are part of an infidelity investigation process carried out by our agents.  



There is an element of utmost importance in the management of an infidelity investigation process, it deals with the possibility of responding to our clients in the shortest possible time, this is made feasible through a strategic action of our agents and also by through the deployment of various organizational resources that enable the objectives of the

research accurately .

The construction of an efficient investigation process, focuses on the generation of responses that can represent a logical framework of solutions that customers may be requiring at a given time, which is why mainly all these acts carry with them the premise of offering what best of the best to the customer.

The construction of an investigation process that focuses on building solutions for our clients is something that we have managed to consolidate by leaps and bounds from Grupo Arga detectives, since our agents receive a high-level training process capable of providing the best answers even in the most complex cases,

which undoubtedly shows our willingness to improve our research processes with the aim of executing a first-rate business research service.

From Grupo Arga detectives we can say that they have been executing private investigation for more than 10 years, this undoubtedly constitutes the possibility of executing a high quality service for our clients and those interested in obtaining a highly efficient infidelity investigation service. In Spain we have the best infidelity detectives 


Obtaining evidence of infidelity is something that only experts in the field can achieve through expert advice and the conduct of an investigation under high levels of specialization, in this sense it is necessary to emphasize that if someone wants not only to be based on Signs and assumptions must accurately contact a detective whose specialty is infidelity.  

From Grupo Arga detectives, we are aimed at managing a process that is capable of providing the necessary responses to all our clients regarding their investigative concerns, in order to favor their information needs and obtain specialized data.

Infidelity cases in Spain are usually very recurring in couples from 24 to 43 years of age, this occurs for various situations, when a couple already has a strong suspicion that they are cheating on them, this is where they should resort to a Detective who is able to provide you with the necessary infidelity tests in order to avoid delaying an issue that may end up damaging your daily performance in other aspects of your life.  

Many people take it as something light that in fact their partner is cheating, however there are others that this issue comes to cause a very strong emotional shock, which is why they need to check it before continuing to generate more trust in the relationship or to think Address higher commitments within the framework of the same, since when checking a state of deception it is necessary to highlight that in the first place the entire plan that was held with that person is being overturned, which is why it is necessary to advance to a verification stage.

Sometimes these people go to friends and other acquaintances that allow them to verify the facts, but there will always be a component of doubt, since suspicion and the possibility that the one who is committing a deception in their relationship can defend themselves is something that without a doubt it is still present, in this sense there is nothing better than to support an accusation with evidence that can demonstrate in fact that the other party is exercising the act of infidelity.

That is why what is most recommended is always to hire a detective who has the experience of supporting a sufficient burden of proof with everything related to the investigation of infidelities, since it can go through a review status for all indications and clues that the client provides, it is there where we mainly have the great opportunity to entrust this matter in the best hands with the aim of establishing greater productivity in the management of our personal affairs based on the time it takes us to resolve as well as Also, the energy and / or concentration that we dedicate to get out of doubts about matters that may even be emotionally damaging to us.   

For this reason, Grupo Arga detectives offer the best detective service that can obtain the best evidence of infidelity with the aim that clients and those interested in contracting this type of service do not leave this matter to chance and may leave doubts in the least time possible with the greatest tranquility and certainty.  

That is why at Grupo Arga detectives we always reinvent ourselves and offer an investigation for infidelity that is capable of obtaining various data from the investigated, based on the indications provided by the client, we dive into the agenda, habits and customs of the possible adulterer and it is there where through a careful observation we get to the root of the events with the aim of establishing the identification of possible infidelity actors that may be affecting the normal transit of a relationship.

The construction of a case for infidelities is something that our agents allow themselves to do in record time and with great precision, a matter that ends up influencing the generation of a high-level investigation by means of elements that configure the execution of the tasks. Detectives at the service of detecting actions that can be described as relationship fraud.

Detectives who may be able to resolve an infidelity case efficiently are at Grupo Arga detectives with the aim of providing clients with the necessary infidelity evidence to verify any action and / or fact of infidelity by their spouse . The articulation of an investigation case valuing a vision of high expertise and rigor is only possible when you have the best, an issue that is decisive when hiring an organization more than a detective.  

The execution of an investigation process that can represent a true solution to all our clients is something that can be achieved through the efforts that Grupo Arga detectives has set out to carry out with the aim of promoting an investigation that is capable of providing all the answers. possible to companies.

The construction of an investigative case not only depends on the detective, it largely depends on the clues provided by the client and on the organization, which together can generate a synergy between these three factors to bring the best possible sense of response to those who may require this type of service in the market.

Grupo Arga detectives is an investigative agency that, through the training of its agents, can respond with great precision to all the elements that represent a key response to a certain fact, prone to investigation, training and the highly demanding parameters with which we have Training each of our members has been a great opportunity to guide a highly



dynamic and efficient response process towards our community.

At Grupo Arga detectives we have been doing private investigation for more than 10 years, an issue that has been a great opportunity to offer the best we have to all our clients, interested in the processes of obtaining evidence of infidelity for all those who want to know if their partner is really cheating on them.   



When we are clear about the usefulness that the infidelity detective operation provides us, it is where we can get the most out of hiring this resource for the purposes of covering and executing an investigation case, which can make us leave doubts, that is why a detective who is in charge of managing the detection of infidelities is a great opportunity.

The detectives of infidelity are resources that undoubtedly provide the best results to those seeking to know what is really happening in their relations on principles of high discretion.   

It is necessary to clarify that the only resource that has the capacity to investigate 100% of the situation in question is a detective who is in charge of investigating infidelities, the generation of an investigation of this style can undoubtedly benefit the person who is looking for articulating a process that allows you to get the right answers at the time


The detectives of infidelity, are resources that certainly can get to the root of the facts and on principles and professional expertise can afford to articulate all that the customer is needed, this with the aim of promoting best the investigative facts at the service of those who request an investigation that is capable of bringing them out of the doubts that may be causing them a state of anxiety.  

Leaving doubts for someone who may be facing a suspicious situation regarding a cheating of his spouse, represents the first step he can take, since the existence of such a situation supposes ending the relationship that was coming Developing, plans and goals together are set aside by the lack of trust and by the act of sentimental betrayal committed by one of the parties involved.

What it means to face a situation of these alone and without support is sometimes a fact of quite strong emotional burden for the person affected, which is why everyone who hires this detective service is supported and oriented towards rational decision-making by part of our agents, since from Grupo Arga we accompany our clients in the most difficult moments and we dare to guide them in the midst of these situations that can be a real tribulation.

The construction of an investigation scenario starts from the determination of the indications that the affected person initially provides, it is there where he comments on the facts and describes in detail the reasons why he suspects that he is being cheated, in this sense Our detectives are sufficiently insightful and capture with great capacity all the elements, clues and testimonies that the client provides in this first phase, from this point the utility of establishing the investigative context in detail will be generated.

Subsequently, once the strategy and the results and milestones to be reached in the investigation have been defined, the agent begins in the field in order to initiate all the inquiries, this is done through the deployment of strategies and the implementation of technological tools for videographic nature that allows you to capture all facts and evidence, for this 

It drives through the agenda and the itinerary of the person investigated and determines in detail all the elements and key actors detected in the application phase of the operation.

Once all the evidence is determined and found, the investigator begins the drafting of his technical report with the objective of capturing in an objective way all the facts and actions of the investigated person that may or may not be indicated as an act of adultery, once the report technician is prepared, a presentation is made to the client of the main findings that the operation has had and, through a post-investigation orientation conversation, a brief orientation is given on the next steps that can be taken.

This investigation of infidelity tests is a resource that only experts can reach, professionals such as those of Grupo Arga detectives are not only in the capacity but also in the best disposition to manage these questions for our clients, with a high discretion in matters of execution of these investigations.


For our detectives, it is quite a challenge full of great adventures to be able to generate an effective resolution of infidelity cases by obtaining evidence of infidelity, since they allow us to establish, based on expert criteria, everything that is You can hide in a relationship and everything that someone who wants to commit these types of acts hides their soulmate.  

The investigation for infidelity is a resource that is completely valid towards the management of elements that can develop in a relationship and that without a doubt can generate a process of sentimental fraud to a person who is not aware of the fact that their partner in effect It is deceiving, that is why an investigation for infidelity is the best resource that a person can have, with the aim of making them leave doubts and that they can decisively come out of this harmful episode in the sentimental field and thus opening up to new experiences.

The construction of an investigation case for infidelities is something that our agents from Grupo Arga detectives can do, with the aim of providing the best answers to our clients, this is possible through their highly disciplined spirit and the generation of various elements that configure an adequate response pattern adapted to all the needs of our various clients.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we say that they have been doing research for more than 10 years, a question that means that our experience and professional career we make available to all our clients and also our community.

The application of an investigation that comes from the hand of divorce detectives represents the opportunity to try to define, based on expert criteria, everything that may be subject to investigation regarding an act of infidelity towards our homes.  

A detective who is in charge of managing the infidelity processes of a party involved in a marriage is a resource that will always structure the investigation tasks that have the greatest refinement and discretion possible, with the aim of determining what is really happening in a family bosom.


Many people when they hire this type of research do it sometimes from the field of denial, an issue that ends up being highly damaging and costs from an emotional point of view, sometimes they do not know how this point has been reached, and that is that a relationship of many years, as well as a relationship that has gone through key moments of trust and mutual relationship have allowed to build a home, the person affected on many occasions considers that when reaching this last milestone within the development of a sentimental relationship is very likely that everything is already said about their relationship, a question that ends up being a wrong assumption.

From the point of view of clinical psychology, it is necessary to emphasize that many people consider that love in a relationship with the passing of the years ends up becoming a feeling of habit, an issue that ends up being definitive towards the construction of various aspects that in the long term, they could have a negative impact on the transit of a generation of adultery or an episode that one of the parties could classify as an “adventure”, because sometimes these “gray hairs” or episodes of extramarital affairs manage to generate a substantial dent in the rules that govern a home.

The main affected of this situation are the children who are in the midst of the sides that can enter into “dispute” at any time, which is why before all our divorce detectives they consider the management of a family infidelity investigation as a case extremely critical, since you are not talking about an act of adultery among free people or young people who are experiencing in the course of their lives, no! It is a home made up of children who have life plans and important economic assets that have been earned during the marriage process.  

That is why, the agents that from Grupo Arga work in this matter without a doubt must, above all, promote calm in the person under investigation, and as the police investigations say, they should try to avoid making statements until the facts attest to the initial assumptions made by the client. That is why the research process that is undertaken must be extremely careful and detailed in order not to play with immediacy, but to take the time to analyze all the pieces of the puzzle.

A marriage is like a company, since in the development of a relationship, the people involved set growth goals, as well as everything necessary towards the construction of the family economic heritage with which they can ensure the execution of all the plans that they may exist among the members of said nucleus, when a rupture in this area becomes possible, it is then where our agents act as that executing bond that objectively guarantees the obtaining of all the evidentiary elements towards the determination of responsibilities.



At Grupo Arga detectives, we have been committed to our clients in the appearance of these moments, since they are aspects that are not easy to solve, which implies the possibility of being highly efficient in managing aspects that are highly costly to managing on an emotional level for a person, that is why from our organization we offer a first-rate research service capable of promoting the best of the best towards our interested parties in requesting our services.


In the face of all the factual circumstances that may exist in an infidelity divorce case, it is necessary for our clients to know that our detectives, through their actions, will provide all the necessary evidence for the execution of an efficient process at the level of this type of investigation capable of To raise doubts to the client who demands this type of services, our detectives are aware that managing these types of situations are not easy, which is why they always seek to offer a service with the utmost elements of professionalism and discipline capable of providing the answers are being requested.

From Grupo Arga detectives we must say that they are more than 10 years doing investigative work throughout Spain, this is a sign of our commitment and the dedication that our agents apply to detective work, an issue that is undoubtedly reflected in the best deployment possible of our services.

The construction of a research case that is conducive to the generation of a logical framework of responses to all our clients is within the reach of those who want to have a highly professional criterion of expertise, based on the master deployment of resources and research skills that they can be highly effective in obtaining elements that can find the whereabouts of what is needed to know at the case level.

From Grupo Arga detectives we have trained our staff with the best elements that allow us to establish the best answers at the right time, which is why through the work carried out by our agents we can say that obtaining evidence of infidelity is something that we can carry out around high criteria of investigative excellence. Contacting Divorce Detectives is the best decision you can make!

When you want to hire infidelity detectives, you are taking the first step towards generating various elements that will undoubtedly end up providing the best clarification of all the suspicions that go through our minds, about whether our partner is not cheating.  

The hiring of a professional in the art of research constitutes the opportunity to execute efficiently and from the tranquility and patience with which the tests are presented and all the elements of a evidentiary scheme, the best possible decisions at such a time. embarrassing as it is checking a cheating case.



This has happened to many of us, and it is that when the actions of our partners are not sincere and they begin to be a little inconsistent with their actions, as well as with all the elements that are immersed in their behavior within the relationship , we begin to generate various suspicions about what may be happening in the mind of that person, at first our instinct of denial directs us towards not accurately recognizing everything that is happening.

Starting from this situation, we believe that it is very likely that this is a product of our thoughts and that it is very likely that we are thinking in a paranoid way, well, then come the comments of friends and people who are close to the relationship detailing us as our couple had fun with people who are not close to their usual environment and as the same placed special emphasis on sharing and enjoying with a specific person above all that environment.

Already with this we have a first suspicion test about what may be happening, that is why again the doubt, and the fear of losing the relationship begin to invade us and suddenly transforms into a state of mental uneasiness in Where we mainly begin to formulate different assumptions and different hypotheses about what may or may not be happening within the action of our partner, is where we begin to ask ourselves: since when has this been happening? Will this be real? How many times has this situation occurred in the relationship? All these questions are asked and many people do not have the slightest idea of ​​how they can get out of this with the best possible balance.

The hiring of infidelity detectives represents a valid way that can mean the search for solutions to all the aspects that may be immersed in a circle of suspicion on the part of the person who could be being deceived at the level of a relationship, when it uses the services of an expert for infidelity, without a doubt, is leaving the clarification of this matter to an expert.  

For this reason, the construction of key elements around the execution of the investigation tasks by a professional are the best guarantee to know what is really happening, the detective in this sense will seek to determine based on a discharge criterion. Expertise that elements can represent a real suspicion and that can configure the structuring of a pattern that is related to the participation of an investigated person in an act of sentimental deception or adultery.

The possibility that a client contracts this type of services generates as an important result the generation of aspects that are highly productive in the construction of an operation criterion that provides the answers that she wishes to know based on a high-level panorama. certainty, and also that allows you to make the most efficient decision in a calm way,



also guided by our experts in infidelities so that you can finish assuming correctly this type of episodes.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we know that these types of situations are highly emotional turbulence for some, not all people assume this type of news in the best way and it is there where faithful to our clients we prefer to accompany them at that moment where to the person reveals the truth of what happened regarding each event.

Grupo Arga detectives is a private investigation organization that has in its 10 years of experience accumulated experiences that lead them to define efficiently that their clients are not alone, that is why through our research services we provide the best accompaniment and the best assists at the service of those who want to find the right answers at the right time.

At Grupo Arga detectives the vocation of service of our agents characterizes us towards the concretion of results that can undoubtedly mean the generation of various elements that can represent an advantage for the client regarding the hiring of a specialized service that provides them with the answers that you both need to know with high discretion.

The discretion in the behavior of the infidelity detectives is a characteristic feature of the excellent execution of our operations, since above all things the criterion of protection of our clients is guaranteed, that is how, through the mystique of our work and performance of our activities we establish the best response to all our customers.  

Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that undoubtedly is in charge of generating the best of investigations to all its clients and stakeholders with the aim of generating a highly efficient response criterion capable of providing the tranquility and certainty they so desire.

Those who are interested not only in hiring the investigation services for infidelities of the group but also the other activities that we deploy throughout Spain can visit our website, social networks or blog and learn much more about our work. Having experts at the customer service at Grupo Arga is our mission! 

For many people who have doubts about whether the investigation process for infidelities should be carried out to be able to monitor their partner, when faced with this question we have the indicated answer about everything that a research process of this style is about, which is why the structuring An efficient inquiry criterion can be manifested around the construction of a case that allows establishing the best answers through the greatest possible discretion, thus ensuring efficient decision-making at the service of the interested parties.

For those people who ask themselves whether or not to hire a private detective, it is necessary to answer with another question, what can happen if the situation continues to be handled blindly? The answers are definitely not going to be very encouraging.

A case of investigation for infidelities for many people can be quite disturbing, since they face events that are not beyond their control and this then contemplates going through situations of high personal and emotional conflict, when the person has this type of doubt deep down, he knows that there are many elements that he does not know and he believes that, in summary, making this decision can lead to more problems, given these beliefs and prejudices at the level of this type of research, it is necessary to highlight that professionals in the field have decided to do a clarification of what it means to carry out a research process of this type.

First of all, it is very necessary to limit that these investigations are done with a regime of absolute anonymity, a matter that defines in synthesis a criterion of data protection of those who resort to our services, our objective will never be to expose our client, since the It is the same that supports our investigative work and additionally it is the one that requires knowing each element of the case in question under a high sense of discretion.

Secondly, the investigation for infidelity is carried out without the person being investigated knowing that he or she is undergoing a process of investigation, an issue that places our agents in a process of providing strategic information and that gives the person under investigation the advantage of situation by being able to accurately establish all the information that he is requesting in the development of the case.

Thirdly, it is also necessary to highlight that an investigation for infidelities, has the objective of raising doubts to our clients, with the aim of verifying the fact that their suspicions are correct, an issue that undoubtedly provides a criteria of clarification and delimitation of facts or situations to each of those interested in contacting this type of service.

Fourth, we must highlight that infidelity investigations seek not only to provide sufficient evidence and data to those requesting this type of service, but also to accurately generate a framework for action that allows the client to be guided around the decision-making process. decisions that he himself has ahead at the time these tests are reflected in the conclusive report of the case in question.

These four advantages provide a framework of utmost clarity towards the structuring of an investigation that is capable of supporting a margin of action focused 100% on the happiness of our clients, with the aim of promoting a framework of responses typical of an investigation that pursues criteria highly experienced around the construction of situations that can represent the ideal solution for those who request this type of service.

At Grupo Arga detectives we are not satisfied with obtaining sufficient results for the determination of responsibilities, in this sense we are committed to more when establishing a response scenario that is agile enough around the construction of various investigation criteria that can respond with the best technique and disposition of all the elements that the client requests, is why through.

Grupo Arga detectives, through the deployment of strategies and skills typical of a level investigative dynamic, has proposed to be the indicated solution for all those clients who are in the urgent need to silence uncertainty, which is why our detectives are resources of reference when it comes to monitoring partner is concerned. 





At Grupo Arga detectives, our detectives have the best tools to monitor couples , which is why through our specialized practice we can provide the best possible investigation criteria to all those who are seeking to make an investigation for infidelities possible, with the aim that it is permeable towards seeking the best responses at the right time. 

From Grupo Arga detectives we always bet on the generation of an investigation criterion that is capable of meeting the demands of our clients, which is why through our investigation processes we do not only intend to compete with immediacy but also with the complexity and the challenge of solving a case with new levels of demand.

The development work of a private detective, for a member of our group represents the great possibility of not only developing his professional career but also of structuring based on his daily actions an efficient criterion regarding the performance of a job that is at community service.

Being a Grupo Arga detective is a wonderful opportunity full of new challenges and various milestones that may be in favor of specifying various key elements of each case that can be represented in obtaining evidence under a high criterion of investigative expertise and soundness.

Grupo Arga detectives is a private investigation organization that has more than 10 years throughout Spain, thus infallibly fulfilling all the research challenges that come with each request from a new client.

The private investigative tasks that make it possible to investigate unfaithfully enclose in themselves facing the clarification of various complex scenarios that are supported by the generation of evidence that can lead to the resolution of an investigation case required by a client.  

The investigation of infidelities in Spain has undoubtedly generated the construction of elements that can ensure a positive response framework towards the delimitation of scenarios that can make the best decisions for our clients.



On many occasions, people who may be victims of an infidelity situation have sufficient emotional strength and intelligence to nip these situations in the bud and generate the best possible decision where they are not involved at the time when this type of scenario occurs. they present themselves, a question that does not make them act under a scenario of doubt before a type of performance of this style.

The construction of a scenario for infidelities is something that comes from the hand of a successive chain of events in which a member of a relationship can bear with a subtle touch a whole series of unusual actions by his partner, it is here where it will begin to act suspiciously, as well as it will begin to act very differently than it has been developing in the relationship, for this reason the need to go to an investigation professional arises.

An investigator can, through various practical elements of his profession, investigate unfaithful under a criterion of high expertise and based on various elements that precisely cause the construction of various hypotheses that allow the determination of acts that lead to the burden. of responsibility of the investigated towards an act of infidelity.  

Managing an investigation process for infidelities is something very necessary for those people who want to have an efficient response element around being able to clarify precisely any doubt they may have, which is why when faced with the doubt of a process of this type, the best we can do is cut it off at the roots, since it does not generate a healthy enough plan of action within the course of a relationship.

On some occasions, many people who have a relationship for years, can generate expectations of taking this situation to another level through marriage, when in a relationship that is at this level the ghost of infidelity appears, we can say that they begin to generate a series of doubts that even lead to a highly toxic relationship scheme.

In this regard, it is necessary to highlight that the appearance of these elements may represent the generation of situations of high conflict between the couple, for this the most advisable thing is to get out of doubts once and for all and hire an expert who, through a highly professional performance can confirm or refute our suspicions on the basis of a sufficiently substantial burden of proof.

It is for this reason that a professional in the field of infidelity research is a resource that always prides itself towards obtaining the best evidence and determining facts that are capable of contributing to the development of a highly professional, capable investigation process. to provide the answers that customers are requesting in the shortest possible time.

The construction of a research case in this sense, provides our clients with the opportunity to establish an accumulation of clues and key elements that provide them with the best criteria for exemplary decision making, which is why a case of this type , allows obtaining a unique response criterion towards the client, capable of offering a solution framework that is sufficiently clear and full of certainty.



From Grupo Arga detectives, we always recommend that the best thing to do in these situations lies in the construction of an intelligent criterion towards decision-making processes, a matter that ends up being a very important element in the face of all things.


Many people when executing the hiring of an agent, tend to wonder if it is necessary to execute an investigation case and if in fact it would not be complicating the resolution of an issue that is clearly part of their personal competence, for this they also begin to Imagine if a more ben detective would not delay obtaining the information that she requires, which is why at the level of execution of a research task the best thing to note in this regard is that a client can get all the information much faster. information that needs to be resolved by means of an investigation.

Failure to hire a private investigator capable of investigating infidelity can lead to various consequences among them, the main one may be that the construction of elements of a high-quality investigation can only be done by a professional investigator, on the other hand, the same It can only respond to the criteria and objectives that are outlined in each investigation case, an issue that strongly limits the aspect of resolution of evidence by an individual per account.  

