The Arga Detectives Group has all the accreditations that demonstrate its total solvency and credibility for its clients.

Association of professional detectives. Associate 782

Adispo accredited partner. License 1289

Professional Excellence Award


Get to know our services. Arga, Detective Agency in Madrid, is a specialist in infidelities, divorces and separations, search and location of people, electronic Scans, recovery of WhatsApp content, computer expertise.

Best private detective agency in Madrid

Grupo Arga, is a detective agency dedicated to the investigation in Madrid and the rest of Spain, specialized in monitoring and business intelligence.

Our research office was born 10 years ago as a result of a meticulous and well thought-out project, at the hands of the agency’s director, who, far from wanting to confirm himself with what was on the market, aspired to build, which is today, one of the most important investigation agencies in the country.

Agencia detectives Madrid

In our private detective agency, we have experts in practically all matters. Our professional staff is made up of investigators, criminologists, legal experts, security directors, and even escorts.

To each client that comes to our office with the question of How much does a private detective charge ?, we respond by offering endless possibilities, so that the case that has been presented to us, optimizes time and fair money.

In these times crisis, our agency offers solutions tailored to each person and each circumstance. We do not like to market with pain and suffering, and that is why, in our delegations, the first consultation will always be free and the budget will be without commitment. Request your appointment, we guarantee that we will adapt to your situation and the need you have at that time.

Private detectives for locations

We are not a customary agency, we are much more than that. We have been dedicated to the private investigation sector for a decade now, and we have a wide background in topics as complicated as infidelity or the location of people.

Cuando un familiar, un amigo, o un conocido desaparecen, deja un hueco muy difícil de cubrir. La desazón por encontrarlo hace que busquemos ayuda y soluciones en nuestro entorno, y cualquier cosa nos parece poco para dar con esa persona que ha desaparecido. Las desapariciones siempre son dolorosas, y más aún, si se desconoce el motivo de por qué esa persona ha decidido marcharse, por qué se ha ido, por qué nos ha abandonado, qué motivo le llevó a hacer tal cosa o tal otra… Son muchas las inquietudes y las preguntas que inundan nuestra mente y nuestro corazón, y como norma general, es muy poca la ayuda que tenemos. De ahí nace el equipo experto en localización de personas de Grupo Arga. Nace del sentimiento profundo de abandono, de los interrogantes sin resolver, y de la necesidad por darles respuesta a todos esos clientes que nos contactan para que les ayudemos.

When a family member, friend, or acquaintance disappears, it leaves a very difficult hole to fill. The unease at finding him makes us look for help and solutions in our environment, and anything seems to us little to find that person who has disappeared. Disappearances are always painful, and even more so, if the reason why that person has decided to leave, why he has left, why he has abandoned us, what reason led him to do such or such is unknown … There are many the concerns and questions that flood our minds and hearts, and as a general rule, very little help is available. This is the origin of Arga’s expert team for locating people. It is born from the deep feeling of abandonment, from the questions unresolved, and the need to respond to all those customers who contact us for help.

In these types of cases, in which there is a disappearance involved, feelings are a fundamental part of providing the necessary help so that the result is positive. Our team has a special talent for dealing with the client in this matter, and tries to empathize as much as possible with the situation. We put ourselves in the other’s place, and we try to think and feel like our client, because only in this way, involving ourselves at this level, can we achieve an optimal result in terms of solving the case.

Our private detectives, always up-to-date in terms of private security, offer their experience in other types of cases, in which the heart, feelings and insecurity also mix. They are the cases of infidelities.

Agencias detectives MadridWhat happens in a couple to become infidel? Why can this insidious act bequeath to destroy a marriage? The answer to these questions, we have in ourselves. We fall into apathy, monotony, neglect towards our partner, the relationship cracks, and it is in these cases, when the other, or the other person, looks outside for what is not inside.

He takes refuge in external flattery, in whom he fills with attention and pampering every minute they spend together, in a false reality, which sometimes does not compensate to destroy a lifetime of relationship, marriage or coexistence.

And it is at this point that the figure of the researcher comes into play.

That hound that tracks down every corner, that goes camera in hand after his partner, and witnesses a lie, a falsehood, an infidelity, after all.

