If you are going through a separation or divorce, at Arga Detective Agency in Spain we know that such a situation can be dramatic. Even more so when your partner does not want to take care of your obligations.

It may happen that they are already divorced and that either their ex-partner has previously lied in order not to pay what would legally correspond to them or that once their economic obligations have been established in the regulatory agreement, this person is trying to lie to reduce their economic burden.

Whatever the cause described above, you will be vulnerable in this situation, and unfortunately justice, due to ignorance of the truth, cannot always issue a sentence in favor of the person who really deserves it due to the use of surreptitious techniques of another person. If you talk to your lawyer, he will tell you that the only professionals to attest to reality are private detectives.



Only we can provide the necessary evidence to be able to issue a modification in the regulatory agreement. Arga, Detective Agency in Spain can prove that your partner is lying and really has more purchasing power than he claims to have.

Normally, these people tend to have a second job from experience that provides them with a significant amount of money. This extra contribution is not usually declared, so you cannot prove to the judge that you have more income than the ones he claims to have.

We can provide the necessary evidence to prove to the judge that this person is lying and not leave you unprotected with his lie. All our evidence provided has full legal validity. If an agreement cannot be reached after presenting the evidence, the Detectives in Spain of the Arga Agency can go to ratify it in court.



Detectives are specialists in the field of private investigation . Its intention is to provide a service to the community, where they can obtain positive results for the procedure of cases, legal and non-legal, where it is required to obtain physical evidence that demonstrates the reality of the circumstances.

Something very particular, which separates police officers from detectives ; is that the latter work directly with the client. Your procedure is to focus on the case presented either by you or another person, where you explain your situation and if it is within our capabilities to assist you.

In Spain, private detectives cannot interfere in police cases of great criminal importance. But, that does not stop us from attending to equally sensitive cases; where important issues are discussed where the presence of police officers cannot interfere; either because of the relevance of the case itself, lack of resources, among others.

Therefore, choosing a private detective service can be a great decision. In addition, that they handle a modus operandi in a unique way. The procedures vary depending on the case to be investigated, but naturally the private detective always works under the radar.

This ensures a state of naturalness where the person under investigation can act normally. His job is to devise stealth tactics where these cannot be seen with the naked eye; from there, the right moment is awaited to collect any evidence that arises.

Your equipment is very important. Evidence can be obtained through various formats such as photography, video, audio, among others. Covering it with total precision and quality, where the acts committed by the investigated individual are perfectly appreciated.



Other mechanisms to implement is the support of those detectives who work as computer experts . These work in the digital field. Everything related to technology and applications. The investigation deepens with the aim of analyzing the person under investigation through social networks or other communication mechanisms such as whatsapp .

After the investigation, you will be given the evidence collected where the events in which you allege will be confirmed or ruled out. For divorce cases , the evidence delivered will depend on the reasons for the investigation.



Being a somewhat complex process, you need the support of a team of expert agents; highly qualified divorce detectives , capable of serving you with the greatest possible cordiality and that they can guarantee an effective and satisfactory procedure.

At Grupo Arga Detectives , our mission is to help you. We are an agency with more than 10 years of professional experience, where we have covered issues such as divorces, providing the necessary evidence for the resolution of problems that can range from the acquisition of assets, such as custody.

If we talk about a situation in which you deserve to receive assets and your partner tries to leave you aside in it, you need the evidence that verifies the truth. Same, that they must punctually allege how the property division process is during the divorce.

For custody cases, it is sought to demonstrate that the person from whom you are divorcing does not meet the necessary requirements to care for a minor. We don’t just talk about money; love and shelter is the most important thing. If your partner is abusive or exhibits behaviors that are harmful to parenting, you need supporting evidence.

Due to these and other circumstances, we at Grupo Arga Detectives , assure you of a fast and very effective procedure, where our services have the best rates in the market, revealing a great resolution in the quality-price comparison.

For divorce cases , we have excellent references from previous clients who opted for our services, feeling totally satisfied and grateful.

We do not seek profit based on your personal problems. Our purpose as a private detective agency is to be able to represent support for the community. Bringing hope to those cases that are in a state of filing due to lack of conclusive evidence to proceed.



We are available to you 24 hours a day. You can request our help at any time and space of your liking. Acquiring a private investigation service , more than an idea results in a brilliant strategy. Do not think twice and consult our rates today and receive all the necessary guidance from our team.



The fact of resorting to the services of a detective in a divorce process where the spouses do not agree has spread widely in Spain. The mission of the private divorce detective is to prove that the ex-partner is lying by providing evidence in this regard. The situation can become very delicate when there are children involved as well as real estate.

When you think that the real situation is different from the apparent one but you do not know how to prove it, it is when you should go to a divorce detective. We do know how to prove it. Our presence in the Courts of Justice in relation to divorce proceedings in the modification of alimony is increasingly evident.



Grupo Arga can help you throughout this process in different ways:
• We can demonstrate whether or not the other party is qualified to care for their children.
• We can find out the creditworthiness of the other party if it is real or invented.
• If the precautionary measures ordered by the judicial authority are being complied with.
• The real income of the other spouse to check if the alimony calculation is correct
. True qualified professionals such as Grupo Arga Detectives can help you prove all these points.
To do this, come to our office and tell us the details about it. We will carry out an investigation of the result and you will come out ahead.
Alimony after the breakup can become a nightmare if you do not have the right professionals.
We will issue a detailed report where all the ends of the investigation will be collected with all the evidence and information obtained.
All our reports have full legal validity being fully accepted in court.
Grupo Arga Detectives carries out divorce and pension investigations throughout Spain.





