Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Computer Detectives in Spain

Informátic forensics Madrid

Informatic forensic Madrid


Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid


The forensic computer investigations are those responsible for the attacks or hacking to computers or networks on the Internet. Obviously, these attacks are carried out by people and the objective of these investigations is to determine who caused the action.   

Today, technology and the internet are a daily part of our lives. And the inquiries technology where part detectives private computer are increasingly frequent, since criminals are updated pace with which technology is carried out.             

And it can happen that one day you want to use your PC, and can not enter in your email, or in any of your communities, or worse yet, you realize that they are using so remote.              

What can you do ? What insecurity issues do you have to take in these situations? The first thing you have to do is disconnect it.          

At Grupo Arga we have the best forensic computer investigators at your fingertips. So if you notice any suspicious changes on your computer you can do nothing better than request our services.

The task of computer forensics has been modified with the passing of the years since that there are new procedures for investigations, utilities that make it easier to search and location of individuals, institutions, businesses and elements.                   

And it happens that the planet is being modified, progresses, evolves and with it also the espionage and investigation procedures.      

Requests from users asking for technological investigations become more common every day , from the rehabilitation of WhatsApp messages to electronic sweeps in a company that suspects that their rivalry is listening to their private talks .                  

In the new times and those that are coming, there has been a rise in the demand for computer forensics in Spain. Research informaticas forensics is focused on a disparity of cases, include audits, investigations and tracking of crimes carried out by means of the use of utilities electronic, recovery whatsapp , IP detection, research on social networks, etc.       

Every day these illicit acts named above are more recurring and as a result, more forensic computer experts are needed to solve these new problems that the old generation offers us many problems.                 


There are many applications for which a computer forensics may be required today, it is difficult to list them all as every year, every month, including weekly shows utilities, programs and new private detectives computer have to adjust to so Quick to these novel ways of committing injustices.        

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

But supposedly, these are the most requested contracts from a computer expert: 

  • Industrial espionage and discovery of mysteries of the company or person mentioned.       
  • Analysis and verification of messages through SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram , Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, for example communities.       
  • Investigation of electronic fraud or internet scams, sale of illegal or second-hand copies, etc.
  • Analysis and verification of probable entries or unauthorized activity to telematic or computer systems belonging to the company, data filtering or clarification classified in the same or agency patent illegal via web through the program illegal, files of users, files of suppliers, etc.                 
  • Investigation of cyber bullying, threats, slander, fraud or deceit through the internet, etc.  
  • Investigation of plagiarism, imitation and copies of the program of use and property of the company, institution or person.   
  • Analysis and technical verification.
  • Preparation and certification of computerized expert reports .  
  • Advice and consultation procedures of custody and prevention of malwares, robbery and theft within the company, etc.       
  • Patenting of computer systems or programs used in the company for their intellectual and industrial use.  

For example, applications that succeed need their users in the field of computer research.        

Grupo Arga Detectives have the best-trained private computer detectives in the country, they have university certificates that guarantee their understandings in the matter, the experience that is required to be able to act quickly and safely to trust that your problem will be in good hands.    

What Kind Of Services Does Grupo Arga Detectives Offer In Technological Investigations?

Grupo Arga Detectives provides a wide variety of services in the sector of technological investigations:     

  • Installation of hidden cameras inside the facilities where he holds remarkable meetings and private talks .   
  • Search for microphones, cameras and other utilities that could be being used against you.    
  • Traces and verifications of thefts or robberies of the computer type.
  • Detect probable attackable sectors in the company and prevent these forms of espionage.          
  • Computer forensics, tries to know private files of the company that were copied and eliminated, continue its trail and recover them.           


Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

In addition, it is feasible that the rivalry do so more personal the utilities spy named before and have not only been used only against the physical location of your company but also in the transportation of use recurring place of living or elements.                      

These actions could be putting your safety and that of your family at risk by leaking remarkable data from your history.      

We are used to seeing situations where a couple suspects that their spouse is spying on them and they need a counter-espionage service or a technological sweep within their place of life.      

If you require a forensic computer service in Spain , visit the work areas and count on them to solve your work problems , they know how to act based on their extensive experience in the area.              

They have the most modern technological utilities in the country for their custody and prevention of illegal occupations within their company or against their person. The first consultation is free of charge.         


Visit our areas of work in Spain and you will see the diversity of forensic computer services that we offer, you will be able to see our qualities and discover our recognitions as in 2017 where we were awarded.    


For the area of computer forensic investigation and computer forensics in Spain, these kinds of services are subjectively new in the area of private investigations .           

They emerged later that some companies began to use detectives or insert spies into the business of rivalry to carry out copying and theft of patents, methods of production, information private from the company, among other crimes made with purpose to harm the quality of the spied company or use it as their own profit to achieve a competitive virtue within the market.                             

They have the opportunity to be done by inserting spy workers, spy cameras, fake users , microphones and some other spy utilities for life to be one step ahead of the company.          

Within the competitiveness of companies in any area , there will always be one that uses treacherous and false procedures to always stay ahead in the sector that works.              

For this kind of problems you have to tell a computer forensic detective in Spain advise you on how how to drive when you ‘re in a company that is using procedures illegal against you.              

Arga Detectives group account with a track record in the area of investigations private (10 years) and specialize in technology sweeps orders and forensic computer investigations.      

His forensic computer detectives in Spain have the utilities and understandings necessary to continue assuming that they are spying on him.        

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid




The computer forensics in the Arga Group is responsible for research on the collection and analysis of digital data by forensic investigators trained to solve a crime or solve a problem.  

Quite a few people are always spied upon, and is found in the quiet housing, office work, with your children or car, which can cause him enormous stress or some other kind of pathology that the extended could be very counterproductive .              

That is why in this article you will find the best measures to be completely sure if you are being spied on or not, with the support of the best private computer detectives in the country.             

In Spain, the recruitment of detectives experts in forensic informatics are very frequent. You can find a huge number of private computer detectives who have a chance to carry out their investigation for a lower price, but you have to be careful not to hire scammers who have the ability to suggest mediocre or counterproductive work if you want to report it. .                   

This is caused by the scholars private computer are the only experts who are able to guide you in this kind of cases and provide legal evidence of primary and endorsed by the Ministry of the Interior to resolve any situation so correct and legal.                  

You can find many private detective agencies throughout Spain. You can use magazines, newspapers, communities, internet pages, recognized forums and some other information portal to guide you to find them. We suggest you free of charge to our detective agency, an expert in forensic informatics.                


Does Grupo Arga Detectives have good professional computer detectives in electronic sweeps?    


Detective Arga group has an enormous amount of computing private detectives quality among their staff. We are able to advise you on a right in any situation that requires with a practical price to fit their claims and also with the report ending that we discussed earlier.                      

Hopefully our article has helped clarify their concerns at the time of private detectives in Spain to hire experts in computer forensics and many other issues recurring that usually appear in this kind of moments.              

Group Arga Detectives is the primary detective agency which can assist and we are sure that we can help.            




Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

Sometimes it can happen that we are faced with some strange inconveniences, for example that we lost the keys to some email accounts , which have the possibility of being a huge commitment to your security both on the virtual planet and in your real life.                  

In this article you will have the possibility to see all the inconveniences that can happen because you have lost all your keys and you are not sure if someone could have access to them. You will also have the possibility to find resolutions and where to find quality private computer detectives .     


Do you have the ability to recover the keys of mail?      

The emails are able to be recovered through their systems rehabilitation of key or accounts that have the same interface. Servers of emails as among other things Hotmail, Gmail or Pokemail have these systems.                  

If it happens that in this situation we do not have the initiative of our password or the user account, it is really advisable to get technical assistance to help you in this kind of cases, since many of the interfaces that you have registered with this email could be compromised. , such as, among other things, communities, video interfaces , forums, bank accounts …                        


Assuming that surely it could not have fallen into the wrong hands is one thing, but another is that it did. A private computer detective could make a detailed report of the operation that helps as evidence in some legal entity . It would be able to find the direction from which you started your account when it was not you, among many other features that could be of great momentum.                      

What problems can I have if my email accounts have been stolen ?   

As we have said before, one of the features most simple even when internet created, was the mail. With him we could relate and be communicated to any person in any place of the world. We have the possibility of sending messages to companies, companies and any other entity that has this contact system between their configurations.                      

Thanks to email we have the possibility of registering on Facebook, Instagram and any other community, as well as subscribing to our school page , video interfaces such as YouTube, as well as being able to enter messages we receive through this medium.                

It is for this reason that the truly wise is to hire a computer expert who has the experience and understanding enough to operate with efficiency in any situation you need, and suggest a consultancy to do better safety and never lose your key in mail.                           

Mails or emails are currently communicative validity similar to the physical documentation, and group Detectives Arga think the consideration of the same against a development of important legal or private, so our computer forensic detectives make computer expert opinions under a proper development technician to detect, reproduce and investigate digital evidence with objective legal.                            

From the forensic examination of an email it is feasible to detect the veracity, in this way as a succession of data of the subject (receiver / sender of the email) allowing the computer detective to relate the person directly to the content of the email for a display in front A judgment.                      




Computer forensics is a science that was born from the computer age of man, in which it has reoriented an important part of its production, service and human processes to the computer sector .     

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid


Computer forensics as a science is in its aims to locate the assaults on computers so effectively, identifying and detailing the properties of the incident and the Group Arga Detectives as a company of research privately meets all               

requirements: investigators, technicians and legal experts for forensic expertise. 

All are exposed to being victims of computer assaults from gadgets, and connecting them to networks increases the risks; Communication technologies advance every day, as well as assault techniques , however, forensic computer scientists are in recurring renewal of technologies.                  

This science was born with the aim of offering assistance and satisfaction to situations of legal and criminal interest in which elements of digital information are involved . The computer private investigators conducted throughout the group of techniques and measures that enable them to carry through procedures computing the four mandatory targets required in computer forensics :                      

  • Identify the background and purpose of the ongoing investigation to know the actions to be taken.      
  • Preserve the information obtained by carrying out binary copies that ensure the integrity of the evidence to be presented in judicial development .        
  • Analyze the information obtained to choose which have criminal interest .  
  • Present the compendium of information obtained to create the forensic report to the lawyers, judges or instances that required it.    


Assist the forensic computer with the need to study a laptop is the choice ideal when there are assumptions to be involved, since these in their purposes have functionalities detector and probative on computer interventions, only these are able to offer resolutions with data under all security, technical standards and in accordance with legal frameworks.                     

The features detector try to identify on what types of assaults suffered the whole, how provided, its origins and scope, in order, the grounds on which it was able to intrusion into the whole, exhibit the insecurities that I had and were taken advantage of , in this way how to display those that could still have and were not used.                      

When these forensic computer occupations detail that there were correctly some or some intrusions, in addition to finding unauthorized modifications and / or loss of information, whether total or partial, data rehabilitation techniques are carried out on the disks and memories with their own backups under the Corresponding computer forensic techniques.           

Regarding the functionalities substantiating the expert computer private , looking in detail all the information regarding the incident found, so much so that allows it to be studied on a chronological to announce reports legal basis for the first part as elements of evidence in a trial                

and hold the workable determination of responsibilities.    




In situations business of inquiry scientific, banking, industrial and financial; It is known that many users in particularly campuses of prominent level, containing under guard on their computers portable clarification private, sensitive or very restricted similar to the work projects, the truly correct and safe is to assist the

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

agency research private and consult with computer detectives.                          

Consulting with detectives will be able to shed light on users in relation to the actions to be taken in the face of the danger of confronting intrusions into unauthorized teams, which make their projects insecure against probable unfair competition for the use of privileged information, Computer sabotage that maliciously manipulates project data or information leaks.                

However, even if the need to hire private computer experts for intrusion assumptions , the activity must be based on legitimate causes, fulfilling all the requirements and conditions of the Law; If you do not know what all these conditions are, in Grupo Arga Detectives we offer you the advice that contractually has to be fulfilled against the predetermined legal framework for these forensic computer services.               

Espionage is a much more serious problem today than in the past, but at Grupo Arga Detectives we can advise you so that your privacy is not violated. With the technological advances in computing issues of this time, it is very difficult to get rid of this problem.                 

In this way, as there are drawbacks related to the violation of the privacy of individuals from all kinds of technological interfaces , there are ways to avoid them and remove all kinds of gadgets or spyware that are implanted in their computers.                 




    Attempts to steal information are gaining more and more strength, since different methods are used to succeed with this purpose, either by infiltrating someone in your environment, placing a listening device or video, as well as using a program that does all the work. I work for them.

           To avoid being a victim of this type of situation, you need to hire forensic computer experts, detect spy programs , who immediately discover what is happening in your personal sphere, the point of origin through which your information is being filtered, At Grupo Arga we have this service. 

         Our expert forensic computer experts, detect spyware , are in charge of thwarting any attempt of espionage of this type, where enormous losses can occur, therefore they must be stopped in time, they cannot be given truce to this type of problems because they arrive to produce serious consequences. 

            There is no doubt that the technological area needs real experts, to advise each user in this regard, we provide you with the best attention to these needs, including establishing security measures to protect you even more, the use of technology exposes this risk. that must be assumed with responsibility.

            You can count on guarantees within this service, which is becoming much more demanded, people worry about their computer security, they want to be able to be online without the risk of being spied on, hacked, and losing their information and money .

            Given these possibilities, it is best to leave these problems in the hands of our specialists, who have enough experience in this environment, regardless of the size of your concern, we respond with facts to reduce your concerns, so you will be calm before the support that you we provide.

         There is no greater tranquility than keeping your data safe, this task is carried out by forensic computer experts, detecting spyware , especially since people use programs of all kinds every day, and they have no idea that it may be a focus of theft. of information. 

            This service or action is useful both at the business and personal level, since in both it can cause great havoc, instead of having that fear or waiting to suffer a situation of this type, the best thing is to protect yourself with our professional intervention and useful tips to reinforce your habits in the digital environment.

           The technological demand opens a gap of certain incidents, of positive and negative situations, it is not the culprit of it, but the users who use this tool for other unscrupulous purposes , for this reason we not only help you detect them, but to gather evidence of what happened and sometimes even the author of it.

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

            Our IT area is strengthened by the best professional attention, since as time passes we update our corrective and defensive actions in this regard.



         A powerful means of communication, without a doubt, are social networks, because they are not only useful for gaining followers and popularity, but they are also an exceptional means of obtaining information, whether on your whereabouts, your usual activities, location in real time, colleagues or family, and other aspects.

           This type of information is useful for forensic computer experts, investigation in social networks , who are in charge of using this medium to know what a person is doing, their activities, and other aspects that help solve all kinds of problems with these digital elements. 

         Faced with situations such as infidelity, fraudulent work leave, espionage attempts, and some other type of problems, evidence from forensic computer experts, investigation in social networks , can be solved or have evidence , this type of media requires exclusive attention and true knowledge. 

            Each result obtained is classified as digital evidence that must be preserved, but that at the same time requires a careful touch, it is substantial that you have experts because they see beyond the ordinary, they use the small details to verify some other fact of

current need.

            Because social networks serve to break any alibi, it implies that it is combined with other actions of private investigation such as surveillance and monitoring, to establish a line of important findings, not only serve the social issue, but also to reinforce private investigation.

            This sector is well cared for by Grupo Arga, where there are various experts in this area that is classified as special as it requires different handling, to be careful, but at the same time to link the pieces of some event that is is researching and can be supported by this digital medium.

         Technology is a new mandatory element of daily life, but it is also a great tool in the search for truth, you only need to have experts to help you obtain them, for this there is the figure of forensic computer experts, investigation in social networks , increasing our functions. 

           We make an accurate and complete service, with these valuable elements we can act with greater guarantee on each result, this is the direct way to reach a greater number of users, as a service that provides evidence in the shortest possible time, this is the intention.

           We are concerned with improving permanently, we are also pioneers in providing a computer service, having a license to exercise and take care of them, maintaining a high level of integrity on digital data, these are susceptible but can be used to solve

any problem.

            We are convinced of providing a modern service, which has forensic qualities, these are very useful today because it is an important ally in solving different problems, it is a powerful tool to gather more information.




         Obtaining digital data is extremely complex, because this type of information is degraded, for the protection of the same that allows you to have the possibility of taking any legal action, it is essential to hire forensic computer experts, analysis of digital evidence . 


Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

     In the digital medium there is an incalculable amount of data of all kinds and of all people, therefore it is a very busy environment for modern society, for this reason we provide you with professional intervention so that you find the truth by venturing into the digital area without losing its evidentiary value.

         The request of computer forensic experts, analysis of digital evidence has increased, especially due to the important findings they have provided, within all kinds of problems, personal, business and work, because most people expose their lives in the daily digital channels.  

            In Grupo Arga we apply this service with expertise, we have a remarkable preparation to have forensic tools, being the methods used routinely by traditional justice, but in this case it is available for a legitimate private interest.

           We offer you an authentic service by virtue of the preparation we have, which accompanies us in a loyal way in each case, since with digital evidence you can expose any kind of deception, giving you the opportunity to collect evidence that you can use in a legal process.

           It is never too much for computer experts, since they are constantly active, searching for data on social networks, emails, WhatsApp accounts , all of them legally, thanks to the fact that these specialists are licensed to practice professionally and guarantee evidence.

         The management of digital information requires great experience in this field, for this reason forensic computer experts, analysis of digital evidence are in charge of obtaining information without altering it, taking care that the date is not changed, of conserving that useful value that it represents within some legal process.  

            Our computer services are increasingly at the forefront of modern needs, we understand the handling of this type of devices, and we use them to your advantage, since it becomes our main source of clues, information and other resources that are necessary to expose a truth or event.

            Digital evidence is a modern element that requires training, but above all to have mastery, to understand how to use this type of techniques, which lead us directly to the preservation of information, as well as its appropriate application.

            We understand the current needs, to provide an impeccable service, this is done with total discretion, it is of great help to completely cover the technological sector, being a means through which fraud, lies and other types of consequences can be stopped, not Feel free to seek advice to receive the best service.



         Computer problems greatly increase, but also the answers about these types of problems, because if you find yourself going through an espionage attempt, being hacked, or any other action that implies that you lose information, you need professional help to guide you.

           An effective service within these needs is the action of a computer expert, to answer your questions you should know the forensic computer experts guide in Spain , since we have a wide range of care to reduce this class of situations that are usually harmful to your privacy. 

         To clarify all your doubts about our services is the forensic computer experts guide in Spain , where the main support of your peace of mind will be our experts, since at Grupo Arga we have endowed this area with the best to obtain the best results within every investigation. 

            The computer field is within the modern trend, that is why we implanted a special line that applies forensic techniques to obtain data, to detect any device, program or any spy element that is used against you, for this reason efficiency prevails over our services .

            Before each problem of this type, we provide you with clear advice so that you can create assertive security measures, you will not be 100% exempt from this situation, but by reducing the percentage, it is much more likely that you will avoid being a victim of espionage, the which has become a common criminal activity.

            You can not let this kind of problem gain ground, the important thing is to stop it on time with professional help, our specialists immediately analyze your situation and the level of vulnerability present, to immediately ensure your peace of mind, so you can use digital media without fear of this malicious fate.

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid



         If you have doubts about the type of services we perform and the rates in this regard, through the forensic computer experts guide in Spain you will be convinced, because first of all we have a level of knowledge that distinguishes us in this area, as well as a fair budget for that matter.  

            In any part of the Spanish territory, you can access the best professional care in this area, we evaluate the case immediately, to trace the work to be undertaken as a personalized response that allows us to design a budget that fits your situation and your needs.