The construction of an investigation on their own can also lead to the person not protecting their personal performance, thus finding various consequences towards the execution of a role that does not correspond to them and towards facing unpleasant situations where it is precisely going to be signaled of invading the personal space of the other member of the relationship.

At Grupo Arga detectives we are always focused on generating situations and investigative facts that are capable of providing the best response to our clients, with the aim of extending first-class service to them.

The performance of a matrimonial detective provides a sufficiently efficient set of responses to all those who request a high-level investigation service, this with the aim of providing our clients with a first-class investigation service and raising their doubts regarding to a situation of sentimental fraud in our homes.  

The construction of a research case provides the opportunity to deploy a service that is capable of responding with the best elements to all the needs that our clients have. The best we have been able to do is establish a series of responses that are conducive to building a case that is capable of obtaining the best answers at the right time.



A case of this type at the marriage level sometimes contains various complexities since not only is the course of a relationship involved, but also a whole issue of family stability is linked to this aspect, an aspect that is very useful for the most small of the house (in case a married couple has children) that is why through all these elements

care must be taken in using professional criteria through all the elements that are detected in the field of investigation to determine whether or not an act of infidelity occurred, this is a key element to take into account since the Families are not just any relationship, it is the main institutional pillar of our society, where a family breaks, other consequences of a negative nature arise for all those involved. 

At Grupo Arga detectives we conceive the performance of the marriage detective as the only resource that is capable of solving an investigation case that contributes to clarifying facts that are likely to be studied and analyzed with sufficient care in order to make our client if he is correct regarding his hypotheses and the elements of suspicion that he has used.  

The generation of a participation scheme through a person in charge of doing this type of investigation is directly related to the determination of evidence that has sufficient conviction capacity about whether an act of this type is really being committed, in this sense it should be noted that a member of a marriage may be carrying internal penalties from his work aspect, as well as, may be coinciding with old friendships that he has left behind at some stage of their lives.

That is why an investigator of this type, in case of not correctly handling the instrumentation of the facts that are preceded in the context of the investigation, can confuse the client and make him make a bad decision, from this point the importance of that different decisions of importance for the health, the march and of course the stability of a home can be executed.

It is for this reason that from Grupo Arga detectives we have channeled the training process of our agents with high discipline and precision, with the aim that at the time they act as a married detective they can generate the answers that the client needs to know under a high sense of precision and objectivity, an issue that undoubtedly affects the exercise of impeccable work.  

As we said very well above, it should be noted that a marriage must be considered as an institution, which is why, mainly when a divorce occurs in this type of relationship, there are elements that undoubtedly do not generate optimal resolution of situations.

The well-seen marriage can be something similar to a company, since common objectives are drawn, and mainly during the duration of the relationship goods are acquired in a commonwealth, that is why mainly this fact decisively represents various aspects that represent a breakdown of many variables at the moment that a relationship of these comes to an end since the two people who are at the head of the household are not only affected, in this sense any of their other members (children) are also affected from a emotional and economic point of view.





A self-respecting investigator exercises with great precision all the aspects that are related to the investigation of infidelities, which is why when acting as a marriage detective all this criterion must be increased with greater rigor, since without a doubt it is establishing a possibility of determining a crisis situation in a home, an issue that should be clarified under a highly professional gaze and rigor in the aforementioned research context.  

The construction of an investigation process aimed at determining what is happening in each of the homes allows establishing through a decision-making context everything that can occur regarding the probable management of a case for infidelities, since The victim is advised what is the best thing to do in the event that an act of treason is materialized by her spouse, an issue that undoubtedly tends to generate a before and after in the transit of this relationship.

From Grupo Arga detectives we are committed to providing the appropriate answers to each research problem raised, with the aim of promoting a sense of high response to those who need high-level research criteria, which is why to make possible the detection of These types of elements in a relationship we can provide a clear decision framework that can be at the service of our customers at all times.

At Grupo Arga detectives, they have been doing the work that we like the most for more than 10 years, that is why we always seek to be useful at all times, at Grupo Arga you will find the best!




The family research , form a sub-branch of research by infidelities, or sometimes, even if they arrive not be directly linked, may have some connection elements, it is necessary to know to determine responsibilities and gather evidence that would be considered as evidence in the legal execution of a divorce process. 

Investigations for infidelities, when they touch the reality of a family environment, must be conducted with great subtlety since it is not only a couple that is in danger at the level of their relationship, it is a whole family nucleus that is sometimes affected.

The investigation for infidelities has a fundamental reason for being, it is based on knowing if any member of a relationship is committing an act of adultery and emotional fraud on his partner, this is an aspect that is sometimes viewed with a certain halo of superficiality, since it does not provide an element of greater

consequence on an emotional level, but rather affects the consequences of separation from a family environment, resulting in a divorce, and the loss of a home.

In an investigation of this type, many people do not recognize the existence of a fact until in fact it can be confronted with irrefutable evidence, at first many of our clients when they go to this type of service relate their request to a feeling of denial that tends to confuse with the need to know and to know everything that is happening when in reality there are many clues that are evidencing the act of adultery in the other part of the relationship. 

Additionally, an investigator for infidelities, can also develop the same criteria for family investigations , from the experience we have had through the investigations that are made possible in cases of infidelity of a family group, we have observed that the elements that seem to be The emotional ones that the affected person deals with are similar, since this involves an effort to not only understand the stability of a couple, but also the stability of the home as a family institution. 

Family investigations when they are required from Grupo Arga detectives are, to a large extent, requested by this type of service, since they contain the possibility of an act of adultery and of fraud to the trust of family members, this implies a sufficient condition for the existence of mitigating factors that sometimes manage to trigger a divorce lawsuit, an issue that ends up having a significant impact on the stability of the members of a family environment.

When a detective from Grupo Arga has managed to gather enough elements of conviction to highlight that there has been an act of adultery in his reports, it is because he has documented in detail everything that occurs, and has also delimited with great precision all elements that can be found towards the detection of various hypotheses that can be asserted through a family court, this in order to proceed with a divorce claim.

In the separation of a home, highly emotionally charged events occur, as well as facts that are of a social and economic nature, since starting from the separation of bodies at the level of a relationship, other elements that are They are linked to the separation of property, as well as the custody of minor children in the case that at the time of the separation some of the family members were not of legal age.

The generation of elements that may be linked to the development of a divorce leads us to analyze the fact that a home and a marriage is like a company, since they function as a civil society capable of acquiring assets and growing in the event of to be proposed to direct operations towards a common purpose. This means from Grupo Arga directing that all the operations that can be directed towards our clients must be carried out with the utmost responsibility and rigor since the consequences of a divorce action are diverse.



The investigative work carried out by Grupo Arga detectives, allows our clients to know in detail all the elements that can fully establish the existence of an act of adultery and family fraud by one of its members, in this sense as We know that we are developing in a highly critical research context, we must provide the best to our clients, in order that the best decisions can be made based on elements with a strong objective base.

The possibility of generating the answers that are required in an investigation of this type does not arise overnight, since it addresses the possibility that all the elements that can form a response to who wants to direct this service in their family environment.

 That is why from Grupo Arga detectives the responsibility of our agents for their clients comes first, since this allows operating with the utmost efficiency in the field, experience and tradition for efficient service, has been the only guarantee to deploy our operations in research scenarios that by their nature can become extremely complex. 

Grupo Arga detectives is an investigation organization that carries out its activities with a high professionalism, additionally it generates the opportunity to be highly efficient around the execution of all the requirements that our clients demand. They have been doing research for more than 10 years and without a doubt we never tire of offering our clients



a highly specialized expertise service!

Family environments that are in search of a high quality research service must in this sense know that Grupo Arga’s services address a solid response to any need they may have at any given time.

Structuring an investigation for adultery is something that is accomplished through the efforts and efforts of an infidelity investigator, it represents the best guarantee to execute processes of obtaining evidence of infidelity efficiently.  

An infidel detective is a resource that moves with a high sense of secrecy and can provide the best help to those who may request an investigation that represents a set of solutions in a process of clearing doubts about whether their partner is cheating on them. .



The investigation for infidelities leads us to the need to generate a process of obtaining evidence of infidelity , this with the commitment to establish various elements that are specific to the collection of elements that can contribute to first-class expertise. 

In the development of an investigation for infidelities, our agents are those resources that are able to provide the best sense of research and information gathering to confirm the assumptions that our clients initially make.

Executing an investigation for infidelities generates the need to be highly proactive elements in favor of providing all our clients with highly efficient results, to reach this point our detectives are conducting a process of investigation into various elements that are part of the life of the investigated , these elements are expressed in the possibility of discovering a suspicious attitude of the same, for this the private investigator undertakes a search for elements that are little assimilable to his daily rhythm of life.

This implies the precise search for signs and suspicious behaviors over time, for this a detailed investigation is determined in the personal agenda of the person being investigated, as well as everything related to the execution of schemes that involve a high probability of creating attitudes of infidelity, This creates the possibility of being highly proactive in detecting your meetings and observing with whom you carry out various itineraries.

In general, the monitoring of all these elements should lead us to the root of the facts with the objective of knowing without in fact there is an adultery relationship, this with the objective of marking a before and after the request status of the requirements of the client. The investigative agents of Grupo Arga detectives have always made a difference when executing a process of obtaining evidence of infidelity. 

This difference is represented in the possibility of executing a hypothesis determination process using highly expert criteria to determine whether the person under investigation is in fact committing an act of adultery, a matter that is done at Grupo Arga detectives through an investigation with a high sense of precision and useful for the next phases of the investigation.

The approval that we have throughout Spain at the level of the execution of this type of services has given us having a relative acceptance of 98% of all the services we have done, thus showing that at the level of investigation for infidelity we are experts.   

The expert or field agent of Grupo Arga in this sense will determine, in the time that is necessary, all the elements that are essential towards the generation of a solid infidelity investigation process, for this, it is supported by the generation of all indications. initials made by the client in the first phase

with the aim of determining whether these initial hypotheses have a foothold within a logical framework of research development.

For this, it is based on its experience and the generation of its detective instinct capable of assuring the achievement of its objectives in the short, medium and long term, this allows the objectives and milestones drawn together with the client to be achieved, thus as well as being supported by the best organizational tools and resources capable of guaranteeing efficient performance in the context of the investigation and of raising doubts for the client regarding an infidelity scenario.

It is here where, using all these elements, the detective manages to be an element that connects each indication with a real event, after having followed up the investigator under high parameters of caution, he allows himself to establish various hypothesis testing mechanisms with the facts that he has observed and informs the client of the results found by means of a report.

Once these elements have been detected and discussed with the client, they are provided with the necessary guidance on what to do in this entire process, since they may be seeing themselves involved in an emotionally charged episode, with the aim of directing our customers to highly efficient decision making. These are tasks that our infidelity detectives do without rest, since they are resources that have a comprehensive conception of each investigation context.

Our agents are highly effective resources that seek above all things to provide a logical framework of decisions to all their clients, through investigation of infidelities and obtaining evidence of infidelity guarantee the possibility of establishing a master expertise service.  

Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that is capable of optimally handling all the requirements of our clients, for this we have invested a lot of effort and time in generating investigation services under a constant improvement perspective, that represents the guarantee of service provision optimal towards our community.

The Grupo Arga detectives are highly trained and prosecuted resources towards the resolution of a case for infidelity regardless of its complexity, this ensures the possibility of being elements of strategic sum towards the execution of various investigation milestones that provide us with the opportunity to to be a high value resource towards the demands and requirements of our clients.

The generation of results of all the agents of the Arga group is the guarantee of a detective exercise done with dedication and discipline towards carrying out tasks that are sufficiently solid, in order to serve society with a great sense of excellence, in Group Arga detectives find the best.





Detectives are a latent need in Spain to be able to uncover any unknown that may be behind a couple.

By positioning our infidelity detectives sociologically in Spain, different points are recognized , among which the progress made by different investigators is denoted , however, although it is not exhibited, the inconvenience of infidelity is every day is more and more serious.            

For this current need, the couples saw the urgency to finish with this problem, but might ask, how can eliminate the inconvenience caused by infidelity. It is eradicated when knowing the reality, it is the first thing to do, hire a private detective in Infidelities to find the evidence of the crime.                


Once hired detective infidelity and found evidence, it dictates whether rightly is infidelity or not, the tests do not lie. At this moment that you have already determined your choice, you have to select whether you live with it or cannot tolerate it,          

Obviously this choice is entirely customer-based and very personal.    

If you decide to cope with that infidelity throughout your life, you have to learn to live that way, however, if you decide to confront that circumstance, you can in fact take him to court and claim a divorce or simply end the relationship, regardless of the way acting, note that is a developing extensive and difficult it ‘s going to take time back as it was.                          

It is best to focus on your own missions while completing the procedures and learn to lead the division with dignity and, more than anything, independently, because something that is denoted enough in these situations is liberation . Even if it requires more decisive evidence on the situation, remember to choose a private detective infidelity trusted simpler to do the development.                   




Another of the notable issues that need to be mentioned is that of costs. It can be very expensive to hire the private investigation service , since some fees have the possibility of even reaching 1,100 euros for a day of work and it is much more than what some have the possibility of earning, but this is not strictly what you should spend in any kind of context. You can hire infidelity detectives for specific hours.                    

As complicated as it may seem, there are private infidelity detectives at admissible costs , such as the situation of Grupo Arga detectives whose fees are adjusted to the client.            

We must emphasize that in Spain there are other detective agencies, this is undoubtedly one of the most highlighted points, but without a doubt , Grupo Arga charges the fees dictated by the Professional Association of Detectives of Spain, which is adapted to the pocket.           

Commenting on what the private detectives cheap infidelities, the first thing you can get to your head is the value, a detective can get to collect amounts of unpayable money to an individual average with a minimum wage and requires contemplate other costs in their place of living or generally in your family.                  

It is for this reason that most of the situations, are the companies that hire the services of a private detective, however, many people particular need of these services research, why there are companies that adjust costs to that that the client requires.                         

Commonly the situations that are shown are truly everyday, in most cases they are cases of infidelity and it is the first thing that comes to mind, although there are more specific situations such as those of medical insurance and labor scam . All this is covered by the private investigator of infidelity and reflected in a file with the primary evidence to make an approach to the truth.                    

These documents usually contain images, audio recordings, video recordings and can a specification descriptive of everything that happens in research Beyond that the users are able to have their own demands regarding how they want the tests, the agency can suggest packs where numerous services are available .                       

Although infidelities are daily, when we talk about a marriage where come into play several things, mainly the characteristics have evidence of infidelity is very essential, which only the experts private detectives in infidelities made through the study of the purpose and acquisition of visible evidence to aid in trials.                   

Since we are in the world of technology, one of the disadvantages most common that frequent finding is that of the hacks. To evade or solve any inconvenience of these, the detective agencies appeal to the computer forensics, the                 

which they are engaged in this kind of drawbacks such as recovery or for rehabilitation of messages from a PC or mobile phone deleted or lost.          



With well over ten years of experience, Grupo Arga detectives achieved different merits for the achievements , beyond that today there are different detective agencies, users recognize the experience and quality that our agency has, with highly trained experts on different surfaces.                       

Another considerable point to highlight is the aptitude of having experts both in Spain and abroad as well as in the different localities, municipalities and states throughout the territory. In addition to having the service in different parts of the world through huge associations around the world that maintain our company                     

Counting on an enormous number of cases solved during these years, we have obtained recognition awards for the impeccable and subtle work that endorses our detective company as the most recognized in Spain, becoming one of the most outstanding in the world. .              

Through all the components named above we are your best option, request a free estimate at very committed costs ensuring the best results.             






  Loving relationships have two sides, a sweet stage, and a dark one marked by lies, it is when suspicions, problems or refute the least action begin to arise, but instead of falling into that dispute the best thing is to collect evidence and information real what your partner is doing and really lies to you.        

This is precisely the specialty of infidel detectives , who are increasingly requested to obtain certainty of what is happening, that is, to have accurate knowledge of a lie and if another person is intervening in their relationship, knowing is essential for recover or make decisions about your relationship.   

The figure of the infidel detectives is relevant, since different services have emerged that create false alibis to give rise to the opportunities to be unfaithful, because we are specialists who have the expertise to interact in this kind of delicate and sensitive situations, because when it’s about emotions is complex.             

But with the help of our experts from Grupo Arga Detectives you will have unconditional attention, where we will give you encouragement within each phase of the investigation, because we place at your disposal the assistance of specialists who know how to transmit any progress in the midst of this difficult situation. . Living with your partner in the midst of doubts is not encouraging, in fact it makes everything more complicated, it can push your partner to continue taking direction or decisions that are detrimental to the relationship, so it is best to act in a timely manner. stealthy to end the torment of thinking or assuming what happens.                              

 The role of a private detective within this personal or family sphere, can be decisive in gathering evidence before a future process of divorce, pension or some imposition of conjugal assets, that is, we can expose any lie or deception that is taking place in you against. Our professional assistance is perfect so that we do not have to spend more time with that annoying concern, we are dedicated to gathering the fundamental evidence so that you discover if you are being deceived, in addition to not stoking false promises, but from the beginning we set achievable objectives for your particular situation.             



         With the tests obtained by the infidel detectives , a great difference is made within the relationship, because you will not have to think more about what may be happening, but for sure you do not know, this goes to another stage when real evidence of what is happening with photos, recordings or any other.             

We have experts who will take care of your specific case, each fear of infidelity is different from the previous one, we focus on customizing each situation to invest advanced techniques that help us to reach concrete tests that not only help you know if your partner is unfaithful, but to take legal action.         

    First of all, we establish a pattern of behavior for your partner, in this way we can implement a much more special follow-up, we discover what you are doing in your spare time, in the same way we have technological means to corroborate some data, we apply the necessary tools for it.            

It is a latent need to expose what is being lived in a relationship, because the truth is the only way to obtain peace, to have harmony with your partner, especially when you decide to fight for love instead of abandoning it, this is another point to highlight we respect your

Investigation of infidelities in Madrid

decision and your preference in the middle of this investigation.           

  When resorting to a private investigator, the main thing is to communicate any detail that you remember of your routine, to plan a work route that will help us provide you with solutions in the shortest possible time, we focus on collecting evidence that has a wide value and is null and void. any excuse about it, a fact is worth more than everything.            

Through Grupo Agra you will find a wide offer for each particular cause, that is, we classify the nature of your problem to assign an expert, we seek to provide quality, efficiency and private performance, that is, your information is safe with us, we are dedicated to start a search for it. The importance of detectives infidelities is that they understand the anguish that facing these problems represents, acting on time makes the difference, we take care of concluding with a proven result, so you can know if your partner is really unfaithful or not, in this way you can make the decisions that you consider necessary.             



         When you resort to the infidel detectives you will meet an expert attentive to your needs, adultery situations are increasingly common, especially when it has to do with the work atmosphere, these are transferred to your personal life, causing a deterioration to your relationship that can be appeased with the truth.            

The only alternative is to decide to put aside fears, because in this way you will have a clear panorama to respond to such complexity, we have the expertise to receive your problems with great empathy, for this we frequently study common causes, places frequently, to establish a pattern of infidelity and expose it.            

These types of alternatives are a great solution to delicate situations such as going through an infidelity, with enough evidence no one can deny that they are damaging the relationship, we trace a path of quality hard work so that you do not have to live in the shadow of a deception, is the main intention of this service.           

We intend at Grupo Arga Detectives to expand a service that directly helps limit your problems, especially a situation as delicate as having an unfaithful life partner, since it is like living a constant deception every day, which we will

We end professional actions that will help you with this.





In the detection of an act of infidelity, many people do not easily notice when their partner begins to act differently, this leads us to the fact of knowing different testimonies where all these accounts coincide with the fact that the act of adultery is for the other person a total Surprise, many even when they contact our research experts at the first moment, they show an attitude of denial, an issue that ends up being elucidated with the development of research work. This generates the need for us to know that the investigation in the hands of experts is the only way to get to have certain elements of certainty about whether our partner is really cheating us, since it is sometimes not doing anything suspicious, in this regard it is It is necessary to say that it is better to get out of doubts than to bother with your partner, spouse or spouse and start an unnecessary drama.   

On many occasions the most advisable before all things is to eliminate the drama, it is not productive at all, since it always leads to different consequences, in this sense it is worth noting that there are many people who do not have adequate emotional intelligence, are self-centered and additionally, they have a great narcissistic effect, an issue that ends up negatively impacting a relationship.

Additionally, when someone is sincere with people who tend to have this type of personality, strong discussions can be generated and on some occasions some couples have told us that when a suspicious discussion is generated about this attitude, the other person reacts with a strong sense of aggressiveness, aggressiveness that even ends up generating a series of physical aggressions, for this it is necessary to take into account that the determination of a correct action of the one who may suspect about acts of adultery of his partner is about hiring a private detective.


This generates the possibility of establishing different aspects, which end up resulting in intelligent decision-making, hiring infidelity detectives is the best option to assert our concern through a legitimate means and covered by the detective work around the search for information. that can be useful to us. This means that, upon suspicion of these events, the best decision we can have in our hands is to hire an expert who can perform this type of work, in a professional manner, keeping distance from obtaining information and also being someone who knows perfectly the limits of his profession around the investigation of these events, this supposes, then, the possibility that a person can dedicate his time to more important things and matters.    

An infidelity detective is the appropriate resource for people who want to get out of this type of sentimental doubt, in this sense it is necessary to highlight that many customer profiles regarding the demand for these services sometimes tend to have a confrontational personality and Direct and they seek to speak these topics with total sincerity with their partner, however, as we already detailed above, all the consequences derived from having a conversation of this style are well known.

Sometimes different types of culture prevail for the development of this behavior, so it is also necessary that the couple before deciding to start a type of conversation like these with their spouse, also evaluate how it has been the same during the relationship, since that sometimes during the transit of a sentimental relationship there are people who tend to develop different patterns of behavior, this leads them to act totally impulsive that sometimes tends to be very anxious, apprehensive and somewhat violent, for those situations the best thing to do To make a person is to try to get to the truth with the help of a professional who will allow them to clarify the facts and subsequently provide them with the necessary guidance in case they so warrant.

Thus, it is also necessary to highlight that when people hire Infidelity detectives, they are not only making the best decision but they are also acting in the most mature way possible, by choosing not to be part of an emotional issue and ultimately not Let yourself be governed by the emotions of the moment. Being able to have the confidence necessary for a detective to carry out this work is a great step forward that the person is taking, since in herself she is allowing herself to establish a criterion of action very seriously.  

From Grupo Arga detectives, we are always hand in hand with our clients, with the aim that they see in our agency an entity that they can trust and can feel the necessary support to establish their sentimental investigations. They are more than 10 years of experience where the trajectory of the members of our group is synonymous with effectiveness and responsibility, since we decided to bear for our clients that hard weight of finding evidence of relevance in the act of adultery of a romantic relationship.