If you are going through a separation or divorce, at Arga Detective Agency in Madrid we know that such a situation can be dramatic. Even more so when your partner does not want to take care of your obligations.

It may happen that they are already divorced and that either their ex-partner has previously lied in order not to pay what would legally correspond to them or that once their economic obligations have been established in the regulatory agreement, this person is trying to lie to reduce their economic burden.
Whatever the cause described above, you will be vulnerable in this situation, and unfortunately justice, due to ignorance of the truth, cannot always issue a sentence in favor of the person who really deserves it due to the use of surreptitious techniques of another person.
If you talk to your lawyer, he will tell you that the only professionals to attest to reality are private detectives.
Only we can provide the necessary evidence to be able to issue a modification in the regulatory agreement.
Arga, Detective Agency in Madrid can prove that your partner is lying and really has more purchasing power than he claims to have.
Normally, these people tend to have a second job from experience that provides them with a significant amount of money.
This extra contribution is not usually declared, so you cannot prove to the judge that you have more income than you say you have.
We can provide the necessary evidence to prove to the judge that this person is lying and not leave you unprotected with his lie.
All our evidence provided has full legal validity. If an agreement cannot be reached after presenting the evidence, the Detectives in Spain of the Arga Agency can go to ratify it in court.
Contact our Madrid detectives if you have the slightest suspicion that your partner is unfaithful. We can help you to propose a strategy for the regulatory agreement. Come and meet us and we will give you more information without obligation.


We have the legal authorization of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police Corps with issue number 2464 as well as being active members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain with associate number 782 as well as a member of the International Federation of Private Detectives and other International Associations.


We have countless years of extensive experience in cases in all possible types of Private Investigation with magnificent and unbeatable results.

All our Private Detectives have innumerable years of experience in the Private Investigation sector, each of them having their corresponding licenses issued by the National Police Corps and the Ministry of the Interior.


One of our premises and features that characterize us is our Professionalism employed in each case verified by the use of the most modern technologies as well as by the work carried out by Private Detectives specialized in each specific case that we carry out.

Our detectives investigate with total discretion as well as with absolute professional secrecy, fully guaranteeing it, leaving this professional secrecy reflected in each contract we carry out.


In our investigations we use the most avant-garde and modern means and technologies in such a way that we always use the most advanced and specialized technical and human means possible.

Each one of our private detectives is specialized in specific areas of Private Investigation, offering in this way an optimal and unbeatable professional knowledge of each area or private sector.




All our collaborations with other Private Detective Offices both in Madrid, as in the rest of Spain and internationally guarantee unbeatable coverage and results.


All our investigations carried out in any field have full validity before the courts.


Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds. Personal and Family, Law Firms and Businesses of all kinds



At the Arga Detective Agency, we have a large portfolio of clients, both nationally in Spain and internationally. Our investigations are aimed at clients of all kinds such as Personal and Family, Law Firms, Companies of all kinds, and whether they are large or small companies, Mutual and insurance companies, Large Commercial Areas, Hotels, etc. located anywhere, whether Madrid, the rest of Spain or Internationals.

We offer our experience to carry out investigations in all kinds of areas included in the Private Investigation sector. We investigate cases related to:

  • Labor, Family, Professional and Commercial Research.
  • Investigations for infidelities. Doubtful behaviors, whether of children, family, etc.
  • Follow-ups, locations, scams, false pretenses and absenteeism.
  • Locations of all kinds, etc.




In person at our Central Offices located in Spain, at Street  Princesa, 9 1º left .28008 Madrid, in the heart of Madrid, by appointment


Through the email arga@argadetectives.com or through the phones 913 866 294 – 912 536 045 or 34 608 767 979 at any time and day of the week.


Ask us without obligation and we will give you an immediate quote, at no cost

We offer Deferred Payment facilities.

Possibility of payment by credit or debit card.


The Arga Detective Agency has been for many years,
Analysis of investigations as Detectives in the community of Madrid, nationally and internationally. Our experience and recognition endorse us as the most prestigious Detective Agency in Spain.

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If you are going through a divorce process where your partner has not responded to the legal requirements attributed to him; it needs tests of those events where the truth of the conditioned fractions that correspond to it is revealed.

Well it is about the material section that is reflected at the time of signing a marriage certificate, or that it is something very delicate such as obtaining custody of minors. For whatever the case according to this nature, experts capable of fulfilling this mission are needed.

We are talking about private detectives . Highly qualified agents who are deeply involved in various investigative fields , including divorce . These offer their services in order to provide you with the evidence you need to corroborate your case and thus be able to provide a solution.

Detective work is increasingly in demand today. Breaking the taboo and prejudices about an idea that is no longer seen only in movies. It all depends on the service provided by a particular agency. Therefore, choosing it is difficult.

When it comes to your personal life, it is very difficult to give total confidence to a person to attend to you in this tight situation. You have to have various parameters to take into account in order to find the right agency.

Therefore, we Grupo Arga Detectives , are one of the best agencies in the country; with the best teams and divorce detectives , experts in this area; where you will find the attention you need with very satisfactory results, all at the best price.