            Do not hesitate to consult the type of service that we offer you, where we also ensure the obtaining of digital evidence, which requires professional manipulation so that it does not lose its integrity and you can use it, in this type of claim we specialize.

           The intervention of our forensic professionals is remarkable, since it has the license and the necessary experience to ensure your safety, as well as to ensure the legal margin of the case, safeguarding the findings obtained, and at the same time stopping the espionage attempt that it stalks you.




The constant use of mobile phones, not only connect you to the outside world, but also expose you in the same way, although for this it is essential to hire the services of forensic computer experts, mobile phone analysis , as a special attention for these kinds of needs. 

            In order to have digital data in less time, and at the same time gather enough evidence for any attempt to steal information, these professionals are the best, there is no doubt that at Grupo Arga you will get the best care in this type of area that is classified as special.      

Advances in technology are undoubtedly a great advantage to communicate, knowing what is happening in other parts of the world, their incorporation into society has been a resounding success that causes greater efficiency, but this has also been used to steal information. and commit different computer crimes.

           When you need to know what is happening on your phone or investigate a technological device, you can count on forensic computer experts to investigate telephones , since at Grupo Arga we have a very innovative technological area to rise to these types of difficulties. 

         The connection between the theft of information and technology is very close, the only way to limit or reduce this type of probability, you need the services of our forensic experts, telephone investigation , where we can nullify any action to penetrate your privacy. or digital data extraction. 

            The modern digital trend marks a new posture, but if you want to know if your device is safe from hacking attempts, if there is no way to recover your data, as well as being spied on, these are situations that are well covered by our experts. IT.

            With the passage of time, we supply ourselves with the best special skills within this sector, which is becoming more and more demanded, given this type of need we train ourselves, in addition to having an official license for these data to be used in the face of some process legal.

            The care of digital data is very delicate, because in this environment its structure can be modified, which diminishes the value when it is presented, especially because it can be altered, to protect this fact you need to have an expert who is capable of ensure the effective collection of information.



         If you do not have enough knowledge on the digital subject, and all the risk that you, your family, and your company run, the best thing is to request the hiring of the forensic computer experts, telephone research , since we provide you with useful information, but it is lawful completely. 


Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

      When you need to build a case to defend yourself against espionage, have digital data, and other needs in this area, you need to have this type of experts, who join private investigation to cover an area as requested and novel as this, imposing solutions to the difficulty.

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           In the face of technological situations, do not fear being unaware of it, or fear, we advise you and help establish subsequent security measures to ensure that you are not a victim of this environment, we want to ensure your tranquility thanks to this area of ​​care.


                  Instead of being another victim of technology, we take care of reinforcing this line of needs, through a special service such as forensic computer experts, mobile phone analysis , since through this contract you will be able to receive the best professional help to resolve your concerns as soon as possible.   

            We work with discretion and efficiency, within private investigation we employ this type of forensic techniques that protect the integrity of each evidence, especially since it is an extremely volatile area, we cannot lose the integrity of the file, and therefore of information.

            We not only assist you to protect your data, but also to gather evidence, these professional actions are special because technology is an open field of possibilities, but they can be shortened through the best expert advice, we have leading specialists who ensure your needs.

            We work immediately for your concerns, the time is valuable so that the data within these devices does not disappear, in addition to that each phone, computer, or others, keeps a signature, a trace of each action, which is easily pursued by our experts who have a lot of years in this environment.


         The function of forensic computer experts, mobile phone analysis goes beyond problems, it is about shortening the margin of being exposed when using this type of device, since beyond being an element of communication, it can also be a point extraction  

information, in a good way and also malicious.

            We fully attend this type of highly specialized area, because every minimal action can damage the evidence or the file, so we work meticulously, we know how to meet your needs of this type, do not hesitate to ask for advice when you need it most, from We take care of the rest.

           We seek to establish special attention to users so that they know that they can find experts in the face of this type of problem, or concern, especially since we know that in a controversial medium that not everyone dominates, in addition to taking risks and modifying data, it leaves all in the hands of our experts.

            If you want to know the truth and protect in digital media, it is best to choose our services that stand out for their results over the years, in this way we provide you with complete advice.





The computer counterintelligence is a process associated with the many techniques of computer forensics or the research technology , which specialize in testing, rehabilitation and preservation of data stored on interfaces computer.         

Today there are immensity of spy gadgets , in this way as malicious programs that capture and steal information, which is why your privacy may be being violated without you being aware of it.           

How can you know and prevent your information from being stolen and your privacy being violated by computer criminals? Through the advice that a forensic computer scientist can give you.         

If you ask yourself , which is the preferable private company capable of suggesting you the best advice on matters of forensic computer investigation ? We certainly refer to ourselves as this, we are the private investigative agency Grupo Arga Detectives and we will explain the causes of this claim.           

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid




The restoration of emails is possible, however, the restoration techniques will be established according to the properties where they are located, the compromised computers , individuals who shared the information, as well as the installed apps .                  


The suppliers of emails accept their individuals put back post for a while accurate as recycle bins, however, Researchers private computer could retrieve information as the apps installed and backups that make some of these, in this way as recover the image of the disk in which the emails were stored .                             


For the restoration of the mails expert computer private avail themselves of a group of teams and programs that have been created in the context of the digital forensic criminology to keep information from the rigidity required against one development judiciary.             


Acceptance of mail in the first instance trials must perform forensic reliability parameters, computer detectives crossing information the user who sent mail from the files of transfers completed, in the same way as is done with the recipient of the mail and your transaction files ; the information of individuals with copies, metadata in the mailboxes.            


These actions are carried out to prevent the emails from being annulled as evidence in a trial. Mails in judicial proceedings have one extensive jurisprudence in various types of criminal cases such as pedophilia, kidnapping, extortion, terrorism worldwide,          

sexual and labor harassment, in this way as in important cases around the world Iran-Contra case, Colonel Oliver North was found guilty after having eliminated emails that involved him.        

Computer forensics has become the science of sustaining the security of computers that currently are weaker, not to accept the intruders steal information significant and sensitive electronic equipment and gadgets spies , through various programs.               

If correctly the exam that a computer scientist executes , when using the correct techniques , is going to make it possible for him to search for data that he requires. In the installed gadgets you will see if the investigation is going to be about infidelity or other things.                   

Computer forensics gets data, preservation, collection and display of data were processed electronically previously and were stored in a medium of accommodation physique. The gadgets spies is the weapon of all detective to achieve having efficiency.                 

It is an important science for the computer security of many companies and it is also a wonderful ally for the state security forces, since it also facilitates the collection of evidence found to locate and stop the person or persons who have accessed a system. without authorization, to those who steal confidential information or delete data of very considerable content .                    

In the situation of gadgets spies, did you know that? The gadgets spies are a huge utility to protect your belongings while you are away from them, or whether to remotely monitor the actions of people indoors or company.              

There are different espionage technologies, as well as cameras incorporated into each item that occupies space within the spied place without being noticed, many of them have built-in microphones and micro-cameras , these gadgets have a huge amount of memory inside to store information.           

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

That information saved, then it will be serviceable at the moment it occurs some kind of theft within your business, or trigger inappropriate from a friend or relative in your area.              

Then, as the earliest cited computer forensics plays a role significant in personal safety in relation to the custody of data and information both especially from companies and level of government, with the aim of ensuring fully the security system the information that you want to protect through the electronic equipment of your place of life or work.                        

It is also used as a preventive measure, instantly when a busybody wants to enter your personal files .           




When we ensure that we Grupo Arga detectives are the best company for investigation (private and computer) we do not do so without proof of this. We have been awarded for our trajectory by the business sector .           

This recognition contains incredible works in the areas of marital, business, technological investigations , computer sweeps and, above all , works to track spy gadgets on PCs or other technological devices.         

The forensic computer that deal with knowing whether users of this agency are victims of espionage, are timely entitled, in the same way that calls for the legislation of Spain in the field. In such a way that at Grupo Arga Detectives we provide the most outstanding personnel, the greatest efficiency, and the primary professionalism to carry out your investigations to success.                           

Grupo Arga detectives guarantee that you will discover if you have been the victim of information theft, and if your privacy was violated due to the use of recent computer techniques that will produce quick and effective results .            

Our expert computer also will offer so empathetic and professional the best advice on computer matters so as not going to be a victim again of problems related to espionage, intervention of their gadgets technological or stealing your personal information.                  

If you are looking for computer consulting through the best forensic computer of Spain, have no doubt in attending our places of work of Grupo Arga Detectives , where we will offer the best service at the best price.           




Although similar investigations are often considered, the two types of devices are different in the form of their function, the techniques and technologies used to examine them, and the laws surrounding each investigation. While a computer is basically a container for data storage, cell phones differ dramatically by make and model. The type of phone that determines what type of data the phone contains, how the data is stored, what happens to the deleted data, and how the GPS is monitored.

¿ When a cyber crime occurs? And how can a forensic computer scientist from the Arga group help?

A cyber crime is any illegal act committed through the internet. Criminals can use hacks and codes to compromise laptops, personal computers, corporate servers, and wireless devices. Nothing can be stolen from the property

intellectual property of corporations to the personal information of individuals.

A forensic computer investigator must assess equipment at risk, develop a strong security policy, train on security measures, implement the technology, and reconfigure the information technology infrastructure. If you believe your team has already been compromised , researchers can perform vulnerability assessments and penetration tests to determine the root of the problem. This allows them to detect and correct any weaknesses in their computer system . They can also suggest countermeasures you can take to protect your system in the future.   



Sometimes cybercrime and hacking can be obvious, but many times much more subtle attacks are carried out that are of no importance. You need the help of a trained researcher from the Arga group if:

On your computer

  • Unexpected software installs on your computer
  • Mouse moves by itself and reality shows purpose
  • Your anti malware software, task manager or registry editor is disabled
  • Standard of programs or files that do not open or that do not work correctly
    Forensic informatics in Madrid 

    Forensic informatics in Madrid

  • Files have not been touched and have been deleted or moved
  • Passwords have been changed without your consent
  • Money is missing from your bank account or bill or there are calls about purchases you have not made

On your cell phone

  • Your battery is dying faster than usual, and takes longer to charge
  • Your phone is constantly hot when not charging or not playing games
  • Strange noise or echo occurs during phone calls
  • Data usage skyrockets


Depending on your particular research needs, you can seek the help of an Arga Group private investigator for a variety of investigations such as:

Computer forensic investigation: If evidence of activity is required on your computer, the computer forensic investigator can legally and accurately retrieve digital data. They also have the ability to resurface hidden or deleted data and emails . 


Cellular Forensic Investigation: A cell phone forensic investigator understand different types of phones and will use this information to retrieve data, text messages, photos, GPS, and other information. 

Computer Security : If your computer has been attacked by a criminal or compromised by an employee or family member, an investigative security team can discover the source of the attack and exactly what has been done to your computer. Through this investigation, you can find out if your computer was used to carry out a crime and find out how to prevent future attacks.

Crime Investigation Team : A crime investigation team can ensure that, if your system is used in a crime, it blames you for not falling on you. You can find out exactly what type of crime has been committed and you can collect evidence to be used in court.


  • Do not click on unknown links (antiviral strange messages emails etc.)
  • Do not download unknown software
  • Never give out your personal information unless it’s a trusted source
  • Install a firewall
  • Perform software updates
  • Change and vary your passwords
  • Avoid public, open wi- fi
  • Keep information out of the cloud.
  • Backup your data.




At Grupo Arga we have various types of computer forensic investigations that we are part of. It is necessary that you know what these types of investigations are so that you are clear if you need to contact us or you should call an organization other than ours. 



In forensic computing, criminal and civil cases have different procedures. Criminal law deals with crimes against individuals and the state. Offenders are detained by the state’s law enforcement body and followed up by its judicial system. After that, the author is punished with a fine, probation, imprisonment, or even capital

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid


In criminal cases, forensic scientists with an authorized search warrant may forcibly seize the computer and other devices that may have been used for criminal purposes. In criminal investigations, law enforcement agencies must follow the rules. For example, the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution and the Canadian Bill of Rights restrict government search and seizure in order to safeguard the rights of individuals, including those suspected of crime. In addition, the Department of Justice (DOJ) regularly updates registration and seizure information.


Investigators can determine if the crime was computer related by asking some questions, such as :

  • What tool was used to commit the crime?
  • Did the perpetrator violate another person’s rights through harassment by email?
  • Was it a simple search?
  • Was it vandalism or theft?

Following legal processes in criminal investigations: US courts accept the legal processes discussed here; however, other countries may have different procedures. The legal processes of criminal investigation depend on local customs, legislative standards, and rules of evidence. Generally, criminal cases follow three stages:

  1. The complaint
  2. The investigation
  3. The prosecution

The victim files a complaint and then an examiner investigates the matter. After that, the examiner and a prosecutor acquire evidence and establish a case. Solid cases are considered for later judgment.

For a criminal investigation, strong evidence and witnesses to the crime are required. Subsequently, the complainant approaches the police station and levels the accusation against the perpetrator of the crime.

A police station officer interrogates the victim and writes a report on the crime. Law enforcement officers handle the complaint and start an investigation or record the information in a Police Blotter , a registry, or electronic files that contain a list of past crimes.

Not all police officers can be computer experts; some are computer novices and others may be able to retrieve information from a computer hard drive. The ISO standard explains two categories of police officers:

The First Digital Evidence Controller (DEFR) arrives at the crime scene, assesses the situation, and sophisticatedly acquires and preserves evidence.

A digital testing specialist (DES) analyzes the data and determines if another specialist is needed to assist in the analysis.



Civil investigations are not carried out because of a crime, but because of disputes or lawsuits in which questions of property or money must be resolved. The winning party must receive compensation in the form of payment, property or services. In addition, civil investigations are carried out by private investigators rather than by law enforcement officers.

In civil matters, investigators and the defendant can negotiate when the computer will be inspected and even what data will be required for verification. When conducting civil investigations, private investigators use one or more of the following three methods to obtain relevant information.

  • Interrogations and interviews
  • Checking records
  • Physical surveillance

Privileges and limitations of civil investigators: Civil investigators have no more privileges than ordinary citizens. For example, to conduct interrogations and interviews, the civilian investigator can only converse with people who are willing to speak. Unlike criminal investigators, the civil investigator cannot arrest, threaten, or coerce individuals to obtain information.

Using the physical surveillance method, civilian investigators can secretly spy on conversations between two or more people in public places. However, civilian investigators cannot record voices through listening devices or tap a phone in private places, because that is a violation of laws that protect people’s privacy.

To verify records or content using a record-checking technique, the civil investigator must have the consent of the related subject.


Common types of administrative investigations stem from corruption and employee misbehavior, such as sexual harassment, the acceptance of bribes, stalking, and racial discrimination in any administrative agency, be it a government agency or any corporation, which can lead to disciplinary action. The agency in question,

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

following its rules and regulations, has the legal right to carry out an administrative investigation against employees who violate those rules and regulations.

In the workplace, investigators first examine the employee’s network and computer system. In this way, researchers can find evidence in emails, work management applications, and computer storage devices. External sources, such as social media, can also be helpful.

Administrative investigations are, in fact, non-criminal in nature. However, some facts found in administrative investigations may involve law enforcement agencies. For example, an employee committed sexual harassment through emails. When investigators examined his mailbox, they discovered emails, along with sexual harassment emails, showing his connection to terrorist organizations.

Private investigators, detectives, analysts, and employees can conduct administrative investigations. Law enforcement officers only become involved if the case becomes criminal in nature.




Before conducting the investigation, the examiner must recognize the level of competence of the agents involved in the case, such as offers from the police or lawyers. To conduct an investigation and manage the forensic computing aspects of the case, the examiner must have DES training and sufficient information about the scope of the case, including the computer equipment, operating system, hard drive, and other devices. In addition, the examiner must determine if the necessary resources are available to carry out

an investigation. In addition, you must ensure that adequate instruments are available to acquire and analyze evidence.


  1. Many attempts have been made to develop a universally accepted process model for computer forensic investigations, but all have been in vain. In fact, the main reason for the failure of process models is that no process model has been developed so far that can be applied to the entire field of forensic computing. Instead, current process models only cover specific areas of forensic computing, such as law enforcement, cloud forensics, or mobile forensics. A below some of the main process models are listed.
  2. The systematic digital forensic investigation model (Agarwal et al., 2011)
  3. Framework for digital investigations (Kohn et al., 2006)
  4. The enhanced digital research process model ( Baryamureeba & Tushabe , 2004)
  5. An Expanded Model of Cyber ​​Crime Investigations (Carrier & Spafford 2003)
  6. The most common steps performed in computer forensic investigation include search and seizure, acquisition, analysis, and reporting.



A computer forensic laboratory is a place where investigations are conducted and evidence is stored. Evidence stored in the laboratory must not be destroyed or corrupted, so the laboratory must be physically secured.



The well-defined report structure contributes to the reader’s ability to understand the information the report writer is trying to provide. Investigators must ensure that sections of the report are labeled and follow a regular numbering scheme. They should also ensure that supporting materials, such as tables and figures, are consistently labeled and numbered. Avoid using jargon, vague wording, and slang .


Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

Professional conduct is of utmost importance because it determines the credibility of the computer forensic investigator. Professional conduct includes ethical behavior and legal principles. In conducting research, the examiner must adhere to legal principles and exhibit the highest level of ethical behavior. Professional conduct can be maintained taking into account the following guidelines:

  • Maintain confidentiality during an investigation. To do this, do not disclose sensitive case information to anyone; only authorized persons should have knowledge of this information, like other researchers.
  • Maintain objectivity during an investigation. To do this, the examiner must form an opinion based on their education, training and experience.
  • Continuously expand technical knowledge.


Don’t rush to conclusions without considering all the facts available.

To maintain the integrity of fact finding during an investigation, the examiner must avoid bias or prejudice.

As the field of forensic computing is changing rapidly, examiners must keep up with the latest computer hardware and software, operating systems, forensic tools, and networks.

They must be aware of the latest research techniques.


Computer forensics, or digital forensics, is a fairly new field. Forensic computer investigators, also known as forensic computer specialists, forensic computer examiners, or forensic computer analysts, are responsible for discovering and describing the information contained in, or the status or existence of, a digital artifact. Digital artifacts include computer systems, hard drives, CDs, and other storage devices, as well as electronic documents and files such as emails and JPEG images.

The rapidly growing field of forensic computing includes several branches related to firewalls, networks, databases, and mobile devices. Digital forensic technicians can find work at many types of organizations: government (local, state, and federal), accounting firms, law firms, banks, and software development companies. Essentially, any type of organization that has a computer system may need a specialist in digital forensic medicine.

Some digital forensic medicine specialists choose to start their own businesses, giving them the opportunity to work with a variety of clients.


Computer forensic investigators provide many services based on the gathering of digital information, from investigating computer systems and data to present information for court cases to determining how an unauthorized user has hacked a system.

A digital forensic examiner does many things in the course of these tasks: it protects the computer system, recovers files (including those that were deleted or encrypted), analyzes the data found on various disks, and provides reports, feedback, and even testimonials when required. A computer forensic degree can help you develop the skills necessary for a successful career in this field.



A bachelor’s degree in forensic computing or a similar area is generally required to obtain a position as a forensic computer investigator. Some community colleges offer two-year associate degrees in forensic informatics , which allow aspiring forensic informatics researchers to transfer to a four-year college or university for a bachelor’s degree. 