This leads us to determine different elements that are conducive to a relationship that is not working under a healthy scheme, an issue that ends up being addressed in the best way by our members and our research group.



This in some way has meant that the private investigator is always seen as an element that always resolves with a high degree of sagacity every aspect necessary to manage a specific case, because well the detective in question, more than a means, is the possibility in itself to develop an investigation that can be according to the appropriate parameters that help to reach the truth of each event that is worthy of investigation.

The detectives infidelities are resources that can manage any related problems with the determination of the act of infidelity, to do them always look for a sense of constantly updated about the work that has to play, since they require within an environment changing always trying to be on the lookout for different aspects that can be covered up. With the passage of time, the infidels in a relationship tend to invent or improvise through the use of devices, itineraries and / or schedules all the elements that make up the development of an adultery event.  

This means that a self-respecting detective is a resource that should not only explore the obvious of each probability of occurrence with respect to an act of adultery, instead must always watch because these aspects are well balanced around detection. behavior patterns, a question that is very useful, since their identification adds to the possibility of generating good objective judgment regarding the evidence that can be collected.


When we speak from Grupo Arga Detectives, about the detection of behavioral patterns, we are undoubtedly encompassing the study of different attitudes that the suspect may take during the development of his day to day, for this it is vital for the infidelity detective , Knowing everything related to what the suspect does, in this sense everything necessary is investigated regarding the information on his agenda, his tastes, his places of “relaxation” and also his friends.   

The tasks that are always useful in the development of detective activity are linked to the optimal exercise of the profession around any type of investigation or investigation undertaken, this supposes the possibility of taking into account a structuring of sufficient elements to reach the merits of each case



and to be able to determine with scientific rigor the development of various events.

Knowing the places that frequent, the people with whom you meet in those places, is of vital importance since from there we can determine if there is a certain probability in committing the act of adultery, additionally it is necessary to highlight that a detective who is dedicated this field must respect the intimate environment of the person being investigated, in this sense it must take into account not to generate unauthorized data collection in family environments and / or parts of a home.

For reasons of professional ethics, an infidelity detective always seeks above all things to be respectful of other people’s spaces, this implies that although he has the other part of the relationship as an ally, he should not take advantage of this situation to extract information in environments of extreme personal intimacy, since that would compromise the fact of establishing truthful evidence before a jury, in case the need to report the act of infidelity in a legal instance has to be resorted to. 

This also implies the researcher’s need to deal with a strategic and highly dynamic sense, since in most cases there are many people who have no idea that they must respect the space of the researched, thanks to the cinema, the detective and police novels, many people have the clip art on a mental level that the detective will be following in the footsteps of the investigated, and that if he goes to a restaurant he will sit at a table next to him with a long overcoat , hat, sunglasses and a camera or recorder that allows you to record everything that happens. No! This in real life does not happen even closely.  

The detective infidelity are resources when defining their actions through a research work make sure not be detected, because sometimes the fact that the investigated feels pursued can be a force element which even is You can assert a defense in a divorce case to dismiss the evidence collected.   

For this reason, from Grupo Arga detectives, we are committed to creating different aspects of value that allow the detective to conduct himself under a highly strategic scheme, an issue that ends up being highly considered so that said resource performs optimally in an operating theater.

The generation of different aspects around a professional act in the transit of detective work guarantee the execution of various elements that can be highly productive to get to the heart of the facts under a highly professional action scheme, which undoubtedly seeks to favor to the client around obtaining timely information that will help them to get out of doubt and support any case before legal and legal instances if necessary.  

From Grupo Arga, our infidelity detectives are willing to have the best solutions at hand that allow them to get to the truth of the facts for the different clients who need to obtain the appropriate answers at the right time, thus guaranteeing the best possible result with the lowest possible cost. This means that an element formed by the Arga detectives group knows the complexity of the investigation scenario, since sometimes a detective must not only limit himself to his investigative work, as a social servant must be willing to provide the necessary assistance and guidance to the affected person.  



The detective who develops in the activity of detecting infidelities not only relies on the generation of multiple elements that are characteristic of highly disciplined research, instead, he also seeks the concretion of facts, clues and hypotheses through the support electronic resources that allow you to move quickly in the resolution of each case.

Social networks are a main element that today are useful to an investigator who wishes to develop a case, since they allow everything necessary to advance in time so that it can be highly efficient, it is like a detective of Infidelity is a resource that can be developed based on experience criteria around the optimal review and evaluation of a suspect’s profile on a social network. 

In their daily life, it is very likely that a person does not know about the different elements and aspects that their partner manages in the digital spectrum, it is there where for many who request these infidelity detective services they find it surprising to know that their spouses contemplate the development of parallel profiles, sometimes created with their secondary names and surnames so as not to raise suspicions, an issue that ends up having a negative impact on the transit of the relationship.  

Additionally, a profile created in a social network does not necessarily have to be conceived under a parallel figure for it to be suspicious, in this sense it is necessary to know that there are different types of people who can frequent the main personal profile of our spouse and we on the other side of the relationship we are not aware of these facts. Given the doubt that may arise, it is necessary to try to ask yourself if today it is ethical for a person to take the trouble to inspect their spouse’s social media behaviors without their authorization, well, it is well known that sometimes this It is a recurring practice in the person who feels affected. However, beyond these    

elements it is also necessary to highlight that it incurs a violation of privacy.

And this is sometimes a mitigating factor so that the other person can sustain that they feel harassed or under the stalking of whoever uses this technique. It is for this reason that when resorting to the services of an infidelity detective , one may be resorting to an expert who will analyze any social network and the behavior of our spouse based on a criterion of high expertise, with the aim that neither he nor do not even suspect that it is under investigation, this is an important link to consider since they can establish different criteria that are capable of extracting the indicated information without leaving any trace.  

Another element of importance that a client prospect must establish around the acquisition of these services is that our detectives also rely on the use of different technological tools, this means that they seek to generate different forms of documentation for each case, with the aim of providing as much evidentiary support as possible to the different tests that tend to be developed. For this, it is also necessary to know that the detective tasks are supported not only by the impetus and skills of each investigator, instead they are also supported by all the action related to a solid organizational action. For this, Grupo Arga detectives, not only have field agents available who can establish the progress of each case, but also have agents and investigators capable of establishing an immediate search through the digital spectrum, this fosters the possibility of being more precise and more agile around the administration of our resources for the resolution of each case. 



Our infidelity detectives are equipped with the best tools that we have been able to obtain so that they can establish the optimal documentation for the entire process, but they are also that resource that has the support of our operating room capable of supporting the work of field in an intelligent and agile way on the way to the construction of various scenarios that lead to the collection of evidence, being this necessary for the transit of the investigation. That is why a detective from Grupo Arga always has the best resources to deploy his operations. 

The situational existence of an operating room represents a golden opportunity for the detective, since he has identified an instance with which he can lean at any time, this room has been equipped based on the highest technological standards, as well as It is also operated 24 hours a day, with the aim of providing our agents with the best support for their activities. 

In this room, an agent can request from the most specific information to even concrete support from other detectives and authorities to finish managing the course of an investigation, for this it is necessary to know that even the infidelity detectives have requested this type of support, mainly because each case contains a unique complexity of its kind, an issue that ends up sometimes influencing the request for resources and supports from outside the organization to guarantee work under a synchrony scheme and the guarantee of compliance with the law.   

At Grupo Arga, we know how complex it is to manage a detective case related to the appearance of infidelities, which is why we take this work with great rigor to establish with certainty the success of each operation.

The fact that an infidelity detective relies on the use of technological resources is for him an advantage that they can, in the first place, cut investigation periods and, secondly, also offer additional support to all their field work, fulfilling on occasions in less than the required time, everything related to the transit of your investigation.  




Many people, when reviewing the work of an infidelity detective, sometimes have various false images associated with the operation of this resource in a specific theater of operations. Question that ends up generating a distorted sense of this work. In this regard, it should be noted that although an infidelity detective must carry out his activity, he must not, as previously stated, violate the private environment of the person under investigation.  

Sometimes many people believe that doing a research process of this caliber leads to intrusion into the personal privacy of the individual, a question that ends up being a mistaken perception of what it implies to investigate in this type of situation.

Additionally, the researcher must make objective use of what he finds during the development of the research, that implies safeguarding with all rigor all the data collected here, since they sometimes manifest something contrary to the initial assumptions that marked the implementation of the entire investigation process. Given this, it is necessary to bear in mind that the researcher is a resource that is formed for the development of a fair and impartial activity, therefore he must not alter the findings that are found during the course of the investigation, since the same they allow you to obtain a solid criterion around the culmination of each case.

If an infidelity detective dares to alter any evidence related to the case he is developing, this would imply a flagrant violation of the ethical code and its personal and professional principles, an issue that would generate a distortion of the results. This translate into certain consequences that even have a legal impact.

A self-respecting researcher should not seek satisfaction per se from the spirit of negative doubt that a client may have, since sometimes many people suspect the worst of their partners and do not realize that if an expert and objective investigation He tells them otherwise so there are no more reasons to continue feeding that doubt.

In this sense, the private investigator is an agent who is capable of providing different answers and without fear of the fact that they entail, must transmit them to his client, since he is the only one interested in knowing the real situation of everything that is happening, In the event that a detective does not find certain indications that an act of adultery is being committed, he must focus his discursive strategy towards the client with a reassuring speech, capable of making him feel good about the result obtained.

On many occasions anxiety, apprehension and paranoia are also found on the part of the affected person, an issue for which it is necessary to have different aspects of emotional intelligence at hand to know how to manage the different attitudes of the client. From Grupo Arga we see this element as a central factor around the management of critical phases that can be developed in an investigation for infidelities.



Our mission is to clarify the facts surrounding the doubts of conjugal conflicts to channel the state of nervousness, anxiety and uncertainty that infidelity conducts. Thanks to our intervention, reality will be made available to you, making you aware of all the facts. You can get out of doubts, you can be sure of yourself and no one will ever say that you make things up. Thanks to our intervention you will be able to make the appropriate decisions about your future regarding the continuity or cessation of your romantic relationship. Grupo Arga Detectives is amply experienced in the investigation of infidelities with magnificent results.

Our legal advice is key in relations with our clients, since from the beginning we guide you on the best way to legally channel this entire process. 

All relationships with our clients will be based on maximum confidentiality on our part.

The client will receive impeccable treatment at all times and will be treated with sensitivity and respect. Thanks to the intervention of Grupo Arga Detectives, many infidelities of all kinds have been resolved. We have become a detective agency in Madrid expert in infidelities that operates throughout Spain as well as in other countries. Unmasking deception has become one of our premises. We collaborate with other private investigation firms in the  



clarification of infidelities at the national level. We also carry out these tasks in the Balearic and Canary Islands as well as on the peninsular coast, as they often become a destination chosen by lovers.

Grupo Arga Detectives has an Official License 2464 that authorizes it to investigate infidelities throughout Spain within the law. We also ratify all our investigations in the Courts of Justice if necessary. All our work is reflected in a detailed and meticulous report that contains all the evidence and indications obtained.

Grupo Arga Collaborates with external companies for the polygraph test, so if you and your partner want to undergo the polygraph test, you can ask us about the ways and prices for it. Grupo Arga Detectives constantly publishes news about the world of marital infidelities through our blog through interesting articles. Lastly, our office provides outside help to take your case if you need it, giving you the opportunity to contact professionals such as lawyers, psychologists and pedagogues to take your case in the best possible way. 




For our clients who always seek our services, the Arga Detectives Group is not only satisfied with providing different elements of guidance during the development of each case, but is also in charge of establishing a form of assistance and once the results are obtained, this is a guarantee. to provide support at all times, in order to guarantee a first class service.

This means that at the moment the results are supplied to the client, our detective provides a courteous but useful orientation about the next steps that he can take in order for the client to know what to do in a certain scenario, this at first For many people, according to their expert opinion, it was not something so useful, however, for some years this practice has been followed in special detail, taking into account that it is always necessary to provide the client with accurate guidance regarding what he should do. . 

That is, from Grupo Arga we visualize the following situation, imagine that a client is provided with the results of an investigation and in fact it has been proven that he is the victim of an act of infidelity, this supposes the confirmation of a negative news for the same, it is here where the affected person begins to recognize the fact in a tangible way and also develops some quite negative feelings, our detective then intervenes with the aim of avoiding the impulsiveness of our client, in the event of a formal marriage he will indicate What steps should you take to begin the separation process jointly with an attorney, and will also detail all the results of your investigation that have more weight in your report, for the purposes of

a legal case.

On the other hand, if there is no infidelity event, our detective will guide you on what are the elements in which the investigation is consolidated to have verified that your partner has not incurred in an event of this type. This involves showing the person in detail all the evidence that has been collected and all elements of conviction that they managed to capture in the result report that the detective made. 

Another key element that the detective can guide the client is around the making of formal complaints in the event that the investigation evidences some type of personal or domestic aggression of the investigated towards our client, a curious fact is that in Spain, around 27 % of femicides that occur on a scale of 23 to 37 years of age, is because it has been in discussions where infidelity has been proven as the main reason for dispute, an issue that is necessary in the case of women to avoid generating the probability of occurrence of such an event.



At Grupo Arga Detectives, we always maintain a criterion of commitment to the client, this means that we are always training the best infidelity detectives , the internal growth process that we always manage towards them allows us to generate a sense of displacement from our organization to different reputation scales throughout the city of Madrid. 

The structuring of the operations of our group is based on the generation of various elements that can always improve our actions with the evolution of each case, since in itself, each of them hides in the eagerness of their resolution a totally different challenge This is a reason to always try to be the best in the field.

Our detective team have been educated in our organization with an exceptional mystique, that is why throughout our more than 10 years of experience, we have always been committed to continuous development and a level training, capable of providing the best answers to the needs and demands of our clients.

With the passing of the years, and the growth of a globalized urban boom in Madrid, the actions of private organizations in charge of carrying out detective work in our city play a fundamental role in solving the new demands that our clients have. Additionally, as we all know, Madrid today is not the same as Madrid in the 90s, this means that the city has changed in every way, new infrastructure, new trends and consumption patterns.

These elements have undoubtedly marked everything related to the generation of new strategies that our agents pursue with the aim of achieving more accurate data collection, capable of determining all aspects that directly and laterally influence the development of a probable infidelity. . Following up on these issues is a process that we have established with great rigor from Grupo Arga detectives, since we have always tried to establish a whole dynamic that facilitates proactivity and the accurate advantage of our people in the field, an issue that can be seen with the facts, by demonstrating the effectiveness of our agents in the field of operations.



This means that our investigators are essential in the identification of different aspects that are capable of establishing the most suitable investigation tasks when determining the root of each of the facts and the heart of each event related to the management of a case. determined. Through these topics, the Grupo Arga detective is a resource that has been highly valued even by international investigative and investigative agencies, since excellence in the deployment of its operations is distinguished with great precision.

That is why in the development of our operations we always bet on the innovation, creativity and high-level development of our agents, since these elements are the guarantee to establish our continuous improvement processes, this also allows us to deploy a best technique to the market. 



There are many reasons why infidelity occurs. In many cases there are deficits in one of the spouses that are not covered by the other spouse. Such as low self – esteem, depression, lack of sexual stimulation, affection, sharing hobbies together, emotional distancing, lack of understanding, etc . The unfaithful spouse makes up for this lack through sexual intercourse with a third person in such a way that their anxiety decreases. 

For his part, the betrayed spouse after discovering infidelity awakens a whole range of feelings of pain, a mistrust seizes and a feeling of permanent unease and restlessness. Rarely things return to the way they were before infidelity within the couple. There are many studies in Spain on infidelity in all its aspects such as flirting, cybersex and other types of concepts that have recently emerged facilitated by the emergence of technology. 

These statistics reflect a slight position with respect to men with respect to women. Thus the figures indicate that infidelities occur in men around 59% compared to 41% in women. Previous studies seemed to show that lathes were just the opposite, in favor of women infidelity, but the latest statistical data indicate otherwise. 

Of course, women seem to show an increase compared to men in the passionate sphere; women when they are unfaithful are more passionate.

Not that it does not seem very clear regarding women and men is that there is an increase regarding the variable of marriage. Not that it does not seem to be very clear is the value that both men and women place on cybersex or flirting. Many think that this behavior, either flirting or cybersex, does not represent infidelity, visualizing it as perfectly valid behavior within the couple. An interesting variable in these studies is the concept of OPPORTUNISM. It seems that there is a clear superiority in men when the opportunity to be unfaithful arises, whereas women seem to resist more, thus 2/3 parts of women resist infidelity while 2/3 parts of men succumb. 


Studies on infidelity in Spain reveal a curious fact. A feeling of revenge seems to prevail in men when infidelity is carried out because of the feeling of contempt that he feels of being a victim on the part of the woman, while on the part of the woman a feeling of sadness prevails because they feel undervalued by part of the male. Modern statistics on infidelity show that there is more criticism of infidelity in young couples than in middle-aged couples. 

It also seems to point to a clear difference in the feelings of each other regarding an infidelity regarding their feelings. Men seem to be more upset that their spouses have sex with other men, while women seem to be more upset that men fall in love. To conclude we can clearly observe a difference on the part of sex on the vision of infidelity in all its aspects.  

When talking about the reasons for infidelity, our experience as well as different studies in published universities , we can say that the reasons for an infidelity are different according to the man or the woman 

In man, the most important factors are flirtation, passion, ignorance, flow, the different age crises, boredom, envy, being taken advantage of, his profession, fashion and trauma.

Fashion seems to reflect that it is modern to be unfaithful, it is a symbol of social inclusion. Sometimes trauma with other couples causes an infidelity to be committed for revenge and thus a feeling of well-being is born. Work as we have mentioned can be an important factor. There are many professions that due to the more imperative nature of contact with women there is a high rate of infidelity, for example, medical and pharmaceutical professions, dressmakers, decorators, window dressers, etc. stand out.

The woman is seven more attracted to this group because of the time they stay together and in the end they start with a simple flirtation, trust, etc. until leading to a sexual relationship. Regarding the element of “taken advantage of” that we mentioned earlier, many men take advantage of single women, women who are going through certain crises and make them feel loved by a false affection. On the envy element, many men see friends and colleagues with unofficial relationships, they see how they boast of them in public and how they boast, in this position, the man feels discomfort for not being so supposedly happy for not having those moments of pleasure and decides



make the leap to the dark side. 

Tedium is an important element, when there is no more energy in the relationship, lack of motivation that makes the man look for an incentive outside. The different crises that a man is going through, such as the crisis of the 40s or 50s, make them try to get the most out of this period, consolidating their masculinity. Many men believe that passion is a necessary element to be happy, so when they stop experiencing it they go looking for it eagerly.

Men seem to get carried away more than women thinking they are in control and this leads to infidelity. Sometimes the ignorance of man is an element, because many presume after being caught red-handed that they were not aware of it. Finally, flirting is very typical in men, it seems to be a behavior that they love, and whenever they have the opportunity they do it. Now we are going to talk about the reasons that lead a woman to commit an act of infidelity. We can say emphatically that in recent years there has been an increase in infidelity by women compared to 10 or 15 years ago. 

Women now seem to love to flirt like men, socially this behavior begins to be well seen. Also, many say they do not realize what has happened, they just happened quickly without looking for it or wanting it and they have not been aware of it. Sometimes the leisure element is important, they get bored on a day-to-day basis and therefore decide to fill your leisure time. 

Another interesting factor seems to be revenge, is a way to make them pay their contempt.

The weak character of some seems to point in this direction also because of their lack of personality.

Other women are undecided and this indecision makes them have a sexual relationship.

Emotional instability sometimes plays a big role in these deceptions, even fashion, since it seems that nowadays it is “Cool” to have lovers among women. Compassion seems to be another element. Many women are ambitious and as such this ambition makes them be with different men.

In women there are also age crises, in them it seems to take place somewhat earlier than in men, and to establish themselves and feel desired they have sexual relations with other men. Sometimes compassion takes over many women who, through pain, certain men sleep with them. The loneliness of the couple is usually a triggering element. To end the affinity that many women feel for certain men is also often a trigger for infidelity. 

The different reasons for contacting an infidelity detective are known, but above all we must know that these are resources that act precisely and prevent committing any act of recklessness, an issue that is extremely useful when not generating responsibilities with our actions. .  

Hiring an infidelity detective is something necessary when suspecting whether a couple is cheating on us in order to get to the truth of the facts, and have greater certainty about what is happening.  



Sometimes the fact that your partner lies can be passed as a merely isolated event, however, it should be noted that such events are sometimes related to the conception of another relationship. 

The best thing at the moment is to get out of doubts and have on hand elements of uncertainty that do not make us think unnecessary things and that also have nothing to do with the most important activities of our day to day.

In this sense, it is necessary to know that we do this if we are convinced that his behavior was not only incorrect, but also that it may be closely linked to adultery.

If that person is not available to us, we must resort to other ways to determine if a couple is truly in love instead of cheating. This is particularly the case in cases where there is a broad financial and / or emotional commitment between the two people in question. For this, our Arga Detectives Group is in the possibility of obtaining for all our clients and interested parties the best infidelity detection service.

The most important thing about finding an infidelity detective, as we all know by now, is that the fidelity commitment of our relationship is not negotiable, It does not matter if a couple is trying to hide something from us. We must have some other way of knowing if they believe their commitment was made according to all the details of the truth or not.  

There can be no good reason for an infidel to think that there is a kind of impenetrable veil that separates the truth from the bad if an infidelity detective comes into play for it, our detective service aims to determine true causes of adultery and to leave the discovered all the elements that come into play so that our partner has no way to deny what




What the best cheating detective can do is, as an old popular adage puts it, make sure “the evidence is strong enough.” That’s what the infidelity detective’s job is about. What the infidelity detective must do is find all the evidence that could indicate a breakdown of the relationship.  

The need for a professional investigator to find out if a couple has left their spouse for a period of time. The fact that it should be a professional investigation, not a family dispute, is crucial therefore it must be handled by expert personnel, given that the information is so important, in this sense our agents are in charge of establishing this type of operations based on the following aspects:

Obtain the information of all the people involved: the «family», the children, the spouses and the children.

If a spouse wants to take your spouse’s claim, a good detective will verify who is involved regarding the children and the wife, or their spouses. If there is a divorce, all the children’s siblings and other family members are verified. If there is no divorce, the most reliable way is to verify who the parents of the children are. (And then it is verified if a spouse still lives with the parents).   

A cross check is done on some other information that you are not sure if it is reliable or not, but you are interested in finding out for the investigation. This is a fairly standard job. Sometimes the work related to hiring a detective, leads to the need to have certain elements that we suspect our partners are hiding from us. This helps us prevent this type of information from being subtly extracted.    