The process of separation and divorce can be very hard. Sometimes it is necessary to resort to qualified professionals to uncover a reality and show it to the judge so that the process is fair.
In this context, the role of the private detective enters as a key element of decision-making by the Judge.
Our intervention can lead to clear savings since, thanks to our actions, we can make the amounts in alimony and compensatory payments tilt in favor of our client.
There can be many different cases for which a divorce and separation detective is hired. In some cases, for example, we have to prove that the person under investigation shares the house, others prove the true income obtained, other times that the adult children are working.
We know how important and decisive our action can be throughout the process and we act with the utmost professionalism and tact.



  • Prove that the children work. Many times, proving a situation such as that the children are working can mean the possibility of recovering the address that was given to the other spouse for the custody of the children. Given this new situation, there could also be the possibility of being able to sell the home or even stop paying the mortgage.
    • Prove that third parties live in the house. If it is proven that other people live in the house, everything could change for our client in his favor.
    • Economic research. We can prove that your partner has an undeclared job and therefore has assets to subsist without the need for the high amount he currently receives. We can also prove that you have hidden assets both in Spain and abroad. It is feasible to prove that your former partner maintains a standard of living above what should be corresponded. Our action will serve to reveal the real economic situation of your ex-partner in order to be able to act on it by requesting a modification of the alimony.
    • False accusations. In recent years, the fact of the abuse of false accusations by the partner has spread alleging all kinds of facts such as drug or alcohol use, sexual abuse, threats, harassment, aggression, etc. All this with the intention of establishing a court order to remove the minor as well as the family’s home. In addition, these false reports can have serious criminal repercussions. Our intervention can clarify this type of behavior that is becoming more widespread every day.
    • Detection of spy devices. The placement of microphones, recorders and other hidden devices such as cameras and voice recorders, GPS, etc. is very common. This is due to the simplicity of getting these spy devices today. The ex-partner can take advantage of moments of entry and exit to install them without raising suspicions. The ex-partner tries to obtain information to later use it in the judicial process in their favor. This type of used spy objects can be placed in the most extravagant places camouflaged as one more element of the house. It could even be the case of devices permanently connected to the electricity system and that do not stop emitting to the outside . Grupo Arga Detectives we are experts in electronic sweeps, we are in possession of sophisticated devices capable of finding any spy element. We have been working for more than 10 years with complex electronic countermeasures equipment capable of carrying out complete electronic sweeps in the detection of hidden microphones as well as any other device that threatens privacy. We carry out the inspection of your home with different electronic sweeping techniques using cutting-edge technology. Among the methodology used by our detectives in Madrid for electronic sweeps we can mention:
    o Radiofrequency Analysis.
    o Analysis of electronic elements.
    o Thermal analysis.
    o Eye inspection with specialized devices such as endoscopes.



Grupo Arga We are a Private Detective Agency in Madrid, expert in all kinds of private investigations regarding the divorce and pension process.
On many occasions, the process of separation and pension can become a terrible odyssey since one of the parties does not collaborate and what they intend is even to distort reality to produce a tilt of the balance in their favor.
The role of the private detective is imperative in this context as a provider of the truth to the judge so that a fair sentence is produced.
And it is the private detective, the only professional who can prove the facts by providing the truth.
Alimony becomes an element of struggle and conquest where one of the spouses refuses to spend it alleging a whole series of lies.
In this situation, the most disadvantaged are undoubtedly the children.
Grupo Arga Detectives is specialized in proving the truth in these cases, counting on a lot of experience for this purpose.
In most cases, it is alleged that his working day has been reduced or even that he has been fired.


The infidelity detectives Spain , sometimes we have to face different types of cases, not every resolution of an event of infidelity is resolved in a good way, that is where we need the assistance and subsequent incorporation of different legal actors and authorities that can guarantee protection and distance in those involved, even more so when it is a family nucleus.




From Grupo Arga detectives, on some occasions when we observe that a process of infidelity is detected and the couple has small children, we should resort to an instance, which also provides assistance for daily matters. They are the ones who verify if you are at home, verify that there is nothing unusual in your place, verify if you are well at work, and are in charge of delegating protection from the judicial point of view in case the process is traumatic. Therefore, you might also consider hiring an expert, who can answer all the questions you may have and help you plan all the steps you need to take.

When within this problem you are dealing with a child. And you’re not dealing with a father. It is a matter of paying attention to certain points if there is a child involved in the breakup process, you must be very careful with what you say, because if you say something wrong, a child can be affected in this whole situation. When it comes to your child, when you’re not dealing with a parent, you should do everything you can to respect that child’s right.

We must accept it, an infidelity in the family nucleus is a domestic situation. At this time the affected is also a domestic situation, which means that all the rules should not be broken, for this it is necessary to contact Infidelity Detectives Spain When it comes to domestic matters, when you decide to end a relationship, you should think about what it happened the night before. Do you think the person you left the relationship with has a history of violent behavior? Do you have a history of drugs? How is this relationship? These are very valid questions when turning to an expert or authority.

From our field of experience we have sometimes dealt with different types of cases, and it is worth noting that what the passing of the years has told us is that this type of attitude has a pattern to identify. And in general, the people who are affected by this attitude did not detect it in the relationship from the beginning.


If an act of infidelity is suspected and if a friend or family member is within reach, we do not recommend going to them since they can ask your partner about it later, or a family member and you can be betrayed to It is necessary to go to an expert who can facilitate your work.