  • Attend a bachelor’s program and / or gain experience in a related field . *
  • Obtain GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA ) certification . * *
  • Apply for a vacant position as a computer forensic investigator.
  • Complete an interview.
  • Being hired as a computer forensic investigator.
  • Receive on-the-job training once hired.
  • * The level of qualification required depends on the job. Sometimes the relevant experience can be used to complement an educational requirement. Check the job ad for details.
  • **Optional. Although forensic computer certification may not be required to find a position, experts recommend taking the time to become certified. Some organizations require it, while others view applicants who have obtained certification more favorably.
    Forensic informatics in Madrid 

    Forensic informatics in Madrid

Computer forensic investigators can improve their degrees and experience by completing training courses and programs with organizations such as the National Institute of Justice and the National Institute of Computer Forensics.

An interest in technology, a desire to constantly learn to keep up with the latest technological advances, and the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing are common traits for successful digital forensic specialists. Analytical and problem-solving skills are also key. Work experience in a computer related or law enforcement position could also be beneficial.



  • Computer forensic analyst
  • Computer Forensic Investigator
  • Computer forensic specialist
  • Computer forensic technician
  • Digital Forensic Medicine Specialist
  • Computer Forensic Examiner

The range of salaries for forensic computer analysts and investigators varies greatly depending on whether you are working in the private or public sector. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not provide data on the salaries of forensic computer specialists, but it does on employment related to

information security analysts, who earn a median salary of $ 98,350 a year. According to the BLS, the related occupation of information security analysts is expected to grow 28% between 2016 and 2026.

There are many types of malicious software that you should avoid so that the information on your computer remains intact. You have to be very careful because most cyber attacks are not done by magic, it really depends on the user of the computer.

So to avoid forensic computer investigations, you better be aware of what we will explain next.  


Malware is short for malicious software, which means software that can be used to compromise computer functions, steal data, bypass access controls, or otherwise harm the host computer.

Malware is a broad term that refers to a variety of malicious programs. This article will define several of the most common types of malware: adware, bots , bugs, rootkits , spyware, Trojan horses, viruses, and worms.



Adware (short for ad support software) is a type of malware that automatically delivers ads. Adware. Common examples of hardware include pop-up advertisements on websites and advertisements that are displayed by the software. Often, software and applications offer “free” versions that come bundled with adware. Most adware is sponsored or created by advertisers and serves as an income generating tool. While some adware is designed solely to deliver ads, it is not uncommon for the adware to come along with spyware (see below) that is capable

of tracking user activity and stealing information. Due to the added capabilities of spyware, adware / spyware packages are significantly more dangerous than adware alone.


Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

The bots are software programs created to automatically perform specific operations. Although some bots are created for relatively harmless purposes (video games, internet auctions, online contests, etc.), it is increasingly common to see bots being used for malicious purposes. The bots can be used in botnets (collections of computers to be controlled by others) for attacks DDoS , as bots that advertise on websites, like spiders web scraping data servers and to distribute malware disguised as elements of popular search on download sites. Websites can protect themselves against bots with CAPTCHA tests that verify that users are human.


In the software context, a bug is a defect that produces an unwanted result. These failures are usually the result of human error and usually exist in the source code or in the compilers of a program.

Minor bugs only slightly affect the behavior of a program and as a result can last long periods of time before being discovered. The most significant errors can cause them to crash or freeze.

Security bugs are the most serious type of bugs and can allow attackers to bypass user authentication, override access privileges, or steal data. Bugs can be prevented with developer education, quality control, and code analysis tools.



The Ransomware is a form of malware essentially held captive a computer system while requiring a rescue. The malware restricts the user’s access to the computer either by encrypting the files on the hard drive or by blocking the system and displaying messages that are intended to force the user to pay the

Creator of malware to remove restrictions and re-access your computer. Rescue programs often spread like a normal computer worm (see below) and end up on a computer through a downloaded file or some other vulnerability in a network service.


A rootkit is a type of malicious software designed to remotely access or control a computer without being detected by users or security programs. Once a rootkit has been installed , the malicious party behind the rootkit may run files remotely, access / steal information, modify system settings, alter software (especially any security software that can detect the rootkit ), install hidden malware or control the computer as part of a botnet .

Prevention, detection and removal of rootkits can be difficult due to their stealthy operation. Because a rootkit continually hides its presence, typical security products are not effective at detecting and removing rootkits . As a result, rootkit detection relies on manual methods such as computer behavior monitoring to detect irregular activity, signature scanning, and storage dump analysis.

Organizations and users can protect themselves from rootkits by regularly patching vulnerabilities in software, applications, and operating systems, updating virus definitions, avoiding suspicious downloads, and performing static scans.



Spyware is a type of malware that works by spying on user activity without your knowledge. These spying capabilities can include activity monitoring, keystroke collection, data collection (account information, logins, financial data) and more. Spyware often has additional capabilities as well, ranging from modifying security settings in software or browsers to interference with network connections. Spyware spreads by exploiting vulnerabilities in computer programs, bundling them with legitimate programs, or Trojans.


A Trojan horse, commonly known as a “Trojan,” is a type of malware that masquerades as a regular file or program to trick users into downloading and installing malware. A Trojan can give a malicious person remote access to an infected computer. Once an attacker has access to an infected computer, they may steal data (logins, financial data, even electronic money), install more malware, modify files, monitor user activity (screen surveillance, logging keys, etc.), use the computer in robot networks and anonymously make the attacker’s activity on the Internet.

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid



A virus is a form of malware that is capable of copying itself and spreading to other computers. Viruses often spread to other computers by joining various programs and executing code when a user launches one of those infected programs. Viruses can also spread through cross-site script files, documents, and cross-site script vulnerabilities in web applications. Viruses can be used to steal information, damage host computers and networks, create robot networks, steal money, advertise, and more.


Computer worms are among the most common types of malware. They spread across computer networks by exploiting vulnerabilities in the operating system. Worms often cause damage to their host networks by consuming bandwidth and overloading web servers. Computer worms can also contain “payloads” that damage mainframe computers.

Payloads are pieces of code written to perform actions on affected computers beyond the simple spread of the worm. The payloads are commonly designed to steal data, delete files or create botnets.

Computer worms can be classified as a type of computer virus, but there are several characteristics that distinguish computer worms from normal viruses. An important difference is that computer worms have the ability to self-replicate and spread independently, whereas viruses depend on human activity to spread (run a program, open a file, etc.). Worms often spread by sending bulk emails with infected attachments to users’ contacts.



Although these types of malware differ greatly in how computers are spread and infected, they can all produce similar symptoms. Computers infected with malware can have any of the following symptoms:

  • Increased CPU usage
  • Slow computer or web browser speeds
  • Network connection problems
  • Frozen or crashed
  • Modified or deleted files
  • Appearance of strange files, programs or desktop icons
  • Programs that run, shutdown, or reconfigure themselves ( malware often reconfigures or shuts down antivirus and firewall programs)
  • Strange computer behavior
  • Emails / messages are sent automatically and without user knowledge (a friend receives a strange email from you that they have not sent)


Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

There are several general best practices that organizations and individual users should follow to prevent malware infections. Some malware cases require special methods of prevention and treatment, but following these recommendations will greatly increase the protection of the

user against a wide range of malware:


Install and run anti-malware and firewall software. When selecting software, choose a program that offers tools to detect, quarantine, and remove multiple types of malware. At a minimum, antimalware software should protect against viruses, spyware, adware, Trojans, and worms. The combination of anti-malware software and a firewall will ensure that all incoming and existing data is scanned for malware and that it can be safely removed once detected.

Keep software and operating systems updated with current vulnerability patches. These patches are usually released to fix bugs or other security flaws that could be exploited by attackers.

Be careful when downloading files, programs, attachments, etc. Downloads that look strange or that come from an unknown source often contain malware.


Spam is the electronic sending of unsolicited bulk messages. The most common medium for spam is email, but it is not uncommon for spammers to use instant messages, text messages, blogs, web forums, search engines, and social media. While spam is not actually a type of malware, it is very common for malware to spread through spam.

This happens when computers infected with viruses, worms, or other malware are used to distribute spam messages that contain more malware. Users can prevent spamming by avoiding unknown emails and keeping their email addresses as private as possible.




Who attend should assume that enter into your notebook so remote?        

Basically all the information of our lives is stored on PCs . The photos family, introducing images private, are stored on hard disks. Communications are maintained through the communities and bank transfers are made . everything we do goes through a PC.                

Is undeniable progress that we had and the facilities we offer technology and using the Internet, but also have the ability to deny you also have the ability to transform into a weak and vulnerable point for companies, people and families.                   

Fortunately, private computer detectives have the ability to investigate computer and technology crimes, also applying corrective and preventive measures to evade future threats.       

And should assume who the interloper in its history digital a specialized computer forensic detective can gather evidence overwhelming that you will be able to use so forceful in some developing court seeking to begin.                 





A computer detective techniques and apply scientific methods of examination very sophisticated, equipment and gadgets electronic, with the purpose to investigate, consider and document testing digital on a report, so to achieve be announced on a pending court.                        

The work of a computer detective is executed on some gadget, be it mobile phones, computers, smartphones, tablets, PDAs, hard drives, external devices, or any set that stores or processes information.          

You can recover deleted data or files , in this way as recover information from any service or momentary chat systems , in this way as an examination of GPS apps to recover positioning data.                    

You can complement this technological research , with an electronic sweep , to discover and normalize some electronic spy gadget that manages to be found in your home or office           

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid




Who can I hire for a technological research ?  

Our Private Detective Agency in Spain is an expert in technological investigations . They are the detectives of Grupo Arga Detectives. We have computer experts who will advise you on the subject of the security of your digital information and of unauthorized access to your home or business network.        

We have the backing of well over 10 years of experience in this type of research, with appropriately certified computer professionals .           

Do not hesitate and contact us! If you suspect that you are manipulating your laptop so remote Arga Detectives Group is the solution! Visit us or contact us by phone.   

Hiring private experts to do computer research in companies is an activity that is becoming daily. No company wants to be the victim of industrial espionage or leaking confidential information, but this kind of activity is more common than you might think.             

If you have the suspicion that he may be being seen or heard, either in your personal office or in your living room joint, the alternative is advisable to attend to experts. In these moments we live is better to be cautious, and an electronic sweep for example, you will make your secret business continue to remain just that: Secrets.                     



Significant companies today choose to take all prudences likely to prevent industrial espionage, and usually make the process of scanning electron their meeting before making meetings and meetings of a strategic nature. And most of them choose to hire private detectives to carry it out.                      

If you suspect or have found hidden gadgets or microphones, then it is time to do an electronic sweep . Without hesitation! The experts will look for transmitting and receiving equipment, and will also analyze telephone lines and Internet connections, to rule out any opportunity for espionage.           

When you decide to start the process, try to have the smallest viable number of personnel, better if there is no employee present, besides the contractor or his manager. The smaller proportion of people find out about the process, the better.           

Ever it is completely safe, since criminals are always active, all day long. So it is advisable that the electronic sweep be done with some regularity. Spy gadgets may have been detected and removed , but there is no guarantee that they will not try to put them back.               



         The computer forensic detectives are responsible for exercise science to obtain, maintain, and present data while being electronic in nature, which stored are in computer media , classified as a special practice that contributes to the use of new technologies to solve different cases.   

           The incidence of these experts can be observed in cases or investigations of different nature, since they can be judicial, police as well as in the private sphere, since they have tools that allow specific procedures to be carried out that promote the processing of digital evidence.  


    These are specialists in working with mobile devices, computers, email servers, among others, it should be noted that they participate in computer crimes like others that in principle are not, but that under a technological study you can know and study the truth at background.  

           This is because any activity or topic in question that has been carried out with the simple review or use of a device , is an open door to detect information or follow the trail , since manually or automatically, these generate a test, but to obtain and analyze it requires significant expertise.

           The processing of tests that are directly related to a device are within the competence of these professionals, which is why they are so highly valued today, even as technology increasingly takes over people’s lives, therefore a special treatment for this type of information . 

           When carrying out an everyday event such as sending an email, the location of the point of origin appears , through the IP address, as well as access to systems, verification of browsing history, chats, recovery. data, among other types of information. 

           The above are usual functions or objectives that this type of professional faces, which is effective to combat and investigate crimes against property, industrial espionage, violation of privacy, even data theft, among others, their coverage is important within this type of crime.  


Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

 The greatest demand today is based on the analysis of a company, this task is widely requested by technology experts, since they provide computer security to any entity, because it is responsible for issuing a notice of what is happening, also of be able to detect any irregular activity.  




         The computer forensic detectives have a significant reach into account lockout, disappearance of files, even to incidents arising from security systems, which are examples of such extensive action, although most work is distinguished by the type of information to analyze.  

           On the other hand, an important point is the crime, and the estimated time to find the information, because these digital tests are extremely volatile , another point that they determine is the device to be studied through this case, because you must examine this kind of information with great subtlety as the situation warrants. 

           Within this profession, it is common for new elements or data to emerge during the investigation, as well as novel devices to be analyzed, so it is important to identify the ways or means of obtaining data , to act quickly before the information disappears. 

           For this reason, when some sensitive information appears, a duplicate of it is made, this is their method of preserving the integrity of the evidence , asserting the important chain of custody, because these mechanisms guarantee the validity of the data obtained and the legality thereof. 

           The important thing about safeguarding this digital information is that it is characterized by being altered or manipulated, for this reason it must have the support of its integrity, since otherwise they are invalid within some legal process, it is as if they had not been obtained .  

            Having backup copies allows you to use forensic analysis techniques on the information, depending on the nature of the case faced, this works to determine the use of some device, the connections it has had with another device, and even the time of use, as well as endless actions. 

           Among the results obtained , the methods of obtaining must be exposed , to determine the way of extracting the information, since the investigation must follow legal steps, so that this type of fact cannot be refuted, it must represent a determining path. 


The information collected is used to carry out the reconstruction of the events, this is done through the data collection mechanisms , in this way they resemble or relate to the events that have occurred in reality, marking a timeline in which the commission of a crime occurred.

           This determination or relationship is relevant to perform an analysis of data , which must be framed in a chronological order, in this way a specific date can be reached, which are considered to display the information that has been used at that time. specific. 

           The aforementioned fact works to evaluate the timestamps that are present within a file for example, such as the creation, modification and last access to it, since these events can be manipulated either by the person who committed the crime or by some user with bad intentions.  



         The dynamics of the actions of forensic computer detectives is focused on the complete analysis of computer data, where absolute specialization is required , because a poorly supported hypothesis cannot be elaborated by focusing on some fact that has been modified or altered with that intention. .   

            The work is carried out on the backup copies , but not on the device directly, since they would be left without effect, that is, they would not be accepted during a trial because they had been altered, for this reason the use of these devices once the backup has been made.

           After carrying out this analysis, they are responsible for presenting a report, which details the information, in a way that anyone can understand, they exercise a technical opinion of what has happened , ratifying their intervention in the process more than anything else as a allusion to evidence obtained of a digital nature. 

           The ability they have to use and apply scientific methods or techniques which have been ratified, in order to process the digital evidence , therefore they function as collaborators within a legal investigation, which is studied in the conduct of one of private nature that must present valid data. 


 Because when handling computer data you must have extreme care , which is why it is such an interesting profession today, especially if you like the technological aspect, coming to the truth completely regardless of the means or the nature to be the proof. 

           This has been extended to incorporate them into the relationship of private investigations , to carry out electronic sweeps, detection of microphones, and many more functions, expanding the focus within the search for truth can considerably reduce the impact of crimes or their decrease. 

            Technical and technological alternatives are fundamental for the resounding growth of technology , it is an essential ally today, which at the same time increases their experience and allows them to cover areas of all kinds in the middle of an investigation, being a indispensable professional in it.

           Regardless of the field in question, it can be personal, but above all industrial, the use of technology is common , but at the same time it can be used as a weapon to protect oneself, that is, to keep the technology team attached to this science, these forensic techniques, and the entire set of tools that are used. 

           The work of a computer expert is crucial when conducting a thorough examination , especially when a computer attack has arisen, in this way you can determine what has happened and how it happened, even if it is possible to reveal the author of these facts, for that reason his intervention is widely vital.

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid



         The techniques and procedures carried out by forensic computer detectives can be in the private sphere, as well as under the order of a judge, although this science has a classification of itself, in three parts, on the one hand are the computers, networks and lastly the evidence  


           For this reason, under this plan, digital evidence is constituted as computer data , which becomes an open door to determine the crime or how the commission of the crime was carried out. In this way, a link or link can be built. of the moment or of the author who has intervened in it. 


Under the exercise of this forensic discipline, the same concerns or purposes of an investigation arise , such as clarifying who has been, how it happened, where it happened and the reasons, since this is evidenced through the results obtained, their instinct about the situation at hand. 

            Chasing the trail of a crime is viable , it is one of the maxims that apply within the investigation, especially when it comes to the technological environment, for this reason it represents a science entirely, this occurs or is called transfer of evidence forensic, in this way they are analyzed.

           Within the digital world, the same thing happens with having the possibility of encountering evidence, with the origin of who was in charge of carrying out said crime, in addition to the fact that the systems impose, as a general rule, that they keep a trace of all that option that may to affect. 

           The same work that other professionals do with fingerprints is done with digital data, but this type of fingerprints can be obtained through calculations in which algorithms are used, one of the most widely implemented is the SHA 256 algorithm, which It acts as a demonstrative method of manipulating a file.  

           In the same way that happens with tangible tests, it is used with those of a digital nature, that is, it is required to demonstrate that they are composed entirely, without a minimum sign of manipulation , because they will have no value when using or presenting them. 

           Forensic tools help fulfill these purposes, as has been the use of cloners, which are characterized by facilitating the extraction of data by means of a copy of information that is located on hard drives or USB sticks, this is It is used as a way not to alter it during copying.  

           These types of computer experts go beyond employing protocols, procedures and tools, but are responsible for providing guarantees of the integrity of each digital data , because they have the subtlety to copy the information without deteriorating its usefulness or credibility. 

           Although compared to tangible evidence, this is much more fragile in terms of handling, although its main advantage is that you can copy any data , as many times as required, and at the same time be able to demonstrate that each of these copies is based on the original completely identical. 



         For forensic computer detectives , proving property theft is complex or challenging, because sometimes original files can be kept entirely original without signs of tampering, which is why it is known as  

an important expert battle within this science.

           The fight lies in that desire to demonstrate who is behind the commission of the criminal act, because the computer attack has different fronts , for that reason getting the person responsible for some fact is complex, especially when the tools used for crime they are mostly online. 

           Although in the digital world what is seldom perceived is the reason why it led to a computer crime, given that it is understood only from the use and execution of the tools that lead to malicious action, that is, it is found through this branch.  

           When it comes to digital media, only money and access are required, so it becomes a complex fact to investigate the reasons that led to this type of movement, for this the research is carried out together with other professionals , depending on the sector that is treat either personal or industrial. 

           In fact, in order to identify an attacker, most business systems have tools that serve to deceive the attacker , so that the necessary information about them and the procedures that they used in their intention to cause harm can be obtained. or violate the system. 

           This is an important method to know the way in which the attack is carried out, to understand and analyze the techniques used in the commission of this crime , one of the most widely implemented is malicious code as a tool used by the attacker, being one of the most identified attacks. 

           Although one of its objectives not only prevails in determining the origin of the attack, but it is involved in the fusion and processing of this information, since it can originate through various intelligence sources, such as the interception of signals. for example and those that come from human sources.  