From Grupo Arga Detectives, through the work of an infidelity detective, our main objective is not, in fact, to use the information we acquire, but to use it if we can. We know how this information will be used and we use it to our advantage. It is always our goal to keep our information from others.  

An infidelity detective will always look for the cleanest way to extract information from his theater of operations, that is why he supports his work through the use of technology.



To provide the best possible results to your client, the technological support of all infidelity detective operations is vital, a computer is the best tool you use to obtain this information.

This enables an optimization of all the work that is carried out in the field. A software that allows the user to create their own infidelity detective? It would be wonderful to have him in the process of investigating a situation of his own. In fact, it would be very effective to help you in your investigation, but this is not possible in reality, for this our team uses the most sophisticated equipment with the aim of reaching the whereabouts of the clues and elements of conviction of each investigation.

However, when you have to go to a forensic computer expert, your main task is to solve the problems that arise during the investigation. The reason is that, for the researcher, to obtain the correct information, he needs to do many hours of research on the computer, use certain programs to facilitate obtaining the information, but the person needs to do much more work that allows him to get to the bottom. of these facts.

Since one of the biggest problems in the investigation is human error, it is essential to have professional technicians like infidelity detectives in the field to ensure that your reports are of the highest quality. They are being prepared under the best investigation and investigation techniques at Grupo Arga Detectives.  



Simply put, the infidelity detective follows all the evidence that has been gathered regarding the individual. When the evidence has been gathered, the detective looks at it, compares it to the evidence left by the infidel lover, tries to find the most relevant facts, if any, and then applies the evidence he has received.   

To get the best results, a good detective must know the different ways that he can use and examine evidence. You can also get the best information from the data available in a database. You need the knowledge and help of an expert in this field to ensure that your work is the result of the results obtained. An expert in this field will also assist you with your investigations in order to provide the evidence that will provide evidence that you are right about the money.

You need to know how to apply the data to research to reach the best conclusions, because the information you get from the evidence is not the only thing you get. You also need the detective’s help to identify all the evidence that may lead to the conclusion of

that you have found the correct answer, whether related to the evidence, the data, or the person. To ensure that the investigation continues in a way that ensures the best possible results, the infidelity detective also needs to know how to keep track of the investigation. This could be the same type of knowledge where the evidence has been

A detective of this caliber will handle the truth about the matter with you with great strategy and subtlety, making the client feel part of a team, probably many of our clients change their attitude and behavior.

What is discovered is probably so strong that it does not allow that person to come back to form a relationship. If the other party tries so hard to stay away from their other soulmate, you will see that their way of thinking has really changed and they have also thought about things as important as love. For this, an infidelity detective from Grupo Arga is trained, with the aim of giving him a comparative advantage in the situation and not making him deal with events of high uncertainty. 

Above all, from Grupo Arga Detectives, we always advise our clients that they must be careful not to think that all they have to do to fight infidelity is what we call as a succession of desperate efforts, since in the point of adultery it is not possible to rescue the other half of a relationship. If someone believes that they will fight infidelity by any means necessary, they will be fighting against yourself.

If someone thinks that infidelity is a very bad thing that only makes people feel miserable when people know the situation because they never get enough sleep, because they never have rest and because they don’t feel the best feeling in the world, then that person will be fighting against himself, It is the point where you make certain imbalances, make hasty decisions and are 100% guided by emotion. Question that from Grupo Arga Detectives we avoid that our clients reach this extreme, doing a job with the client and informing them at all times. 






Why are some people more successful than others in love? It is impossible not to have thought about the different types of people who can be victims of infidelity, since many people try to get rid of it. People talk about this from different perspectives and that is why it is extremely difficult to distinguish one person who is the victim of infidelity from another.

Now that we have made a list of these five types, it is necessary to take a look at the types of people who have it more difficult than these five types of people, all this is shared from the perspective of an infidelity detective of our group.  

The things that these people do not understand. The types of people who want to feel good about themselves and think that all people are really wonderful and only care about them. So when other people are bad, they try to hide it. If it is believed that one person wants to hurt another for some reason, then it is necessary to detect that the type of person who is prone to suffer from an act of   

infidelity or adultery.

  • Naive people
  • Proud people
  • People with a strenuous day
  • People with great economic capital and different occupations.
  • People who tend to be gentle

The purpose of investigating infidelity is to discover the truth. But this is not something that a single detective can do. An infidelity detective should try not to assume the other’s point of view. Since, sometimes, the other party just told you something that they felt was painful or difficult to express, so they tried to hide something from your point of view. If you look at how they acted when they spoke to you, you will find that they did not know what they were saying.   

An infidelity detective must also take up the challenge of trying to listen to what the other person is saying without the help of his or her mind or imagination. You should not judge the other party by their words and phrases and should focus on the words themselves.

If you’re talking about how much you’re enjoying the sex life you’re having, you should just listen and try to understand. Just listen and understand, and try to imagine what you are trying to say, what you are trying to show her.

The investigator should not say what he thinks, he wants you to think it. In this regard, it is necessary that the different clients think about how you want to think about him, what he wants to be contacted, what he wants to be said, you cannot think about what you want while your thoughts are busy thinking about everything. that could happen in a normal relationship. For this, Grupo Arga detectives always look for the precise facts through the testimony of our clients.     



The aspects that a detective must protect from infidelity, deal with the construction of different hypotheses that are then consistent with the generation of various events that determine the responsibilities of each case. Through our service we can break the


relationship without any danger to the women or men involved. We are sure that there are other solutions and that the authorities will use different tools to deal with various investigations for infidelities that do not come to fruition or that have in themselves a case hidden from the mere fact of infidelity, including monitoring our website, to To be able to detect crimes, but our mystique and tactics make us act as elements that can be highly specialized towards obtaining different objectives and, of course, towards avoiding traumatic events throughout this process.

This will allow the detection of all illegal activity and / or behavior out of the norm when studying an infidelity. A former prosecutor, who wished to remain anonymous, says that as the use of mobile phone technology to navigate and communicate on the Internet increases, the need for mobile technology will also increase: The use of mobile phone devices will be a important part of the pieces to collect during an investigation process

We have no doubt that this will increase. The problem here is not so much whether people accused of domestic assault in a relationship will be able to maintain their identities, whenever possible. There is also a question about whether these criminals will keep their computer and mobile phones with them while they are away from it.

An infidelity detective always advises his partners to protect their digital record and their activities on social networks to the maximum, for this, an additional deterrent against the use of electronic devices with sexual images could be the use of device locks. electronics that would prevent people with mobile devices from using them even if they want to, but also take photos. When it comes to cell phones, authorities are supposed to create a way to block them, if necessary 



A detective knows the complexity of each case, once he manages to establish which are the elements that can be identified as critical within the structuring of the entire investigation process.



It is not enough that everything we need to know is presented. We need it to be well elaborated and explicit, in a language that we can understand, in this sense to do anything with meaning is to lose it. Everything it takes to tell a story, paint a picture of events, takes time, attention, and a deep understanding of what’s behind the scenes.

As a detective you have to think long before you can do something. That’s one way of saying that things in life can always change because of the choices you make, but never because of everything. The power of now: is that you must be prepared to try different things, learn from failure and adapt. 

But I’d be more likely to take another look at it if there was a second witness to explain things. That can keep things consistent without people having to go and see this or that for themselves. It’s not so much about thinking logically or logically about the details; it is about knowing the fundamental truth of the facts, then devising alternative ways of exploring what it means, reaching different roots and contrasting facts that can determine the success of a case. Everything we have done as researchers in the professional field has been a matter of being right by a wide margin, as an element that makes an investigation you cannot write without being good at what you do. In the end, whatever you do, you always have to start somewhere . Whoever commits such an act would think that people who have been believing that they cheat others by committing infidelity from the beginning are doing it right, and it turns out that they always collide with the expertise of our Arga Detective Group Agents. 

An infidelity detective is not likely to be wrong if he is really trying to do his best. The detective usually follows up to see if anything is missing. It doesn’t always succeed, but if it does, that means the missing items must have been present at least as part of the actual events where the case is successful before the detective does an actual search.

Therefore, the detective is always looking for the missing items, as there is a need for further investigation of these incidents. Even if he finally doesn’t find what he needs, the detective is satisfied for a certain amount of time that he has managed to solve the case, and the case is closed. Sometimes the missing elements are simple, to say the least. The missing items are things like objects that cannot be found at first glance. Even if the detective can find what he might have had behind, but has simply disappeared, that does not mean he has found what he is looking for. The detective may still discover something more important to the investigation, because the element of interest is not detecting the reason why the investigation begins. Even if all the tests match, the missing item may be something that may indicate a missing other item or that there are other factors affecting the result. Once the detective has successfully created a missing item, the search becomes much more difficult.  

The detective had to worry about finding the missing item, but now I will have to find out what the missing item is before I can continue with the actual search. The detective is looking for the missing element in his investigation.

A detective will have a list of milestones and facts that you are looking for. His list will contain the items he thinks they should find to complete the case, but may still require investigation of other items before

find. He will ensure that the case is not too long, to avoid wasting resources for more than one item, and each item will be tracked in the detective’s mind to quickly remind him of them.


The detective has great flexibility in the selection of the elements that are found, while the infidelity detective chooses the elements that may still be present in the to generate the development of the act of adultery, normally they have no difficulties in locating them. It is important to remember that once a case is completed, it is unlikely that the missing item will be found in the case for that particular incident. The missing item is unlikely to be present in a much larger number of incidents. In most cases for an infidelity detective , their role is to help solve a case when it is within their area of ​​expertise. For example, it might be your job to collect some data, gather evidence, take statements, and then file a report with the police.     

There may also be times when a high-level attorney invites you to review and examine the case and can help you decide whether to request funds or other assistance. In one case, the lawyer will make calls to the authorities and use her professional knowledge to help the police initiate an arrest or other action or take into account the interests of the victim, since as we have previously said there are cases of infidelity that have undercover larger actions, among others. At the same time, the lawyer will be ready to advise the police on the best means to obtain or retrieve the relevant evidence for the investigation.

This will take place before the case and often at trial. In this role, he or she can also investigate suspected individuals. The attorney can help people in two ways. The first is to help the police solve crimes and attract criminals. The second is to use your experience to investigate suspected scammers and other possible criminals.




An attorney can also help an infidelity detective in other ways. An attorney can find people who will give your information to the police if requested. This is known in social circles: the lawyer will try to get the relevant files out of the homes or offices of those involved. But there is no doubt that a lawyer can have an effect on an investigation. When a person thinks that he or she has been the victim of a sanctioning act, he or she would normally seek help from the police or prosecutors. In most cases, these would be the detectives who are investigating these types of cases, which are commonly known as infidelity detective .    

The lawyer can be of great help in assisting the detective work. An attorney can also influence the investigation itself. And sometimes, the police are reluctant to use their methods to help you find a lawyer. But, this should not be a cause for concern. In fact, a lawyer will generally be very helpful than you can imagine.


Investigation of infidelities in Madrid



For example, an attorney could help a detective with legal problems. But, an attorney could also help the detective as a great resource while the investigation is ongoing. The police will also generally seek a lawyer who will provide their services if they have problems with the law.  

It is the job of a lawyer to find out what legal problems arise and try to find out where those problems are. This means that an attorney will be able to help an infidelity detective understand what he has to say. It is your job to help research in many ways.  

The lawyer will also be able to explain the process in which the police operate. As you should, it is your responsibility to know how the police work. Investigative attorney skills and counseling towards a detective makes focusing on an attorney an essential resource for investigating crimes and penalties that have legal implications. And so, just as the police should investigate to find the truth, a lawyer should do the same. That is why the attorney can obtain an impartial explanation of your case and make clear how the police are investigating your case, and can contribute to the joint development of a case when acting in sync with a detective.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, we have the best investigators capable of taking advantage of a strategic relationship than those who carry out legal work in the country. 

As an investigation is carried out, it means a work of greater synchrony between both means that increasingly important information can be revealed. These are things that a lawyer will not have known before, and a detective also acts in accordance with his ethical principles and this allows him to personally divide himself from each case, with the aim of not having a relationship beyond the intention of achieving the success of their operations. The detective is not like the police who trust the police to deal with criminals and thieves. On the contrary, he is like a policeman: he does his best and most efficient the best he can. In the case of the detective, a moral judgment is made. However, this morale is different from police morale. Question that Grupo Arga takes very much into account when distinguishing the strengths of detective work. 

But the infidelity detective is not governed by social conditions but by morals. It is only the sense of morality that determines his action, to be a real part of society, a person must be free from the social ties that unite him, be free from the idea of ​​an external rule and also free from the idea of what is correct.  

The police search for criminals and among all these officials they try to create a climate of guarantee around the legal framework of the nation, while a detective has a strong conscience, which is, above all, the reason why he becomes professional. But, being born as a policeman, the detective has a moral duty to act in accordance with his conscience.

To be successful, you must also give way to morale that enables you to be powerful and powerful. You must act as you do not only in your job duties, but also in your personal life, your private life and your work life, you must give way to the moral principles of the police. The detective has to do this. That is why, from Grupo Arga Detectives, our agents are guided in the fulfillment of ethical and moral tasks, with the aim of preserving the good actions and good customs of society as we know it.

The detective or investigator working in the establishment of an infidelity investigation can distinguish between motives to protect and the protection of an individual or a cause. It acts according to what is natural and natural ends are found for a sanction. But he is also capable of acting with the best judgment of the day because of his sense of moral judgment. It is this moral judgment that determines his character and gives him the authority of a conscience, which is his basic strength.

In short, when an infidelity detective works, he has the moral strength and the courage to do this, while at the time of his commission, he can only react according to the current situation. Therefore, to work, it had to be created to be able to judge the situation and this allowed him to distinguish between these moral limits, which, however, must always be maintained.  

So a detective is a human being. He acts in accordance with his moral principles and moral limits: the morality of another person can be seen as the norm that governs against the morality of a criminal.

The moral character as an independent component of the personality and character of the detective. It is important to realize that a moral character is not an external element, but is an external part of the individual’s personality and the personality as a whole, a part that may not be easily analyzed in its components, but which is a very important. of human nature. 

For the detective, the excellence of his work comes from within. This means that the ethical character, which is always a self-sufficient part of your personality, exists within the individual with whom the detective is dealing. Therefore, it is an element of the individual, it is part of his personality, it is part of his personality and is directly determined by his moral or ethical convictions and his moral or ethical principles. However, the detective can choose which convictions or moral or ethical principles he chooses to work with.

An infidelity detective, is a resource that is always tested and has the ability to get to the root of the facts efficiently, his ethical character with which he conducts himself in the conduct of each investigation, provides him with a presence in the execution of all operations.  

From Grupo Arga detectives, we have always been aware of training professionals who are in charge of carrying out their work with professional ethics, discipline and seriousness, since these elements are what guarantee the success of successful cases and go further in the generation of a happy ending for those who not only request infidelity services but also any type of investigation in our group.





In the world of detective investigations it is necessary to mark above all things a possibility of establishing a criterion of expertise and quasi-scientific rigor on all the investigations that are established, this leads to always maintaining a sense of incremental improvement of our services, in this sense from Grupo Arga detectives, we never settle, we always bet on more.

This is undoubtedly the guarantee of providing a quality service for our clients since they are in a position to pay for a service that is capable of providing the most suitable answers when requesting an investigation, this entails to the generation of a highly dynamic investigative scheme and with the ability to provide the answers that our clients demand for each case. 

The detective’s work is full of challenges and elements that by themselves mark an exciting performance on a daily basis by the infidelity detective since they are high-value resources that always seek greater personal satisfaction from having practiced his profession and having protected third parties with the exercise of them.

All this leads to the generation of different aspects by which a detective watches to carry out the exercise of investigative work in an optimal way, since as we commented previously, detective work contains in itself the preservation of different moral and ethical values, values that are essential when exercising the activities of the detective with a trait of excellence. The different clients who can go to the infidelity detectives know that they have a resource that Grupo Arga detectives has always sought to improve and innovate through its services with the aim of guaranteeing the best care and the greatest possible probability of success. in the development of each case.  

From Grupo Arga detectives, we always strive to be the best in our field, it is a sign of our discipline and commitment, an issue that will always remain a constant to develop our activities with great excellence, in the daily work of a detective not everything is said, that is why we always dare to bet and look at other elements more typical of said work to see how in the day to day it can be complemented with the modernizing advance of technology, as well as everything related to updating various techniques capable of generating further updating and modernization of our processes.

In the acting of a detective from Grupo Arga, the difference is noticeable that is why people before going to any other agency should ask us about our services, since when an agent from Grupo Arga intervenes, any case is in good hands.



There is a different response between them when there is an infidelity of their spouse. Men are usually more forceful in response, cut and it will be seen. The man usually has more difficulty to forgive, however he can forget but not the above. Men, traditionally believed or thought, do not tend to have aggressive responses to women. Another issue is the legal aspect, they will fight to the death to get all the rights in the visitation regime of their children and other rights in this regard. 

The man usually hires the services of a private investigation firm regularly after his breakup, they usually control certain aspects such as the income of his former partner and similar aspects in order to act in the modification of the regulatory agreement, the use and enjoyment of the housing, etc.

Women, on the other hand, tend to react very differently to men. Many women forgive infidelity and manage to forget it. What happens is that a feeling of suspicion and mistrust is born, and in the face of this fear, they often hire a private detective to investigate their husband in order to discover if an infidelity is happening again. Women become obsessive about the smallest details, they become controlling before the arrival times and the movements of their husband.  

Many people seem to be unclear about the concept of infidelity, and often relate it to carnal behavior, when in fact it has more to do with the breakdown of the acquired commitment. In this context, different types of deception can occur that have nothing to do with the sexual area but can be just as harmful and just as condemnable. Grupo Arga Detectives knows very well how to detect these tricks and collect them video graphically. We list some of these tricks. 

  • Emotional deception. It is an internal deception, without manifestations to the outside of a carnal type. An example of them are relationships through social networks, mere flirting, complicity. This deception highlights an emotional desire to know the other person, to see them, to think about them constantly, etc. 
  • Sexual Deception. As its name indicates, there is physical deception on a carnal level. It is in this plot that the role of the private detective, the material and tangible cousin, comes into play mainly and we are tasked with the mission of obtaining evidence. It is possible to allude to paradoxical investigations such as the case of investigating the lover of the infidel, contracting this service from the infidel himself. In this second great category we can distinguish two categories according to the type of deception, punctual deception and commitment deception. The first is mere isolated sexual contacts while the second consists of the emergence of a collateral relationship to the main one that involves much more effort in its dissimulation and that has many more implications. 




It is a type of infidelity investigation that is fashionable, consisting of investigating one of the spouses because it is assumed that they are hiding assets. It is a type of investigation requested when there are community assets to verify that there is nothing hidden. This type of investigation is usually requested at a time close to a separation



or divorce in order to be well advised by the other party on the real economic situation of the same.  


In recent times, companies have emerged whose benefits are infidels. They are alibi and deception companies. These companies serve as a lure so that the couple does not suspect anything about the behavior of the unfaithful. They invent alibis, stories, send false documentation, even answer the phone and help the infidel at all times.

Its proliferation occurs more frequently among the upper strata of the Company due to its high price for contracting its services.



There are many ways that can make us think about the fact that an infidelity is taking place. They arise in questions such as if they are producing internal changes in the family nucleus, if the working hours begin to lengthen, there is more interest in getting well dressed, etc. Before taking any steps, in order not to arouse suspicion, it is necessary to maintain some precautions, otherwise the hare can be lifted. The unfaithful will always reject the accusations. The best thing to do is to contact an agency with private Detectives with experience as Grupo Arga. Here the infidelity detective comes into play as a clarifying element. All private investigation carried out by Grupo Arga maintains the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Unfortunately, clients who come to our office have more than reasonable suspicions,   

and around 70% of contracted private infidelity investigations are positive. By contracting with Grupo Arga you will be able to know the whole reality of an infidelity situation, you will be able to make all the appropriate decisions in this regard and act with your head. Only the tests will be able to remove you from doubts in a situation like this so delicate and that requires absolute certainty. Grupo Arga’s working method is based on the contribution of videographic evidence. Our infidelity detectives can shed light on your matter. 

Here are some signs that your partner is unfaithful to you. These signs are not enough by themselves to accuse your partner, but they are enough to hire our infidelity investigation services in Madrid.

  • Appearance is a key factor. A care for the physical appearance occurs abruptly without possible explanation. From starting to play sports to start perfuming, buying new clothes, etc. 
  • Change of routines over time. The person’s schedules change abruptly, he starts coming later, surprise meetings, etc. 
  •  A psychological level distancing occurs between the spouses without apparent explanation. 
  •  The phone becomes a prized asset worth keeping constantly in custody, silenced, something mystical happens, and visual access to the spouse’s phone ceases. Messages, calls and WhatsApp at odd hours with vague excuses. The phone begins to remain silent whenever they are together and hidden. 
  •  There is constant anger from the unfaithful spouse to the other person as soon as he feels attacked or tries to get some kind of information. 
  • Decreased libido. The unfaithful spouse ceases to be sexually interested in his partner, a gradual distancing from sexual relations takes place. 
  •  The displacements increase, the expenses in gasoline. Apparently it is the same route but these factors change. 
  • Surprise hobbies. The infidel begins to be interested in new tastes in his free time 
  • Passwords The infidel begins to shield everything related to emails and other computer applications on social networks. 
  • Home departures. The unfaithful begins to make sudden exits from home citing silly and unreasonable reasons. 
  • Major Ego. The unfaithful begins to feel strong, energetic, with a high self-evaluation. 
  • Receipts Receipts from strange places start to appear on clothes and in the car and others like credit cards disappear 
  • Bills . The phone bills disappear.
  •  The infidel begins to feel like when he was a young man or young woman. 
  • Medadas with friends. Begins to meet friends who were not there before. 
  • Duplication in mobile telephony. It happens to have several mobile devices and even several SIM cards. 
  • Appearance of motel advertising. Roadside motels become a frequent gathering place for infidels, this is due to the anonymity it represents and ease of access as well as its prices. Advertising elements of these appear such as matches, almanacs, some pamphlets, etc. 
  • Websites visited. Dating sites appear in the browsing history of the unfaithful. These sites are highly frequented by infidels where they use it to get to know each other. 




Our private detectives can be the best option to expose any infidelity. We can provide you with the evidence you need. We work with photography and video as a form of proof. Our reports are irrefutable. We recommend that you do not spend money on spy systems that you will find online because, in addition to being illegal, they can scam you.

The best way to get out of doubts is through an infidelity detective from Grupo Arga. You are not losing reality! Perhaps your unfaithful partner has branded you as a crazy person and who invents things. This is normal.



Do not be alarmed. Unbelievers often make impressive alibis and always deny all deceptive conduct. So we begin to question our own sanity. You are correctly. Hire an infidelity detective and answer your questions.