It is well known that in addition to the attitude with a considerable sexist load, in many homes in our nation there is not only this phenomenon but also the issue of physical aggression and partner violence and domestic violence against different members of the family is present in some homes. the same. For this, the authorities have acted on some occasions even with public order teams to be able to generate the protection of different members of the household.

The “experience” developed by a retired officer from the police world but who is part of our organization Grupo Arga, will provide an illustration of the useful tactical tools that are unique to these specific circumstances.

Our Madrid infidelity detectives are prepared for them. The fact that we have an operator or several retired ex – officers in our team will not always help here, as a trained and specialized team of law enforcement officers may be the best way to achieve this goal.

From Grupo Arga Detectives we recommend that as soon as possible, our agency is hired to be trained in different situations of risk and daily pressure, since sometimes a trained detective can be a key witness and a fundamental tool to solve these high-risk cases. and high pressure.

It is important to our agency that a new investigator acquires a full range of tools and equipment to provide the “best possible result” in the most extreme investigative scenarios that can occur in a home, with the goal of ensuring in the shortest time possible protection of those affected.




From Grupo Arga Detectives, through the infidelity detectives Spain we must say that a person is innocent until proven guilty, even in matters such as love, the most important emotion is the stability of the person

In that sense, we believe that a large part of that is because it is what the affected person is experiencing. and on how to alleviate their feelings of rejection and doubt. On some occasions, some of our clients come to our facilities with nausea, and as soon as they begin to tell us about their case, they say it as if it were a nightmare. First of all you have to know that these are not something that happens only to you. The way in which we all have moments in which we feel a strange emotion can lead the affected person to commit different acts of a reckless attitude, which is why it is recommended to call the services of a specialist in the matter.

A man can be the most loving, affectionate and happy person on the face of the earth, but when he is discovered, his attitude usually changes, and he can become somewhat hostile, that is why it is necessary for the person not to initiate these research activities on your own, as you need to rely on some kind of superior source for this to work and you can’t do it alone because sometimes there is the possibility of having no knowledge.

Some may look a bit incredulous. and they can say: I can believe in what is happening with my partner, it is necessary to give him a second chance. But this doubt is going to continue The best infidelity detectives Madrid do not have , since they will tell you what elements affect the behavior of your partner and, in addition, they will be able to help you in a legal process if necessary. The experience of their reports makes them function as expert witnesses in the resolution of a case with legal repercussions. Whether the amount of the fees will vary depends on whether a jury is appointed to try the case. An attorney will be fully prepared with the tools and equipment to defend you and your case.

Our fees may vary depending on the case and whether a jury is appointed to try the case. You must tell him about that and we will provide you with all the information you will need to decide if a fee is appropriate for you. We charge for the services provided, and in this case, ranging from attorney fees to legal services for appeals

If you suspect that your partner is committing adultery, it is better to go to a private detective, since he or she has the possibility of managing all your requirements around a criterion of experience, preventing you from incurring privacy violations and also some h In most cases, you can do business without a lawyer. However, there are numerous circumstances in which you need the help of an attorney in a fee dispute, including:




If you have experienced circumstances that make you fear your spouse, even if you don’t have the means to get their hands on your bank account. If your spouse has threatened you and you want to make sure it doesn’t happen again. If you have an upcoming marriage or have had a sustained fight with him on suspicion of infidelity. If you are looking to prevent certain transactions from being carried out in advance or to know what the family wealth is spent on.


It’s time to not only rely on detective work, but also on a lawyer. The best lawyers have extensive knowledge of legal matters. They will take an informed and balanced position on each issue before giving their advice in writing. This includes information such as: Possible penalties that may be imposed on both of you. The likelihood and amount of court costs, or the financial resources to pay them. The possible results of an action. The likelihood of legal fees.

The outcome of custody disputes. The costs of any legal action. A lawyer will analyze your situation and provide you with a report that adequately reflects your interests and wishes and will also act in synchrony with our work and give greater support to the observations that a specialized infidelity detective may make.


In short, your attorney will be helpful and professional. It is important to realize that each attorney will have to meet their own set of requirements, and your attorney should not be the one to decide what is best for you. When these lawyers are supported by Spain infidelity detectives , the work is much more reinforced .



When it comes to preparing for rate disputes, it’s important to think about what’s in your best interest and also what type of case you need to pursue to settle your cheating household situation. From Grupo Arga detectives before hiring a lawyer, we suggest that a person ask himself the following questions: How would you like to present your case? Do you have children, elderly parents or pets? Do you live out of state? Do you like lawyers? Do you want an attorney who can handle a difficult case? Do you like the process?


You may want to consider hiring an attorney in your situation before you have done so that you may carry a probable penalty. However, you cannot be sure that the Spain cheating detectives will not get involved if you call their bluff (for example, by asking them directly), as one can easily think that as long as they get a satisfactory investigation, someone is after the people in prison. (or at the police office) are more suitable for them.


To present an initial case in court, a detective can help in 80% of the evidence gathering , both parties have to prove that one of them was the one who wanted that (or the other). However, the plaintiff may be able to prove that he alone is in dire need of protection and therefore came here to protect his household for some personal, family, financial, or other protection reason.

When considering a couple relationship. In a traditional approach, it is not only the one that should be the one that checks the aggressiveness, but also each other, if there are other elements of protection. By considering the relationship of other elements of protection, the Spain infidelity detectives can establish their own approach and solve different results. In other words, there must be a relationship between an offense and a relationship that provides the support and protection for a relationship that is in danger of being interrupted and that may contain more than one element of aggression.