           In the same way, it produces an analysis of the images, while the open sources are also found, being those that are constantly within the reach of the users, it is common, therefore to determine the origin, the participation of all the elements involved in the malicious action.  


Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

    For example, when it comes to higher objectives such as government, the tools applied are usually more detailed and special , in this way you can get an idea of ​​what a computer scientist of this caliber is facing, it is an extremely thorough fight against time to which you must exercise precise techniques .  






         Based on the evolution and constant rise of technology, forensic computer detectives have obtained an important role, which is why laboratories have been established within the private investigation to study these events, in this way 100% can be attended to situations of this nature.  

           About all that involved in investigations of all kinds are even challenged by the request of a judge for his remark as an expert, because one deserves digital test scientific and technical knowledge premier this area of interaction worldwide on a large scale.  

            Services or interventions within a process is derived in different ways, in the first place it is preventive, where some have control information, is acting as technical advice to form devices safe from all kinds of actions. 

           Being one of the significant foci since prevention can avoid significant damage , it can be implemented to detect information that has been deleted, as well as a constant analysis of what happens, this type of care is implemented within the industrial area on everything, although the staff too. 

           On the other hand, there is the function of detecting illegitimate actions against a system , in this way there are more probabilities of finding the cause of the crime, these are the means by which the analysis of these digital data is carried out, to achieve what occurs more precisely. 

           In consequence is its position probative value, which focuses on collecting evidence, thus can ensure that they are admissible before a court , which can perform actions of this kind before a notary, which certifies that Complete each step. 

           For any investigation carried out by the detective agency, they are undoubtedly supported by legal technological means, above all , so they are enabled to be used without any problem, and then make guesses based on the results obtained that must be

ratified in a legal process.

           Undoubtedly, its capabilities extend to data recovery, detect information leaks, detect intruders, measure itself against unfair competition, as well as cyber sabotage, where a timeline of events is built , and even recovery occurs. of information. 

           Another of its services is to make copies of information , some mechanism used inappropriately at an industrial level, as well as cooperate to trace information, locate the origin of various emails, until detecting the disappearance of internet data, and at the same time carry out a complete computer expertise.

           The most important thing is that by adding these qualities to a private detective, it works as an important legal and technical advice, where you can take advantage of technology to protect yourself until you detect what is happening, so in the end you can count on a computer security shield. first level.  




         The powers of the services of forensic computer detectives need a legitimate safeguard, that is, it is carried out through the imposition of a contract that allows or establishes this type of actions, which are contemplated in the laws, therefore to contact a professional of This level requires this procedure.  

           In fact this is intended to have highly trained computer experts , since the importance of their actions is crucial today, so in the work of a private detective can not miss the integration of specialized laboratories in the area. 

           Computer applications and devices deserve extensive control and support, especially since they are susceptible to manipulation , just the fact that private life can be extracted through this digital world represents a significant risk to privacy. 

            The vulnerability found on computer systems is a serious threat that must be faced every day, especially when significant damage can be caused through different channels such as programs with the intention of stealing information, for example, and like this many sources of danger. 

            Within this war of computer crime, various meanings emerge , whether they are hackers or crackers, the main subjects being in charge of designing methods to violate private information at all costs, through these there is no respect or awareness, in fact they market the ways to

violate a system.

           Given this, it is important to have the computer experts who take charge of the situation, being complete defenders that this medium needs, because on various web pages people can acquire these tools to do harm, which can be fought against simple thanks to technical knowledge.  

           Anyone can have access to these espionage techniques , therefore anyone at the same time can also hire a professional to take charge of the situation, especially due to their extensive training, their participation in private investigation is essential for resolution. of business cases.

           In addition to being positioned as a person prepared to obtain protection against future attacks, as a preventive defense, although detection is one of its virtues , since it can fully analyze all kinds of computing devices, where the findings will be valid legal it requires. 

           The digital age, as it has brought great benefits, consequently produces an important leak of information, that is, it is constantly exposed, but it is in your hands to place yourself at the disposal of experts whose mission is to protect and combat all kinds of malicious digital techniques . 

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

           Technology invades every sector of personal life for example, that is to say in the economic, labor, and even business as well , because all corners are extensively vulnerable , but the measures taken in this regard are what make a difference today, because protective measures must be taken in this regard.




         The exclusive services provided by forensic computer detectives are transcendental, since they have an important level of contribution in personal life, but especially in business, trying to get to the bottom of the truth without setbacks or doubts of legality.  

           At the first moment in which a problem that arises from a computer device is presented, the correct thing is to go to a widely committed staff , for this the computer experts fit in, because they will be in charge of inquiring from how it arose to its effects in most of the cases. 

           Because this type of professionals is responsible for collecting all the digital evidence that is needed , although this is done under legal means entirely, otherwise it would be falling into an illegal action, being a terrible solution, in addition to its degree of preparation being You can file in court through the report. 


    Most of the investigations carried out contain a solution in most situations, because a fervent chain of custody is maintained in this regard , because it has an appropriate methodology to use it in other types of legal instances, because the attackers believe that they can go unpunished . 

           However , it is possible to discover the author of these events when he chooses to choose first-rate experts in this area, where each action is kept under the protection of legal systems , its main guarantee is to ensure the application of ethical measures through computer investigations. 

           The quality of computer experts is limited to working with all kinds of digital devices , in order to make the respective copy to know what happened, this type of techniques are extremely modern, for which it requires very subtle manipulation. 

            In addition, each action must be strictly in accordance with the regulations, there are many reasons why you should go before this class of experts, but the one that prevails is their extensive knowledge of this type of area, fulfilling specific but totally necessary tasks under this context.  

            The popular actions in the first place is the electronic sweep, being one of the most requested worldwide even, because espionage and competition increasingly choose desperate ways to the point of implanting microphones, therefore this type of services to fully protect yourself. 

            The detection of this type of frequencies emitted by a microphone, for example, ends up being a common job for computer experts, being an electronic measure that can be used to protect against the intention of external means to intervene to obtain an industrial secret or some formula , which generates losses. 

           On the other hand, its main function resides in the fact of providing computer security at all costs, because the information of any technological device can be analyzed and evaluated, in this way the respective report is issued that contains the results of the same to use it as it is more convenient.  



         The study of computer forensic detectives extends to the analysis of the smallest digital data, so if it fits within your claims you can locate answers through the services of Grupo Arga Detectives, where you will find a wide variety of  

experts from different areas.

            Technology experts are responsible for determining all kinds of intrusions, as they also have a comprehensive analysis of mobile devices, since they are a source of information today, which is why it is one of the foci where to start a search and protect it. weather. 

           On the other hand there is the performance of security audits, especially for exercising and complying with data protection regulations, this type of action is what distinguishes this profession from other illicit attempts to discover the truth, where there is even a risk of illegal actions.  

           Within this detective agency you can find WhatsApp certificate services , as well as the recovery of information that has been erased, at the same time you can carry out computer expertise, where an important series of digital evidence is constituted. 

            Fraud investigation and discovery is one of the high points of this science, for this reason it is one of the most valued services today, starting with the fact that technology is a part of yourself, every step, every decision or information is exposed on a regular basis without knowing it. 

           An adequate alternative to reveal the truth in any case, the most important thing is to choose the channels of professionalism and discretion that derive from these detectives, who operate in Madrid, but at the same time have collaborative actions in the national and even international territory. .  


Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

  Mostly the importance of computer detective experts in private investigation , they have obtained it through the constant needs to demonstrate some fact through devices of all kinds, where each conversation has an important evidentiary value, even to demonstrate a contractual relationship. 


       The way to obtain the truth and the appropriate handling of a digital data, is to have the intervention of experts who will be able to take care of the situation without any doubt , in addition they actively participate even for the installation of security cameras to place an example , you can go from everyday to more advanced. 

           For this reason Grupo Arga detectives is postulated as a source that provides the best computer experts, who help and possess a very extensive level of functions within the area of ​​technology, where modern techniques are used to reach the resolution of a situation. 

           Consultations are the first step to have access to all the faculties that we have mentioned, which represent an essential guarantee at present, so through this hiring you can count on effective responses according to the specific situation with the advantage of causing difference within technological means.  




         At the time of seeking to solve a problem of information theft, labor doubts, violation of your systems, the need for the figure of forensic computer detectives prevails , in Madrid the support of Grupo Arga Detectives is obtained, which provides experts in all the necessary areas. 

            The experience within private research makes it possible to strengthen each branch or emerging need, which is why when it comes to technology a higher level of technical skill is required, so training and specialization in this field is essential because it merits professional intervention. 

           Every time there are many methods studied within the digital data collection , which due to their volatile nature represent a challenge at present, therefore the methods are extremely important to attend this type of cases, where it becomes agony to feel vulnerable. 

           In other words, the simple fact of having a launch in a short time, where it is filtered, suggests that there is an obvious betrayal, but above all an action of espionage, to stop being a victim in this type of situation, the most appropriate thing falls on taking detection and origin determination measures. 


  The detective services in Madrid of this detective agency, is strengthened and accompanied by the actions of auxiliary experts to say the least, given that as more functions are integrated , all kinds of incidents can be covered in an effective and fast way such as requires.  

           Due to the wide susceptibility of a file to its modification, this type of action should be carried out as soon as a situation occurs, because time plays a determining factor in obtaining responses from the source, as well as formulating both a legal and protective response in the future. .  

           For this reason, a usual escape route is usually a complete service, where no additional effort is required, because these professionals will take care of everything, the responses in a single contract simplify incidents, in the same way they constitute a perfect method for resolution. of the problems.  

           When detectives incorporate forensic techniques into their actions, they have a greater scope, the response is strengthened to the same extent that attackers can obtain other kinds of methods to cause damage, that is, the incidence of computer attacks. 

           Sometimes the majority of users do not have knowledge in this area, it can be an easy target, in which case the best alternative lies in having computer security, since it represents a good way to protect yourself, being with a radar alert to all kinds of situations, especially in business.  

           Regardless of the problems that may arise or the area where it develops, the intervention of a computer expert can be crucial , because you will be able to find special coverage, both in the present and in the future at the same time, because digital data is channeled to use them in your protection without a doubt. 





Computer security in accordance with the advances technological that there is again easy to violate, for that reason it was causing a service of computer forensics in the various detective agencies can find in every town , they will provide an examination over your phone in the situation that there is    

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid


been intervened.

Computers and smartphones are were installed as articles of use newspaper in place of life, in the workplace, etc., giving thus to the user globalization of technology beyond that has many virtues also has its disadvantages One of them is the information insecurity door that is handled in them.                   

An important part of this profession is to evaluate with the technique of electronic sweeps , this is modern and shows an incredible aptitude to find what you want, being worth its weight in gold.            

On the other hand, people are not used to hiring these services, although it is too efficient and all due to the price agreed upon in its use, but taking into account the frauds caused by technology, and the damages that the person may suffer. , the price is minimal.                 

The computer forensics will be ideal if they have stolen your identity on social networks. Know how great it can get to be the network as a utility to provide the understanding or contact with related persons, however, also is the possibility that they are very dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands, because they can steal information and the identity of others, and use them to ruin your reputation.                       



The communities like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc., tend to be very attractive to cybercriminals, who are able to try to get these to achieve obtain personal data, ask for money to evade publish intimate information, perform theft, etc.               

In addition, personal image can be damaged before others if they decide to carry out publications or write in dialogues with their contacts, damaging it and also, managing to harm them.       

If your accounts don’t have the necessary security , you can end up being the victim of a malicious hacker, and also pass one of these terrible occasions.        

The resolution for this kind of inconvenience comes with the support of a forensic computer scientist , who can help you to recover your profiles from the different networks and also to detect whoever was guilty of your account being hacked.               





Our forensic computer scientists in Spain , here at Grupo Arga Detectives, have the possibility to guide you to recover the profiles of your social networks. The knowledge that a forensic computer scientist has , not only covers those related to programs and hardware, but also, they have experience in the subject of                  

networks, computer security, hacking, cracking and information rehabilitation .  

In this sense, the services of a forensic computer scientist have the possibility of being a great impetus to obtain clues in relation to computer assaults , account hacking, theft of information, dialogues or clues through e-mails or chats.              

It is for this reason that computer forensics are the best experts for this kind of inconvenience, because they have the tools and knowledge necessary to get their accounts of the networks back, assuming that they have been hacked, including may find the cause hacking and accuse them of what they have done to get compensation for the damage caused to their profiles.                                




Forensic computer scientists are basically the same as a private detective in Madrid , their primary functionality is the same, both are dedicated to investigating people, sites, computer elements , etc., in addition to cataloging information, seeking resolutions, teaching a report and offering the pertinent conclusions of the case.                      

Forensic computer scientists can find them in different agencies offering you all kinds of services and pertinent information about them. In the town of Madrid you can find many of these agencies, highly recognized according to their experience and commitment, one of these is us, Grupo Arga Detectives , here you will get what you need.            

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

At the time of hiring this kind of service, the most relevant thing is the value at which it can cost, it is like asking how much can the creation of a home cost? This involves various components, in the situation of forensic computer scientists the value depends on how much information is known about the work to offer a fair estimate of its value.                    

The examinations and investigations of computer forensics, likely to be one of the services with higher prices that can offer the detective agencies, the tests typically are more economical, depending on the components involved.             

Forensic computer scientists offer numerous services on different surfaces where devices with digital content are used , which are the following:        

  • Security: as has been said, is the purpose of computer forensics, which discussed the state that is the device digital.          
  • Forensic data analysis: we talk about knowing and investigating the patterns of fraudulent occupations derived from financial crimes.       
  • Forensic analysis of mobile gadgets : the intention is the rehabilitation of all the evidence or data from a mobile gadget , as well as calls and messages.            
  • Services security audits: to ensure the integrity and privacy of all information, make a safety plan in computer networks and thereby ensure that the operations are done by them not be violated.           

Forensic computer scientists know all the rules for the custody of digital data and also the legal obligations of insecurity issues that must be taken in situations for which they need to contract.          

At Grupo Arga Detectives we have the best services of private experts in Madrid, among which we are able to find professional detectives in technological investigations .           

Which are extremely useful thanks to the proportion of illegitimate espionage today, since it turns out to be inexpensive to buy these spy gadgets .            

In addition, the techniques and counter-espionage procedures of our experts are the best to prevent, corroborate and locate these acts of espionage, for which you will have magnificent results.              




Computer technology today was really important in life everyday of people, thanks to the advances technology. Therefore, technological inquiries are of utmost consideration, given that these advances have brought with them different points, both positive and negative.                        

Likewise, among the negative points we have the possibility of emphasizing illegitimate espionage, since it can be used against, since its functionality consists of taking personal, intimate, business and confidential information from people through cameras, microphones or other electronic gadgets .                  

To do our work in a way that best possible, is required to have very much knowledge and technical experts, since most of companies, and other detective agencies usually sell services and lack of trained people, because, you ‘re not usually have the experience, the understanding, the abilities and skills paramount for the implementation of these inquiries.                          

In addition, our agency detectives in Madrid has different services research technology, in this way as all kinds of test computer and electronic sweeps.            

In addition, our services consist of a very affordable price that is related to the duration and difficulty of the investigations carried out by professional detectives .           




The skilled professionals at Grupo Arga Detectives promise a wide range of services regarding the field of electronics and technology.          

Among them are the search for hidden cameras, microphones and other devices that they manage to use against you and also the mounting of hidden cameras in certain facilities where essential meetings and private interviews will be held .             

In addition, they have the possibility to reveal files that are private from a company that were plagiarized and deleted, continue their brand and recover them. These experts are able to follow and check scams or theft of computer type, and also locate probable parties weak and one company and prevent such forms of espionage.                                

Finally, the espionage actions that some people have in others have the possibility of being very dangerous both for their safety and for that of their family and company, given that they have the possibility of obtaining essential data on their personal and work history .             

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

In addition, it tends to be very common between couples when there are beliefs of infidelity. And thus, the expert professionals of Grupo Arga Detectives in Madrid, have the ability to be helpful for family, personal and work safety, since these we attend to prevent, corroborate and locate if we are being spied upon.                          




At Grupo Arga Detectives we have the best forensic computer scientists in Spain . We are a company known for providing the best forensic computing services . The results of each work we do are useful, true, objective and satisfactory.              

Contact us if you assume that your accounts have been hacked by a computer criminal, and we will give you the most correct solution .      

We offer the best rates on the market and our work is of complete quality. In this way, contact us, do not wait any longer to recover the profiles of your communities.         

In the accelerated pace now it is growing technology in the world, thus increasing the ways to be victims of a hacker. At Grupo Arga Detectives we know this controversial issue, we have a group of professionals who work and propose their service to solve the uncertainty that may be going through their heads .                      

We must start from the idea that there are jobs that do not have to be completed by passionate novices, because we do not only speak to the setback of the job itself, but to the fact that it represents, how special it is to ignore when we are accessing a development of legality or not, when wanting to Detect the IP to know the causes.                          



Another of the tasks that correspond to the forensic computer detective , is to determine if the PC was used by another unauthorized person, to enter your PC without using your password you must enter the elements of the set through the session initiation in another of your accounts.                   

There are two ways to understand if your PC was hacked; First, you have to know if there are other individuals present that could have access, Second: check if any of your user accounts were accessed without your authorization or knowledge.             

If this is the case, you should immediately find a forensic computer scientist , because one of the most important reasons for hackers to do this kind of work is to use the personal or confidential information of their victims, which can be even identity theft.             

So it is a favorable check bank transactions completed recently, because they could have used your card and be carrying out any kind of shopping (mostly online).             




A forensic computer scientist understands 4 essential phases to help collect reliable evidence, and thus truly show if a computer is being manipulated, these phases are based on:         

  1. Identify the digital proof . Which lies in, search and manage various types of electronic gadgets , which serve to retrieve information.           
  2. Preserve the digital proof . When you are running the survey data, the computer expert , you must store the information in the form more reliable than achieved, with the aim of avoiding any kind of variation.                  
  3. Analyze the evidence collected.  
  4. Present the evidence in a way that is understandable to all the people who are going to make use of that information, such as, among other things, police, judges, etc.            

Consequently, a good computer expert is in the ability to help all people who thus require, using the best and most prominent techniques that are already with the aim of providing strong evidence, and show so clearly the use undue of technology by means of handling PC without authorization                              

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

If you want to get, more information related to the topic, you can contact us, Grupo Arga Detectives through our site web.         




As an investigative agency we struggle every day with the manufacture of many debts and, on the other hand, we consider incredible ways of payments for our users and that manage to maintain their priority in our finished works .                

All for a common good , since, although several see our prices and rates as exaggerated , they are the most considered, they are also the fastest and quality in the entire area. That is, you will not find another agency that asks less than us when we are the ones who lower the value to contribute to our users.                

We, Grupo Agra Detectives found the most optimal way to provide more effective mechanisms of sweeps in computer science , because, thus saving time and money, which is quite like our users.                

The most optimal way is to exhaust all the basic and habitual elements , so that the person sees the seriousness of the matter and deigns to confront the problem, in its entirety, since it is the best way to achieve it.               

The electronic sweeps are an excellent technique that is in increasing, so it is always good to be part of the advance and not stay behind for fear of that that will happen.       

If you do not have the money to make an inquiry, do not worry, it is your right to request the information you require and in our expert agency we will be willing to assist you properly, since in many other companies it is best to fill the pocket a lot more than the bill, but not here.                    

In Grupo Arga Detectives we are under the rule of several points in accordance with the assistance that has been provided. Many people come to us who see our assistance as essential and all through the good intention that we show in our attentions.                 