Infidelity detectives

We turn every follow-up of infidelities almost into a movie film, in which there is no established script, everything seems spontaneous, without apparent order, but with a calculated ending: Discover red-handed to the infidel. The person who is going to commit infidelity does not have specific guidelines of what he is going to do, hence the naturalness when it comes to behaving. This person, whom we will call “Our investigated” “, is carried away by the moment he is living, by the need to cover the gaps left by his partner with affection, by feeling loved , by feel important to someone … and although in his case, naturalness and a spontaneous attitude prevail, in ours everything is measured, organized and calculated down to the smallest detail. Nothing is left to chance, and everything is meticulously measured so that the result of investigating such a case is the recording and the final report of a marital infidelity.

Detective MadridWe have clients, that either because of age or because of habit, they live mired in sadness because they are immersed in this type of relationship in which lies are the greatest exponent.

They do not decide to end their partners, and they trust in the work and in the decision of Arga detectives group, it is as if we had become a salvation. We have come to have long conversations with them, in which they, by talking about us and recommending us, qualify us as part of their family, as we help them through the hard work of finding out the truth about their partner.

There is a specific client who, when he contacts us, always tells us: How are my favorite detectives?

For us, above the economic issue, there is that., The feeling of helping those who ask us, the satisfaction that our work is recognized, and the merit that time and time again, our clients trust us.

The most heard and read question in our sector is always the same, and it is given in two ways. of asking. How much does a private detective cost? And how much does a private detective charge?

These are the million dollar questions. And although the answer sometimes tends to be obvious, because there are offices that always charge the same, whatever the case may be, and whatever the client may be, as far as we are concerned, it is not so much. In our case there is no concrete answer.

And why not? Very simple. Because like all human beings we are not the same, neither are our clients and their cases.


Detective Privado

Why hire us

We think of each person who comes and contacts us. Each individual who crosses the line, and tells us their case in an intimate and confidential way. Each person who leaves his comfort zone to deal with his problem with a stranger, whom he has never seen, and who, suddenly, he has to introduce into his life, making him part of his deepest fears and his most painful intimacies. And those are us.

That is Arga Detectives Group. A team of human beings, who go out of their way to each client so that they feel calm, clothed and confident, because obviously, each one in his universe lives his pain as something immense, for us, treating them as cases different from each other, is something essential.

We are not all the same, all cases do not require the same need, and most importantly, not all pockets are measured by the same standard. Individuals, families, are governed by their own characteristics, and  Arga Detectives Group is never offered the same budget for two different clients.

When we feel cheated, defrauded, the first human reaction is always the same. “This cannot be happening to me.” The second is the assimilation of the problem, and the third and last, but not least, is to seek help in the environment, near or far, but seek a solution to that which takes away our sleep.

Detectives en Madrid

Arga Detectives Group, has its headquarters in the Community of Madrid, in the most cosmopolitan area of ​​the city, just a few meters from the mythical Madrid Gran Via. In that office, with such a privileged location, they are cooked and chewed from the coldest cases, such as a computer subject, to cases that require a special paste, because there are mixed feelings and interests.

The variety of cases that an agency can handle is endless. In our case, we carry out labor investigations in the same way that we carry out family follow-ups. For us, all cases are equally important, and we pay equal attention to each and every one of them.

The cases in which workers are involved who use the confidence of their superiors to fake a leave, or practice absenteeism, are the most demanded.

Detectives for Labor investigations

There is a high percentage of people, who drop out pretending a disease that does not exist, and the reason may be very different. We have from workers who are working in another company collecting undeclared money, to employees who use the job leave to extend their vacations. There is everything, and all the cases, despite the fact that their nature is different, have the same common purpose: To demonstrate that the sick leave is fraudulent and to proceed with the dismissal due to serious misconduct.

Detectives MadridIn this society, riddled with lies and falsehoods, it is difficult to find someone honest, who shows you that you can trust him or her, and that life is serious, but you have to take it in the best way possible. Sometimes an agency like ours goes from being a Investigation office to almost a psychological office, where our clients come, tell us about their problems, and seek a solution to them.