In a novel approach, the Spain infidelity detective would have a relationship of this nature and would use it as a starting point to find more elements of protection and, in addition, can use it as a basis for further investigation and the relationship determination process. aggressiveness and what is possible and not possible to avoid an aggressive situation. In such a case, although there would be a specific relationship between the two, the detective may, for example, take into account the relationship between one party and at least the other party, if there are forces and similar forces contributing to the attack. About the victim.


A detective from our Arga Group who investigates the crime of infidelity must always have the protection relationship at the beginning, as in the case of verifying other external elements of aggression, or the relationship of aggression with the victim. He/she tries to find out what are the internal and external factors that contribute to this aggression. In this case, the detective is not the only one who should be aware of these elements. You should check all of them to find a protective relationship that can be used to prevent an aggressive situation. If the detective does not know that there are other protective items, he must intend to obtain them.


For this reason, an infidelity detective Spain must think about the protection of the victim, as the person who must take it into account and think of a method to find different elements of protection. Since they must be prepared to take an approach that is also related to the other, and since this may not be a simple case, the detective should use all possible protective gear and seek to determine the relationship of the assault to the victim.

To find a protective relationship, the detective will have to investigate how the victim and the other are related. By doing so, you may find things that support a protective relationship and therefore the possibility of violence is limited.



A private infidelity detective Spain specialized in detecting these elements in couple relationships, will seek above all things to clarify each of the facts, as well as get to the bottom of why your partner is incurring in certain attitudes that tend to be suspicious.

The person he chooses as a spouse, who is his ideal partner, since he is an ideal lover, should help him understand that women are capable of being his “lover.” Many men are very jealous of their wives and their so-called equals who are in the most enviable occupations in the world, while they don’t seem to care how their wives wash the dishes and keep their coats clean and their children get sick.

In our research experience of more than 10 years, we have observed that many husbands do not like to be told and ordered what they can and cannot do with their wives, to whom they should give and how they should do it, while they themselves they don’t have enough time to do the cooking and cleaning really makes them resentful, angry and upset, and that anger is something that won’t change until there is an equal situation where all men are equal partners, with equal power. You may need someone in your life, be it a lover or your husband, who will help you understand this.

A man doesn’t care if his wife is beautiful because she can or because she was born with certain traits, but a good marriage and a good partner are not the same thing. If a wife wants to make you feel better about being jealous, you can only do that if she lets you think she’s really proud of you and tells you to stop. Otherwise, you will be jealous.

Women on the other hand because they are jealous of their own sex. They long for a man they love who prevents them from being loved, because it would make them feel “in charge.” It is important not to let this jealousy control your life, and if your wife’s jealousy of you is very strong, and it is not something that needs to be fixed, she should do it, and you should be very sensitive to what she says. The infidelity detectives Spain know all these aspects full feelings towards her may seem an irrational and unjustified reaction, but do not let the fact seem irrational and unjustified that this is, an issue that affects the development of an adultery.


The Spain infidelity detectives seek to be a bridge of support to resolve any doubts, and sometimes they also seek to operate in synchrony with authorities and courts, which can be a bridge for the resolution of legal complaints or detection of bigamy cases.




In our experience, and the work carried out jointly by lawyers and infidelity detectives , it is extremely rare for a divorced person to request child custody, and very rarely do divorcees request child support , but a spouse seeking a lawyer should know that you can access your divorce in court.

It is very important for the family and for the child. Having a divorce attorney on each side who is familiar with the rules can definitely help make the outcome easier. Some couples with young children cannot afford a lawyer who specializes in these cases. If they find a local divorce attorney, you should ask for references, in case they get involved.

But in our opinion , it’s not about getting divorced without a lawyer, it’s about getting one who also has a divorce counselor. While those attorneys can help couples determine what your best interests are, they cannot represent you in the courtroom.

When you go into court with an attorney, that attorney is legally obligated to represent you and can defend your interests if necessary. But a lawyer limits himself to defending you and only your interests and in this case he will be supported by all the actions that an investigator like those who make life at Grupo Arga Detectives can issue.

Additionally, it must be a matter of what your interest is. If child custody or spousal support is sought, that does not necessarily mean that the other person will have to be represented, on the other hand the infidelity detectives Madrid, must be facilitators of all tests if required and will also issue a technical report of all the findings previously found.

The attorney is required to disclose his opinion, but that information is not required in writing, . However, if you accept the attorney’s representation, it becomes an obligation for the attorney.


For those who need more than a divorce attorney, you can also contact a domestic abuse attorney.

It is difficult to understand that a spouse who is in an abusive relationship will be able to get a lawyer, because the law has not grasped the reality of how abusers are treated, that is especially true when it comes to issues related to divorce, such as custody of children or spousal support, which is why detective work at this point plays a fundamental role.


In a case of domestic violence, there are many factors: the duration of the relationship, how advanced this person is, how dangerous that situation is, even when it comes to a spouse who has been violent.

For the determination of probable charges at the legal level of these facts, a report by the expert private investigators of Grupo Arga Detectives, will provide the necessary clues to determine the resolution of each case based on each element of evidence or conviction found.