All of the above is provided by the improvement we have achieved over time and the distribution you have against any situation of research computing we have, why should not skimp efforts, as we continue to provide assistance to people in different services related to forensic informatics.                     

Being clear why our services always seek to idealize these computer projects and find the primary means to achieve what the person truly longs for .         

As a company of research computing, we have already obtained an optimum position recognition and expert computer private are most take guardianship is a way to say, on this subject. Since, its greatest interest is to ensure the comfort of our users.                   

It should be emphasized that these people are highly qualified to perform the role are to the front in the accompaniment of different ways and get make the goals of those who ask us for assistance.              



If what you have been looking for from the beginning, in experience it is we who you are trying to find with precision and here we will demonstrate the reason for our security, which is that:       

  • We have the special group and with the fundamental knowledge to foster a good disposition towards the subject that has been damaging it.         
  • If you cannot rest from worry, the immediate change has arrived.  
  • We Highlights in computer forensics, and our support is that you need more, it truly is certainly going to get in this aspect so special.          
  • In addition, our confidentiality is exclusive and innate, we do not disclose the situations of our users for anything around the world.       

What most relevant inclusive is that we adapt to your prospects and payment are according to that which counts as what we deserve for our work, though we have different rates with respect to the money, because the situations are unique and never look alike.               

The initiative that comes to mind is the assistance that we must suggest, in the first instance, without many obstacles, since, it has us as the exclusive alternative, and the outstanding thing that we have is the possibility of carrying out the operation, thus how to guide you with what you have.                     

We offer our accompaniment and the best advice so that you do not suffer as much in development and manage to regain control of your different gadgets, or accounts on the Internet, for example, WhatsApp in the most practical way feasible.              

The experts computer private , have the ability to investigate depth the topic, if you are interested to know who it was who wanted to take possession of their devices or accounts, also possess the best way legal to provide optimum thrust if you want to go to court.                 

To encourage all our customers and that this sits with the ability to rely again on his mobile. On the other hand, it receives a sequence of suggestions so that it does not return to be a victim of these excessive outrages coming from couples, friends or third parties.        

Here at Grupo Arga Detectives, we seek satisfaction and all the files and messages that you had before your application was stripped will be recovered , so you have to worry, and you can stay calm. As we could see are best suited to solve all these occasions computer.              

It is then that we end up reasoning and finding the most optimal way to recover everything that has been intervened, and sink the person who deserves it, but not without their consent, which is of utmost importance.         

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid




The techniques we applied our detective agency in Spain are wide and varied, ranging from search deleted information in a computer or mobile device, track a cyber stalker, find who commit fraud via the Internet or tracking movements of somebody over the network.   

The investigations deprived in Spain in the field of computer science has had to retrain and incorporate into our ranks computer experts to help us get the information that the customer demand and teach us how to proceed in certain circumstances directly linked to the network.   

Electronic gadgets have become essential in the life of the person. Its use but also abuse can sometimes have consequences that can get out of hand.

At Grupo Arga Detectives we have forensic computer experts. This discipline has become indispensable in recent years due to the increase in jobs that directly involve technology, including the development of the Internet logically.   

Our detectives in Spain apply scientific techniques at the forefront of the latest instruments on the market. The computer has become final tool that is part of our daily lives and as may be otherwise to me become part in the world of private investigation. Not only as a help tool but also as the object of an investigation. 




That includes the computer knowledge of private experts in Spain …     

The computer knowledge that the private detective in Spain has includes what is the program, hardware, networks, security, cracking, hacking and, lastly , information rehabilitation .       

Grupo Arga Detectives is an expert in forensic computing. We moved where we have to go to analyze, review and search on any computer in the shortest time as the test digital electronic are very fragile and need to be taken with urgency.    

In addition, computer forensics exercising their task as detectives in Spain , have a chance to get to retrieve information that has been deleted from a computer.       

It is substantial to note that computer research does not have a preventive section, what do we mean by this? The detectives did not try to prevent crimes that are concerned computer security.          

That is why we must be aware that the framework of action for computer security and forensic informatics is very different. 




What are the objectives of forensic informatics for private detectives in Spain …

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

For the detective agency in Spain, forensic informatics has three objectives in particular:  

  • Compensation for damages caused by intruders  
  • Valid evidence to report the situation caused by someone through a computer or mobile equipment.
  • The application of techniques to prevent probable similar cases   

All these objectives are achieved by private investigations in Spain through the collection of evidence or evidence.   



The life that we usually lead in the web environment sometimes leads us to take risks in an unsuspected way, since this space walks with us wherever we go, whether it is our work, our home and the places we frequent, social networks Little by little they have become our second home.

That is why this element is of utmost importance to know the probable events that we commit where a great exposure of our people is generated, it is there where the behavior that we maintain to publish a history every hour and even the provision of data Personal to a person of “trust” without even having the certainty that we have her on the other side of the screen is what has led to the development of research in digital environments.

For this, the insertion in the context of investigation by forensic computer experts is of an urgent necessity, since in some situations the generation of this investigation scheme has led us to unleash multiple solutions that

They allow us to be a highly efficient resource when our research work is required.

A private investigator is a strategically important role in establishing the priority elements that come to be transmitted in terms of solutions to a client who wants above all to have sufficient protection and security regarding their performance in online environments and communities .  

The risk that is implicit in the participation of digital environments is not only associated with the generation of a risky practice when supplying passwords and personal data to others, but it is also reflected in exposure to people who makes a stalker profile effective.

The existence of an environment of dependency in social networks is what has generated in one way or another the vision that this is a space where we can rest, meet others and recreate ourselves, however, many of the people who do Life in these types of communities do not take advantage of what it means to make life on social networks.

Many captors and people who tend to develop an erratic scheme in the various online communities begin to search for profiles in a desperate way, and even begin to generate a relationship of dependency with the treatment and constant writing towards a person at a certain time.

It is there where an individual begins to harass others insistently, with the aim that this other succumbs to this attitude, from Grupo Arga detectives we have managed many cases of clients of the female gender who have felt harassed by a captor who makes life on the digital spectrum, it has

implied that various people in many cases have the need to protect themselves.  

The particularity that any space of social network or digital environment of relationship has, is almost similar to that of all web space, this generates as a disadvantage that those who carry out criminal action and computer crime tend to be whoever they want, since it is a world Where rules are not generally established, as well as, legal action at certain times becomes a bit ambiguous in its interpretations.  

The forensic computer experts provide the opportunity to detect who may be the one who may be in the probability of obtaining personal data and details of third parties through anonymous identity, this is done by tracking IP addresses and also accounts that leave a trail on the web spectrum.   

From Grupo Arga detectives, we must make it clear that these are tasks carried out by computer experts who are capable of generating the best of results for our clients in the shortest possible time.



The forensic computer experts are those who are capable of executing the investigation tasks in the digital environment, this allows the execution of a highly precise investigation that allows them to establish, based on an optimal criterion, all the elements that may be part of the investigation. obtaining good and excellent results.  

A computer researcher is a resource of high value towards the development of a research and hypotheses that have to do with generating responses to a digital environment, which allows him to be highly proactive and capable towards determining the results that the client is requesting. .

Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that has managed to carry out its duties under a highly serious framework, with the aim of serving as public servants to our community at all times and at all times, this allows it to positively impact everything it could refer to as an effective requirement of our clients.

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

The generation of various positive elements towards the client, show the need to be better in our work, this means approaching each fact of research with high scientific rigor.

At Grupo Arga detectives we do not stop in our intentions to be innovative and make the best professional investigation services available to our clients, with the aim of having the possibility of deploying the best of the best in terms of these private intelligence services. and personal protection.

Grupo Arga detectives, is an agency that has generated the best training processes for all its investigators with the aim that they can not only efficiently carry out a first-rate investigation, but also that they can rely on forensic computer experts that allows them to obtain the most information to provide the greatest certainty in our clients.  

At Grupo Arga our main commitment is focused on becoming that axis of solutions desired towards the client, this allows us to act with a great sense of opportunity towards satisfying their needs at the shortest possible time, at the lowest possible cost, In Group Arga constant improvement

of our services will always remain latent in order to never be left behind and to be highly potential enclaves towards the development of a logical response pattern that will serve all of our stakeholders to make their best decisions.



Computer detectives rely on the structuring of their investigations by using specialized programs and software that help them detect spyware to more accurately generate high-level investigation.  

The generation of an investigation process allows the agent to reach a level of responses consistent enough around the generation of cases that are capable of providing all the elements that are initially required to execute an investigation.



 ” Sneak detection ” was described by computer detectives , explaining that the program analyzes communications using two types of information: the device’s unique identifier, which is stored in the device’s user ID file, and its provider Internet service  

(ISP), whose IP address is recorded through a network packet capture and a log file that records the flow of data during communication. In a follow-up email, an accurate trail can be established towards those who carry out these spy tasks with a mobile phone that has a unique mobile identification (also known as IMEI).

Computer detectives often intercept communications, and since IMEI is used to identify phones and, in this case, phones that are directly connected to the Internet, or that a hacker could use to establish a communications channel using mobile phones Of dubious provenance, a hacker could steal a smartphone and use it to remotely activate a hidden webcam is used to monitor and record conversations between a person and their phone.  

To get an inside look at what is being recorded, a criminal or hacker can hack into a smartphone’s GPS software, which tracks your location and can be accessed through third-party apps, and the camera and microphone combination of the camera. That will give the hacker a snapshot that could even allow the hacker to change a profile on the phone to record other messages, or a message to use an SMS-type service to communicate with another person. If the hacker accesses a phone using the stolen mobile ID, they can access a phone network and use that phone’s network connection to access the Internet, including the SIM card of the phone from which the mobile ID was obtained.

 This is a good way to get information from phones, even if the hacker cannot answer phone calls. Therefore, it is also possible for a hacker to obtain data from a stolen cell phone through other means to determine that person’s location or to use the phone to activate “hidden cameras” and run recordings of conversations.

At Grupo Arga detectives we know that although cell phone data can be easily obtained, there is a difference between an IMEI (print number) or a cell phone identification (mobile ID) and «a stolen mobile phone». By establishing these differences we can act quickly on any situation where the connection and connectivity devices of our clients are under an unauthorized information theft scheme.

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

As such, computer detectives could receive an alert through a web browser on a laptop or smartphone, or data collected through one of the devices could be transmitted over a wired network to a phone.  

mobile, for example. The computer program scans communications and records who, when, what, where, and how often each type of communication occurs before moving on to the next information, and only then does it report any actual information retrieved.

 In our operating room we consider the possibility that the program works very quickly and is only activated when someone sends an email, a text message or instant messages that an analyst considers suspicious. It then looks at the software files the user sends, reads the messages, and then reports suspicious events it has found.




At Grupo Arga detectives we do not tire of innovating at the customer’s service, through our computer detectives , we have been able to determine various elements that guarantee the optimal performance of our field agents at a certain time, having the integral conception around the execution of a case and a joint operation criteria where to get to the truth of the facts it is necessary to have various experts in different areas in order to not only get to the truth of a case but also to have mechanisms that allow us to be effective towards decision-making, as well as towards the delimitation of evidence 

Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that above all things is in charge of establishing a high impact delimitation criterion of all the processes, strategies and requirements that it can execute, this with the guarantee of being successful in the deployment of our operations.

Generating various aspects that are positive towards the deployment of resources and implementation of a successful investigation is only possible with the inclusion of our agents Jan the field, this is the guarantee to meet in the best way all the requirements of the market around to a first-rate research service.

At Grupo Arga detectives we are available to our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which is why someone interested in requesting our performance can contact our operations headquarters, as well as contact us on social networks, and our website, with the aim of being served based on highly personalized criteria.

At Grupo Arga detectives are more than 10 years of experience that we have had throughout Spain, satisfying the requirements of all those who have proposed to request our support, at Grupo Arga, the best are found!




When sometimes we tend to listen to everything related to social media research, we do not know what the action of these research schemes implies, many people sometimes think that this type of operation is carried out with young people and adolescents when in practice any  

type of criminal event in social networks can materialize both against people who frequent this type of spaces recurrently and in adults.

Investigation in the digital spectrum 2.0 leads us to the resolution of cases that contain different levels of complexity, since cyber criminals sometimes do not have a specific face on which to direct consistent investigation efforts.



Social networks and web 2.0 spaces are instances that efficiently promote communication between actors and without a doubt allow us to interact with third parties, many people have benefited from the use of these spaces, since they can consistently meet others, meeting people is a short-term element that is even recommended to be done from a clinical point of view.

Upon meeting a new person, chemical processes of high reward and satisfaction are activated in our brains as our body begins to secrete serotonin, this involves the generation of a short-term activation scheme in which the person will undoubtedly search meet as many people as possible in a short period of time.

The possibility of meeting people who look interesting because of their profile photo can sometimes imply being the victims of an attitude of deception, since we do not really know what may be behind these spaces, which means that many people fall into the hands of a captor who with his experience can lead to a highly risky handling element.

The generation of these interaction schemes has sometimes subjected many people, both young and old, to episodes where they are involuntarily coerced to make money deposits or transfers of other non-monetary resources, this allows the computer offender and offender to see benefited.

Economic data or personal data is not the only thing that is in danger on social networks, since there are people who have come to expose data of intimate relevance, and this has resulted in the captor being able to take advantage of these details to committing an act of harassment or impersonation

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

of identity.

Of the first of these we can highlight that it is the most frequent act in the Spanish digital spectrum, the appearance of electronic chats and a token reward system in specialized rooms have also increased the dangers of this type of interaction, since many people without having a real understanding of the danger in front of their screens exchange valuable information with these types of individuals.

It is there where an individual begins to insistently harass a person, in order for them to succumb to this attitude, from Grupo Arga detectives we have managed many cases of clients of the female gender who have felt harassed by a digital captor, This has implied that they have the need to protect themselves.

The particularity of any social network space is almost the same as that of any web space, since this allows a captor to dress up in the suit they want, that is, someone who is an organized criminal can be whoever they want, and this It provides you with an ease on all the criminal operations you can do.

The research on social networks, provides the opportunity to detect who may be one that may be in a position to obtain third – party data via an anonymous identity, this is done by tracking IP addresses and accounts that leave a trail on the web spectrum.  

From Grupo Arga detectives, we must make it clear that these are tasks carried out by computer experts who are capable of generating the best of results for our clients in the shortest possible time.




Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that has been operating in all of Spain for more than 10 years, this has also been the product of a scheme that allows us to do our activities with great agility around providing the answers that our clients are needing, the best that always we have fact is to ensure the happiness of our customers.

For Grupo Arga detectives, the happiness of our clients revolves around the execution of operational schemes that are capable of guaranteeing their tranquility at all times, with the aim of establishing a series of milestones that can generate the greatest possible certainty in development. of an investigation.

At Grupo Arga detectives we do not stop in our intentions to be innovative and make the best digital investigation services available to our clients , with the aim of having the possibility of deploying the best of the best in terms of these private intelligence services. and personal protection for our clients.

The research social networking is one of those new fields from Grupo Arga detectives deployed to our clients in order to provide a framework for tailored responses to a rapidly changing and demanding environment.  

Grupo Arga detectives is an agency that has generated the best training processes for all of its investigators with the aim that they can not only efficiently carry out top-notch research, but also that they can rely on social media research that allows them to obtain the most information to provide the greatest certainty in our clients.

At Grupo Arga detectives we are committed to generating processes that are capable of generating solid results for our clients. The best guarantee of our services is found in the possibility of interweaving an efficient operational framework for responding to our community.



Sometimes the use of the web spectrum, can generate many people to assume risk positions without realizing what happened, this means that there are many people who may need a forensic computer scientist without knowing it, since in general many do not know what really should  

take care in the use of the digital space.

Forensic investigators dedicated to electronic investigation activities are highly qualified resources towards generating a cluster of responses that allow obtaining high-level results that ensure the best protection of our clients in record time. 




This is the story of Almudena, a 27-year-old girl who one day was browsing the internet looking for catalog offers to buy a technological product that she required, it is there where she also wanted at first to save the most money possible, through access to the product that she could require at the lowest price.

When many people often look for technological products they understand that on the internet there are many reliable websites that can offer a highly variable service, that variability that deals with delivery conditions, equipment versions and even the possibility of whether it comes in its packaging Original or not, it can make a substantial difference in generating a purchase decision.

As Almudena does not know in depth the elements that must be met by any secure website, she finds an extremely attractive offer within a portal, it is worth noting that said portal has not been able to detect it previously and that according to what she observes, it allows her to save more 12% that she has available in terms of her purchase budget, therefore it represents a great advantage.  

It is at this point where Almudena, enters the cart section of this website and buys the product, the days go by and for now instead of receiving the product, Almudena one day accesses his personal account and finds the surprise that he has 20 euros less than

on the previous day, an issue that begins to generate various suspicions, since she has not left her home in the last 24 hours.

With the passing of the days, Almudena sends emails to the site making a complaint as to why the team for which she made the payment action a few days ago has not yet had it, then it has been a high risk element since Now the site not only has access to your bank details but also to all your personal email information.

From one moment to another Almudena begins to notice as from your email service, will start alerting on and are generating income from dubious sources to your account, it has generated as a result of it falls into account that he has been defrauded and in effect, it has provided its bank and personal data to people who carry out

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

computer crime.

At this moment Almudena feels scared, and also where she decides to go to an expert in these cases, type in the web search engine and the option of hiring Grupo Arga detectives comes out, an issue that ends up executing the possibility in the shortest possible time. The fact that Almudena has contacted Grupo Arga is of great satisfaction and benefit since it can bring her great utility towards the services that she is currently requesting.

Once Almudena contacts us, she has been able to establish precisely all the services that she may require, at this moment one of our forensic computer technicians attends to her with the aim of gathering with total precision all the needs that she may have, this will make it possible for her to Almudena can generate the greatest willingness to supply all the information on the events that have happened in the last days, since seeing experienced personnel feels the best confidence in telling how everything has developed.   

This means that our lift specialist all the information that has been proposed and implement immediately an operation research with two goals, the first of which would be to provide all information to the client what the digital track of their victimizers in the web spectrum and the second focuses on establishing a series of recommendations that can provide the best protection for her personal accounts and all the personal information that she may be unknowingly sharing on her web and social media spectra.



The digital research is a tool that is at the service of our customers in order to provide the best sense response to the research questions we have with regard to a particular case.  

The construction of a research case is something that does not come from the hand of improvisation, for this you have to have an organization that can establish through a sense of great experience all the elements that are necessary towards the structuring of an investigative criterion of quality, this is possible through the hiring of an agency that can support all these types of operations.

The digital research occurs to generate in most cases a sense of protection ideal customer, the ultimate goal of this is to provide a safety barrier enough to be able to generate a total coverage of all actions of our interest in the network in order that the same does not examine under a risk situation everything related to the unwanted exposure of personal data such as (bank, financial data, among others).   

Currently, there are many options that can represent a true alternative to generate additional income in the 2.0 environment, however, it should be noted that just as there are legitimate options, there are also options that exercise computer fraud, which generates, above all, the capture of third-party data, thus generating additional criminal action, giving rise to various scenarios where the phishing technique can simultaneously give a foothold to other criminal actions.

It is at this point where we review, in the digital environment offers that represent total fraud are presented, and in addition to this, your data can be stolen, as if that were not enough, in the middle of this situation someone can impersonate your identity and can make you commit various financial commitments without your authorization, can another calamity be possible? Well, in this sense, it is necessary to highlight that within the digital environment, multiple forms can be presented in which, in addition to those already mentioned, various elements can be generated that make up the generation of a risk spectrum within web 2.0 navigation.