Years ago, infidelity could be considered a crime of adultery and be punished by the penal code as a crime, in addition to its corresponding civil and canonical responsibilities. In the event that the spouse proves infidelity, it would produce the opening of a whole series of legal elements to defend the betrayed person. In modern years the crime of adultery has disappeared and only its vague memory remains. Many people come desperately to us alluding to it, and we have to explain to them that it no longer exists and they cannot appeal to any canon law.

In the separation today the truth is that there is no longer even the need to justify an infidelity, things have evolved tremendously and now even new concepts such as the Divorce Express are emerging. Paradoxically, the aforementioned lines regarding the

disappearance of adultery and even the need not justify an infidelity to carry out a separation or divorce, the services of private investigation into infidelities are more demanded than ever.

You get a right that is far above the legal, it is the RIGHT TO KNOW THE TRUTH.

This causes a psychological tranquility that is priceless.



There is a clear reason that hiring a private detective entails, and that is knowing the TRUTH. Loss of trust in a partner is a very painful situation, and sometimes only the services of an infidelity detective can clear it up. Many of our clients think they are going crazy over the constant denials of the infidels. Much farther from reality, knowledge of the truth will allow doubts to emerge. With our intervention as detectives of infidelity you will be able to make the infidel see and give them time that they were not founded jealousy, it was a very real situation.  

  • What a person can gain by knowing the truth about their partner’s emotional situation is priceless.
  • Anxiety and anguish are echoed in every relationship of infidelity, and through our actions you will be able to neutralize these unpleasant feelings that are so negative for your well-being.
  • Overcome fear. Many people are afraid to tell other people about the answers that they may have, through certainty, reflected in a report, everything will change and the fear will disappear.

Another positive factor of knowing the truth is increasing mental stability. Thoughts are released and take shape, decision making becomes successful.

  • Improve self-esteem. Improving this feeling towards yourself is essential, thanks to discovering this truth, you will be able to improve your self-esteem. 
  • Preparation of an action plan for divorce and separation . From the knowledge of the truth you will be able to make decisions in these important aspects.
  • Psychological help. You can ask for help from professionals who will help you throughout the process of discovering infidelity and separation. We can refer you to good professionals. 




Grupo Arga Detectives offers an exclusive infidelity detective service in Madrid. The best infidelity service is only achieved with professional detectives with experience in unmasking these behaviors as well as extensive training. 

Our Private Detective Agency in Madrid is aware of the delicate issue that the issue of infidelity represents, working for its resolution as much as in Madrid and the rest of Spain. To carry out our investigations we use the most modern technology applied to private investigation. We also ratify all our reports if necessary before the Courts if necessary.  



The first step we always take is to have an interview with the person where he explains all the details about it. We will analyze your case and answer all the doubts of our clients. Once all the details are known, we will prepare a budget and show it to our client so that they can give us the go-ahead. In future interviews with our client, if for reasons of discretion you decide to move us, we will gladly go where we are. We will make our action plan known to our client so that they give us the go-ahead, and then we will sign the professional order form where the legality, legitimacy and confidentiality of the investigation will be reflected.   


To investigate an infidelity you need some basic information that will be reflected in the order sheet. We need the identification data of the client as well as the person to investigate. Some photograph of the person to investigate, the cars if they had next to their registration, starting point, etc. It is important that you provide us with all the information in this regard, such as the reasons why you suspect it and everything that is transcendent.

Don’t be afraid to tell us everything, we are protected by professional secrecy and maximum secrecy in our actions. On the order sheet we will provide a provision of funds that is normally 70%. We will launch the action plan and keep our client informed throughout the course of the investigation.

After the completion of the investigation we will meet again with the client and we will send him a detailed report containing all the tests and videographic evidence.

Finally, if it were necessary to go to trial we will ratify along with our report. To this end, we highlight the consideration of the Supreme Court to the figure of the Private Detective, considering him as a PRIVILEGED WITNESS. After our intervention you will be able to know the whole truth about the possible infidelity of your partner. Everything will be reflected in a report and you will be in doubt. Some infidelities related to infidelity investigated by our infidelity office in Madrid are pre-marital investigations, the aforementioned economic infidelity and the infidelity investigation by social networks. 

The detectives in Madrid know the sense of justice and to achieve the necessary information for a successful operation. In addition to its great knowledge and its willingness to help others, the Arga Detectives Group knows how to communicate with third parties and is able to answer any queries from different parties interested in learning how we



carry out our work, a detective has a good reputation and experience in dealing with the media in all countries. A good research manager is a responsible person, capable at all times of working effectively and managing his role in a friendly way.   

A strong voice of private research at the local and central level: you have a real understanding of the policies established by the organization and can make them effective and efficient. The Arga Group, Detectives has good practical skills, this is achieved thanks to working with all the supervisory ties of the organization and its detectives in Madrid. 

The researcher in our group is always looking for a new role and the next big adventure. He enjoys the experience and prestige of the role and his enthusiasm is contagious in a few words, it is a resource that will greatly help any client. And thanks to its expertise and mystique, good results are guaranteed. . The agent of our firm has always been a man who takes the initiative, keeps his operations in the background and always keeps a distance. Additionally, he is characterized by being honest and fair with everyone. The profile of the good detective of the organization has always behaved with the highest ideals, since it deals with all the administrative aspects of the job. When you want to know what is happening. It implements a good practical knowledge of the most advanced research science and uses technology to achieve its proposed objectives. 



Professional experience (five years or more) in a highly dynamic and agile department. Additionally, our organization works together with other organizations that help us to apply our tasks with greater agility, to unite the achievement of our objectives, among our tasks, may highlight, the Preparation of any formal or informal interrogation, experience in the collection and storage of evidence, experience in the preparation of evidence. The unique capacity that Detectives in Madrid can supply to work in extremely difficult conditions with high demands.  

There is no formal education outside of the work carried out by detectives in an organization, which is why at Grupo Detectives Arga we are aware of this fact, that is why we want to nurture the training process of our agents from different experiences as a member of an investigative group. Since it must have Training at various levels to solve and manage cases of any kind of complexity. 

This leads us to the possibility of managing each case successfully, thus guaranteeing the resolution of each case with a pulse of expertise necessary for the resolution of various elements identified as critical in the development of a high-level investigation into infidelity matters.

What anyone interested in joining Detectives in Madrid should know. It is that their actions must be accompanied by professional integrity, reliability and competence, as well as sufficient capacity to obtain, maintain and provide professional services in an ethical and professional manner. This experience must be key to optimally developing the execution of all your operations.

Whoever takes on the task of private research, of course, is immersed in a very interesting field of work. You could work on a case for months, maybe even years. You are often asked to interview people, listen to their stories, and search for information in great detail, an issue that is profitable for someone who is looking for a great sense of adventure in their daily activities. At Grupo Arga Detectives we are committed to finding information from an optimal analysis layer that is capable of guaranteeing the best results.

Our detectives in Madrid know that infidelity investigation is a responsibility where you need an expert investigator and a team of investigators. Over the past few decades, private detective departments have increased their efforts to train and support detectives in this professional field. 

The modern field of investigation has brought us to the point where we have reached a point where detectives and investigators are looking for those who can perform at a higher level. However, obtaining collaborators who want to join the detective work for infidelity is not an easy task, since sometimes the criteria with which this type of investigation is carried out tends to vary drastically. 

The situation is much worse when we look at the problem from another perspective. One might ask a detective, why is he doing this or that? The most common and clear, given that each detective, based on his experience and the knowledge that he has been instructed, handles various criteria for action, an issue that stands out in the course of an infidelity investigation case when an agent deploys totally different strategies to those of his colleagues. From Grupo Arga, we take care that our human talent visualizes what research criteria and strategy it should deploy, with the aim of reaching the required information in a short period of time.



When our agents allow themselves to apply different strategies to an investigation for infidelities, they recognize in themselves that there is a level of complexity to manage each case, this leads to the need not to manage this type of investigation based on a “recipe” of steps

and procedures, since the private investigator must consider the incidence and development of each case as if it were unique.



The investigation of infidelities supposes by the detectives in Madrid the possibility of breaking different levels of complexity at the level of the execution of an investigative procedure, since sometimes many of the investigated have a great ability to cover up their cases, this more than an obstacle It is seen for the agent as a challenge that must be met around obtaining more experience and therefore greater skill.  

The generation of different cases by an investigator, puts him in the need to contrast facts and continuously review the execution of his strategies, since sometimes these seem to be indicated to solve a case of a certain type of complexity, but What the reality says is that there are no cases that can be solved in the same way, therefore the private investigator in matters of infidelity, is considered a high-value resource when it comes to knowing the different types of complexities and knowing how to manage them.

Our detectives in Madrid are extensive investigators in the matter of infidelities and additionally many enjoy der hierarchical within our organization as they gain experience, this implies a great profit for the organization around the generation and growth of good resource. Their daily function requires above all the generation of various elements that can be supported by an organization capable of supporting them in everything they need to execute to achieve the success of their work.  

If you love me, you will find me! Is the motto of Grupo Arga detectives to all our Spanish clients who wish to request our services. Although this focuses on investigative work, the investigation of infidelities is one of the aspects where our detectives seek to carry out the work of investigation with great rigor criteria.  

The new reality is complex and does not try to establish different aspects that are developed based on a sense of obviousness, which is why for the agent of infidelities, the important thing is to develop his role with a high sense of expertise, even if he does not have elements of Motivation of the case, So it should be known that our detectives in Madrid leave the message of the importance of being a committed team. The reason why a Grupo Arga researcher is expected to have great skills and experience in any field of investigation science and infidelity investigation. It is the reason why an investigator must be flexible, adaptable and flexible in his own personal life. These are some of the main reasons why our analysts and field researchers are leaders in the field.    



From Grupo Arga Detectives we know that technology cannot replace human research. When technology is used to solve an investigation problem, detectives must continue using the same investigation process, which implies joint management in the development of these tools. One of the fundamental questions that detectives in Madrid must explore weekly is whether the technology provided to them makes their work more difficult or easier. To begin answering this question, it is helpful to take a look at the characteristics that differentiate different types of technology, as well as the challenges in implementing this technology.  

The characteristics of each type of technology are as follows: information, visual images, audio, tactile (touch, smell and / or taste of what they can see) and hearing. The most frequently implemented information technology (IT) is the ability to detect latent infidelity patterns. This is a great advantage when constructing with a great sense of application the construction of a case based on quite precise and irrefutable elements of conviction.

The use of this type of technology is an ideal solution for infidelity detectives who are constantly in the field. It is used for a variety of situations, such as when a suspect attempts to evade an act of investigation and when a suspect is in the process of committing infidelity. On the other hand, certain types of IT can significantly hinder an investigation because it does not give the investigator the ability to locate suspects and does not allow the investigation to be conducted in as much detail as possible. Examples of the types of IT that can hinder research include, from electronic equipment to image capture devices, these without limitation of misapplication of any visual device, as well as not. At Grupo Arga, we are aware that our agents must be one step ahead, so we make sure to equip them with the best technological assets.

  • The ability to locate and investigate suspects, their lovers, and the act of infidelity. The ability to locate and investigate the location of witnesses or suspects with limited or no technology at all is something that will depend on the instinct of Detectives in Madrid. The ability to locate and investigate all people present in a situation using a small amount of technology. available.  
  • The ability to quickly generate video recordings by using technology that cannot produce video images of a scene. The ability to identify an infidelity suspect by analyzing the video recording in real time.
  • The ability to track the movements of an adulterer and the movements of witnesses. The ability to locate a witness who is not physically near the scene of the investigation and who is not a suspect.
  • The ability to detect changes in an infidelity scene after the event and also at the time of the incident. As well as the ability to get videos and print logs of what happened. These records may be kept for a period of time in the course of the investigation that the video / record was obtained.

All these elements are of utmost importance to know the development of the detective work based on the field of infidelities, under parameters that allow determining the act of infidelity of a member of a couple, therefore more than another element of advantage, the use of technology provides us with discretion when determining whether a respondent may be responsible for a fact of this



The Arga Private Investigations Department, a department is a private department. It is in a unique position, since, through our Agents in Madrid, it uses all possible means to protect its clients, and has also dedicated itself to solving various events related to adultery and infidelity. As well as any other investigation where infidelity investigations are required. The agent who wants to enter this world, will find an environment full of action, a unique combination of elements from the real world and the detective plane that presents the complexity of each case. From Grupo de Detectives Arga, we always position our agents to look for clues left by the movements of the investigated and we even use



different strategies to get to the root of the facts, as well as using our imagination to know what the elements of more importance to approach this case of infidelity correctly.     

In addition, to improve the feeling of satisfaction when solving infidelity cases and obtain rewards for their efforts, a detective who dedicates himself to this field of investigation always receives as a greater gratification his compliance with the service and the satisfaction that comes from the tranquility of his client , by having the best tool to make the right decision.

The current scenario goes beyond the resolution of traditional cases, at the scene of an infidelity case and theaters of operations related to investigations of this type, our detectives in Madrid know a function of using various techniques that are learned in our organization. over the years, an issue that gives him an advantage without comparison over others. These techniques range from finding certain clues, which will provide you with the necessary clues as to how you might go about detecting an infidelity case, to using the detective’s special skills, which can be used to connect the most effective results. At any point during the execution of his turns his experience is one that allows him to use the detective’s investigative skills to help find clues, or vice versa.    

From Grupo Arga detectives, we must say that we are not only accompanied by the experience and mystique of our agents for infidelities, but that an entire organization and a team that seeks efficiency and obtaining timely information also support us in the different operations, with the aim of satisfying our customers.

Within the Detectives in Madrid we have the people and techniques that can be combined with the most sophisticated intelligence services. And we have everything necessary to execute operations in a business that we take with great seriousness. Grupo Arga is known throughout our nation as a leading provider of information gathering services, as we are a leading private investigation company, and we carry out all kinds of key investigations that have to do with infidelity, and for its work. Aggressive and innovative, we have been a benchmark in terms of management and collection of information about inquiries related to the infidelity investigation segment.  

This has generated an extremely complex but exciting field for the researcher, since it contains different levels of difficulty to get to the root of the facts and thus be able to determine who is responsible for committing an act of infidelity, a question that always puts us in the need to be changeable and to try to exercise innovation in detective practice. Although private investigative companies around the world have suffered significantly from a series of scandals related to their work, the situation has improved dramatically through the emergence of the emerging market for activities related to requesting investigations for infidelities.  



The construction of each case worthy of investigation regarding infidelity is promoted by detecting elements that sometimes seem not at all suspicious, since sometimes an infidelity suspect has the possibility of effectively covering up each situation. In this sense, our detectives in Madrid when deploying their operations try to know everything related to the behavior of the person under investigation, what are their tastes ?, their hobbies? Among other things, these elements serve us in the first instance to determine what is the most appropriate that should be established in the investigation around follow-up resources.  

On the other hand, a self-respecting researcher will always have the opportunity to establish different criteria about a fact or a clue provided by the investigative context, this means in practice the option of establishing various strategies that are capable of ensuring the connection of the elements detected, this is done in order to get to the heart of the facts and to determine what aspects have been the triggers of an act of infidelity.

The appearance of an act of infidelity, in its majority is covered with some aspect of nonconformity of one of the parties that has a relationship, that is why also from the beginning of an investigation the affected person is asked if he is under a period of emotional turmoil or instability stage, since this may be the reason for the entire act related to adultery by one of the parties involved. The investigation of the act of infidelity, in itself guarantees the obtaining of various elements that are directed towards the collection of all aspects of the alleged infidel, this means that in the course of an investigation of this type everything related to their schedules, his itinerary outside office hours, as well as, the analysis of all the people he frequents, friends from the past, acquaintances, among others.

All this is possible thanks to the generation of various strategies that are put into practice and that guarantee the proper functioning of the detective work in the case of the detection of infidelities, it is then a challenge of organization and discipline on the part of our agents, since it must be deployed in the field undetected and additionally it must search subtlety for its greatest tool to validate the initial assumptions of each investigation.

This undoubtedly leads to the generation and analysis of various events that are related to the detection of an infidelity, usually sometimes surprising as there are people who managed to carry out a double life scheme for many years, completely deceiving to their partners, this is achieved because the person under investigation has had a great ability to hide a fact of transcendence and to leave no trace to avoid detection. For this reason, the investigators of the Arga Group detectives specialized in this matter, carry out their work with great mystique and dedication, with the aim of finding the facts in people who even with great precision try to hide an act of infidelity. In Arga group, we know that the existence of a relationship is a very serious commitment that a couple assumes, for this we always seek that the truth be told through our investigations, since at the time of starting our operations in matters of infidelity many Things that support a “solid” relationship are questioned, an issue that also generates the responsibility of transmitting to our clients with total frankness all the elements detected or not detected in the development of an investigation.





An investigation of infidelities carried out in the city of Madrid, sometimes leaves very few elements that are difficult to detect, the fact that we are developing under a city with strong cultural and sectoral tendencies make us feel that we are under the resolution of different patterns They can help detect the probability of an individual’s burden of proof regarding whether or not he is having a double love life.

In general, if a type of adulterous couple that is linked to a social or cultural activity, makes the flagrancy of the case be more quickly locatable since it leaves us in the task of evaluating the performance of different elements with a surgical pulse that facilitate the detection of each case. 

From Grupo Arga detectives, we are always attentive to any element that can be detected with respect to the determination of all these aspects and patterns of conduct that can only be detected by specialists in the field, since on some occasions different people want to undertake their account this work and fail to detect the occurrence of such a case successfully, however suspicion always remains latent.

Understanding, then, that the deployment of strategies that facilitate the detection of an act of infidelity is not an easy task, it is the first step to resort to an expert who will have more tools for their training and sense of training to solve said case and to supply All its clients and interested persons have the most appropriate and timely information at the time it is required, to make the best decision. 



The investigative criteria for infidelities under which Grupo Arga detectives guides the process of each one of the Detectives in Madrid , regarding the investigation they carry out, are oriented under the safeguard of an ethical and moral code that mainly seeks to preserve standards of the investigation and also wishes to accompany it with different aspects that are part of the execution of a successful deployment. For this, the agent knows that in an infidelity investigation there are elements that must be kept, with the aim of not affecting the applicant and neither of making the investigated feel invaded in their space:  

  • It must be prudent: the handling of the case and the detection of evidence must be through a highly stealthy behavior, this means that it must develop all its operations based on its own guidelines of not identifying itself before the investigated party, as well as not generate discomfort in the development of its activities.
  • It must be objective: It must go to the root of the facts, it must be contained in precisely ensuring that in fact the activities carried out by the party investigated in the relationship lead him to commit an act of infidelity, for this it is necessary to determine with a burden of proof if there is any emotional affective treatment similar to that of a relationship with other people (hugs, kisses, proximity of personal space, gifts, details, dinners, tickets to a hotel, among other things).
  • It must promote tranquility to the affected: Sometimes many people resort to these services with a great load of emotional instability, apprehension and anxiety, for this the private investigator is a highly trained resource to solve this situation in the best possible way, thus promoting the possibility that the person feels supported in his work, and is comprehensive enough to understand the phase of the process that is being executed, and that therefore it is complex and obtaining results takes time, likewise, it is geared towards the person to the next steps to take once the necessary tests are obtained or not.
  • Inspire trust: An aspect of high requirement to carry out the investigative work is precisely to leave the client under a bond of trust regarding the work that can be carried out, for this the main thing is precisely to indicate and report with recurrence all the actions, decisions and resources that are being used in the process, with the objective that the client is confident and is in a state of certainty of how our activities guide him towards the determination of truthful facts that will make him make the best decision.

Undoubtedly, from Grupo Arga Detectives, the work that they do not like the most is to facilitate the performance of a successful investigation, having in obtaining timely information the answers that the client needs, for this, our Detectives in Madrid are the most suitable for perform such work.  

The history of our group and the development of activities related to infidelity are sometimes subject to the application of various innovative techniques that together seek to resolve the complexity of each case with a master level of precision. That is why the Arga Detectives Group always establishes the best way to deal with the complexity of each act of infidelity through a strategy that is capable of guaranteeing the optimal deployment of its resources, having reached this point of operation. has brought us more

10 years of experience, where without a doubt the learning of our agents, which has led to the experience of each case, has generated a clear path for us towards the path of excellence.

That is why we do all our operations taking into account all the experiences of our agents in previous cases, since that makes us be efficient. Grupo Arga Detectives is located in Madrid and it is also a company that acts in sync with other private services that provide us with tools to carry out a better investigation, is directly responsible for investigations in Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Valencia and Valencia- Madrid. The Arga Group detectives are made up of several specialized units whose main mission is dedicated to the investigation of infidelity cases. 

These units include the special infidelity cases unit, where members of the unit investigate adultery cases to determine responsibilities, the investigation unit dedicated to infidelities works 24 hours a day. The Arga Detectives Group is currently active in the following areas of Spain:

  • Madrid – Arga Detectives Group.
  • Valencia – Arga Detectives Group.
  • San Sebastián / Barcelona: Grupo Arga Detectives.
  • La Rioja – Grupo Arga Detectives.

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The detectives in Madrid know that the construction of each case of suspected infidelity is a challenge to the exercise of detective work, which is why we always look for the best alternative and the best agents to solve each case with a high sense of detail and precision issue that will always generate as a consequence the generation of a successful investigation and therefore customer satisfaction. This is undoubtedly aspects that the Arga Detectives Group seeks to preserve at all times.    



From Arga Detectives group we must conceive that we handle different information and collect different elements of the innovation of detective work, which is why, above all, we think about the well-being of our clients and also the subsequent innovation of processes that generate the final result technological improvement of our organization and towards our operational readiness in the field. 

The detectives in Madrid , are highly specialized resources that allow through its mystique and its work of painstaking research to get to the heart of events, with the aim of raising the level of different tasks that hold an inquest and investigation of highly dynamic. For this reason, our group has always thought about the execution of our tasks based on



the analysis of a scenario that involves the development of different theaters of operations that are capable of promoting the obtaining of timely information. 

The execution of these tasks by detectives in Madrid seeks above all to reinforce the necessary elements that may allow the start of different activities that can be highly complex to achieve separately and by disaggregated initiatives that do not generate the linkage of elements typical of a chain of events that allow the validation of a hypothesis and the accurate determination of different facts related to infidelities  

Our detectives in Madrid are highly trained personnel who, as we have said previously, have enviable training standards even for international private agencies, which is why through the technique of constant execution of our processes we guarantee quality in obtaining of results and also the satisfaction of our clients and the possibility of being instruments for the verification of facts where an expert opinion is required in synchrony with the performance of private entities, hiring us to our organization more than a guarantee of success is a solution intelligent around the execution of different aspects that can be productive around the effort of time invested and the resources used to arrive at the truth of the facts.  