The report will state a “probable verdict” or “probable cause” that each of the charges against someone found at a crime scene could be proven to be true Our team’s report will include: a summary of case information a summary of the circumstances of the crime a timeline of what was known about the case at the time the report was prepared, the names of witnesses and police officers involved in the incident, The legal opinion will provide a determination of probable cause for each charge that will be proven, This is not intended to determine fault, only probable cause. However, some facts may be more helpful in determining a guilty verdict.

The report of an experienced private investigator team and Spain infidelity detectives will provide the necessary evidence to conclude the probable cause of each charge. The goal is to determine the probability that, depending on the nature of each charge, the case will be proven to be a true or false crime.



For couples, divorce is a time of tremendous responsibility. If you choose to leave your spouse, be warned that it is never a fun or easy decision. But, as with any major life change, there are a few things to consider before proceeding. We want you to keep in touch with us to continue enjoying our service. That means providing you with an accurate and up-to-date list of our services, services that are available throughout the country; our full range of expert and personal services; and our reliable and professional service agents to provide you with a one-stop solution. For this, Grupo Arga always offers the possibility of improving and innovating on a daily basis.

Grupo Arga is a full-service certified professional detective agency that offers comprehensive professional advice to couples facing the challenges of their marriage to get to the truth of the facts, and that allows them to assume a breakup or divorce if necessary. .

The complexity of a divorce means that a person is not alone but in need of counseling that addresses the full life cycle of a breakup, including relationship difficulties, family stressors, as well as life adjustments and self-esteem.

For this, it is advisable to operate with an expert vision of Spain infidelity detectives, since they can operate without any sentimental burden, leaving those affected in a position to turn to experts to help them manage their emotions in individuals and couples to work together to overcome. the challenges in your relationship.

The training of the agents of Grupo Arga detectives, facilitates the obtaining of elements that can be useful when deciphering different facts that can be an element of total conviction at the time of the tests and arrive at the truth regarding the cases of infidelity and adultery. As well as, with aspects that involve a legal action.




From Grupo Arga Detectives, through what we have observed in our Spain  infidelity detectives , we would like to provide a brief training in these lines in accordance with the law on the conduct of a lawyer involved in a criminal case regarding infidelity.

In this regard, it is necessary to highlight the following points, which should provide the best performance of a lawyer, in the shortest possible time, 1) the legal position and rights of the accused (including the legal rights of the wife and children); 2) the legal obligations of a lawyer from a punishable action, so that a lawyer can obtain knowledge of the rules and laws of the court and how a lawyer should be able to act as a lawyer; 3) how the attorney should deal with matters related to witness testimony and the case; 4) the legal position of the attorney, including the question of who may contact the attorney and who should testify about the crime.

It is advisable for a client to let the attorney understand that their responsibilities and the defendant’s responsibility are quite different. The prosecutor must inform the attorney of these important points and the consequences that may result from a defendant’s conduct in a case. And additionally, you must require the assistance or judgment of a Spain infidelity detective

It is necessary to let the lawyer take note of the questions asked by each of the criminal cases and do the necessary preparation. The lawyer must be able to answer based on his legal knowledge and the principles of evidence and justice. 4. Law of evidence in cases of perjury or false testimony.

When the defendant is arrested or charged, the court considers in what direction and for what time and with what tools he can compare and appear as a witness in court and give testimony with the help of his lawyer, who is usually the defense lawyer.

As a result of that, the defense attorney can give instructions on the law of criminal procedure. It should be understood that, in order to obtain instruction in the legal position of a criminal trial attorney, and may disregard reports collected by the prosecution or a detective, in this regard, it is necessary to emphasize that an attorney must become a member of the legal service of said defense service. You must be admitted to the relevant bar or law school.

The question of whether a lawyer should be allowed to appear as a witness in an investigative case, or whether it includes comparing can also depend on the law of criminal procedure, the judge can impose a prison sentence if necessary, depending on the legal position of the lawyer, Legal training of lawyers in certain situations.





We have heard many times in which a client initially did not need the services of an infidelity detective Spain , he believed that with a Lawyer this was enough, however today the experience of resolving cases shows us that sometimes an action is much better joint.

We know that lawyers practice various professions. The lawyer in the current situation should be interested in the specific legal situation in practice. His performance must cover basic and preliminary topics: the legal aspects of the process, the interrogation procedure and the interrogation technique to be followed. The Lawyer is not a detective, therefore it is necessary to distinguish him within our work, since he is one more support resource, but he does not have the expertise or legal approval to carry out said activities, this is an important point to consider. .

The Spain infidelities detectives know that any interrogation must be carried out by the competent state authorities and should only include the part of the training that makes sense, and nothing more. Therefore, the training must cover the following topics: (1) The rules of interrogation procedure and the interrogation process by which the statements and evidence obtained in the interrogation must be obtained, whether conducted by the police or a civilian. authority in relation to the criminal case. The process must allow obtaining all the necessary evidence to reach the conclusions that must be reached and must allow the officials of the investigating authority to obtain the most precise results, the most precise and effective answers. , at least the uncertainty.

On the other hand, the interrogation of the suspect by an official or a civil authority in connection with the criminal case, including the rights of the suspect in general conditions. The results of the interrogation must be kept from the suspect, which is the basis for determining the guilt of the suspect, and the nature of the interrogations and the results of the interrogation. Any form of delay or uncertainty during the interrogation process will damage that process and hinder any eventuality (exclusion of the criminal case or acquittal), therefore, private investigators at this stage remain on the periphery of the case, executing any reinforcement action that is required of us.