If at some point as users of the web environment we suspect the existence of elements that are subtracting key personal information, or are also taking advantage of various elements to supplant our identity and acquire commitments on our behalf, we must then go to the detectives who are

Experts in this type of research, they have the ability to carry out any digital investigation and additionally they can immediately establish protective measures towards the levels of exposure that we may have in the 2.0 environment.

Many people are unaware of the potential risks of trusting and surfing the web, ignoring that sometimes for those who know how to search in these environments we are leaving an appetizing enough trail, an issue that will affect the generation of activities that lead to a true risk if you continue to do some type of erratic activity on a recurring basis.

In addition to these issues, people wonder if just structuring economic operations or providing financial data at the digital spectrum level is enough to say that you are in a risky situation, as we regret to say that this is not Thus, practically phishing also applies to other sectors of digital life such as the cloning of personal accounts and / or the appearance of other profiles with false names, these are elements that are often met in various social networks and that do not count sometimes for a close follow-up on our part until the problem is considered as something big.

In this sense, from Grupo Arga detectives, we have the best experts in carrying out digital investigations , capable of establishing the best sense of response to all clients who request research work of this type, additionally from the point of view of the management of These tasks we can provide not only a sense of protection to the user but also find the whereabouts of the criminal who exercises the criminal via digital. 

At Grupo Arga detectives we are not satisfied with establishing an investigation under a minimum requirement, for this our objective will always be to provide the best of the best to the client, for this reason we always strive to deploy the best resource in the field of investigation. , as well as guaranteeing in a certain way the implementation of electronic and digital resources that can guarantee a substantial difference in our performance.

The investigative agents in Grupo Arga detectives who carry out digital investigations are highly trained resources towards the generation of cases that can lead precisely to the management of aspects that may be useful towards the protection of our clients, as well as the determination of responsibilities by third parties with

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

respect to criminal actions that may be being committed.  

Hiring a detective agency that can efficiently manage all these points is the best opportunity that all our clients have by having a service that can efficiently earn them time and productivity around the management of these issues. They can be extremely annoying if you try to ignore them or not give them the attention they require.

For all of Spain, our Agents of Grupo Arga detectives are in the capacity to carry out any type of investigation at a digital level, this is possible through first-rate education and training, an issue that will have a significant impact on obtaining quality results towards our clients and also interested in contracting our services. The dedication and responsibility of our agents are exceptional and represent our best letter of introduction. At Grupo Arga we have the best digital investigation detectives! 



The computer forensic experts are professional electronics research that can establish a host of answers to those who may need this service in order to get a first class service.  

Those who go to the hiring of a detective who can deploy these services are undoubtedly taking the best available option regarding actions they can take around the protection of their personal data, as well as finding the trail of any suspect. 

A digital investigation case does not start like any conventional type of investigation, instead it must start from the fact that the operating context starts mainly from the identification that the affected party has an activity in the web spectrum, that is why the Structuring these scenarios can generate a variant on how to conduct an investigation digitally.

To do this, Grupo Arga has detectives who are experts in digital research, since they are the only ones who are capable of generating a research criterion that is timely enough to cover the needs of our clients to obtain quality information and highly accurate.

The construction of a case of investigation by electronic means is something that leads the detective to carry out a highly specialized activity, related to the identification of users (who are often anonymous), as well as detection of IP addresses and other aspects that allow to cover up the action of people who waste the use of web resources in

actions of injury, or harassment as well as people who are dedicated to establishing their criminal activity by these means.

In the electronic spectrum, it can be highlighted that there are various activities that represent a criminal action or that can lead to the invasion of the privacy space of the affected person, as well as the violation of aspects that may cause damage to their emotional stability. That is why forensic computer experts play a key role, since it is well known in Spanish public life that there are crimes of a passionate or personal nature that begin with an indication of suspicious activity and improper follow-up on social networks and / or another path of communication.  

Additionally, the performance of these experts is focused on knowing what type of activity the user can do in the web 2.0 environment, since sometimes there are people who unknowingly can generate an attitude of exposure of their image and identity, exposing their assets, your personal data and mobile phone numbers in easily accessible environments, an issue that ends up causing third parties to contact without authorization and do something typical of an activity of harassment or extortion (in some extremes).

The activities that are worth investigating at the level of a digital space are not only related to the execution of operations that aim to protect the digital environment and the frequency space of a person, but also to prevent acts of fraud or the less to identify which are the places that he has frequented and that have caused this mishap.

Thus through the performance of our computer forensic experts can structure a performance criterion highly skilled capable of enhancing response needed in an environment that is full of questions about that is what has happened with regard to the management of elements that are characteristic of an act of economic fraud.

Many people qualify a priori as “reliable” to a web environment and this has undoubtedly generated the possibility that on various occasions they will be surprised with acts of economic scam where their data has been stolen and used for other purposes or also where their money has been stolen with the power of a click pressed by themselves.

That is why the work that is followed through our forensic computer experts is directed towards the construction of a logical framework of responses and specialized follow-up of leads and aspects that seem to be reliable, but highly vulnerable in the various websites that are visited. in all Spain.

Additionally, when one of our experts undertakes an investigation of this caliber, it is proposed to unlock the encryption k that are necessary in order to be able to get to the truth of the facts, and alert the competent authorities of the computer matter which sites are those who may be involved in actions of crime and impairment to third parties with the aim of providing the necessary responses and promoting the healthy use of these spaces.


At Grupo Arga detectives, we have the best group that is capable of structuring electronic investigations that are capable of representing a host of solutions to people who may feel helpless in the web environment, which is why our service mainly constitutes a powerful weapon. for those who want to give quietus to a

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

situation uncomfortable that this happening both personally and in another facet of his life and is linked to improper third act in the use or frequency of social spaces and web spaces.

The hiring of detectives in Spain who are forensic computer experts is not only a wise decision but it is also the best thing to do taking into account that a service of such precision and quality is not very costly for our personal budget, and in In addition, the acquisition of these services through their activities can give us relief from an incalculable impact on our security and our peace of mind when visiting various social networks or common web spaces.   

 At Grupo Arga detectives we have been doing high quality research for more than 10 years, that is why through the deployment of these services we have managed to generate a significant amount of added value to our clients. Our reason for being are our clients, to them we dedicate the best of ourselves!


The execution of forensic computer services at the service of our clients undoubtedly represents the opportunity to establish a high-level investigation service towards our clients with the aim that they can benefit from various processes that can be executed Precise way around obtaining strategic information and high precision data.  

Those who resort to the hiring of services that are present in the deployment of detective work at the 2.0 spectrum level should undoubtedly know that they sometimes seek answers to aspects that for no reason seem to have no explanation.

Process execution research service of computer forensics is a frontier cooperation that has been developed with great force in Spain since the first decade of 2000, where private research to been the sector that has managed to deploy with high accuracy all the elements that reside in an optimal process of managing these cases and also in the deployment of technological tools that serve to determine responsibilities and facts.  

The investigation that is deployed by means of computer science at the service of the identification of elements likely to be investigated, providing the executor of this technique with a strategic sum around the performance of its operations, represents a great opportunity towards the construction of true facts of investigation and clarification of cases that in previous years was something unthinkable to solve.

The construction of investigations in the computer field not only allows protecting people from risky activities, in this sense many associate the image that the detective who specializes in this sector is a person who cannot generate an investigation of parameters and aspects solid to other types of research, that it is only going to be responsible for indiscriminate monitoring of IP addresses and strange profiles on social networks, well those who think this are wrong! A researcher in this sense can not only protect people in environments of digital concurrence such as the RRSS, but also allows to establish various operations of a personal and business nature. 

Given this, it is necessary to highlight that the field of information recognition and deconstruction of research patterns are fully directed towards the generation of a specialized investigation by profiles of social networks and digital environments with a high recurrence of publications and visitors, since in These spaces are where we really come to fully understand the personality of an individual, an issue that undoubtedly allows us to evaluate an overview of the attitudes and behavior patterns that a person may commit in the digital spectrum, this is very important for make a general review of the personality of an individual.

The construction of digital investigations also provides a strategic sense to various companies that seek to accurately observe the deployment status of their value proposition, with this we must also emphasize that investigations in this field are not only reserved for bad deeds and the bad times, since a resource worthy of this type of investigation fully applies its knowledge to the service of any type of client, this undoubtedly tests the scope of forensic informatics, since its main objective is to analyze in detail all the elements that may be worthy of an investigation.

In an investigation from the forensic field applied to informatics, it can be highlighted that there are various elements that can favor, with a highly expert pulse, the construction of patterns capable of providing the best response to various levels of research, to do this work. Type implies not only detecting IP addresses and finding those responsible, it implies acting hand in hand with competent bodies in the matter, as well as decoding complexities that may be representing the cover-up of some illegal activity.

 The generation of a research process also allows us to address the aspect of Data Analysis that is very useful for generating a process of strategic growth in a business entity which, through various activities and the deployment of Machine Learning service patterns, allows us to establish optimal criterion n of response.



From the point of view of the operational readiness of an investigation at a computer level, it is necessary to highlight that an agent is needed who can be trained in the performance of highly efficient response parameters in search of processes that can provide the response. necessary to all who are requesting this type of services.

Executing in a precise way everything that is related to forensic informatics is something that is related to the structuring of a first-level investigation criterion capable of addressing under a standard of high professional expertise all the problems that may arise in the Digital environment. 

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

The construction of a solid investigation process generates the need to establish the best deployment of tools and devices to be able to arrive at the truth of the facts. This is how cases where private investigation also exists and is present in the sphere of private investigation. The participation of informatics plays a complementary and fundamental role to the researcher’s exercise, with the objective that the resolution of each case can be delimited based on expert criteria.

At Grupo Arga detectives have been investigating for more than 10 years, that is why our main activity is focused on serving the best of the best to our clients, guaranteeing appropriate responses immediately, 24 hours a day, 365 days. year.

On many occasions we ask ourselves about how wonderful it is to have the development of mobile devices that undoubtedly lead to the generation of various elements that allow us to provide the best response criteria for all the activities that we have to carry out in our day. a day.

Without a doubt, mobile telephony has been taking over our lives little by little, currently there is no activity that we cannot carry out without the company or use of our smartphones, this means for us to execute the challenge of breaking any complexity and to guarantee a maximum simplicity criterion towards the construction of various elements that allow us to be agile in solving various issues, however we are not aware of the flip side of these events, and that is that as members of the millennial generation we dominate certain aspects of technology but we do not know it in depth, ignoring the potential risks that our lives depend on our smartphones, that is why it is necessary to detect spy programs on mobile phones . 



As we have already said, many people ignore the risks that come with not only having an excessive dependence on a smartphone but also in loading all the most important and preponderant aspects of our day to day to these devices, the construction of a process Research that is done with the aim of preserving aspects of privacy in people initially aims to safeguard personal data.

At the beginning of a research effort of this type, the person wonders if it is really necessary to detect spy programs on a mobile phone , well, in this sense, it should be noted that this work will always be carried out preventively in order to obtain a higher security criteria in browsing environments. 

The automation and the eagerness of the new society to maintain all the critical aspects governed by various applications certainly contains a potential risk since we make bank data available to third parties, accesses to our sentimental life, we leave the possibility that anyone can check our social networks, and we can even synchronize applications that can make the payment process for services, as well as the control of our house through smart devices that are housed in our mobile phone, under a highly simple scheme .  

This has generated, as a consequence, that our life revolves around our mobile, well, what happens in the event that our device goes missing? What is going to be generated in this case is that all the information we have to manage private aspects may fall into the hands of a third party, the potential risk of this activity then leads to the generation of substantially unpleasant situations, which are capable of developing more than A headache.

For this reason, the importance that an investigation group provides the opportunity to manage various elements towards the protection of an individual’s personal data plays a current strategic role. Society today is immersed in a spiral of globalization and modernization that It goes at an unstoppable rate, that is how for 8 years it was unthinkable to

that people had cryptocurrencies and now there are devices that through an app can support the entire data chain of a mining process.

As a result of these changes, we live in a world that can be more simplified, but also more fragile, and despite the fact that companies on their own invest in security, they sometimes cannot guarantee this aspect to their users despite the effort executed, that is why nowadays more than anything the most important thing that can be done at the level of the research work is to detect spyware on a mobile phone , since the same in the coming years this aspect of security will be widely demanded. 

That is why, in addition to all these aspects, the need to formulate a protection panorama that may be able to establish the desired sense of coverage in the client, as well as the construction of a level investigation that is capable of generating the best sense of response, at this point to customers and

Stakeholders must guarantee a sustained series of responses and a sense of infallible protection, an issue that Grupo Arga can do.



The detection program spy on a mobile phone is something that only specialists in the field can do based on a criterion of high resolution may have a particular investigation, a matter which undoubtedly provide the best answer for people who It requires covering your day to day with possible spies who are trying to access the information.  

The construction of such a procedure seeks, above all, various ways to block the possibility of third parties to obtain high priority data from other people, as well as elements that are characteristic of personal documentation held in custody on a security device. This style, precisely, is often said to avoid the client going through

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

episodes of high discomfort from aspects that are totally or partially unknown. Since the nature of its complexity is unsuspected.  

From Grupo Arga detectives faithful to our tradition of service, we have established a highly strategic action around all investigations that propose to direct a sense of preventive action towards possible risk actions that our clients may be committing without knowing it, being at the forefront of Personal protection industry means serving the best of the best to the client, facilitating a framework of responses that is extremely immediate at the time of execution of an investigation operation of this type.



Grupo Arga detectives is an investigative agency that can establish the best research resources for our clients, it does so in order to keep in mind a logical operational framework that can provide all the elements of immediate and timely response that they can

to require. 

Grupo Arga detectives is an organization that does not allow a no for an answer, that is why it bets on solving all the cases of our clients under a sense of efficiency, in our agency services towards the client come first, that is why we have thought In providing the best answers at the right time, the possibility of deploying a forensic computer scientist, towards the execution of investigation cases, places us in the scenario of being highly opportune in generating a framework of solid responses for the client.  

Grupo Arga detectives is a detective investigation organization that aims to provide the best investigation service and the desired accompaniment to all our clients, as it aims to improve their day-to-day through first-rate research services.

Grupo Arga detectives has been in Spain for 10 years, at the service of all its clients and all the requirements that they may have in order to generate the best response. Being efficient in what we do is our duty. 



The gadgets that use the experts private in Spain …      

The private detective in Spain in the computer part can investigate everything that has memory, so these devices are part of the investigation:    

  • The hard drive of a PC or laptop 
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Security logs
  • Firewalls
  • software 
  • Electronic agendas
  • GPS devices
  • Usb flash drives
  • Mobile phones
  • Emails


In order to understand and use these tools, it is irremediable that the figure of the computer engineer mediates so that, working side by side with the private investigator, he collaborates and helps us to successfully complete this type of work that may be extremely complex if the adequate knowledge as well as professionals who clear and resolve doubts.



An electronic sweep is among the best utilities that you can use to be sure that you are not being spied on in the locations that you frequent the most, be it in your office, your car, your girlfriend or boyfriend’s home, or among many others that They will achieve happen.              

A private computer detective can guide you in these types of cases, since we have the modern and quality utilities that are used for this kind of services. In turn, we have the understanding necessary to achieve resolve these questions without any problem to achieve appear.                    

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

In addition, we have the possibility to provide you with a final report that has expert evidence and can be used by any legal entity to demonstrate that this person is spying on you through some means.            





Our agency Grupo Arga Detectives is endowed with detectives empowered to work in computer investigations thanks to the knowledge acquired over the years through training and learning courses, practical workshops and permanent updates in order to be able to face situations   

Novelties directly related to computing and that until just 10 years ago did not exist.

Consequently, the Detective Agency in Spain is in possession of offering you the greatest guarantee and security with respect to this type of services.  

Don’t trust researchers who claim to do these jobs if you don’t have reviews of them. They are very complex jobs and for which very specific and expensive tools are needed. In addition, you must have personnel who know how to use them and who have the knowledge required to move any computer device.

Arga Detectives can give you the security you need, we have the best specialists, the most advanced means and the greatest professional competence among our investigators. 

The functions of a forensic computer scientist include all those that have to do with the analysis, search and collection of computer evidence that are crucial for investigating an event that has had computer equipment as the driving vehicle.

Although the main professional to carry out these works are computer engineers, the private investigator is the link between the work of this professional and the steps to be followed systematically to proceed with the correct private investigation work.

The dossier and the whole description of procedure and evidence found must be signed by the investigator in charge of the case, identifying the person skilled way to contributed to the findings.



The forensic computer are resources that can establish the right answer for the execution of activities that undoubtedly represent the best judgment of research towards resolving several key elements in generating the result you seek to build a criterion of research that can provide the answer indicated for those who request this type of activity.  

Through the execution and activities at the level of the private investigation, various elements that are characteristic of computer investigations can be established, highlighting in this way, a margin of action conducive to those who require this type of activity.

A forensic investigator at a computer level has various areas of operation, standing out before in the execution of tasks that undoubtedly provide the answer, a client is waiting when establishing such an investigation.

The construction of investigation cases by means of our forensic informatics undoubtedly promotes a high response criterion for private individuals who are waiting for a quality investigation that allows them to obtain the best response to their case.  

That is why, through the investigations applied by our forensic informatics, investigations can be made at the level of social networks and also at the level of the use of digital spaces, a question that undoubtedly allows us to know what the criteria of action of people are. in these kinds of areas. 

The execution of an investigation case in the first place is linked to the resolutive exercise of various steps necessary to obtain an investigative process that allows obtaining in a certain way the execution of various tools at the level of the development of a research process that allows At first, knowing what our clients require, it is there where we mainly know what can be executed around the management of processes that involve the development of an investigation that merits the application of protection policies towards the client. , as well as actions that may represent the power to find the whereabouts of a person who has committed a crime of computer fraud.

The management of these cases is done through a specialized management vision in each problem, which is why through our operations we provide all our clients with a highly professional and specialized response criterion that corresponds to a resolution path. towards the concerns and requirements that each of our clients have about a specific case.

In Arga detectives group, we make exhaustive reviews of all our clients and the trail that the mimes leave on the spectrum of the network, there are many occasions in which various clients have undoubtedly dared to navigate the world wide web world , without even knowing what their potential risks are, it is there where the opportunity arises mainly for our organization to develop a service that is capable of providing sufficient strategic advice to those who contract said service, in order to establish a criterion of accurate response by guiding our clients the techniques that are necessary to implement security protocols in their browsing experience.

The fact that many people feel secure in how what surfing the web, means very useful as well the same can highly specialized and can in some way or another use techniques more refined consumer purchasing services.

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

The construction of various processes at the computer investigation management level undoubtedly allows forensic computer scientists to be able to provide an adequate research environment that allows obtaining the most specific answers in the shortest possible time,  

that is why the structuring of a stable investigation criterion allows each of the Arga group detectives to establish a sufficiently solid response criterion.

The creation of research processes that can represent an articulation of solutions at the level of research at the computer level not only remain at the point of establishing a protective work for those who surf the web, since the internet is a space where many people make use of criminal actions, thus reaching cases where the phishing or identity theft technique is involved, as well as everything related to the execution of actions of personal harassment or financial scams on the web, Given these events, our detectives are fully trained to manage each type of these requirements.

It is for this reason that the management of these digital research processes are mainly related to the structuring of a criterion that can represent the solution to what various people may request regarding efficient research in the computer field, since on the other hand there are companies, which can be served in a highly specialized way.

