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Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

In many cases our services are required by individuals who present us with their personal problem. Our performance begins with an interview, in which discretion and sensitivity are the protagonists.

It should be noted that personal investigation  at the particular and family level is formed as a delicate private research service that must be addressed in a special way. This is due to the delicateness of the issues to be dealt with by the emotional connotation they entail. Many times because the affected people are from our own family nucleus or even friends.

Our private detectives in Madrid are extensively trained in family and particular issues with a special training developed by the passage of many years of experience. Thanks to our intervention you will be able to put an end to any doubts you have. Your suspicions may be dispelled.

All our Investigations is moved by three basic pillars of action that allow us to achieve our objectives satisfactorily:

  • Confidentiality
  • Discretion
  • Efficiency

Thus, in the face of a drawback, the first element necessary to solve the problem is to know what is happening. We are talking about cases for example, infidelities, alcoholism, drug addiction, sect membership, kleptomania, detection of spy devices, etc. All these questions can be dispelled by members of the Private Detective Agency in Madrid, Arga Group. Throughout the course of investigation our main concern will be to care for people affected by the matter with great sensitivity. We therefore carry out all kinds of services in accordance with the legal system.

Arga Detectives Group are experts in collecting evidence within the family nucleus. To do this, our professionals will investigate with caution and discretion. All the tests obtained will be reflected in a report that will be delivered to our client, which is always included in the quote offered. All the tests we obtain are carried out in accordance with the legal order while keeping the most scrupulous discretion.

The Arga detective agency specializes in research in the personal and family area. We have all the resources and means, as well as a great experience in research on surveillance, search and location of people and any other topic related to the personal and family area.

Arga Group will do everything in its power to dispel any kind of doubt in all kinds of family research.

We carry out all kinds of family research, from infidelities, modification of the alimony, DNA tests, fingerprinting, search and location of people, control of minors, or any type of anomalous behavior of a member of their family, etc.

To do so what we will do is collect all the necessary evidence to prove the intended conduct. Through our performance you will be able to have again the emotional stability that you had lost through so many insecurities.

Private investigative services by our detectives in Madrid. Some of the areas of action on which we operate, within the particular context are:

  • Infidelity research
  • Pre-marital reports: identity verification and data about the person (economic level, studies, etc.)
  • Identity checks of known people over the Internet.
  • Domestic (gender) violence: verification of restraining orders.
  • Bad treatment of minors and the elderly
  • Control of the activities of the spouse or children: dubious behaviors, sects, truancy, crime…
  • Visitation regime – Child custody: child abuse, attendance at inappropriate places (bars, nightclubs, etc.).
  • Abandonment of obligations, neglect, strange behaviors…
  • Providing evidence for claims for separation, divorce and nullity
  • Alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling: research and detection of drug dependence in the social and/or family sphere (Control and monitoring of daily activities).
  • Anonymous, coercion, blackmail and threat
  • Location of opaque assets and/or income for payment of unpaid pensions: demonstration of the “standard of living” of the spouse who fails to comply with the economic measures set out in the regulatory agreements.
  • Verification and updating of new personal and/or work situations of the former spouse, in relation to the review and/ or updating of pensions (de facto cohabitations, professional activities, hours worked, etc.).
  • DNA: Paternity tests, biological kinship.
  • Domestic service: impropriety in the treatment of the elderly, children. Thefts. Unwanted visits…
  • Searches for persons / Leakage of minors from the family home.
  • Inheritances: location of heirs, location of inheritances, deceased relatives.
  • Surveillance and observation services about spouse, children, and/or family members.
  • Domestic and gender-based violence.
  • Research of people known through the Internet
  • Computer research. Spy program detection, WhatsApp recovery, social media threats.
  • Fingerprint and palm cross-checking.
  • Technological research. Electronic sweeps, electronic countermeasures, detection of hidden microphones or spy.


Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

If you want a family detective with extensive experience in family and private research contact our private research company specializing in family Investigation, made up of family detectives with extensive experience who will ensure a success in achieving your goal.