Private detectives Madrid infidelities , it is necessary to establish investigative tasks on any matter, at a certain time, the reason for their efforts mainly comes from those who request such services. 

On some occasions many people are surprised to know what is the scope of action of a professional in the exercise of research, since sometimes it is usually trivialized and even misinterpreted the performance of this type of resource.

The main reasons why private detectives are hired relates to the need to collect data and information that are useful for decision-making. In fact, an investigator must preserve, above all, moral and ethical conduct regarding his actions with the aim of safeguarding the information that may be collected and additionally reflect it as it is observed in its technical reports, as well as must reflect therein everything related to the itinerary deployed in its work to establish which were the means that it tested to reach said information or data source. A private detective must first of all value the truth as an objective fact, since he cannot have the possibility of altering the scene of the events, nor must he add a personal judgment to what he is describing in his work.

The fields of operations in which a private detective is taken into account are diverse, and it is that they vary between different types of activity, in this sense it is necessary to highlight that they take into account the execution of cases related to the scope of personal investigations, the business field as well as the field of personal protection and the field of infidelities.

Given this, it is necessary to enter the matter of private detectives Madrid infidelities , since they are those resources that allow us to establish a clean investigation regarding the different processes that can be implemented to collect information about your partner with the utmost subtlety as possible This undoubtedly makes possible the detection of different elements that may be suspicious in your spouse and that without a doubt can be solved for your greater certainty and sense of tranquility. It would be very common for people to want to use infidelity private detectives Madrid in their investigations of their partners, but this work is not as simple as it seems. A private investigator is someone who can be recognized for the work he performs, while trying to solve different types of events such as infidelities, often the detective is using his operations supported by different tools.     

Many stories of infidelity contain the development of the main suspect with a partner who is among those who develop a primary bond of friendship and subsequently strengthen a sentimental bond, sometimes these people involved in these love triangles have no idea what It happens on the other side of the relationship and this ends up unknowingly affecting the other person.

In the end, private detectives Madrid infidelities , are the only ones who are trained to resolve such situations, and they will also be the ones who will finally receive the final answer when the resolution of each case requires it, often they will be given the last word when everything else fails, around a strict and objective verification of evidence, which is why it is necessary to highlight that from Grupo Arga Detectives, we know the vital role we play around the execution of our operations. Therefore, many stories in which a detective uses his resources to establish the discovery of infidelities contain within themselves the commitment that they may have regarding the execution of their work, since determining facts and elements of conviction in a Research with a strong sentimental and emotional component can sometimes fall into subjectivity.   

Most of the investigation programs carried out by Grupo Arga Detectives are aware that different research and investigation activities are carried out, but none of these, however, have the complexity of the case for the exercise of a case as an investigation. for infidelities, since in the first place it is necessary to deal with the feelings of anxiety and loss of the client and it is also necessary to manage to resolve aspects that a person “subtly covers” using their daily work to make a double life. When analyzing infidelity as a fact, from our organization we know that «friends» are not common, even in some situations if they are not lovers, they tend to facilitate contact with it. However, at the same time there are stories where the one who commits infidelity is using his “friend” as a cover-up figure. Because at the same time, this person tries to cover herself in her activities and in different elements so as not to raise suspicion.

The private detectives Madrid Infidelidades , are investigators who carry out their work with a high sense of expertise and rigor, likewise, they can adopt a different approach when establishing clues and elements that allow them to approach each case as if it were unique, since, as has been said, the complexity of each situation is exceptional.   

If there is a resource that always has a fixation with the fact of solving mysteries, it is the Arga Group’s infidelity detective, since it is how the central protagonist of the investigation is always on the way to establish different facts, which lead to the determination of the truth. 



private detectives Madrid infidelities of infidelities also knows that they must establish the development of their operations based on different aspects of precaution and the facts of prudence, since they cannot be involved in events related to the intrusion of an environment private, a matter that is sanctioned by the different codes and sanctioning laws in the civil field  



To be clear, the investigations that are carried out must contain a halo of prudence around not deviating the objective of the information collected, since at first, the most important thing that a researcher must do is preserve the common thread of In fact, this is always done through the call for ethical conduct among its members, additionally, a detective who exercises private investigation must be someone capable of preserving these principles, preserving the veracity of the sources and also being a bridge for the generation of different aspects that can result in the detection and punishment of different suspects. 

In the field of infidelity investigations, sometimes you have to be very careful as there is no “true-false” distinction, so there is no need for “truths” in this case, since everything depends on the execution of research work.

Now, that in the resolution of a case everything is ordered, because that is not entirely said. Since a detective must try to obtain all the information in an orderly manner, this means that the detective can configure in detail the observation criteria of each element of the investigation in order not to leave out important aspects for the detection of the act of infidelity. But the heart of these works sometimes contain a strong fictional bond that is linked to what many of us have seen over the years in different films that are a “visualization” tool for many people, which often tend to be taken an erroneous version of the members of our Arga Group such as private Detectives obtain information in a subtle way. 

Detectives, at the time of carrying out a task, can make an investigation by electronic means, with the aim of being able to intercept different conversations and obtain first-hand information. That may be very well, some of these activities have more “truth” than others, as well as some who suppose that this type of research is easy and resolved and actually leads to multiple complex scenarios that are implicit in order to address the achievement. of different data, a matter that is not easy to establish. From Grupo Arga Detectives, we have the possibility of assisting specialized information through electronic work.  

In this regard, it is necessary to highlight that the private investigator can also do any research in the digital spectrum that is required and also, to do any research element that will always remain in the field of compliance with the laws, in addition, their different tasks Thanks to his excellence and professional gallantry, they will never be detected, and he will act with the century necessary to carry out his investigation.  

The private detectives Madrid infidelities, should know that when executing an information detection operation where an act of infidelity is suspected, additionally it is prohibited to use electronic devices to extract information in private environments, except those that work on nearby outdoor stage, common visiting places, as well as the busiest places. It is necessary to clarify that in the world of research it is not possible to read a password on any device with all the information it contains, this does not work. We have also seen how the detective can use electronic surveillance tools and methods, but they always operate with prudence in the operation of these devices, to 1) not be discovered and 2) establish a criterion of respect for privacy.   



The problem is a matter of “truth,” not of “facts.” Some facts may be true, but they will be true in a different sense from the “facts” about which everyone says that “a certain organization makes X, or Y” and “X, Y, and Z are known.” Affirming that X or Y is a “truth” that is to say that some other specific activity may be worthy of truth, to determine an infidelity process it is necessary to identify different patterns of behavior that only experts such as private detectives Madrid infidelities can achieve, because it provides the means to get to that truth. And if the activity is not a “truth” in that sense, then all other facts about it may be true in that sense. Therefore, from Grupo Arga Detectives we would like to think that each event, each act and each situation, on the one hand, and the information that accompanies them, on the other hand, are in a state of “truthfulness” that is detected thanks to the subtlety and mystique of each of our detectives.   

A truly honest person, for example, makes a judgment about what he needs to know. In a world of “truths,” “facts,” and “lies,” who is a truthful person? Or, at least, who should be? The moral character of a person, their attitudes, their romantic relationships, their relationships with others, that is, the nature of the relationship in which they operate, and the type of person they are, should determine it, this is the basis for analyzing the probability of infidelity of a person and to analyze with a sense of surgical clamp the veracity of different facts.

So how is it that the truthful activities of private detectives and infidelity agents are real tools to lead to the truth? It really isn’t that simple. The most significant fact about this is that both are highly trained resources, sometimes much of their training is also consistent with their experience, but the most important thing about this is that they allow themselves to complement with all the elements they detect by their clients and the aspects they observe in the field.   

A private detective, operates in the field of investigation of infidelities, with the aim of gathering all the necessary information to establish the construction of a case, a private detective is allowed to do this activity without there being a criminal aspect or required by a court of via. This gives the latter greater flexibility over the operations it executes.





In the past, Madrid Infidelidades private detectives had to rely on the methods previously provided by traditional police techniques and strategies regarding the investigative process. For example, this means that a field agent from our Arga Detectives Group, has the possibility of being an element that makes the most of new methodologies and also of a series of new resources that allows them to obtain information under a sense of greater efficiency. In addition, unlike a specialized police authority, a detective has the task of determining everything related to the conduct that the individual has committed during the transit of the investigation. In doing so, the target should not realize that they are indeed looking for him.    

To provide such a degree of autonomy to private detectives, to obtain the consent of the objectives, society at the level of the exercise of investigative work has contemplated new methods and various strategies that allow these processes to be carried out in a much more agile way.

In a normal situation, an infidelity detective should be an element that can make the most of their resources with the aim of establishing a high-quality process around the work of gathering evidence.

A private detective specialized in the area of ​​infidelity may also be hampered in their investigation if the couple who has sent for a group investigation act with our group is a person who does not contain their emotions and who, in a scenario of eventual discussion, reveals their spouse that he himself is being investigated, this betrays any action of our elements and additionally allows the suspect to cover himself of the investigative process. This translates into that the investigated, begins to control all the aspects where he was generating an eventual infidelity, a question that allows him to be attentive to any situation and additionally this leads him to limit any act where he can be exposed. 

For this, the most important thing that is advised during the course of these processes to the spouse who requests the investigation is to maintain a halo of discretion towards the tasks that he himself has contracted, since sometimes this represents a real difference between a case successful and a case of failure because of these possible incidents.

For this, it is also necessary to highlight that our Agents of Grupo Arga Detectives, always at the beginning of an investigation, we strictly take each aspect of the case and decide to jointly establish a work plan with the client, with the objective

to keep under control all the critical aspects of the investigation together with the client and also establish an alignment criterion that allows generating the greatest certainty. This allows us to establish a range of milestones that can be obtained in the short term with the aim of maintaining the success of the research, and also towards guaranteeing the search for desired results that are directed towards maintaining a successful status throughout the operative. A detective knows that he must be respectful of the privacy and the space of the investigated person, if he is not an intruder, however the same as a private resource would prefer to be able to establish a relationship with the target to gain the trust of the target, in order to promote the search of the truth. Its motive is, as we have seen, to establish a relationship and a relationship. Its real motive, in a sense, lies in the attempt to obtain information of value to the target.  

The goal of a private detective is to discover a relationship between the targets. You want to “get closer” to the target for valuable information in exchange for an “admission” that you have successfully located and located the target. To achieve this objective, it must achieve a coupling of different research elements that allow them to be achieved.

In traditional knowledge, the private detective is not interested in the “other side.” Rather, he is interested in the facts related to the situation between the two individuals, the facts about what actually takes place in the lives of these two people, and the facts associated with these events.

The private detective is interested in “the truth.” For him, it is very important to have enough information and “closure” of each information that allows him to establish a relationship, or at least establish a relationship of the facts and know what was happening behind closed doors in the past, and what may be happening in the present. Therefore, you want to make sure that the target, whom you are chasing for certain information about the target, is the true target of the investigation. It could be said that infidelity Madrid private detectives make a combination of personal, professional and investigative aspects. With the help of a professional private detective, it is very possible that a target can isolate himself very quickly and with an objective criterion of all the elements that can distort an investigation, this allows him to be more agile and efficient around the time in which he develops the investigation of infidelities.   



The protocol and strategy deployed by a private detective Madrid infidelity is related to the execution of various elements that value not only the private life of the person under investigation and his personal life, this means that a detective who exercises this type of activity must sometimes go beyond what the work demands of you in order to guarantee a correct process of clearing doubts about each case. This means that the detective, using the space and context in which he generates his investigation (such as the city of Madrid), must at this time know all the cultural patterns that emerge from a city as modern as the capital of our country. country, since sometimes there are many elements of a culture that come to be identified with a greater probability of covering an act of adultery.  



For this it is necessary that an investigator can have under his domain different elements that are characteristic of an exceptional investigative work, such as objective research and the obtaining of elements that can be useful and may be able to guarantee the optimal performance of his work, this allows the detective not to fall behind when conducting an investigation for infidelity by using cutting-edge tools such as electronic devices which are helpful in the development of investigative work.

Sometimes many private infidelity Madrid detectives ensure the preservation of various important elements such as searching for evidence in the environment of the suspect, without the latter realizing it, since they are essential for detecting an act of infidelity, which leads to establish a highly rigorous monitoring process in order to be able to get to the root of the events.   

The researcher in this sense makes use of an optimal strategy a whole host of mechanisms that allow him to detect the probable information of an act of adultery, a self-respecting private investigator is a resource that is not only going to settle for the obvious of each case, it will also try to detect a little more of each event, seeking to tie any element that is positive towards the detection of an act of infidelity.

In general, an act of infidelity contains different social and cultural edges, it is also linked to different facts that belong to the human nature of each person, their convictions, their cultural values, and sometimes even their upbringing are related With the development of an act of this style, this allows the investigator to be someone who must review these aspects, since their review allows them to establish different causalities around the probability of incidence of the case with respect to an event of infidelity.

The realization of an infidelity investigation not only depends on the detection of different elements that can be the indicated guarantee for the optimal resolution of a case, this means that the investigator beyond the development of a technique must be an essential resource that seeks Through the support of our organization, everything related to the management of various elements that may, with the passing of the facts, lead to the construction of a hypothesis and subsequently become an element of conviction or sufficient evidence for the development of a case.

From Grupo Arga detectives, we have always kept in mind the possibility that our agents lean on all the corporate actions of the group with the aim that they can be as efficient as possible in the development of their field activities, with the objective to guide the deployment of all our resources and assets towards the execution of a successful investigation. A private infidelity Madrid detectives is a resource that our organization can use to deploy different types of inquiries through different channels and means that allow it to obtain the search for relevant data, this is necessary because sometimes the details of the occurrence of an infidelity may be presenting as a test in different accounts that the researcher conceives within the 2.0 spectrum  

For this, from Grupo Arga detectives we have deployed different investigation strategies that guarantee the obtaining of information and detection of secondary accounts, by the investigated, since sometimes many of them make false profiles with their second and last names, a question that they It allows operating under an undetectable margin.

Social networks are a field where many people can be whatever they want, this means that on many occasions everything that happens on social networks regarding sentimental acts is sometimes subject to episodes of cover-up, double sentimental lives and a large number of falsehoods. Our private detectives Madrid Infidelities, are resources that allow you to describe all these elements quickly, since sometimes for more than today the topic of networks is booming, a detective is the only resource that can address them under a criterion of expertise.  

This means that an infidelity detective is the only resource capable of reviewing social networks based on expert judgment? No, in this sense it is necessary to emphasize that if a person is in the concern of investigating the infidelity of his partner, he can undertake even by himself and under a command of an empirical strategy a certain type of situation, however, it will take him a certain time in obtaining it or also in not collecting anything and continuing with your doubt. For this, from Grupo Arga, we have always trained our detectives so that they can be proactive in the use of social networks for the purposes of suspicious detection of acts of infidelity. They can allow a person the information they require in record time, and without the need to leave a trace . 

From Grupo Arga we have always maintained a criterion of establishing different operations that are capable of linking a strategic sense to an investigation, an infidelity relationship can sometimes have multiple consequences for a family environment, and even generates legal and economic implications, it is For this reason, our research group and our agents take a rigorous criterion to link the various elements detected with the greatest rigor and technical expertise in the development of our reports, in order to facilitate the response that the client requests.



The private detectives Madrid infidelities of our Arga Group, are involved in the resolution of each case with such discipline and passion for what makes that without a doubt reaches a process of linking evidence and elements that are of special significance for the   

clients and the competent authorities in the matter. From Grupo Arga Detectives we allow ourselves to establish different criteria when conducting an investigation for infidelities, this is linked to the determination of probable facts that have the ability to detect the different patterns of behavior of a person who is capable of generating the act of adultery.

For this, our detectives are very insightful when establishing the link of facts that lead to the determination of hypotheses and with these the narrowing of different responsibilities that allow them to establish in each case a sufficient burden of proof on the investigated.

Additionally, from Grupo Arga Detectives, our private detectives Madrid infidelities are resources that allow themselves to operate based on experience and seek above all things to resolve such cases as soon as possible, since above all there is the emotional stability of our clients and the people who request this kind of services. As previously mentioned, the use of Madrid private detectives for infidelities, sometimes comes to be required to not only determine acts where a conjugal association has been violated since adultery, but it is also necessary to check whether it has generated as a secondary fact the exercise of acts that imply gender violence or economic violence and even patrimonial violence against a specific family entity, these are all facts that a private detective finds.     

The detective, as a component of the central investigation, is part of the investigation with all the facts at hand to help make the truth known to those who do not want to admit it. These facts or elements of truth are a matter of record and must be taken into account in the presentation of evidence and the decision to accuse, something that Grupo Arga takes care of making clear to all our private detectives Madrid infidelities. The private detective is there because he is a member of the law enforcement community, which seeks an understanding of the criminal justice system and manages various aspects for which his detective instinct is required while continuing to serve his profession.  

The detective does not enter the courtroom to prove or disprove a particular theory or scenario. He or she is there to learn from experiences and offer factual evidence. Private detectives are employed by private companies with the express purpose of acquiring the necessary information and supplying it to whoever requires it, guided by different efficiency principles.

For example, private investigators and detectives may obtain and analyze physical, financial, and other records to assist in their investigations and to make an objective judgment based on them, a private detective may also use information collected from a private investigation to assist in the resolution of cases.

As an example it can be highlighted that a private investigator can help a public investigator or prosecutor in an investigation. It is also a violation of the law for any person or entity to intentionally hide or omit information about an investigation related to the criminal field, therefore it must be ethical in the act of gathering evidence.

The term ‘private detective’ in its most literal sense includes but is not limited to a professional detective. “The definition of the term» private investigator «is not limited to the professional and technical description and definition. Includes people employed by law enforcement, for public, private or non-public purposes. From Grupo Arga Detectives we know that anyone dedicated to the legitimate business of investigating or prosecuting a criminal offense is also a private investigator. The term »private investigator« does not include anyone who enters into a contractual relationship with another person with the expectation of earning a commission of some kind or receiving something in exchange for



their actions, it is rather a service provider that provides data on the spot indicated, and that is required by your entity to resolve said case.



At Grupo Arga Detectives, we are in charge of guiding towards excellence the actions related to private investigation, with the aim that our detectives who operate in different fields have the ability to be extremely useful agents to solve the complexity of each event that face. The resolution of cases related to an environment of infidelities sometimes tests our private detectives Madrid infidelities , since they face many elements related to the complexity of the urban context and the willingness of the investigated to probably hide a double life, it is for We at Grupo Arga Detectives take care of supporting our daily excellence with the entire organization. 

Technology forms a fundamental resource with which our agents operate, solving these cases is sometimes a great joy, since the use of cutting-edge tools allows us to be one step ahead of those who believe they can outwit their partners.

The ethical disposition of our detectives make them an exceptional investigative resource, these being considered as different elements that are capable of safeguarding with sufficient objectivity the different cases that have various complexities in themselves. A detective for infidelities in Madrid of our group is not a resource that is carried away by coincidences, in this sense it is an element that guides and analyzes the information in order to get to the root of the facts, this allows you to establish responsibilities and arrive in record time to determine the different aspects of an efficient display of skills. 


Investigation of infidelities in Madrid

Under Spanish law, only a legally authorized private detective is authorized to investigate an infidelity. For this it is necessary that they have a license from the Ministry of the interior and authorized by the National Police Force.

The legislation of the infidelity detective in Madrid is governed by Law 5/2014 of April 4 as well as by Development Regulation 2364/1994 of December 9. Grupo Arga Detectives is licensed to investigate 2464 infidelities. 

It is clear, then, that no individual will be able to investigate an infidelity, being committing an intrusion crime in the event that he / she performs the role of infidelity detective.




People in Spain frequent resorting to private detectives in infidelities caused by various components that influence their safety, comfort or purely legal matters. And it is where the professional accompaniment of the detectives perfected in infidelities, has a conclusive role in their resolution.                

Grupo Arga detectives, has quite prestigious infidelity Detectives located in Spain, in the Province of Madrid and in any other country. We are perfected in private investigation of effectiveness and quality, we have all the elements and protocols necessary to undertake different types of cases or issues



that have the possibility of being taught in any kind of irregularity                           

The preferred alternative in situations of marital investigations or any other matter is carried out by private detectives within our agency of Investigation Private that manages provide the most outstanding support and better evidence in this regard, where the customer will get some services of all kinds. From, for example , unfair rivalry , marriage, relationship problems , feigned insolvency, work losses, commercial reports , incapacity for work, tracking employees, etc.                         

For example, we can talk about fraudulent sick leave. It is natural that some company employees feel under pressure or overwhelmed with their employment and their daily history , this is when some employee believes that the easiest solution is to carry out a work leave even if it is for a pathology permit to something more serious directly with the company. When carrying out a fraudulent employee leave , the company requires an investigator to clarify this situation and resolve the problems in it. It is where Grupo Arga Detectives is the best alternative to carry out an investigation of a business scam or an infidelity at work.                                       


One of the most important cases are able to investigate are low false labor. They lie in the display of a supposedly justified rest on the part of an employee. Many of these occasions tend to be a lie.              

That is when a worker can take this as a habit and choose to continue lying, the company would be responsible for investigating the employee’s personal circumstance .        

The staff of our private detective agency knows how to conduct these occasions and offer an optimal job where everything is clear and without so much adversity for the future.            

In addition, you have legal backing with us , in the event that you must make some kind of public test of your findings.     

It is for this reason that the preferred alternative in these situations of labor infidelities is being assisted by our Private detective agency where our private detectives are able to provide the most outstanding support and superior evidence in this regard.                 

Our team of private infidelity detectives is made up of highly trained experts with deep experience in different fields, trained to advise and offer satisfaction to the claims of our users, having the best technological material for any situation to continue.                   

If you are looking Detectives deprived of infidelities in Spain it is located Grupo Arga Detectives, which will be able to find Private Investigators in infidelities with great experience, which will offer incredible service HD which will be able to have a study of HD part of the private infidelity experts trained for the different cases to appeal.                      

Our institution has an online portal on the internet where you can find infidelity detectives who work in your locality, and you will also have the possibility to understand all the benefits that our company gives , as well as to know the certificates of the experts that make up our detective agency, the different areas of research, legal support, etc.                     



Our institution not only has a reach to the national public, but also throughout the world, because we have the essential set to do work on different surfaces in any part of the world interchangeably.               



Frequently, frequent recourse to the hiring of our experts.    


To get in contact with our private investigators in infidelities or any other area , our agency has its doors open to all kinds of public. You can stay connected with us through our web portal online where is our email contact and our phone numbers accessible 24 hours a day.                      

Our online page is very complete and you can attend it and contact our private detectives on infidelities, where they will refer you to the expert to present the situation to you, and then begin to do the investigation once the properties of the case have been predetermined .                      