We have to start demystifying the researcher, the detective. We have to stop seeing it as that pipe, hat and raincoat figure, to see it as a useful tool in our day to day. We are in charge of investigating, getting to the bottom of all those cases that arise, and we discover fraud, infidelity, lies, deceit …

We are not like the police. We are not that investigating and arresting agent. We are different, and we work, within the framework of private security, using ingenuity, cunning and sometimes picaresque.

Why become a private detective person? In our case, it was by vocation. We liked to carry out investigations abroad, travel for work, meet first-hand the forensic computer scientist who detects network hacking, attend the detective conventions in Spain … etc.

When a person dedicates himself to what he likes, he stops considering it a job, an obligation, an imposition, and that is the point where we are at Arga Detectives Group. Our team, made up of women and men, has a wide baggage in the field of family investigations. There is no case to resist them, and although it is sometimes difficult to achieve the result that the client expects, we always give everything of ourselves so that he is satisfied.

The trust of a Grupo Arga private detective

Detectives Privados Madrid

Our team likes the work they do, not only because the profession is interesting, but because the job they do is to help the client who asks us.

We know that taking the step of telling our problems to a third party, is something difficult and complicated, and for this reason, we have attending to our clients, professionals who empathize with the situation of each person, who strive to give everything of them, and who make the client feel comfortable and calm.

We also have a forensic computer lab that delights any fan of this world. In this laboratory we carry cases of mobile hacking, network hacking, duplication of WhatsApp, and even file traceability.

Everything is covered by expert hands, which at the end of the investigation, provide the result in a report with absolute guarantee, confidentiality, and legal validity.

A private detective, with the necessary logistics, is a professional capable of carrying out all kinds of private investigations, from computer research, to a series of complicated business investigations, investigations of infidelities, or even technological investigations, in which professionalism and patience, are the main qualities for everything to come out of the mouth.

Investigadores Privados Madrid

At the point of needing private detectives in Madrid, the next question or the next question to be dealt with would be to know the madrid detective fees.

As we have explained before, to know if what we are hiring are cheap detectives or not, we have first to know certain issues to properly assess the case, optimize the time, and reduce the cost to the customer.

These issues contain information of the person to investigate, that is, vehicles that he uses to move, area in which we have to work, hours a day, it is also important to know whether the person has been investigated before or not, have a starting point, and an idea of what he will do initially, or at least, even if he later changes, know the initial plan

When a potential customer uses google’s search engine to locate the best professionals and says “Detectives Madrid” or “Real Madrid Detectives”, they skip thousands of results, but how do you know what is the best option?

Very simple. Call, make an appointment, and verify that the detectives or investigators you are hiring are legally qualified professionals, that they have their documentation in order, and that they are enabled by the police.

At Arga Detectives Group, we not only settle for working in the national territory, but we open our sights and cross borders. We act as international detectives in those places where we are required and where the work in question is allowed.

In this sense, Grupo Arga offers a comprehensive research service, because it has the means to practice and investigate, both nationally and internationally.

There are many young people who are excited about this beautiful profession, and it is flattering to receive resumes from candidates who have started to make little paints in this world of private investigation, and do you know what the requirements to be private detective are?

Do you want to work as a detective?

To practice as a private investigator in Spain, you have to pass a series of tests, and be approved by the private security brigade of the national police.

Private detectives must meet the following requirements:

  • Having the nationality of one or more of the Member States of the European Union or a State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area would also serve as a national of a third State which has agreed with Spain an international convention in which each party approves the exercise of the detective’s own functions.

  • Be over 18 years old.

  • Not to have been convicted of an unlawful meddling offence or other fundamental rights in the five years prior to the application.
  • Have the physical and psychological capacity for the development of the functions of the profession.

  • He has not been removed from any state security force, military or Spanish navy.
  • Have a professional Degree, or have your own private detective degree, duly approved by the Ministry of the Interior.

  • Do not have sanctions in the previous two or four years for serious or very serious infringement, in terms of private security.
  • Have no criminal record for crime listed in the penal code.

  • Pass the tests required by the Ministry of the Interior for the obtaining of the degree and the qualification.

Once you have detailed the requirements, if you are thinking of training as a private detective, you can contact us, we will help you in the process and try to offer you, always according to the university, the practices that best suit your need.

Private detectives Madrid

In  Arga Detectives Group we are committed to the promotion of continuous training, and for this reason, the members who form the agency, are always in constant learning of new subjects and technologies.