Do you want to conduct an investigation into an infidelity, divorce, separation, modification of alimony or some subject similar to the family? Well, don’t hesitate and contact us. You will find the best infidelity detectives in Madrid. Infidelity detectives with extensive experience. We put at your fingertips the best infidelity detectives and family detectives and couple’s detectives throughout the Community of Madrid.

Specialized areas of action for individuals and families by Detectives Madrid:



  1. Marital infidelities.
  2. Amendment of the regulatory agreement in separation and divorce.
  3. Food pensions.
  4. Premarital reports.
  5. Review of the visitation and custody regime of children.
  6. Control of the activity and leisure of minors
  7. Dubious behaviors.
  8. Search and location of people.
  9. Social media research.
  10. Bad treatment and verification of restraining orders.
  11. Suspected domestic service
  12. Surveillance and follow-up.
  13. Addictions to drugs, obsessions, gambling and dubious behaviors in general
  14. Inheritances
  15. Sects and fanatics.
  16. Urban leases.
  17. Paternity testing.




When we talk about family research we mean all those intimate relationships that occur within the family nucleus. We can consider the family as all those who have some degree of inbreeding.

Having said that, it is essential that the private detective has knowledge of family law in order to act correctly.

Family investigations throughout history have been presented as a basic service of every detective office, hence family investigations represent a specific section of action within our duties.


Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

We can define family Investigation as that private investigation hired by one of the members of a family nucleus to investigate another family member. Thus the research par excellence within this field would undoubtedly be research on infidelities. It should be noted that adultery – previously punished – is not a crime at present so the unmasking of an infidelity can no longer be considered a crime.

Infidelity can be conceptualized as the broken by one of the parties to the established agreement of fidelity after the union of the same, without necessarily being married, since de facto couples or even couples who do not yet live together are governed by the same concept.


As professional detectives our mission when we investigate a subject of infidelity, is to try a second collateral relationship or just casualties. Infidelities can occur in any social environment, anywhere, any day and at any time.

They do not distinguish between sex or age and we can say bluntly that it is the order of the day, increasingly widespread by the consumer society we face, sometimes becoming something very frequent in family nuclei. To carry out the investigation of an infidelity  we have professional detectives experts in this matter as well as the most cutting-edge technology that sets us apart from the rest.

All the evidence obtained during the course of an investigation is reflected within a report that details with great accuracy all the details that have occurred.


  • Surveillance and monitoring at the request of a legitimate party.
  • Search and location of people, objects, goods and documents in public records.
  • Infidelities, separations and divorces.
  • Reports of paid activity or marital coexistence for the abolition of compensatory pension.
  • Pension claim.
  • Control of children for dubious behaviors, companies, drug use, alcohol.
  • Child leaks from the family home.
  • Inheritances and location of heirs.
  • Genealogy.
  • Ludopathy.
  • Sects.
  • Alcoholism.
  • Concealment of goods.
  • Anti-surveillance service.
  • Contribution of evidence in Family Courts.
  • Premarital reports.
  • Control of domestic service.
  • Control of restraining orders and other judicial breaches
  • Fraudulent school enrolments.
  • Fictitious marriages or convenience indeed.
  • Crimes prosecuting them at the request of a party.
  • Paternity or DNA tests.


Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

If you want a family detective with extensive experience in family research, contact our private research company specializing in family research, made up of family detectives with extensive experience who will ensure a success in achieving your goal.

Arga Detectives Group is fully aware of the serious emotional implications of most family investigations due to the feelings involved. To carry out family research we have the most modern technological means as well as the best prepared professionals in this regard.

We collect all the information in a report that is subsequently delivered to our client that is formed by all the tests obtained. On many occasions when investigating a person from the family nucleus for a specific reason such as infidelity, etc., we have noticed the existence of other collateral behaviors that were the ones that actually produced a suspicion, example discovering a gambling or alcoholism.


Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

Do you want to conduct an investigation into an infidelity, divorce, separation, modification of alimony or some subject similar to the family? Well, don’t hesitate and contact us. You will find the best infidelity detectives in Madrid. Infidelity detectives with extensive experience.

We put at your fingertips the best infidelity detectives and family detectives and couples detectives throughout the Community of Madrid. Our Private Detective Agency in Madrid can help you with your problem. Come and meet us, our first consultation is free and the budget is without obligation.

We work all over Madrid, if you are looking for private detectives both in the capital and abroad, we are your agency.

Contact us on our 24-hour support phone +34  913 866 294.

surveillance and follow-up



Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

When it comes to monitoring, we’ll start from the basis that people in general don’t usually think they’re being tracked or recorded. However, we will take extreme precautions at all times.

Our detectives in Madrid are experts in surveillance and follow-ups of all kinds through the use of all kinds of means.

We use various cars used by professionals who are experts in driving always in support of high displacement motorcycles driven by drivers specialized in driving them.

Arga, Detective Agency in Madrid has a very diverse professional team that is responsible for the operation of all surveillance and / or follow-ups in the most appropriate way possible making a detailed study of the place or to monitor or the individual to follow.

For this we have varied staff, both for walking, public transport, plane, car, motorcycle, etc.

Our success rate for such research is almost 100%.

We have many years of experience behind us and are experts in such research.

If you are looking for a Detective Agency in Madrid, we will give you full guarantee of all surveillance as well as follow-up.

Surveillance or follow-up is not something anyone or professional can do if they do not have the necessary knowledge in the subject.

Do not leave it to anyone to conduct surveillance or follow-up, as a momentary despite can lead to spoiling all investigation.

Arga, Detective Agency in Madrid, always conducts all its investigations with two fully experienced detectives in the subject. In addition, in all the tracks we use a large displacement motorcycle to support the vehicle.

If you want to learn more about the hiring of surveillance and follow-ups in the Community of Madrid visit other companies collaborating with  Arga that you can learn about on our website

Our detective agency at Madrid  is an expert in surveillance and follow-up.

Contact us if you need professional treatment.


Surveillance and monitoring services are a basic service of every private detective used to investigate.

Although it may seem to the naked eye to carry out surveillance and follow-ups as something simple the truth is that they are reversed of great complexity and a great specialization. In addition, great knowledge as well as a great experience are necessary to be able to directly execute a direct observation by the private detective.

There are many setbacks that we can encounter in the course of direct observation during the exercise of monitoring and monitoring.

The main problems we can deal with in an overselling way are:

  • Poor planning of the environment.
  • Inadequate target study.
  • Circumstances typical of the workplace. When near work are official institutions or other bodies such as barracks, commissariats, homes of escorted personalities, heavily guarded institutions, etc.
  • Not being communicated by our clients that the investigating suspects they have put a detective on him.
  • To have previously been caught by the client himself for being investigated for having been following him.
  • To have hired detectives who have done a nefarious surveillance and been discovered.

Through surveillance and monitoring we can know a person’s movements and they can reveal a lot of information about them.

We can have knowledge of places you frequent, friends, family, other people you meet with, hobbies, work, habits, level of expenses, form of travel, schedules, deviant behaviors, etc.

However, for a monitoring device to function properly, it is important to have two factors:

  • Time
  • Permanence

This is because in the vast majority of cases it takes large waits for time.

Our detectives in Madrid have great preparation in surveillance and follow-ups, they are taught to persevere.

Our goal is to clarify the doubts of our customers without there being a glimpse of error, fleeing at all times from interpretations and strictly sticking to reality.



Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

The topic of using GPS by private detectives is a topic of debate that is not very clear and that many customers and users ask us about it.

Arga Detectives Group wants to talk about it and how our private detectives in Madrid make use of it when following up on a private investigation in Spain.

The use of it as a general rule is prohibited by regulation and by withdrawal of jurisprudence over the years.

Its use should be restricted to limited uses in private research provided that all legal formalities that must concern the principle of proportionality are complied with.