On several occasions it tends to be a bit complicated the choice a detective agency that provide services infidelities so complete, because they often do not know where specialty enter your case, however, our private detective agency offers a personal qualified who can solve cases so efficient and understanding what the consideration of being subtle in these matters to the customer and the environment.                     

Not all detectives have the discretion to need one research infidelities, and this is an aspect significant at the time of seeing a downside, screening, paternity testing, monitoring of children, infidelity, etc. Everything above mentioned is dependent and assessment of the user, where Our detective agency experts infidelities has the most outstanding set of detective infidelity.                             

We effectively in all situations so professional with spending less than elements feasible and preferable fitness research with evidence of quality properties that undoubtedly our detective agency is within the top level agencies worldwide . Our private detective infidelity are the most prominent alternative at the time of ordering detectives that give an endorsement for better effectiveness and for better arrangement.                            

The best infidelity detectives can be found at Grupo Arga Detectives . We help you to remove completely your concerns through one intensive research and report explained that will be useful in trials. If you need a testimony, you will also have the possibility to obtain it and this will provide help to the judge after all to give your most recent choice. Infidelities are very delicate cases that have to be treated with tact and discretion , which is why our detectives will be very helpful .                                      



Is it legal to suggest our services to continue your partner?    

Yes, it is legal and this originates because we are legally endorsed to carry it out, while respecting the privacy of your partner since it can only be recorded or photographed in public places . The private detectives in Spain , are improved in this area and therefore are aware of the parameters that are according to the law. Some of the concerns of users regarding the labor provision of expert s private , is that they have no idea whether the evidence gathered are able to be admitted in court.                                  

Because according to the law the private detective is empowered by law to make inquiries of others while not invade their privacy.        

Being such a topic infidelity particular, it is significant that at the moment to consider the labor provision of a detective in Spain , consider the trajectory and commitment of the Agency elected. The campus of the Arga Group , has a great sense of ethics and discretion so you will be able to feel practical at the moment to show their concerns.                            



There are quite a few reasons for infidelity, however, not in all cases is it because of lack of love, the search for novel experiences or the routine day after day are frequent. Beyond that the experts of the Group Arga Detectives , handle these situations so clear objective, well it is true that practice empathy with the client in such a way that achieves feel the true anguish and desolation that at issue. Among the causes that have the possibility of carrying out doubts to a couple about the infidelity of the other are the following:                                    

  • Long time on PC or phone.  
  • Changes in the way of dressing.
  • Changes of look and physical facade .  
  • Unexpected night outings.
  • Sexual loss of appetite.
  • Discussions by topic without consideration. 

These separate reactions may not mean anything significant, so you need to seek advice before making the choice to express your assumptions to your partner . The private experts of the Arga Group will attend you a first consultation, where you will have the possibility to express the causes of



your problems. If you wait empathy and humanity against the inconvenience of infidelity, then the Arga Detectives Group will give the superior service of detectives infidelities, come and have the chance to prove to the first consultation, in which the line of action will be established and It will provide you with a completely free quote .                                 

In the Arga Detectives Group there is a proportion of experts and detectives experts in the infidelity sector . Our group is professional in problems related to the family as divorce, separation, alimony and custody of children. If you require proof that your girlfriend is cheating on someone, hire a professional private detective on cheating . We are aware that you seek reality and fix the indecision that disturbs them, so we must have the objective of carrying out an investigation that provides you with evidence of the infidelity of your spouse.                                 



What is the working procedure of a private detective in couple infidelities?  

In the Arga Detectives Group , the preferable information is obtained to consider the situation that your partner is unfaithful to you, and we teach you the concerns that you manage to have in relation to our work, in the same way the circumstance that exposes us is examined , taking the legal, personal and purpose of the investigation.                        

The investigation begins based on the data provided by the client about the person who wants to investigate, maintaining its evolution. Throughout the investigation, you have the possibility to add more data to make things easier . Once the investigation is completed , we deliver a report where the result is attached with the photographic material obtained in the supervision and all this is valid to show it before the Courts of Justice.                       

The detectives infidelities you proposed services such as tracking, photos, videos and information about your spouse, where he is cheating with someone else and even phone records of dialogues chat, access to accounts communities and emails.             

  HOW TO DISCOVER THE INFIDELITY OF YOUR PARTNER? It must be taken into account that people committed by inappropriate acts tend to be much more defensive than usual, it is necessary to be sensible when we talk about looking for clues about their viable treason. We must take into account that your spouse has the possibility of having an affair with another person, that orders to maintain a state of attention in various data that would have the possibility of being the following: 

  • The physical aspect: It is evident that an individual who maintains a style of dress, hairstyle, perfumes and grooming much more than he commonly did, can be a sign of infidelity and must be aware of these data.         
  • Social networks through your phone: The mobile device can be an aspect against you since, writing messages from different communities such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, they have the possibility of being indicators that a third person has entered life her.              
  • Sexual habits: There are interesting changes in the sexual desire of your partner, you feel unsatisfied with your sexual activity, you want to be with someone different who satisfies you, for example things.      
  • Work Excuses: In order to find time primary to be with someone else invents having work plus, or must carry out a work trip.         

These are just clues that have the possibility to lead you to make the choice of contacting us to corroborate your assumptions.


People in Spain frequent the use of Detectives deprived of infidelity caused by various perpetrators that influence their safety, comfort or purely legal matters, in which the professional accompaniment of perfected detectives has a conclusive role in their resolution.                

Arga detectives Group has Detectives infidelities of quite prestigious located in Spain, in the Province of Madrid or in any other city. We are perfected in private investigation of effectiveness and quality in infidelities, we have all the elements and protocols necessary to undertake different types of cases or issues that have the possibility of being taught in any kind of irregularity.                          




The preferred alternative in situations of inquiries fraudulent labor is attending private detectives as our agency in INQUIRIES private in infidelities to achieve provide the most outstanding support and superior evidence in this regard, where the customer will get a private investigation services of all kinds . Detect for unfair rivalry , marital, relationship problems , feigned insolvency, work losses, business reports , incapacity for work, tracking employees …                           

It is natural that some company employees feel under pressure or overwhelmed with their employment and their daily history , this is when some employee believes that the preferable alternative is to carry out a work leave, even if it is for a pathology permit to something more serious than directly with the company. When carrying out a fraudulent retirement from an employee, the company requires an investigator to make the situation easier for him and solve the problems. This is where Grupo Arga Detectives is the preferable alternative to carry out an investigation of a business scam or an infidelity at work.                                     

One of the most important cases that have the possibility of knowing are false labor absences, which lies in the exhibition of an justified rest on the part of an employee where they would present their circumstance and the company would respond to its approval by granting it a rest and continue with his salary, this would not be an inconvenience if the employee were truly valid, but most of the times it tends to be a lie.                            


This is when a worker can take this as a virtue and choose to continue lying, and where a private detective would be in charge of investigating the employee’s personal circumstance .        

This can be a huge inconvenience for the same person because when under investigation people tend to be scared and make the situation somewhat more difficult, but our staff from our Detective Agency in Spain know how to conduct these occasions and offer an optimal job where everything is left. clear and without so much adversity in the future.                     

In addition, he has legal backing, in the event that they must make some kind of public test of their findings. It is for this reason that the preferred alternative in these situations of labor infidelities is hiring our detective agency in Spain where our private detectives are able to provide the most outstanding support and superior evidence in this regard.                     

Our group is made up of highly trained experts with deep experience in different fields: private, business, legal, etc.          

We are instructed to advise and offer satisfaction to the claims of our users, having the best technological material for any situation to continue.          



If you are looking private detectives Group Arga Detectives will be able to find Detective experts infidelities with highly professional trained in the sector, which will offer a great service HD which will be able to have a study of high – definition part of our Private experts trained for the different cases to appeal.                    

Our agency has an online portal on the internet where you can understand and where you will find detectives who work in your area, and you will also have the possibility of understanding all the benefits that our company gives , as well as the certificates of the experts who serve in any area. of private investigation the different surfaces of investigation, legal support, etc.                      




Our private detective agency infidelities not only has a reach to the national audience, but also at the level International, as has the whole primary to do work on different surfaces level worldwide either by the level of annoyance of the case to teach .                        

Frequently, it is frequently assumed that the labor provision of this class of experts tends to be a very difficult development . However, this is a sample case that can be deferred very easily today.                 

To get contact with our private investigators in infidelities, our institution has available in Madrid our offices, open to all kinds of audiences. Also it can be connected with us through our web portal online before mentioned, where is our mail contact and our phone numbers accessible 24 hours a day.                       

On our online page you can simply get in touch with our private infidel Detectives. Count them will refer you to the expert to present the situation, and now, begin to do the investigation once the properties of the case have been predetermined .                       




In some opportunities tends to be a bit complicated the choice in this kind of institutions that provide services research infidelities, since often would not know that specialty enter your case, however, our private detective agency has a personal qualified that you can solve all kinds of cases so efficient, and understanding of how integrated the consideration of any case for the client and their circumstances.                           

Not all detectives have the discretion that a private investigation of infidelities needs, and this is a substantial aspect at the time of an inconvenience, tracking, paternity tests, control of inferiors, etc.

Our detective agency in Infidelidade s has the most remarkable set of detectives, it is effective in all situations in a professional way with the least expense and the application of technological elements. With the best research skills we get quality evidence. All of the aforementioned are properties that without a doubt, our infidelity detective agency belongs to the best agencies nationally and internationally worldwide. We are the preferable alternative when requesting detectives to provide you with a backup with the best effectiveness.        

We have the possibility of offering you the best private infidelity detectives belonging to Grupo Arga Detectives.    

 We provide our service for a day, a week, a month or the time that requires it, to follow your partner and corroborate the alleged infidelity.    

Due to the enormous increase in demand for this kind of service that exists in our detective agency, it is both men and women who suspect that they are cheated by their partners.           


The price of a private detective expert in infidelity is dependent on numerous components.      

If you are one of those people who believe that you should hire perfected detectives in infidelities because your partner has already given you many fundamentals, let us tell you that the rates vary according to some components or it is also dependent on what you request.                 

You will have the possibility to see that according to what you request , costs are increasing , but keep in mind that this phenomenon of infidelity can happen to anyone. The initiative is to not be anxious about concerns and courage. The highlight that can carry out is to go to our private detective agency infidelity and request the budget in relation to the case of a private detective infidelity ..                       



It is precisely considerable that you hire a company where the professional infidelity detective has a very good evaluation. It should be noted that in these times the intrusion in the area of private investigation has increased and we are the preferable selection for you.              



We are incredible infidelity investigation experts who guide you at all times to continue the preferred strategy in relation to your case. Regarding the price of our private investigator infidelity, so that it becomes a concept, consultation is free, a provision described requested in the contract and frequents tariffed per hour of work.                   

Happens as mentioned previously that these costs are going to increase if the service is done at night or on holidays, there is also that there must add the value to the number of detectives needed.               

It is reported that the services of our professional detectives in infidelities are the most appropriate in relation to the quality price of the entire region, that is why it deserves to choose us, if you want to monitor your partner to see if they are cheating on you.              

If you want to understand if you can hire a detective professional infidelity to provide it with the evidence you need, keep reading this article, surely you will be of utility. It should be remembered that the topic of infidelity is something that does not make anyone happy, especially if you are cheated.                

Can you hire a detective on infidelities?


When assumptions begin as to whether your partner is unfaithful to you, you should be clear as quickly as possible . And the most correct way is to help you is to hire a private infidelity detective agency that will provide you with what you require.            

The answer is yes, you can hire a detective, because they are the right professionals to confirm whether the fear of infidelity is true or not. In our case we have the most experienced staff to collect the essential evidence and this can be used in the development of child custody or in a divorce.                

On the other hand, if you decide to carry it out by yourself, you run the risk of breaking the law. The task of the private investigator of infidelity is framed in the legal norms. We have the ability to conduct tracing, conduct interviews, obtain phone records, and collect video and photo evidence .                 


Make sure the private infidelity investigator you choose is officially licensed.

Enough people doubt the moment of selecting a detective, so we assure you that our detectives infidelities are most suitable because they have licensed, are professional solving cases of infidelities and our rates are affordable.            

In addition , our detectives perfected in infidelities used amazing methods of exploration, which have within services check of social networking, surveillance, monitoring, etc.              

With all this information you know that you can hire us for that problem you have, in this way clarify all your uncertainties having in your hands the exact tests.      



Why do you have to hire a trusted private infidelity investigator and not just anyone to investigate your partner if you suspect infidelity?    


There are two fundamentals why you don’t have to do it with an individual who has no referrals. The first is that our private infidelity detective has all legal entitlements, while other people may not be valid in court.                 

In the same way, the second is that being a private investigator of infidelities is not a game, because the experience plays a primary role and more than anything essential. It is essential the strategy to be used to gather the information of the exploration, plan it and do it.                

That is why not everyone can carry it out, it must be with a private investigation professional who has been doing work for a long time in this field, as we are Grupo Arga Detectives . Learn more about Our Private Detectives in Madrid Meet our Infidelity Detective Agency. Sustain a relationship permanent partner for a long time and to stay happy not in all cases is simple. Increasingly greater the number of requests for detectives infidelities who come to us with the intention of, as it says the branch of his profession, investigate probable unfaithfulness between couples and certainly give reports and evidence on this. Having a relationship is not simple nowadays where there are so many utilities available for infidels and sometimes a hand from a private investigator expert in infidelity is necessary .                                               

The safety couple is required for the development of a healthy relationship servible when the security is broken, we may need of assistance of a professional to exit concerns. The detectives infidelities are dedicated to doing research on the couple with the aim of gathering evidence paramount to show that, in fact, a hoax is happening. The private detective, being a professional, does not seek to feed the assumptions. The role of the infidelity experts in this situation is to present the information in the most objective way possible , presenting how I support evidence of what may actually be happening or not.                                     

There are numerous habits that have the possibility of manifesting as a couple that in any way have the possibility of being useful to reveal that, in fact, something is happening. Within the investigations carried out by private experts in this situation, they are taken into account from the data collected with the tracking and observation of the couples’ behavior to their interaction by the communities. The research technology has the potential to be one of the key points to corroborate if infidelity exists, in particular , if you can find some kind of interaction with an application appointment. The indecision and doubt are cornerstones in a relationship and your life. There is a possibility that harmony will be broken in them and a period of torment will begin.                                         

So, it is a requirement to have the support of professionals in the field to get out of the concerns that we have the possibility to have about this. Resorting to a detective infidelities will cease to have a concept of the routine of your partner and simultaneously, to corroborate the assumptions or, in any case, leave them.                      

Grupo Arga Detectives can assist you to better handle these concerns and get out of them quickly. The vast majority of research on infidelity just to show that the couple actually was committing some kind of adultery. Frequently we will have the possibility to question our aptitude for perception, but it is substantial to listen to a concept when our intuition suggests it.                        

Some investigations will be able to find that our partner is only going through a complicated circumstance, but has not yet committed any infidelity and in that case it is substantial to have the private investigator of infidelity as a mediator, an objective figure who has sufficient evidence to make us leave of concerns and better conduct our relationships. According to statistical data, professional infidelity detectives demonstrated that there is an increase in the divorce rate if we compare the past decade with ours and not even comment if we compare with a century ago.                            

That is why on this day, having a professional detective of infidelities in these situations is as recurring as having the contact of an electrician at hand. Do not be impatient or feel bad, it happens to many people and it is more common than you think. The highlight you can perform is to find someone with experience and professionalism to guide you and



help you in this development as difficult as it has the potential to be a divorce, more than anything if there are minor and property shares that could make it harder for the developing.                                     



How to act in these situations and why do you need a professional detective in infidelities?     

Although times are different, infidelities are discovered and exposed much more easily, people you do much more commonly. In the situation of divorces to achieve “win the situation” is required to show evidence to argue. Evidence that only has the possibility of being presented by an optimal private detective expert in infidelities with years in the area. If you were to risk taking the tests yourself, you’re putting a lot on the line. Because not having much experience in the matter, you can be discovered and harm all opportunities to show your partner and denounce him in a legal entity for deception or infidelity (in case they are married or living together).                                   

In addition, the evidence presented by an excellent private detective is irrefutable and has the accompaniment of the Ministry of the Interior in that in the development of obtaining evidence, the privacy or privacy of the person has not been violated or invaded . The first thing you should perform is to contact an acceptable agency experts private experts in infidelities as Grupo Arga. If you are looking in the most recognized agencies in the country or in your locality, you will undoubtedly find professional quality private experts in infidelities and supervision and tracking jobs that are characteristics that would be excellent for you to solve your problem. In addition, our rates tend to be very good value for money, and when you win the situation you will not regret it in any way.                                     

Where to find professional detectives in infidelities?    

One of the most recognized agencies in the country in the area of private investigations of infidelities is Grupo Arga Detectives , they have many years of experience ending with triumph even the most complex investigative work and they could surely guide you with your problem with a practical price, which insurance is also one of your preferences. You can contact them through the social networks, websites or contact numbers, they will will give an appointment to get to show your inconvenience, make a budget and of course , tell you how it will be work step-by-step research . If you visit their work areas personally, this consultation or advice will be completely free of charge.                                          


There are many professionals who take care of the work of private detectives in infidelities , but special private detective infidelity without doubt what has Grupo Arga Detectives, who is a private detective agency with national services and worldwide has more than 10 years seniority offering its infidelity investigation services.                   

Private infidelity detectives have the possibility of using the evidence collected throughout the course of their inquiries to assist their users in legal matters that warrant it.            

How does an infidelity detective guarantee my information and security?


Grupo Arga Detectives agency guarantees the preferable quality in confidentiality. Our services are provided to you in everything that occupies your research and everything that you relate to us in this way. The tests that are obtained, you have the possibility to assure that they are one hundred percent in fact private and that nobody, completely nobody has access to that information, only you.                      

 The private detective of infidelities who is doing a job has the discretion assured. Our agency is one hundred percent reliable since our priority is the client and the discretion.         

In all the branches of Grupo Arga Detectives we work with encryptions of private information. We possess the technology to store confidential information without any hacker or any threat to intervene in it. In addition, there will always be the security that you are safe in relation to your case.                 

In all cases, we offer all kinds of guarantees for infidelity services We propose the above guarantees probable that are able to suggest giving service and guarantee that the research carried out will be the most concrete, legal and confidential viable.                  

Another way to ensure our users the superior service is our private detectives infidelities are experts in research private and all have legal documentation. In other words, all of our detectives are approved by the Ministry of the Interior, putting their private investigation certificate on the client’s view, granting them to show that they are qualified experts to suggest their services.                          




There is never another thing to ensure the effectiveness that will exist in the circumstance that you are presenting for that reason we always propose example of cases, configurations and data collections that we have obtained before demonstrating the effectiveness that we have in our cases of this nature as confidentiality private we own. We strive one hundred percent that the satisfaction of the case will be efficient, safe and have a recurring report of everything that the situation is progressing , giving the client to see that in our agency there are always accurate results and that they will We will help in your circumstance you present.                                        

We deal with users in our private infidelity investigation agency we talk about experience. Our experts always will offer and give the most remarkable treatment feasible to the customer, providing the assistance necessary and requiring the user at the time of asking our agency seeking resolutions to their inquiries. We will provide any kind of service you require while this in the parameters of the legal framework since our detectives also to offer the most remarkable treatment feasible and superior inquiries always entered the issue legally, and giving them to understand that our research and all the actions that our agency practices and the situation will be one hundred percent legal.                                                   


The experts private infidelities of Grupo Arga Detectives dealing with all kinds of cases, from infidelity, to find to an individual lost, even have the possibility to be included in the investigations of a private crime.                 

All our actions are in a full security collection since in our agency, the security provided to users is essential for us, giving them the preferable distribution of our expert teams using all the utilities that we have. We suggest in this way as the documentation provided as the advanced technology that we currently have to have greater efficiency in the most modern situations . In this way, we provide a more detailed service to its users by creating a safety net providing the superior service for the public.                                        

Always it is going to make one evaluation dangers of the field. Our experts are always dedicated to carrying out an accurate examination of everything you are giving, evidencing it with documentation and images and videos frequently, in order to take charge of everything that can happen.                   



The first consultation will always be free. Our agency always tries to shape the claims that you present. Always run a collection of information of all spent in the situation to offer a budget cheap and thus you have a deal with us more reliable. Our first purpose is to fix the inconveniences of the public since it is essential for us and our experts.                                

If you seem to have problems with infidelity, you shouldn’t panic. These are cases that are mostly resolved in a few days. In our agency, costs accessible to this type of circumstance remain in force, which are quite frequent, in addition, we use the superior utilities and private experts in infidelities to have an efficient effectiveness.      

Grupo Arga Detectives are a group of professional detectives on infidelities and all the problems related to their partner, such as : separations, divorces, custody of minors and alimony.           

With the support of our expert Detectives in infidelities and our efficient performance, their adversities within the scope family and their concerns about a potential infidelity remain settled in a way fast. Our work is carried out in Spain, but the headquarters are in Madrid.                


Grupo Arga is made up of private detectives in Spain who are experts in infidelity    

Our private experts who constitute our detective agency in infidelities , are perfected in knowing cases of infidelities and exclusively couples problems .            

The purpose of our private experts in infidelities, is to know the reality, for this we have researchers who have extensive experience in what surveillance and follow-up has to do, we carry out this activity with the most modern technical and digital means, which enables us as a company from private investigations into infidelities obtaining evidence.                    

To all the features before you named that has the private detective in infidelities , it is compounded by the enormous knowledge they have different cities, since many cities have a monumental consistency of traffic event that hinders one crawl.                 

But we have a methodology adapted to each city, follow-ups are done on foot, on motorcycles, in transport, etc.       

Sometimes it is necessary to have two detectives in these situations to advance the investigation. Trust the services of the professionals Grupo Arga Detectives of infidelities.        

Get to know our infidelity detectives in Spain as well as their functionality in investigating infidelities.  

From the beginning of our history, one of the most requested jobs for private infidelity detectives was the investigation of infidelities. With our agency, we have detectives who are perfected in this matter, managing to suggest a unique service , knowing in depth the claims of each client.                 

In Grupo Arga Detectives we face this content with all the experience and rigor it deserves, and the reports we deliver at the end of each investigation have the evidence that our users accept to corroborate reality.                

With our detective agency in Spain we detect infidelity precisely.

Private experts in infidelities know that quite a few people when having an extramarital affair are enormously careful and very prudent, because to be honest we must take into account that having an affair with someone other than your wife or husband strives to hold one recurring attention to their behavior to avoid detection.                    


Our private inquiries in Spain can assist you in knowing an infidelity.       

You can confidentially consulate your situation , our infidelity detective agency places at your disposal our best infidelity detectives. The most outstanding endorsement is given by our experience, so trust our services.           

First of all, the detectives in infidelities , are professionals in the subject of the infidelities of couples that currently are more recurrent thanks to the enormous advancement of technology.            