We have expert researchers trained in the field of electronic Investigations, in case your case was specifically a hidden microphone detection or the analysis of your home for cameras or spy devices.

If you are looking for a company, an agency, or an office that guarantees 100% a result, be wary of all those who provide it, since, our work is not based on results, but on the achievement of the fact, that is, in full research, always guaranteeing honesty, and professionalism, together with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

Come to Arga  Detective Group, we are a respected agency in the world of private Investigation, we have extensive experience demonstrable over time, and we can assure you that if you put yourself in the hands of Arga Detectives  Group, you will be choosing the best of options to deal with your case. We always work within the margins that the law marks, and in each and every investigation, we always sign a service contract in which the protocol to be followed is established, the data of the contractor, the person to investigate, the previously accepted budget, and of course, the privacy and confidentiality clause.

Trust Arga Group, we are your best choice.

It is necessary to start from a fundamental principle: What is a private investigator and what is it for?

A private investigator is a professional hired at the request of a party, whose function is to find out and investigate in aspects that a ordinary citizen cannot. Our job is to provide evidence in cases of various kinds. The different types of cases we can help you in are:

Detectives for individuals

  • Paternity test

  • Inheritances

  • Infidelities

  • Addictions

  • Child control

  • Sects

  • Doubts about domestic service

Corporative detectives

  • Brand duplication

  • Commercial reports

  • Corporate reports

Forensic computing

  • Fingerprint detection

  • Special reports and expertise

  • Social media

  • Online reputation

Labour research

  • Fraudulent job losses

  • Duplication of employment

  • Unfair competition

Technological research

  • Detection of spy devices

  • Placing hidden cameras

  • Electronic Investigations

The areas that a detective for individuals can address are so wide and varied, that from Grupo Arga, we will detail those, in the best results are obtained, those that are most demanded, and in which the figure of the detective brings more truth to the case in question. And here are the following:

Paternity tests: There is a possibility, that at some point in your life, you have had the doubt of what your origins truly are. In this sense, a private investigator can delve into the matter. We, as qualified professionals, offer the service of tracking and collecting biological material, so that you can check if your father is biological. If, on the other hand, you need to prove that a particular person is the parent of your child, we can also help. If you suspect that you have a child who has not been informed or is an illegitimate or adopted child, consult with our professionals, because by simply collecting a biological sample and crossing the genetic load of both carriers, you may emerge from doubts in your kinship with the person being investigated, and most importantly, for less money than you imagine.

Inheritances: Luckily or unfortunately, in all families, inheritances end up being distributed, some with better results than others, and it is, in the latter case, in which the figure of the expert detective in inheritances, takes special interest. If you are in this situation and need advice on the subject of an inheritance, our team of expert heritage detectives can help. We can advise you on the registration of last wills, the opening of a will, the conditions under which it can be opened and those in which such openness would not be valid. Consult before doing anything, with a team of professionals like ours.

Infidelities and divorces: It is hard to go through a divorce, but it is more difficult, if it is also preceded by infidelity. If you need an expert infidelity detective to find your partner’s deception, consult an agency specialized in the subject, otherwise you would not only lose a partner, but also lose time and money. The monitoring of an infidelity is done with recording of each and every movement that the person to investigate is making, and at the end of it, it is delivered to those videos and the corresponding report. If it’s a divorce problem, and you need to check your former partner’s current work activity, contact us, we can help.

Addictions: What can a private detective do for you in an addiction case? Well, we can help you find that the person we are investigating has a problem, that there is a specific pattern of behavior, and make the legal report corresponding to the matter in question. You will be able to provide that report to the body you consider, such as the police in the case of drugs or social affairs in the event of a family, and to help the person we have followed thoroughly.

Child control: When you have children, life looks different. Everything is a potential danger, and when they take to the streets without our supervision, it kills us the uncertainty of whether they will be all right, with whom, how and where. If you need to know what your kids do when they leave home, consult a private detective agency who has a team of investigators who are expert in child control and tracking. We will follow your son or daughter, and tell you where you have been at all times, with whom, who you have made, and whether you have consumed any kind of substance you should not or should not. We record everything on video, so you can check yourselves later, the status, companies and attitudes, that your children have on the street.