As a general rule therefore there is no place for use indiscriminately.

Its use is rather when there is authorization from the owners of a vehicle and it wants to know where your vehicle is going.

For example, it is the case of a taxi driver who rents his vehicle to a driver and wants to know if he is actually working and puts a geolocation system in his own vehicle.

Its use must be completely temporary and strictly necessary with the just the duration of the private investigation.

It is therefore clear to point out three important points about the use of GPS by our detectives in Spain:

  • Its use as a general rule in a systematic and indiscriminate way is not permitted.
  • When making use of it within the cases permitted by law the time should be as little as possible and only for the duration of the private investigation.
  • Its use and application shall be governed by the principles of necessity and proportionality.


Monitoring in rural areas is particularly important for the risky of them.

People in the villages know each other, know the cars out there and control outsiders very suspiciously.

It’s very normal for the neighbors themselves to call the Security Forces and Corps when they see private detectives roam the area.

It will be very common to see the local elders walking with the cane and controlling the whole area in an astonishing way.

We must remain camouflaged in our vehicles at all times without leaving them.



Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

Before carrying out all kinds of monitoring we will have to carry out an action plan correctly. To do this we will have to study carefully the whole area as well as all possible escape routes.

This study will take place in two points.

  • Study in the office through google view maps and similar ones.
  • Street study in the place itself and always before starting private research.

We will have to study all those points that may shelter the private detective when he is conducting surveillance and monitoring.

Whenever we can, we’ll get as far away from the subject as possible.

To have a good display we will use binoculars and other analog zoom devices.

When surveillance is done on foot it’s a good idea to buy a newspaper and sit on a bench and pretend to read to go unnoticed. In case we couldn’t have a newspaper, we could get some advertising pamphlet.

The devices we take to investigate, we’ll put them between the papers so they don’t see each other.

The mobile phone is also an element that allows us to go unnoticed to be able to hide when we speak through it.

When surveillance is prolonged in time, it will be advisable to change the place every 50 or 55 minutes so as not to raise suspicion from the neighbors.

We will take care not to expose our recording equipment continuously by removing it only when strictly necessary.

When we have to make use of it we will have to evaluate whether or not we run the risk of taking it outside and exposing it. We’ll never get them out without thinking about it.

It is important when collecting everything that happened to aim in detail everything that happened well on a recorder well with pen and paper, we should not memorize as a general rule.

Vehicles carried out in this type of private investigation by our detectives in Madrid have tinted moons.

It is advisable to sit in the back to go unnoticed. It is interesting sometimes to use some kind of black sheet to cover us if we needed to. This savannah will slide it through the back of the seats so that it is as discreet as possible.

It is interesting to use the sunshade at the front to give the feeling to the curious that the car has been parked for a long time.

It is important not to have distractions while you are watching so as not to lose any detail of the circumstances.

We should not leave the vehicle as a general rule so as not to attract attention.

In foot surveillance, when they are prolonged in time we must wear two garments in such a way that we exchange them so as not to raise suspicions.

When we find ourselves inside the vehicle we will try to wear dark clothes and avoid bright or white garments.


Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

Now let’s list a number of advanced-level recommendations to consider when conducting surveillance and monitoring.

Detective men will start not shaving us a week before the investigative service with the intention of growing our beards. At any given time in the course of the investigation, we will be able to shave in order to change the look.

To withstand the strong summer heat inside a vehicle, we must take cold drinks inside the vehicle as well as some cloth to dry our sweat.

We’ll have to check the sugar drops when we’ve been inside a vehicle for a long time, so we’ll have to bring some kind of food that contains some sugar.

In the breaks we will take care not to make them next to the area where the research is, we will move away from the area until we avoid any direct eye contact by the researcher towards our person.

Before we begin a private investigation, we’ll fill the gas tank completely.



For many people, the role of the private detective in Spain seems unclear. It is important to correctly publicize this profession through the knowledge of its regulations in order to know its regulations.

It should be remembered that private research services are a service for individuals or companies in legitimate interest.