It must be recognized that the investigation of the case is by definition the work of infidelity detectives Spain and that this does not occur with the help of the media, and, on the other hand, it is not possible to avoid such means during the investigation.

In such a situation, the media is not in a legal position to assist the investigating authority in obtaining the evidence necessary to present its case. However, the police, investigators and competent authorities must be able to trust the evidence obtained from the media. It must be recognized, therefore, that the media should not be the means of providing the investigating authorities and the court with information about the suspect. Since the media must help the investigating authorities to obtain evidence, through the use of journalistic investigative work that has been regulated by another code of ethics, and must be treated as sources, not as informants.


However, the media should not be an element in the process of obtaining information, but rather a source of information, which can be developed jointly with the Spain infidelity detectives . In addition, the media should not provide the information received under any coverage or any person, as it would be considered unethical to let anyone know how the suspect is being investigated. All information obtained by the media must be published as a result of the court order.

The evocation of an infidelity detective Madrid, brings with it the need to go then to a resource of great expertise and technical capacity to resolve in the best way any type of situation that may affect the determination of facts, an infidelity detective can solve a case quite simply, however, in the course of the investigations it has been shown that there are other complexities of a criminal nature, which sometimes require the joint participation of different actors and authorities.

For this, the Madrid infidelity detectives are highly trained resources, capable of jointly undertaking the different aspects necessary for the progress of their operations in synchrony if necessary with one or more parties involved in the progress of different types of events, the integration and conception of a case of this type is very variable and depends on the magnitude of each case, as well as on the creativity that an investigator puts to use in a theater of private investigation operations, since the collection of information is a factor of utmost importance to know how to proceed and solve such a problem.




Do you want to know the prices of divorce detectives in Madrid? This question is widely demanded before the citizens about what are the fees of our detectives in Madrid to investigate in a divorce process.
The truth is that there are no global rates established for this purpose, since we will have to see what it is about trying with all its details.
The normal thing in this type of family investigation is to carry out a private investigation of about three days, to prove the repeated behavior of the ex-spouse.
We usually arrange an interview with our client so that they give us all the details about it and then, after their assessment by our team of divorce detectives in Madrid, we provide our client with a quote.
A three-day investigation, for example, can range from €1,000 to €1,500 to give you an idea. It will depend on the complexity of it to assess its up or down range.
We rely on the indicative prices sponsored by the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain, you can see them published in our rates section on our website.


If you are looking for a divorce detective in Madrid, our private detectives can help you get the evidence you need quickly and effectively.
We have a great team of divorce investigators in Madrid who have extensive experience in this matter, such as private investigation in the divorce process.
We know how sensitive the matter is and we will treat you with great tact throughout the divorce investigation process, from the first phone call to its conclusion.
Throughout the process our divorce detectives will maintain the utmost discretion and confidentiality at all times.
Contact us through our email arga@argadetectives.com or call us at our 24-hour phone number 913 866 294 and a divorce detective will assist you.
Hire the best private divorce detectives in Madrid.
Get the proof you need to make alimony fair.

Call us.



A complex and bitter situation such as a divorce requires a thorough investigation to clarify the situation that occurred within the relationship, because this serves to modify the pension or some other legal action that ratifies the right of the affected person.

In order to gain ground in this area, the action of a Divorce Detective is required , because he qualifies as a true professional for personal and family situations of this nature, which has become a common topic of high need that is must attend with precision and professionalism.





Detective agencies such as Grupo Arga have a group of specialists that houses the intervention of a divorce detective , who acts with great specialization within this field, attending in a special way to the problems that may arise to cover each one of the expectations of the clients.

We grow in step with the concerns that are part of the clients, especially in this sector that is going through an unpleasant moment such as a divorce, but when evidence is obtained, this can become a much more bearable experience, even achieving some kind of negotiation. to end everything as soon as possible.

Especially when there are children involved, it is best to try to end this situation as soon as possible, to limit the negative consequences that may arise as a result of all this tedious process, so with a detective you can raise this intention which they will fully comply by means of the imposed contract.

The help of this kind of professional is decisive when alimony and the care of the children from the couple are at stake, irresponsible actions deserve to be punished in time, which is why the experience and advice of a professional is required. know about these situations.

Divorces normally end in the outcome of a regulatory agreement, where all the details of this legal process are contained and specified, as a kind of resolution, which will dictate the entrenched results of having gone through these legal actions.



The evidence collected by a divorce detective is essential for estimating the amount of the pension for the father or mother, the days of living with the parents, among other kinds of situations that will be established as a result of the divorce, therefore having an advantage is vitally important.

Having a nose when confronting your partner is crucial when there is suspicion of some hidden fact, such as infidelity, a hidden job so as not to declare the total income, because they are circumstances that could increase the amount of the pension and it is common for them to try avoid this kind of responsibility.

Hiding information to reduce the amount of the pension is classified as a very serious crime, for this reason one must be attentive to any emergence of these situations, but it must be demonstrated with convincing evidence, for this reason it is best to have the help of a detective who is able to obtain sufficient evidence.

The experience and knowledge of a private investigator are conclusive within these causes, which is why at Grupo Arga we have specialists who can provide you with solutions for this situation or any other, especially because they can solve these problems with first-rate expertise. and in all seriousness.

All the aspects or factors that influence the regulatory agreement are known by our detectives, since they are experts in the analysis of each particular case, so that the evidence retains the power to obtain direct results on the pertinent agreements that are discussed or are at stake during the divorce.