Several cases are, for example: finding inappropriate content messages, coded messages, suspicious emails or dialogues on Facebook. There are those who claim that the reason for the commission of an infidelity and therefore to be unfaithful is the Internet.               



Infidelities increase with the rhythm of technology and private detectives in Spain are professionals in these matters     

It is true that our Infidelity Detective Agency most of the people who come to us are for this kind of case, because they already have a slight suspicion that their partner is unfaithful to them. With our years of experience we are confident and alert that something that creates more anxiety is the feeling of doubt that the person who believes may be being deceived. Against this indecision the experts private infidelity would suggest hiring our detectives infidelities.                              

The private investigator of the Arga Detectives Group is the best qualified professional. 

In other words, the private detective on infidelities , thanks to his experience, we have the possibility of ensuring that not in all cases there is infidelity. Sometimes there are consistent explanations that do not support your suspicion. In some of the cases, if proven infidelity is the conclusion that their investment is more than justified.                 

In fact, the services performed by detectives in infidelities have been suggested by marriage attorneys, couple psychologists, and marriage counselors, with the aim of solving any doubts.         




In order to detect with the maximum precision whether your partner is cheating on you or not, we explain the key, which is to request help from Grupo Arga Detectives , we can advise you through our experience if the disloyalty is true or not.  

Many people suffer because they believe that their partners are unfaithful to them, without having any proof, they simply begin to find certain signs that make them suspect, such as certain identified faults, little attention, lack of communication or carnal apathy.


We have the best group of researchers specialized in disloyalties to reveal them and get to the truth

The investigations into infidelities made by our private partner detectives are focused on ruling the truth in the emotional and affective relationship of the couple, clarifying the behavior of one of the spouses that is disappointing for the other, inquiries that are necessary for the taking of decisions of who requests it.   

The supposition of an infidelity generates in the affected couple an emotion of distress and anxiety that generates enormous personal suffering. The part that experiences it loses its confidence and reference within the commitment or bond. Such a state of dissatisfaction leads you to appeal to a third party for help.


The role of the lover in the infidelity of a couple

 Who is that third party?


This is where the best detective staff specialized in infidelity appears, taking center stage, since we are the best solution to expose someone. Because we work through video and photo as a way of indisputable proof.

In addition, our reports are indisputable, do not spend capital on internet spy systems since they are illegal, the best way to get suspicious of whether your suitor is cheating on you is through our infidelity investigation service. This is the role of our private infidel detectives.   

In any of the affectionate infidelities our private infidelity investigator emerges as the professional who can help an individual to produce those elements of reality and truthfulness necessary. 

Hiring an infidelity detective allows you to stop suffering from the alleged deception of your partner through an investigation. Clients come to our offices requesting help in order to refute or affirm their uneasiness of treason.


What moves them to do it as well as you are doing today is reality research and they can only get it through a professional tracking report.  

Grupo Arga Detectives was born as a necessity, and part of its action is that justification, the investigation of people who are allegedly unfaithful. And it is important to qualify this last term, since the totality of the opportunities, the investigation ends with a negative report having to do without infidelity.  

Do not hesitate, contract with us. We are that infidelity trained private investigator you need.  

It is time to consult with our specialized infidelity investigators , as we are ready to extend this entire statement and thus we will provide you with better advice, obviously always attached to a human and work ethic that at the same time includes confidentiality and discretion.  


It was shown that after a suspicion of infidelity, more than 50% of the occasions these are correct, so after a suspicion, contact Arga detectives group, despite the fear that they get from knowing the reality.            

Remember, understanding reality, even if it is painful, is the highlight that can be carried out, living a lie is never a healthy thing, and it will end up being even more painful than the extended one, so in the end, it will always be better to understand reality above all no matter how painful achieve result.                     


If you suspect infidelity, go to the Arga Detectives group.

Today, at least half of couples commit infidelity at some point, whether it be boredom or feeling alone. So if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, don’t be afraid to hire a private investigator who is an expert in infidelity to help you.           

Our professional experts in this sector will be able to obtain the information sought to corroborate their assumptions in the most discreet way , and in this way end the concerns of their insecurities and assumptions with the support of our private investigators, experts in infidelities, to find the essential evidence .                     

Perhaps, several people opinion that doubt infidelities from her partner is ridiculous and should not be wary of these, however, if they came to be born these concerns about their relationship as a couple, do not be afraid to seek assistance from a professional qualified to solve them. You never have to hire a private detective who is an expert in infidelities to help you with this problem, make sure that your partner is loyal to you, dispelling the concerns or confirming them on the path.                        


Investigating whether your partner is unfaithful to you or not does not mean not loving him, it only supposes that you want to guarantee that your feelings are received by someone worthy. In addition to that there are people who have faith fully on their partners, but by third concerns have the potential to be born beyond the security.                  

With the support of a group infidelity detective Arga detective has the possibility of helping to solve and dissipate them, to be able to find peace in their relationship again, with the support of the evidence obtained by the infidelity detectives, demonstrating or denying any discomfort that takes root.                 

The private detectives infidelities always advise about how to treat your partner, and provide evidence for yourself to be able to know if their assumptions become successful or not, so do not hesitate to hire experts to find evidence , towards their insecurities.              



Infidelities are painful, but it is even more unfortunate to be with someone who does not value them, so it is preferable to understand a painful truth than a lie that will only cause you temporary happiness.        

The themes of love are always delicate, and difficult to treat themselves, so if you suspect infidelity do not hesitate to hire a private detective Infidelity so that it will form objective evidence.     




One of the frequent problems that we attend every day at Grupo Arga Detectives in Spain is about infidelity. Most of it comes from women and men who want to meet their husbands, partners or boyfriends by being unfaithful.                

Written content messages , letters, emails, images, food site bills and other dubious data were sometimes found in the trash, leading them to suspect that there is cheating in the relationship or marriage. But they require the supporting evidence.           


Make the choice to hire professional detectives on infidelities    

If you identify with these kinds of cases, it is time for you to make the choice to hire perfected detectives on infidelity , we understand that it is not simple because nobody likes the initiative of having to reveal their private history to someone else.                  

On the other hand, once the ice is broken, you will see that it is not so bad.   

By this we understand very well the users and that is the cause of that resolve these issues with a prominent percentage, because we bring our professional side and more than anything human.             

Anyway, people appeal to the services of our professional detectives in infidelities when the signs or the deception are not very evident, the subject has some doubts and seeks to understand the whole reality.              

How do our detectives investigate partner infidelities?

Commonly we make an idealization of the investigation in order to choose what materials and human resources to use. In the same way we indicate the execution times to obtain the tests that you as a client require.              

From there the private detectives in infidelities we make an intense observation of the individual, bone, do one trace where are achieved photos, videos and any kind of graphic tests have the potential to be useful to the knowledge of the client, methods divorce, custody of children or other legal methods .                        


Our task in the industry technology also has within the inquiries in communities like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, dating profiles and make statements of present. That is why it is essential that you as a client are the exact truth in the information that you are providing us.                     

Our private infidelity scholars will do everything essential within ethical and legal parameters . And at the end of the situation they deliver a report that points out everything found out in chronological order as they happened, which will confirm once and for all the deception.              

In summary

Just some of the couples suffering from some infidelity are separated or divorced, others conclude by offering an exclusive opportunity to the relationship, to thereby establish novel bases that confirm the safety reciprocal.             

In rare expressions, understanding that your partner is unfaithful does not mean the breakup of the courtship or marriage, because that will depend on other situations and elements. Although, at all times it is a requirement to get out of indecision and you will only achieve this using the services of Grupo Arga Detectives .                 

Hire an infidelity detective. Experienced infidelity detectives.

Our private detective expert in infidelities is the professional who has created our firm, giving him specialized training and, above all, providing him with experience, to offer our clients a training dedicated to this type of matter.  

           We differentiate ourselves from other private investigators who claim to be specialists in these investigations, because they are involved in all types of cases except infidelity. Instead, we solve your problems within the family environment and doubts about a possible deception efficiently and quickly.  



Grupo Arga Detectives, we get to the truth about investigations in the field of infidelities at an affordable price


 Our private detectives on infidelities are aware that what clients are looking for when hiring us, is to solve the uncertainty that grips them, especially getting to know all the truth and actions about their partner.    

To carry out the investigation, we put all the knowledge, in the same way as all the technical and human resources at your disposal to give you a high quality service.

All the qualified infidelity expert researchers who work for Grupo Arga use high technology to carry out various tasks such as searching by GPS, hidden cameras, recording and editing of high definition videos, hidden microphone detectors and other means always within the margin of law. 

But we base our resources on the people who make up our work team, both for monitoring, surveillance, obtaining information and for customer service, in a few words we carry out any management of this profession.



         For someone who does not know the private investigation sector , it makes perfect sense to look for detectives specialized in infidelities with more irresistible prices, because by investing less money they assume that they are saving costs.    

           And it is for this reason that questions such as the following arise: Why pay more capital for a solvency report, when I could do it online for less money? Why pay a research firm a greater amount of money when I can hire a cheap detective ?.     

           After all, if you hire the cheapest rate, will you be able to get twice the investigation hours than with another private detective agency But the important thing here is not that many hours are investigated, but that it is done in the right way and good results are obtained, otherwise it would waste money. That is why it is not always a good idea to hire the cheapest private infidel detectives but the most prepared ones, such as those of Grupo Arga Detectives.   

Did you know that cheap is expensive?

           When we want to hire a qualified detective who is an expert in conducting investigations on the topic of infidelity, without a doubt we must hire the best in the entire international market, because if we hire anyone because it is cheaper, we could obtain counterproductive results. . In short, these that claim to be cheaper, in the end turn out to be without a doubt the most expensive, both monetarily and in the lack of resolution of the case in question. That is why we recommend hiring us Grupo Arga Detectives . We are private detectives of infidelities with a fair price according to the solutions proposed.            

The best infidelity investigation service is found at Grupo Arga

Sometimes many people wonder if they need the specialized work of a detective who is in charge of conducting an investigation of infidelities, in the shortest time possible, some see this work as somewhat expensive, however, it is also necessary to establish that people are sometimes unaware of the utility that a detective can have to execute private tasks. The detective tasks that are deployed in the field in most cases require an expert who knows how he can operate and what information and data he can extract for the execution of different processes in an operating theater.   



In the investigation of infidelities , it is allowed to establish the achievement of the proposed objectives, through aspects such as the deployment of techniques, skills and tools. However, it is a resource that is appropriate not only in the field, but also when establishing an element of evidentiary conviction before third parties. On some occasions, the investigative remedy is considered to be able to facilitate the determination of responsibilities before third parties, as it is used as a witness who has an expert view of all the variables in the case.  

For Grupo Arga Detectives, it is understood that it is necessary not only an outline of strategies, tools and various resources, since it also depends on a great cohesion of resources to be able to carry out in the field. Researchers who seek not only to train in the field, technology or informatics will dominate, like all legal experts, the elements that are located transversally in the resolution of a case, and can generate with the greatest experience that the field provides an amalgam aspects that can generate the correct solution for each operation. 

An infidelity investigation has a post-operative phase which is extremely valuable since the field agent is a person who can focus in detail on preparing a high-level report, from which aspects and elements will be required. necessary technicians that lead to the determination of links that allow determining a chain of events. The investigations of this type, can be deployed based on a professional technique, under different aspects that may be of opportunity to guarantee in a concrete way the achievement of data and information that are necessary to determine the different responsibilities and fact. On this technique, his analytical skills and dynamism depend on facing the complexities and demands that each case warrants, in order to clarify all possible doubts regarding the determination of an act of adultery.    

The detective is a resource that should not only think about an optimal performance of his operation but also be useful for generating solutions, as well as the configuration of elements that lead him to the search for facts with a heavy burden of proof and also to use a criterion of sufficient specialization before the corresponding authorities, with this you can be someone of great benefit to your clients and those couples interested in obtaining their services from him. 



A detective in infidelity investigations , they are considered a primary witness in the development and execution of operations. He himself, due to the experience he has and the preparation he has, becomes the main axis that every jury wishes to have, since through his report he provides a judgment with a lot of experience and expertise when establishing different evidentiary aspects before the competent authorities. . 

The aspects that a witness must put into practice to become a central link in a chain of investigations must be focused on the execution of scientific parameters within the construction of each case.

The deployment of an investigative criterion must be built on the basis of objective facts, they must in turn be linked to various aspects related to the scientific-based description of various tests and elements, assuming the case of determining an infidelity must be veiled in a first moment for the attainment of schedules and habits of the suspect, as well as his consumption patterns and monitoring of his day with close people and friends that the person frequents must be analyzed with high rigor, and this must be done with an extremely clear research base . In this type of infidelity investigation, emotional aspects and elements loaded with considerable subjectivity must be left aside.

At Grupo Arga Detectives, we always ensure that emotional security and the quality of teaching in the scientific processes that are carried out are of a high level with the aim of being timely in solving each case and that they can also be addressed with a degree of sensitivity to each client, since the human perspective is variable and therefore each of them must feel as if they were at home. 

There are different ethical elements that must also be safeguarded when executing infidelity investigations to guarantee an optimal resolution of an operation, and that is that the same as a field agent should not be personally linked to different ones in case of knowing through an element of treatment or relationship to those involved. For this, from Grupo Arga Detectives, we maintain that it is important to maintain the truthfulness and sincerity with the Agent – Group relationship with the aim of being clear enough during the smooth running of this entire process in the event that elements of this type are detected. . In some cases, when an infidelity investigation agent knows a person in advance, we seek to promptly remove the agent from the case in order to avoid objectivity problems when determining responsibilities or also to avoid creating a risk of subjective burden.    

This is such an important element that all those who establish this type of separation from their responsibility, are those who can establish with a criterion of total certainty different ethical elements that may be rewarded later, since by not taking a case of Preferentially by different elements that may alter their objective judgment, the agent in question is being a person who most likely inspires the respect and seriousness of his coworkers, for which they require the execution of said operations.

What in some occasions in a major operation is not said, is that in the investigation of infidelities, the preparation of detailed investigations are a necessary and competent resource, but in reality for this, our agents must be trained to comply with the highest discipline and the best criterion of subjectivity everything related to your research.  



The work of detectives Madrid, is to establish different elements of a job that does not stop modernizing, since it has to its credit different requirements for modernization and innovation, criminal activities never stop using cutting-edge technology. For this, it is important to bear in mind that the need for modernization is directed towards the concretion of different aspects that provide a technological advantage and this in turn provides a highly important tactical aspect to all those who intend to establish an efficient research process. 

For this it is necessary to know, that an investigator is not the person who is going to be with a VCR, next to an office or someone who can use a projection headset in front of many people, no! A researcher is one who can make the extraction of information real through different applications and devices that allow them to act in stealth.

The stealth in the operations, implies in particular being as dynamic as the one that is moved by an espionage work, it is necessary to emphasize that it is a process that not every investigator performs efficiently, however from Grupo Arga Detectives, we reward the learning this in special detail, highlighting to agents the need to deploy strategies and



tactics that guarantee good stealth during the execution of their operations. The exercise of detective work is an exciting fact, since it contains in itself the potential to be proactive and to be the key and decisive piece for the determination of different cases, whoever exercises his role as a detective is a person who is capable of establish different strategic factors to arrive at the determination of all aspects that may or may not generate the findings and different hypotheses.

Who wants to be a detective and be in the first line of investigation must know that above all things this is a task from which there is sometimes no rest, since although field operations are deployed at a precise time and At a particular moment, the activity of analysis and research always seeks to be carried out in an almost infallible way and this allows the generation of different aspects that, although they do not translate into a perennial deployment of forces and resources, they provide an additional factor capable of providing the desired advantage. 

In the course of their actions, the investigations of infidelities , know that their more than interesting work is urgent due to the fact that they have to operate in a city of historical memory, as well as the simple fact of being able to consolidate different tools. and strategies that can be useful in case of determining the act of infidelity, some urban and cosmopolitan patterns can influence the development of a case, since sometimes these codes disguise behavioral patterns and hypotheses.   

Detective work is sometimes determined by the complexity and total understanding of an urban space and area, that is why it is a first priority to understand how important it is to take into account the development of an operation in the field of a city such as Madrid, cradle and hotbed to develop the fact of infidelity with great ease, since it is easy for the suspect to have a double life, knowing these aspects allows our resources to move easily in an agile and dynamic environment, which in turn it represents a guarantee of success in detecting all cases.

It should be noted how through more than 10 years of experience Grupo Arga Detectives is aware of the importance of knowledge of the environment and the determination of the fact of infidelity, based on this we work with a high discipline to give the client the information You need, that is why, we always seek to provide a competitive advantage to its clients, through the strategic training of as well as strategic resources, our history has led us to share work with members of the authorities and other private agencies, And what we can see is that when the importance of the geographical context is not understood, an element of great importance is being left aside.




The first thing we establish when monitoring the provision of effective results is the materialization of facts that are capable of generating different elements of an infidelity investigation that is capable of achieving what the client needs to know in the shortest possible time with the lowest possible cost. The first thing that the executor of an infidelity investigation should know is what is the work of a private detective. Well, this is a qualified professional who is responsible for investigating the behaviors and events of people and organizations requested by the client. At the end of an investigative job, the detective usually prepares a report that may be needed by a private entity and / or an administration of justice entity.      

For this, Grupo Arga Detectives is in charge of establishing different key elements in the training process, highlighting the need to say that this type of investigation is not the same as a conventional investigation, it requires tact, talent and a lot of subtle instinct. The one who works as a researcher in the family and personal field, also generally works for mutuals and companies in the insurance sector, as well as financial institutions, law firms or private security companies, although he can also work as an independent professional, This is sometimes not recommended, since sometimes some criminal and judicial investigations can lead to assuming different types of risk. 

Reason why you must know how to distinguish this type of work from the investigation of infidelities, since in this environment you find, above all, people and situations with a strong emotional charge. In general, a field detective can be involved in different aspects, such as the resolution of business cases, sick leave cases, insurance investigation, as well as investigation in different criminal cases, however it is necessary It should be noted that when a detective stops working in a field and begins to operate in all the aspects that are required, it is important to note that he becomes a generalist. 

Whether you are a generalist or not, any study of the detective field leads to the analysis of different elements, which by mere intuition cannot be solved, in this case it is necessary to highlight that in order to become a successful detective you must study criminal science and have a Solid training and reinforcement process in security sciences. At Grupo Arga Detectives, we have different degrees related to the execution of field work and computer research work, capable of guaranteeing a solid training process for the applicant who wishes to enter our body of private investigations with the aim of solving with a great degree of thoroughness up to the investigations that are carried out in the personal and intimate – sentimental field.  


With this training process , an infidelity investigator will get to know in detail the different investigation methods to solve facts, hypotheses and crimes, as well as also to carry out all the clients’ orders. Additionally, you will know how to create profiles of the individuals to be investigated and they will also detect the interactions that are established with their environment.    

In this aspect, all the elements that are being connected to the previous point provide the investigator of Grupo Arga Detectives with a whole host of tools that can be conducive to optimal development in their field work, since sometimes it is a resource that it cannot indulge in failing to carry out its tasks, therefore, it must have a deployment that is significant enough to guarantee investigative work. Additionally, an infidelity investigator in his training process must not only rely on elements that are specific to the field and the investigative work, he must also be someone with a laudable management of public relations, as well as must be interpreted as a resource that It requires emotional intelligence to get out of moments of high pressure and demand.  


Investigations for infidelities sometimes require deciphering a high-level complexity, since it must face details such as a double life or also a complicated sentimental scheme that each suspect faces in committing this act of adultery. Work with the public to educate clients regarding the consequences of an adventure and how to deal with the consequences. This work allows us to learn the most current knowledge on the subject, through continuous tutoring and educational visits to clients and related locations. A professional and dedicated member of the community. 

My vision is to use my skills to help Clients, as well as to facilitate an environment where they can have a great experience. I work with clients and a variety of organizations to ensure they do a good job and receive the professional care they deserve. Experienced individual.

I use my experience to develop and teach young people about careers in various fields, and to help them achieve success in life. Chosen Model: Undefined A career counselor who provides resources, instruction, and guidance to members of the counseling communities regarding career pursuits in the field of mental health counseling. The function of an infidelity investigation is to serve clients to the best of their ability, to provide support for personal growth, emotional support throughout the indefinite counseling process.  

An Agent is a passionate and accomplished leader committed to the development and success of individuals, teams, and communities. His goal is to develop and guide groups of leading professionals in various groups and organizations to assist clients with the many challenges of a career in professional research service, with the goal of reaching the truth of the facts. Our position at Grupo Arga offers the opportunity to develop personal leadership skills through mentoring of team members and participation in a detective career.




The work of an infidelity detective, executing is in the direction of establishing different elements of a scheme that does not stop modernizing, since it has various modernization and innovation requirements, the activities that lead to a Infidelity never stops and those who are surprised are famous for their new strategies and method implemented. 

For this, it is important to bear in mind that the need for innovation is directed towards the concretion of different aspects that provide a technological advantage and this, in turn, must provide extremely important tactical elements to all those who intend to establish a research process for high level. For this it is necessary to know, that an investigator is not the person who is going to be with a VCR, next to an office or someone who can use a projection headphone in front of many people, Whoever has this image, very surely has a afro and flared pants. A researcher instead, is one who can make the extraction of information real through different applications and devices that allow him to act stealthily, which uses the photographic record to collect and collect data, as well as get to the truth of the facts and the validation of hypotheses.



The exercise of detective work around the determination of infidelities is an exciting event for Grupo Arga Detectives, since it contains in itself the potential to be proactive and to be the key and decisive piece for the determination of different cases that are capable to provide the tranquility and certainty desired to each client, the one who exercises his role as a detective is a person who is capable of establishing different strategic factors, to accurately discover the attitude of a person.

Who wants to be a detective and wants to carry out an investigation of infidelities, it is necessary that they try to be in the first line of investigation, additionally they should know that above all things this is a task from which sometimes there is no rest, since if While field operations are deployed at a precise time and at a particular moment, the analysis and investigation activity always seeks to be carried out in an almost infallible way and this allows the generation of different aspects that, although they do not translate into a perennial deployment of forces and resources, this when projected towards a personal investigation, sometimes collides with the strength of that individual and his ability to hide and cover situations, therefore these facts need twice the precision to reach a desired result.   

The detective work that is used in the field of infidelities sometimes comes to be determined by the complexity and total understanding of an urban space and area, that is why it is made of first priority to understand how important it is to take into account the development of operations in urban or rural areas, since knowing these aspects allow our elements to move easily in an agile and dynamic environment, an issue that allows them to take into account different layers of analysis when establishing.

It should be noted how through more than 10 years that Grupo Arga Detectives has managed, they are aware of the importance of knowledge of the environment, which is why, they always seek to provide a competitive advantage to their clients, since they have been of information and to know if your partner is cheating on you.








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