Arga Detectives Group is characterized by its clarity and transparency in all phases of private investigation. From the initial reception of clients, to the planning of research operatives as well as in the preparation of reports and their subsequent judicial ratification.

There are very diverse private research services that our detectives in Madrid can perform in Spain.

The private detective’s work is unique to:

  • Be a discipline.
  • Require a methodology in its development and achievement of evidence.
  • Be extremely planned.
  • It should be noted later in a report.
  • One of the most important plots of the private detective profession takes place on the street.
  • Any private research service must have four characteristics:
  • Planning.
  • Development.
  • Be forward-looking.
  • Need to check the evidence obtained.

For its part, surveillance is characterized by:

  • His great dilation in time.
  • Being shrouded in boredom and tedium.
  • Let the professional be competent.
  • The need for the detective to be disciplined.
  • Professional’s ability to record at the right time.
  • Detective’s ability to go unnoticed.
  • Permanent attention needed.
  • Private detectives have to fight against different factors such as extreme heat or cold, physiological needs.
  • It is important to rotate private detectives every few hours so that the ability to concentrate is not lost as well as to go unnoticed. It is also important to move the vehicle.


Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

The ultimate in any private investigation based on surveillance or monitoring is to maintain maximum confidentiality.

Our private detectives in Madrid know this maximum to the perfection and are specially prepared to keep the maximum professional stealth at all times.

When we meet with clients at our Private Detective Agency in Madrid one of the first things we ask of these is to maintain the utmost discretion and not tell anyone

We can assure you that the techniques used by our private detectives in Madrid are generally very diverse and quite secret.

We’re going to reveal how the private investigators from our detective agency in Madrid work.

One of the characteristics of our private detectives in Madrid is the deep knowledge of forms and ingenuity in the subject of observation, surveillance, counter surveillance and monitoring.

This great knowledge is extremely essential for a quality monitoring and monitoring service.

Many wonder what techniques are used by our private detectives during the course of a follow-up.

The Surveillance operation consists of a pre-study on the circumstances of surveillance and monitoring.



The question of how much a private detective in Madrid is worth to conduct surveillance and follow-up is often raised at our Private Detective Agency in Madrid.

Many individuals and companies ask us:

  • What is it worth to hire a private detective in Madrid?,
  • Is it very expensive to hire a detective agency to conduct surveillance and follow-up to…?,
  • Will I be able to deal with hiring a private detective to investigate someone?
  • Are private detectives as expensive as people say?
  • What do I need to have a private detective budget in Madrid?
  • What do I have to do to ask for a quote from a detective in Madrid?

In the face of such a demand, we see it appropriate to make some nuance in this regard and thus clarify doubts about our tariffs.

Prices for monitoring or monitoring will be offered individually to each client after exposing the specific problem to us.

The prices of private detectives in Spain are based on those oriented by the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain, these prices can be seen in our prices section of our website

As a general rule our private detectives meet with the data subject to ask for all the information about it.

Once we have understood all the problems, we will draw up a specific budget on the price of the requested research service.

In a very way we can say that the monitoring and follow-ups range from 60 to 100 euros an hour, the  price will depend on specific factors such as:

  • Motorcycle use required.
  • Number of detectives involved.
  • Slot.
  • Day of the week.
  • Technical complexity.
  • Number of hours, etc.

At these prices we will have to add VAT


Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

Family and Particular Investigation in Spain | Family Private Detectives in Spain

On many occasions private detectives are required to conduct monitoring and follow-ups based on observation in order to clarify a number of doubts about the intentions of the people under investigation.

Our detectives in Madrid are characterized by their great professionalism, discretion and great academic training, all counting that they are in full possession of the Official Private Detective License that authorizes them to investigate in Spain.

Surveillance and monitoring could therefore be defined as the basic technique of any private detective that can be applied on goods, vehicles, people.

To hire a private detective in Madrid expert in surveillance and follow-up, you can call our phone 24 hours +34 913 866 294 or email us at




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