In the event that a crime is being committed, it is a crucial mission for the detective to be able to prove it in order to do justice in this regard, this explains the growth in demand for this type of professional, but at Grupo Arga we maintain a wide availability to provide services quality to anyone who needs it.

Our attention is fully professional, listening to your concerns for later as an effective response to this type of delicate problem, because we understand the complexity of this matter like no other person, because our experts are qualified based on hard experience.



Grupo Arga’s prestige has been built up year after year with top-level results, where we also have the figure of a divorce detective , being a professional who takes each collection of information seriously, especially in personal matters in which must act efficiently.

You only have to contact us and obtain an ideal solution for your problems, it is easy to establish a direct communication channel with the client, once we have their trust, the rest is to take action, we move our group of professionals to work for their needs before everything to come to fruition.

We do not underestimate any divorce or their position, we understand their claims to collect the data that leads to obtaining an agreement in their favor, which really reflects the situations that happened, instead of having an unfair pension, this will be a guarantee that they will lack nothing the children in this case.

The family investigation sector requires quality work, with enough tact to calm the stress or burden that this situation produces, ensuring that the regulatory agreement is fair in terms of the parties, we understand what is at stake, a divorce It is not a situation to be taken lightly.

Putting aside feelings can be complex for those involved, so to ensure the well-being of children it is better to leave everything in the hands of experts who can ratify the evidence before any court, instead wanting to obtain it on your own can damage your use and the final outcome of the divorce is affected.



Facing divorces and separation is practically a pitched war, that is, in the midst of this legal fight, various tests and elements are required to demonstrate each fact, which is why it has become an area of need that private investigation is responsible for complying with great dedication.

Detectives receive special training every time to create an endless number of first-level attention areas, to collect evidence according to the demands of each situation, for this reason, if you are in the middle of a legal process of this type or want to undertake, you require the services of a private detective.



In the midst of divorces and separations, each person seeks a position that provides them with an advantage within the process, that is, the only way is through convincing evidence, but above all that it be obtained legally, because with power, evidence is it can even reach a beneficial agreement for you.

On the other hand, reality can also be demonstrated to the court through the reports prepared by professional private detectives, who through their training have the power to convert each item collected into evidence, because the value of substantial evidence can work in your favor.

With specialists who know these legal areas, you can be certain of obtaining items with this broad value, especially at Grupo Arga, where we dedicate ourselves completely to attending to each request with important objectivity, to take the truth to new proportions, and being presented with great care.

Getting out of a situation like this with the help of a private detective is fundamental, instead of living with the tension of not being able to convey the truth to a court or wanting to avoid it through alternative resolution, you must negotiate with evidence in the hand that will lead you to victory within the cause.

There are no reasons to limit yourself to a small pension, much less poverty, your chances of taking advantage of a legal process lies in obtaining data through professional methods, especially when the situation involves going through discomfort and that as the affected party you want finish this problem quickly.



Separations and divorces are unpleasant due to the mixture of existing feelings, for this reason we understand that each client wants to finish as soon as possible, but at the same time wants to assert their rights, for this reason going to Grupo Arga is the best answer to deal with this class of situations.

With the help and attention of a private investigator you can end up well rid of an adversity like this, because as professionals they know where to look and how to present it to a judge, since the manipulation of a civilian of evidence sometimes leaves it without effect being illegally obtained.

In the contribution of knowledge a great difference is made, because there are no mistakes before the presentation of each test, you can enjoy the peace of mind that it will not be refutable for any reason, so that you can face these situations with greater security and confidence, we have the conditions and tools for it.

We know the ways and methods to get to the truth, as well as the direct method to formally present it before a court, this is due to the level of specialization that each private detective has, making the most of each finding without having to get involved and have a bad time, we take care of it.

Private cases or legal processes depend directly on the efforts of the parties on how they refute and present their version in court, especially since it is not a public action, so the dedication must reside widely at the level of the parties, start a investigation is to take care of the course of a divorce or separation.

The solvency with which we treat each case received is what places us as experts for each requirement, regardless of its nature, in family, business and industrial legal cases, we use our greatest dedication to feed the cause with facts, that is, taking the light the evidential truth.

The experience that Grupo Arga has within the field of private investigation is a clear sign of how we have updated ourselves to the level of your needs, for this reason we can solve any type of inquiry, we have the best detectives, lawyers, security experts, in economics , criminologists to engineers.




To deal with divorces and separations, we have a wide range of specialists who cover any trace of information without problems, because we are a multifunctional detective agency that accompanies each investigation with the most exclusive and special services that can make a difference in such a legal process.

By contacting Grupo Arga you can hire a service dedicated to your claim, where we will thoroughly study a route to collect more information, these are known as investigation techniques that allow us to cover each incident that may arise within the search for evidence. .

Private investigation is your ideal ally to uncover what really happens, because each piece of evidence can discredit your counterpart, so that you take advantage or the course of the legal process without problems, this is the best way not only to save yourself problems or that their tests are worthless, but not enforce their rights.

You cannot face the legal system without effective advice, because our legal department will be able to ensure the integrity of your case, as well as any other, being a clear example that our services are the most appropriate to bring out the truth without There is room for denial.

The blatantness of a fact is a key element of evidence that only an expert can capture, so through a private detective and his advanced data collection methods you will have the possibility of building a solid claim, as well as reaching a friendly negotiation for the strength of the evidence.





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