  It is here where a tangible cooperation border between the private investigator and the private company arises in a certain way through the structuring of protocols and security barriers that may be applicable to corporate and business environments, the management of research cases related to computer forensic processes is linked to the establishment of security barriers at the level of systems and devices that may represent the best solution for those who wish to establish a scope of security in their work.



The execution of the work of forensic computer scientists at the service of the whole of Spain is widely recommended by various clients. Almudena de Valencia is the first place, he tells us that “Grupo Arga’s computer investigation, except for my personal assets, since I was unknowingly being the victim of a digital fraud ”leaving as a result that she could implement a personal security protocol when surfing the web and undergo business subscription and community subscription processes.

On the other hand, Fernando tells us “Thanks to the investigations of forensic informants I was able to establish a solid security policy in my company” in the investigation of Fernando Grupo Arga was based mainly on the implementation of a security policy at the level of his

computer systems at your ERP Software company.

For Grupo Arga we have the best investigations of forensic informatics in all of Spain.




Nowadays it is extremely simple to have the service of a forensic computer scientist , since many of them are working in different investigation agencies that make their services and knowledge available to all. 

A forensic computer scientist is of great help to multiple companies that seek to protect and prevent spy hacks into their system, thus endangering the information they handle, making this a highly demanded service by companies across the country.  

A forensic computer scientist is a professional person who has specialized in the study of computer science and technologies, and is therefore capable of interpreting and analyzing any electronic data.  

For this reason, he turns out to be a professional highly requested by many companies and individuals throughout the country, in charge of providing a service that allows them to keep all digital information safe and secure.

 Today it is possible to find various detective agencies that make the knowledge of a forensic computer scientist available to many people , being located only one call away. 

Likewise, it is possible to find different agencies on the internet that have been in charge of promoting the services they provide in this way, such as the service of a forensic computer scientist . 

It is important to highlight that in Arga detectives group we have positioned ourselves as the main option for many people who require the help of a forensic computer scientist ; This thanks to the fact that we have the best professionals in the entire area.  

Our computer scientists have a wealth of verifiable experience and knowledge to build customer trust to initiate research that will help them.

Finally, we must mention that these computer scientists have the best cost in the area; Compared to other agencies in the country, in Arga detectives group we have affordable costs for everyone.

As for the functions that our forensic informants fulfill , we can highlight the most varied services, being ideal for multiple companies that are growing in the market and seek to protect their information.

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

Among these services, computer professionals are responsible for collecting digital evidence in the event of theft or fraud by a company, locate different computer criminals and are even capable of improving a digital reputation.

They are also in charge of carrying out the electronic sweep, which is in charge of searching for spies in a certain space, locating devices for this purpose, such as microphones or hidden cameras.

Finally, we can say that these forensic computer scientists are in charge of computer counter-espionage, computer consulting, sterilization of equipment removed in the company, video analysis, security services, among others.  

 As we mentioned previously, it is a varied service that allows to protect the computer security of any person and company against the actions of other computer scientists to harm someone.

These forensic computer scientists , who are also often known as computer experts, provide many more services according to the needs of clients, and more services than those mentioned can be added. 

In addition to the aforementioned, having the services of a forensic computer scientist can provide different benefits such as those that we will know below, so it is important to have the contact of one:

  1. Contribute to a judicial process

In Arga detectives group, our forensic computer scientists , as well as the rest of the detectives, have the judicial power in their favor; that is, many of the tests and investigations carried out by these detectives have judicial weight. 

           In this way, they are of great help to favor a judicial process with the help of some evidence or report written by said computer scientist. This is complemented by the use of certain tools that allow honest work.

  1. Override tests

This service is highly requested when it comes to a client who is going through any judicial process and has the suspicion that the evidence presented by the other person is falsified or unreliable.

           In this case, you must hire a forensic computer scientist to review such evidence and check whether it is false or modified evidence, as well as ensure that the techniques and processes for collecting evidence are followed in court proceedings .  

  1. Knowledge in multiple areas

A forensic computer scientist is a professional who, when working with technology, must be constantly trained to learn and understand the new techniques and tools that emerge every day with the advancement of such technology.  

            For this reason, they are professionals who can provide advice and help in different areas of research, also providing an additional point of view of the course that any investigation or situation should take.

  1. Recover data and information

As mentioned above, among the services that these professionals provide, we can highlight the recovery of information, this being an extremely important factor when it comes to a computer that stores valuable information.

  1. Affordable costs

In many agencies, these forensic computer services are usually extremely expensive, but as we mentioned, in Arga detectives group we take care of providing an affordable service for those who need it.  

            For this reason, we must also emphasize that the results of the investment that you will make when having the services of this professional will be noticed quickly, providing positive results for any situation or investigation.

  1. Use of the best strategies and technology

Thanks to the aforementioned knowledge and experience of these professionals, they are trained to deal with any type of situation and research with the best strategies to reach the truth in a professional manner.

Likewise, our forensic computer scientists are characterized by having all the necessary tools to carry out said work, in order to facilitate the flow of the investigation.  

Taking into account the aforementioned, do not hesitate to have the services of a forensic computer scientist who can help you in different situations, beyond just protecting your company information.  



 The bugging may prove to be a bad in that company that are looking for strategies to advance and grow, as they generally are placed by competition to know their movements and perform them better, so taking success.  

To locate these hidden microphones, the help of professionals in the area is usually required, as well as the precise tools that allow them to be fully exploited with these devices, which are sometimes difficult to locate and deactivate.  


 For the detection of hidden microphones , as we mentioned, it is important to contact professionals who, in addition to having the necessary knowledge, have the tools to carry out these services. 

The professionals who are in charge of this are forensic computer scientists, being the detection of spy devices one of their main services and which is known by the name of “electronic scanning”.

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

This electronic sweep is a service where computer scientists are responsible for locating not only hidden microphones , but also any other spy device that can be implanted in any space of a company without prior authorization. 

Other elements that are also located with the detection of such hidden microphones are GPS, hidden cameras, among others. Also in these services the analysis enters possible punctured phones.   

These forensic computer scientists can be found in any detective agency, because in addition to these services, they also provide others related to digital investigation and that can be equally beneficial for a company.

For this reason, in our Arga detectives group we provide the best investigation service to detect hidden microphones and any other type of device that is used in espionage and endangers your privacy.  


Why choose us?

 We are an agency that for years we have been in charge of providing a service for the detection of hidden microphones , to perform a physical review that allows us to find items used for espionage, to check phone lines, and more. 

In our agency we have all the necessary equipment to carry out an electronic sweep, as well as our detectives are trained to provide other types of services related to the investigation.

We also carry out research-oriented research, these being in the field of couples, family, work and others, with years of experience that position our professionals as the best.

 In the Arga detectives group we have also characterized ourselves all this time for providing an economically accessible service for all people, compared to other agencies across the country that have extremely high prices.

For all this and more, do not hesitate to count on our services to get rid of hidden microphones , violated privacy and cameras in your work area, so that you can keep your entire environment safe to ensure the growth of your company. 


How to quickly locate microphones?

 To locate and eliminate hidden microphones from the work area (or home), it is important to be sure of the presence of the same in the home to proceed to contact professionals.  

For this, it is important that you consider the following actions that you can take in the presence of any hidden microphone in your environment before making the call that puts you in contact with our detectives:  

  1. Physical search

The first thing when confirming your suspicion that someone is listening or observing you from anywhere, is to keep in mind that it is important not to alert this person to the search you are doing because it could disconnect your devices.

           With this, it would be more difficult to locate the hidden microphones . With this, what you will have to do is a quick physical search, checking the objects that are in your environment to detect something abnormal. 

  1. Smoke detectors

As with other household appliances, many people usually place hidden cameras or microphones in them , as it is a place where few people would look. For this reason, carefully observe these areas in search of something that dislocates. 

  1. Objects out of place

Closely linked to the aforementioned, great attention must be paid to all objects found in a given space, as they can be an easy target for spy devices.

           In this case, the recommendation is to locate glassy or shiny surfaces, as they could be an indication of the lens of some camera. Similarly, you should look for decorations and central objects in a room.

  1. Strange cables

The bugging also usually hidden by a connection misplaced, or cables that do not lead to a specific connection, so the recommendation is to disconnect any unknown wire, it could be a spy.  

  1. Tools

Finally, if you are sure that there is a hidden microphone in the room that you have not been able to find, you can choose the help of a radio frequency detector, as they are usually very helpful in locating devices.  

           If once this is done, no results are found, but the doubt persists, we invite you to contact our forensic computer scientists, as they could have a solution for these hidden microphones .

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid


Taking into account all the aforementioned, if you still have doubts about whether to have our services or not, we invite you to locate our website where you will find all the information necessary to dispel the doubts.

On this website you will find not only information about our group of detectives, but also the way to contact us and information on all the services we have, being an ideal option for anyone who needs help with an investigation.

With this, we also have a number of clients who, with their testimony, attest to the good work that our detectives have carried out year after year, being the best service in all of Spain to find hidden microphones in any space.  



 Spyware detection is a service that is provided by a computer detective, being one of the most requested services by those companies that seek to protect their information from any type of intrusion by the competition.  

Despite being a job of a computer detective, detection of spyware can be done with the help of certain programs that can be installed on any computer, requiring the guidance of a detective to choose the best one.   



Currently it is possible to find a variety of computer detectives throughout the country, generally providing their services to a detective agency, so it will be necessary to simply inquire about these agencies in the area.

Many of these detectives are responsible for providing various types of investigative services not only to individuals, but also to companies seeking to protect their information from all kinds of cyber spies.

With this, we can say that among its most requested services is the electronic scan where the purpose is the detection of spyware , as well as the detection of spy devices placed in a specific site. 

Likewise, they are responsible for providing other services such as those aimed at cybernetically protecting the company, the recovery of deleted messages and information that may have been lost on the network.

As for the best agency option to contract these services, we can highlight our Arga detectives group where we take care of any investigation need 24 hours a day.

 We have professional detectives with experience in detecting spyware , as well as all kinds of investigative services such as those aimed at infidelities and family situations.  

For this reason, do not hesitate to contact us for answers and solutions to any of your problems, as these services are provided at the best price in the entire market, compared to other agencies in the territory.



The spyware detection is an important factor for companies seeking to protect their information from any attack or hacking by the company competition, so it is important to note the following.  

This detection of spyware can be carried out with the help of software designed to prevent intrusion into a digital system, and can be installed by an expert detective or by anyone, highlighting the following:

  1. Norton 360 standard

Known worldwide for being a main option for detecting spyware , it is a software where all kinds of threats are fought, including viruses with the help of artificial intelligence.  

            This can be downloaded for free all over the web and guarantees a 100% protection rate, being used by millions of users around the world, making it possible to locate testimonies that confirm this.

            Among the functions that this software guarantees we can highlight the free and secure VPN, the management of passwords on different websites, detection of online threats and even the analysis and elimination of malware.

  1. McAfee total protection
Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

This second program for detecting spyware is also popular worldwide as it includes certain special functions that guarantee complete protection for any computer and any information.  

            This program additionally has different packages that, for a low cost, have additional functions to increase the protection of a team against any spy.

            Among the functions provided by this program we can highlight information and social security monitoring every minute of the day, unlimited VPN, safe browsing, optimization of its performance, among others.

  1. TotalAV

Initially, it was an ineffective program for detecting spyware , but thanks to the best that its technical team has done, today it turns out to be one of the best and most capable protective programs.  

           However, it is important to note that this program has two versions, one of which is more effective than the other; in this case, it is the free version and the paid version, the latter being totally effective.

            The paid version of this program has multiple tools for the protection of any computer where we can find cleaners, spyware detectors, tools to optimize, among others.

            We must emphasize that to choose this option it is important to find out about the renewal policies of the company in charge of this virus, since many users have had uncomfortable moments regarding it.

  1. Bitdefender total security

As for spyware detection options , bitfender is an excellent option since it is a program that provides protection and security especially when banking on the computer. 

           It is a software that guarantees security in any aspect of computer use, but it is especially useful when carrying out banking operations, since it is in charge of activating a secure mode called ” safepay “.

            Similarly, it is a great option due to the multiple tools that include where users can avoid being heard by invading the microphones, protecting passwords, among other things, with greater security.

           These are just some of the programs that private detectives (and multiple internet users) usually use for the protection and detection of spyware that can undermine the security of any company and person.  



These services are highly relevant among many internet users and people who own a company, because as we know, it is sometimes difficult to detect and have spyware and hacks from the competition.

Given this, it is of utmost importance to have some backup that can protect the information handled by the company to ensure we keep our company and your information safe.

For this reason, do not hesitate to contact our computer detectives, who will guarantee the protection of all types of information with the detection of spyware that can be used by the competition to undermine your security and tranquility.   



The recovery Whastapp is part of the services responsible for providing a forensic computer, because it is a professional analyzing and studying various digital data using certain tools to make use of the information.  

The forensic computer scientists who are in charge of WhatsApp recovery are easy to locate, since they are generally providing their services at a private detective agency, at the same time that they have prices accessible to everyone.  


  Today it is possible to find a variety of forensic computer scientists providing their services, since they are highly requested by companies to keep their information safe and out of the reach of spies and intruders.

In the same way, they are usually requested by anyone who requires help in different situations involving technology, such as WhatsApp recovery .  

Given this, it is possible to find throughout the country different agencies in charge of making available to all research services for any situation that requires it and with the help of multiple tools.

 Thanks to the work carried out, we must highlight the detectives of the Arga group, since for years we have been in charge of making available to all the services of our forensic computer scientists, being professionals in the digital area.

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

Likewise, we have the best prices in the area compared to the rest of the agencies in the territory, providing services that go beyond the recovery of WhatsApp and the hacking of digital devices.   

 For all this, do not hesitate to contact our detectives, who are available 24 hours a day to attend to any situation that requires an investigation to get to the truth of any situation.



There are many occasions where by mistake the information of messages stored in WhatsApp is lost , and although they seem difficult to find, there are two ways to do it, one of them without the help of a forensic computer scientist.

This can be quite easy to recover, and you can only resort to the backup option. As we know, the messages that are shared from this platform are stored on the devices of the two people who participate in the conversation.

Similarly, when it comes to a multi-person chat, the information is stored on each device of the person who has participated. For this reason, for WhatsApp recovery, only the platform options must be accessed.  

Likewise, this backup can be programmed so that the device stores it from time to time, being able to recover each message sent and received by means of this option.

The backup is available for any device that is compatible with the application and can store the information directly on the mobile device, or in its internal memory.

Despite being a useful tool for recovering old messages, it should be noted that once old messages are restored, those that have been sent after the backup may be lost.

On the other hand, there is a second way to achieve WhatsApp recovery , but in this case, it is slightly more complicated than the previous alternative, so the ideal is to have the help of a forensic computer scientist. 

For these cases, it is a technique called “file carving ” that is widely used by professionals in the area where the objective is to locate messages that have been stored in the phone’s memory, but which cannot be easily accessed .

In other words, when a file is deleted from a mobile device, it is not really deleted from it, but instead goes to a place in its internal memory where it is difficult to access unless you have the necessary tools.

 In this case, the recommendation is to have the help of a professional in the area who can satisfactorily retrieve the information that is needed, because otherwise, the recovery of WhatsApp could have the opposite effect of what is needed.  




In addition to being in charge of Whastapp recovery , a forensic computer scientist provides many other services that can be of help to anyone, any company and anyone who is going through any legal process. 

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

The latter because these forensic computer scientists have legality in the work they do; that is, they are detectives whose testimony can be used before a judge for the benefit of a client, or evidence that is legal.

  Forensic computer scientists, in addition to providing evidence for any legal process, have the ability to study the legality and veracity of a test that is issued during any legal process.

 They are also in charge of electronic scanning, which is useful for companies to protect their information, carry out analyzes of mobile devices, investigate fraud on the network and provide advice.

They perform an online reputation cleanup on any platform, locate IP addresses and messages and information that has been erased from a computer, as well as impersonate some identity on the internet or cyber security.

All this is only a part of the services that forensic computer scientists provide, with WhatsApp recovery being one of the main and most requested, since in Arga detectives we have the best cost of all.  



 Forensic computer scientists are professionals trained to carry out any type of investigation that requires the use of digital tools, so they will have professionals with extensive knowledge of techniques and strategies for their work.

Likewise, it is important to highlight that this is an investment whose results will be evident soon after requesting it, since our detectives are in charge of carrying out a professional and rapid investigation.

In this way, in Arga detectives group we take care of providing answers in the shortest possible time, helping our clients in any situation that is taking away their tranquility.



In Spain today we can count on a variety of forensic computer scientists in the different detective agencies, as is the case of our Arga group of detectives, who are in charge of providing different detective services available at all times.  

These forensic computer scientists have been the most demanded jobs in Spain thanks to the fact that they are professionals who can solve computer problems, such as account hacking and any informal crime.  

 A forensic computer scientist , also known as a computer expert in some locations in Spain, is a professional who is responsible for solving any inconvenience or conflict in the field of technology, using the tools they provide. 

 In other words, it is a person who has the knowledge to analyze, gather and identify data that has been processed in a computer and that can serve as evidence during some legal process.

 These professionals are trained to work in the entire technological field regarding any problem, so they are essential in a private detective company.

Given this, people can request a forensic computer scientist in our group of detectives to have the services it provides, these being the advice of computer elements, information retrieval, preparing judicial reports, among others.  

As mentioned, all the evidence collected by our forensic computer scientist for a client can be presented to a court, since this service includes the preparation of a detailed report of what he finds.  

Thanks to the demand that this profession has had, we can currently find two types of forensic informatics throughout Spain, each with its own characteristics according to what the client needs:  

  • Judicial

As its name indicates, the forensic judicial computer scientist is the one who carries out evidence collection activities that will later be used in court by a client who has requested this investigation.  

            These tests also produce a detailed report of the investigation carried out, which will also be used as evidence before the same court and will have legal validity.

  • Extrajudicial

In this case, this forensic computer scientist is in charge of collecting the evidence that will be used for a particular problem, so that it can be accumulated and also presented to a court.  

 The difference in this case, as we mentioned, is that the evidence can accumulate and it can be against a person or a company. These problems may include computer violation, intentional deletion of files, hacking of social networks, among others.

  Whatever the computer expert you need, in Arga detectives group we take care of providing the attention you require to collect evidence in the computer area, be it in the business or personal field.

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

Despite the existence of a variety of detective agencies in Spain, in Arga detectives group we have been providing quality and responsible service to the entire country for more than 10 years, being one of the most serious companies of all.

This responsibility and dedication when carrying out our work have positioned us as the main option for many people who have conflicts that they want to resolve in the most discreet way possible.

Likewise, it should be noted that we have the best forensic computer scientists in all of Spain, who have the most complete training and the most affordable price compared to the rest of the country’s detectives.  

 For this reason, do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly provide you with the attention you require to solve your problem, making the best forensic computer scientists in Spain available to you.  



Being one of the most requested detective groups in all of Spain, we have a number of clients who can give testimonies of the work carried out by our IT professionals, for which we highlight the following:

Among the testimonies, we highlight that of Laura, who had a cloning problem on her social networks, so she decided to resort to the services of our forensic computer scientist to help her stop this.   

She indicates: “I knew that something was wrong with my social networks, but I did not know how to address it or who could help me with this. I mentioned it to a friend from my childhood and she recommended that I opt for a forensic computer scientist. ”

 “By being able to talk to him and tell him about the situation, I already knew perfectly what was happening and with his help and advice we were able to stop this situation. The process was quick and I am very grateful, ”said Laura for the services of our computer scientist.

 Another testimony that we must highlight is Juan’s, since he has founded a company that is in recognition and, given such rapid growth, there were many people who wanted to attack his company from the computer field.

  “Without knowing it, someone from the competition had infiltrated my company, placing microphones that I had not seen at first and trying to enter my email, from where I am in charge of managing my company’s affairs,” says Juan.

 His testimony continues: “Upon sensing this, I went to consult a forensic computer scientist of this Arga group who from the first moment detected these microphones and helped me to quickly cut this invasion to my privacy, going to the legal field.”  

Juan ends: “With all this help I was able to cut this invasion, so I recommend this group, since the attention and the process was quick and satisfactory.” Without a doubt, our forensic computer scientists know how to deal with any situation.  

 For this reason, do not hesitate to count on our services to solve this type of inconvenience, bringing you peace of mind again and protection of your privacy, which is sometimes so treasured.

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

In Arga detectives group we take care that all this process is fast to restore peace and prevent this intrusion of privacy from happening to greater instances, always having responsibility and professionalism.



Hiring a forensic computer scientist is of utmost importance when you are going through some judicial process, being this a professional who is in charge of offering your different services and advice in relation to cybernetic situations. 

 Similarly, hiring a forensic computer scientist can be of great benefit to anyone, since they are professionals who are constantly trained and have a wide field of knowledge in different areas beyond computer science.  



A forensic judicial computer scientist, who is also often known by the name of computer expert, is a professional who is responsible for analyzing and studying certain data on the internet with the help of specific tools.

Said professional is of great help when going through a judicial process, since it provides the opportunity to have a report and evidence that may favor said process.

 Similarly, when hiring a judicial forensic computer scientist, you may have some help before a judge, since they are able to investigate any evidence that is used before the aforementioned judge to verify its reliability.     

In this way, we can say that a forensic computer scientist is a detective who is in charge of conducting an investigation through digital platforms that will have legal validity to be used at any time.



 The services of a forensic judicial computer scientist today are highly demanded thanks to the exponential growth that the various digital platforms and technology are having.

In this way, it is important to hire a forensic computer scientist who can offer help in any type of situation on these platforms, in order to get to the truth of it.

 Today it is possible to have the different services that these professionals offer through different detective agencies, as well as you can find forensic computer scientists working independently.

In the first case, we must emphasize that in our Arga detectives group agency we have the best professionals in the area of ​​computing, offering different types of services and advice in any situation with these technologies.

Our detectives will be in charge of carrying out any type of investigation in a simple and fast way to obtain prompt results that can favor and help our clients, being available 24 hours a day.

 Finally, we must emphasize that our detectives have earned the trust of many people thanks to the fact that we offer an economically accessible service for those who need it and with verifiable experience.

 Do not hesitate to hire a forensic computer scientist from the hand of our agency, as we guarantee a professional who will help you solve your situations in the shortest possible time and at the best price in the entire area.  



            Hiring a forensic computer scientist can provide certain advantages to anyone, because as we mentioned, they are professionals with the knowledge to start any type of investigation that is required. 

  1. Experience and advice

The forensic informatics at our agency are professionals who have been trained in the best universities to carry out their work, as well as professionals who have carried out their work for years.

            Therefore, it is possible that our new clients confirm this that is shared through the testimonies of past clients, in order to build trust with our detectives to start the investigation they need.

  1. Prepare reports

As in any investigation, our forensic judicial informatics are responsible for carrying out detailed reports about the investigation, which can be used in any legal situation.

            These reports are made before any investigation, be it for individuals or companies, previously the various elements that participate in an investigation carried out by these professionals have been taken into account.

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

  1. Evidence and invalidation of evidence

As we mentioned before, hiring a forensic computer scientist means having the help of someone who can provide valid evidence for any judicial process, as well as someone with the power to invalidate evidence.  

            The latter is carried out with an investigation of the evidence that has been presented in court when they do not comply with certain regulations or seem suspicious, thus lacking credibility in the entire case.

           With this, there are a greater number of possibilities that avoid unfair convictions during any judicial process, because as we mentioned, these detectives have the tools and knowledge necessary to determine the validity of any evidence.

  1. Investment with immediate results

Once the services of these professionals are hired in our agency, they will immediately work on the investigation to provide a prompt response to our clients regarding what they want and expect to know.

            In this way, it is an investment whose results will be obtained in the shortest possible time, since our detectives are in charge of keeping clients informed of the progress of the investigation at all times.

  1. Different services

Legal forensic informatics are professionals trained to provide different types of computer investigation where clients may choose to recover deleted information as well as an electronic sweep.

            They will also be responsible for providing services such as hacking and analysis of mobile devices, online reputation cleaning, IP address tracking and even investigations on different social networks.


     For all of the above, we can highlight that hiring a forensic judicial computer scientist provides multiple benefits for those who require your help, which is why at Arga detectives group we have the best professionals in the area available to everyone.  


Thanks to the demand that these professionals have had, today it is possible to study university to become a forensic judicial computer scientist, or to take different courses that provide this information.

In any case, the important thing is to find out about the universities in charge of imparting this knowledge to become the best forensic computer scientist in the country and be able to provide their service to many people in the country.



The computer forensics are detectives who are available to users when they need help to monitor mobile phone of any person without him noticing and collecting the information they need.  

In the Arga group of detectives, forensic computer scientists are one of the services most requested by users, so we take care of providing them with unique attention and quality service where they can count on the information they need.  

A forensic computer scientist is known as a person who has the ability to analyze, locate and trace certain data that has been processed digitally to store it and be able to use it in some way, whether it is in a trial or not.       

 In other words, it is a person who has knowledge of how to locate, with the help of different tools, a person who is using a certain mobile device without authorization.

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

These tests that you obtain through the invasion of the mobile device will allow you to obtain the data of a device that may have been cloned to reach legal solutions that benefit the person whose privacy is invaded.

The computer forensics are the most sought detectives in the Arga group and detectives are professionals at what they do and which have low prices compared to the rest, being a good choice.  




 Although it may not seem credible, in our group of detectives, forensic computer scientists are the most requested detectives, not only because of their affordable cost, but because they are detectives who carry out their work in the shortest possible time.   

These detectives are often wanted when people have suspicions of invading their privacy using their mobile phone; Sometimes it is difficult to verify this first hand, but it can be verified.

This last situation can be caused by couples who have suspected infidelity and for which our forensic computer scientists have all the possible tools to detect this invasion.  

It should be taken into account that when cloning a mobile device, it can only be registered by the other party when said device is in use, therefore, it should be used in the shortest possible time.

 Finally, this forensic computer scientist can be located not only for the cloning of information from a mobile phone, but also for other social platforms such as email.  

Taking all this into account, do not hesitate to contact the forensic computer scientists of our group of detectives, as they will guarantee you a fast, safe and effective job in everything you want to know.   



           Given all the doubts that arise regarding the activities carried out by these types of detectives, below we will clarify the most frequently asked questions of all clients who require the help of this professional:

  • Is forensic informatics the most expensive service of your group of detectives?

Despite being one of the most demanded services in our group of detectives, the costs of our forensic informatics are lower compared to the rest of the agencies throughout Spain, so we are a main option for this.  

  • What other work does this computer scientist do?

In addition to being able to locate and stop the cloning of a mobile device in terms of social networks, our forensic computer specialists are specialized in order to carry out other actions such as tracking scams carried out on the internet.

            They are also professionals capable of writing reports on the information collected, which may be presented at a trial, as well as advice and consultation on everything related to a system designed for companies.

            As we have mentioned, they are professional detectives in the area of ​​computing, providing a comprehensive service to all clients and guaranteeing that they find the information they want to resolve their conflicts.

  • Can I find other types of protection-oriented services?

So is. In addition to providing services for obtaining certain information and protection on the web, our forensic computer scientists also provide installation services for devices to record at a certain location in the company.   

            On the other hand, they can also locate any hidden camera or microphone somewhere, this being one of the services most demanded by major companies in the country that are often spied on by their competition.

  • Should I worry about my social networks?

All these social networks can suffer from a hack by third parties, so it is important to find out about how to prevent this and protect them, with the guidance of new forensic computer scientists . 

            This usually happens mostly to personalities of certain popular companies, which suffer from computer attacks by their competitors to obtain the strategies they use for their success.

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

  • Is this process late?

Despite the fact that investigations oriented to the computer area usually take time, our forensic computer scientists always try to carry out a quick and efficient investigation, in order to solve the problems in the shortest possible time.  

  • Can I learn this profession?

Thanks to the fact that it is a highly demanded area in Spain, it is currently possible to take courses to obtain the necessary knowledge to resolve computer-oriented conflicts and hacking.

            Similarly, it is possible to study to become a private detective, since it is a profession that can be chosen at any university in the country, thus training the best detectives.

           Given all this, it is important to keep in mind that our Arga group of detectives is in charge of providing unique and effective attention for the resolution of any problem on the web, with the help of the best forensic computer scientists . 

            Do not hesitate to contact our agency, because in addition to having the help of professionals in the area, we are the most recognized agency in the entire country, and the one with the best prices in the area.



Computer detectives in Spain are one of the most requested investigative services in the country thanks to the digitization that the world has had in the last year, being able to gather information to stop these crimes.  

 However, despite the existence of different agencies that provide the services of these computer detectives , we must emphasize that in Arga detectives group we have the best detectives, being in charge of carrying out any type of investigation necessary. 

Computer detectives are professionals in charge of providing all kinds of help in investigations aimed at this area, where they are in charge of studying and processing data on the web to clarify a situation that can be uncomfortable.  

These computer detectives are generally hired by different companies, also receiving the name of “computer experts” and performing work such as electronic scanning, making it ideal for detecting any spy who wishes to obtain information.  

As its name indicates, computer detectives are detectives in charge of investigating different aspects of the computer science area, having this great relevance because many of the actions are carried out from the internet.  

Similarly, since many of the country’s large (and small) companies manage their communications and activities through social platforms, it has contributed to an increase in computer crimes.

 In this situation is when the participation of computer detectives comes in , as they are responsible for tracking abnormalities of these platforms, the invasion of security, increasing the computer security of companies, among others. 

For this last reason, it is important to have the contact of these computer scientists who provide their services through a detective agency, since in this way we avoid bad times due to a computer crime.



Computer detectives are professionals in charge of carrying out any type of investigation digitally, evaluating and drawing conclusions from specific data that will allow them to arrive at the truth.

All this they do with the help of their computer skills and different tools, making them the most requested detectives in Spain by different people throughout the territory.

As for the specific functions of these computer detectives, we can say that they are responsible for locating and tracking all kinds of computer thefts or thefts, as well as verifying and investigating information from certain profiles.

These detectives also carry out what is known as an electronic sweep, where by means of different tools they are in charge of detecting any spy device located in a certain space.

Finally, among the services that are responsible for carrying out we have hacks to mobile devices, recovery of information and deleted messages, location of IP addresses, cleaning of online reputation, among others.

 These computer detectives are in charge of providing a varied and adaptable service to the needs of companies, since they are the ones who most use these services to improve their computer security and increase it.

For this reason, do not hesitate to count on the services of these detectives, since they are carried out in a simple way and with the best possible result, attending to different types of situations both in companies and individuals.

Having the services of a computer detective is not so complicated, because thanks to the demand that this service has had, in Spain it is possible to find a variety of detective agencies that take care of it.  

 In this way, to count on the help of these computer detectives, it will only be necessary to contact these agencies so that the investigation can begin and put an end to this uncomfortable situation.  

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

However, despite the existence of a variety of detective agencies, Arga detectives group we have the best in the country, as they are detectives with the best preparation to carry out these investigations.

In addition to having computer detectives , we also take care of making detectives from all areas available to our clients, thus adapting ourselves to the needs of our clients who have chosen us for years. 



As mentioned above, in Arga detectives group we take care of providing a responsible and fast service so that once you contact us and give us details of the situation, the investigation begins.

Likewise, it is important to highlight that our computer detectives are characterized by doing a neat job and accompanying it with a detailed report that can be used in a trial as legal evidence.  

In Arga detectives group we are characterized by having the best prices, compared to the rest of the detective companies in the country, providing a safe and accessible option for all our clients.

For this and many more reasons, we have been for years the group of detectives chosen by multiple inhabitants of Spain to help them solve their problems, which have ranged from IT to infidelities.

We have the most accessible prices compared to all agencies, as well as different testimonials from our clients that attest to the work we do in this very popular group of detectives.



In addition to taking care of the tasks mentioned above, computer detectives can be of great help for different reasons that we will know below:   

  1. Knowledge

Thanks to the fact that careers related to technology are constantly growing, having the services of a computer detective puts us in contact with people full of knowledge not only in the area.  

            In this way, we can say that among the services of this detective is providing advice on these issues, so that the best option is chosen when conducting the investigation and collecting the evidence.

  1. Perseverance

In addition to being professionals full of knowledge, these detectives are characterized by being persistent in solving any inconvenience on the part of their clients, using all the necessary tools for this.

  1. Costs

The costs of hiring a computer detective can vary according to the investigation that will be carried out and other factors that influence this, so it will vary according to the agency that is responsible for serving clients.  


  For this reason, it is important to bear in mind that, as we mentioned, in Arga detectives group we are in charge of providing the best price to our clients, in order to reduce their weight with the problem they have.

  1. Continuous training

As we mentioned, the careers that are linked to technology are constantly updated in terms of their knowledge, so there will be professionals in the area capable of solving any problem, however difficult it may seem.

  1. Legal area

These computer detectives are trained, and have all the legal elements, to prepare reports, collect evidence and give testimonies that can be used during any court case for the benefit of their client.  

            For this reason these detectives are the ones indicated if the problem is to be brought to legal instances, being the most requested by many companies that have been affected by competition.

  1. Diversity of fields

Thanks to the fact that in our Arga group of detectives we have the best computer scientists, they are professionals capable of providing advice and information in other fields, being very similar to doctors with multiple specializations.

  1. Attention from wherever

Thanks to the fact that it is a job that requires the help of a network connection, it can be carried out from anywhere in the world, so a meeting with said detective is not essential for any type of inconvenience.

For all this, do not hesitate to contact the Arga detectives group to carry out any type of investigation in the cyber area that they require, since we have the best computer detectives and the most accessible prices of all. 

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid



           The services of computer detectives are essential for different reasons that you will know below, thus being one of the most hired detectives in Spain by companies and individuals:  

  1. Varied service

Computer detectives are responsible for providing investigative help in different areas, being able to investigate any fraud or, improving the presence and reputation of a company that has been unfairly misqualified.  

           As we mentioned, they provide different services that are tailored to the needs of customers. In the case of the Arga detectives group, our computer scientists provide more than 10 computer-oriented investigation services.

  1. Fast work

Thanks to their knowledge and experience, Arga group detectives are in charge of carrying out these tasks in the shortest possible time, guaranteeing the best results and solutions to any situation the client is going through.

  1. Broad knowledge

Due to the area in which they operate, computer detectives are professionals who are constantly learning new things, as the digital and technology world grows with each passing day, giving new things to understand and learn.  

            For this reason, they are professionals who have knowledge in different areas, being able to provide advice and guidance in other topics beyond the IT field, all this thanks to their constant training in different areas in addition to IT.

  1. Updated techniques and strategies

Thanks to the aforementioned constant training, these detectives are trained to carry out any computer investigation process with the best, fastest and most efficient strategies, providing quick responses to their clients.

  1. Easy to find

Due to the growing demand that these detectives have had throughout the country, it is possible to find a variety of these professionals in the different detective agencies in the country, as well as a detective working for themselves or in law firms.

  1. Affordable costs

In the case of the Arga detectives group, as we mentioned, we take care of making the best computer detectives across the country available to anyone in need , with affordable costs that allow them to reach everyone.  

  1. Verifiable experience

Finally, the main reason for having our computer detectives is the experience of other clients. Today it is possible to count on the testimonies of multiple clients that attest to the responsibility in the services provided.

In these testimonies our new clients will be able to know how the process was, the clients’ feelings towards the investigators and any type of information that they require to count on our investigation services.

           For all this and more, it is possible to find a variety of reasons to have the services of these computer detectives , so it is important to note that our group of detectives has the best in the entire area. 



 The services of computer detectives are the most expensive that can be found, since they are professionals who, in addition to using a digital platform, have other tools that allow them to carry out other procedures.  

Given this, many of the costs include not only the knowledge of these detectives, but also the use of different tools to carry out the different investigative activities.

Considering this, we can say that the costs of these computer detectives are located at 100 euros, according to the type of investigation to be carried out. Likewise, it is also possible to have the services of these detectives in costs up to 400 euros.  

However, despite these costs, the recommendation is to locate the different detectives in the area to make a comparison regarding their costs and services, in order to choose the one that best suits our budget.

Given this, we must highlight the computer detectives of the Arga detectives group where for years they have been in charge of providing a professional service, characterized mainly by having affordable costs.  

Forensic informatics in Madrid 

Forensic informatics in Madrid

 Compared to other agencies, our detectives are the most accessible and have the verifiable experience of any client, thus ensuring that we earn their trust.



If you suspect you have the possibility of having gadgets electronics that are spying on your company, such as microphones and hidden cameras, the process of scanning electron is the way most effective to reach them , and there are experts that has all the technology required for this .                   

In Spain, the Grupo Arga Private Detective Agency has experts capable of discovering, detecting and disabling any hidden electronic espionage gadget . His well over 10 years of experience are a guarantee of a complete and professional job.                 

We are duly certified private detectives , who have the most modern counter-espionage equipment, to ensure the complete satisfaction of the client. You will be able to feel relaxed and confident again that your business mysteries will be safe.                

Do you want to corroborate who is behind the hidden microphones installed in his living room in together? Do you want to start a judicial process to sue them? Do you want to guarantee your business mysteries and ensure the mystery of your communications?                

So, don’t think twice and contact us! If you suspect that they spy on you in your company, in your car or in your place of life, Grupo Arga Detectives is the solution! Contact us by phone, or pay us a visit in our areas of work in Spain. We are waiting for you!

 Undoubtedly every day the fervor and passion for the science of data acquisition and preservation grows, it is reflected in the increasing number of computer forensic detectives , who intervene recurrently each time in the revelation of some data of an investigation through avant-garde mechanisms.  

 For these reasons they are collaborators of the traditional security forces and bodies, because they have an absolute preparation in forensic techniques , due to this they represent a good alternative when requesting help for any situation of this nature. 

The most relevant thing for us at Grupo Arga Detectives is discretion !!  

What most relevant to our agency of investigations private partnerships in Spain it is personal relationships customer – company. Each client feels unique, understood and confident that they will be helped by our research professionals.        

The value we took to be one of the main agencies of private detectives in Spain is sincerity, loyalty, honesty, respect and humility, but the most important of all Discretion, this is the pillar of security. At Grupo Arga Detectives we carry this maxim to its full culmination.        

 Private detectives in Spain is distinguished by being very cautious. As a detective agency in Spain we behave sensibly, choosing the right comment at the right moment , with respect, for those who have us as a reference to solve their problem.        

How to hire a forensic computer scientist in Spain to help me in this situation? 

Online or in the communities you can find the agencies of computer detectives most recognized throughout the country, in your search insurance will find with Grupo Arga Detectives , an agency that is a pioneer in the area of investigations computing and throughout the industry of the inquiries.                



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