Sects: What is a sect? What are the dangers of being or belonging to one? A sect is an organization, usually religious, that departs from traditional doctrines or officials and adopts a secret character for those who do not belong to it; especially when it is considered to be alienating or destructive to its followers. Are you reflected in this description? Check with a detective agency to put an end to your problem, your family member’s or your friend or partner’s problem. A cult is something, potentially dangerous if you don’t know how to control as it should. In this sense, if you suspect that someone in your environment may be mixed with such organizations. Check with us. Be wary of the good words of the so-called leader of it, all he wants is his money, his property and his estate, and outside of that, they are of no interest else.

Doubts about domestic service: How difficult it is sometimes to trust the people we don’t know, and it becomes even more difficult, when we have to put it in our house and leave them alone. If you suspect your intern, domestic service, or the company that will clean your home or office or office, consult a professional in the field. We can install a hidden camera that controls what the cleaning service does when it has no continuous supervision, we will then extract the videos and make a report with full legal validity, which will provide light to the case. If your domestic service steals you when you’re away, don’t think about it and hire a team of professional researchers.

How necessary is a private detective for a company? The answer is simple, fast and objective: IT IS FUNDAMENTAL, BASIC AND ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. The reasons, we explain below.

The private detective is the notary of reality, that is, he objectively finds and attests to everything he sees, what he investigates, what he records and what happens, in the course of the investigation he has at that time. And what kind of research can a private investigator conduct for a company? Well, many, the most important… These:

Brand Duplicity: You’ve been cloned the brand you have, copied your designs, made copies of your work and all the hours of production for years, and now what? For it is enough to demonstrate, through a private and thorough investigation, from when you have that mark, those designs and that production, because it is no longer only worth demonstrating the patent or the trademark, now you have to prove from when you are making use of it, you have to check who is behind that mark, if there are benefits… we have to show a lot more things, and who can help you? Well, a private investigator who is an expert in patents and trademarks. Contact us

Commercial reports: What is sometimes necessary is a commercial report when we are going to open a company with another person. Will you have more companies than you’ve told me? Will you have debts? Will you have a wealth to back up the transactions with, or will I lose mine? These and many other issues are what we ask ourselves when we’re going to partner with someone, and who do we stand on? Well, in the hands of a detective who is an expert in commercial reports, who brings us clarity to a murky subject like the one that hangs around our minds. Opening a partnership with someone is not a children’s game, you have to be very safe and you have to have real professionals, who provide us with truthful and real information of our future partner. Ask us for a quote, it is without obligation and adapted to each room and pocket.

Corporate reports: If you have decided to form a partnership with another person, there are several aspects that you must be clear about before signing the minutes. You must decide whether the company you are creating will be a dependent or dominant company, what are the requirements and conditions of each and the requirements and obligations. If you need advice or research that your potential partner may have, contact professional private investigators who simplify the way for you to get where you plan to go.

A forensic computing service made by experts in the field can get you out of trouble. Such investigations are very common in trials where WhatsApps have been sent and deleted, so if you have such a problem, consult an agency that has forensic computer services.

Fingerprint Detection: A team of private fingerprint detection researchers can help you determine who stole the money from that box you had hidden in your closet… If you have a case like this or similar, if you need someone to help you with a fingerprint extraction and matching, please consult our agency. We’ll give you a budget of what it can cost you to find out who betrayed your trust by holding hands where you shouldn’t, and finally, you’ll know who you were.

Special Reports and Expertise: A forensic expertise service can help you win your trial for slander, … If you need to contribute a WhatsApp conversation to an open judicial process, please contact us. Leave us your mobile terminal, we will do a forensic extraction and recover your deleted WhatsApps so that you can contribute them, certifying that this extraction has been done within the legal and judicial margins.

Social media: How many times have we wondered what is said about us on social media? We are not aware that the information we have on social networks can affect a future job application, an opposition… If you are concerned about what information is about you on social networks, ask us for an appointment without obligation we will explain how we work, give you an approximate budget and the steps to follow to get you to know your image on social networks.

Online reputation: What do you say about me online? How do I clear my search history? These kinds of questions have all been asked at some point in our lives. The answer is in front of you. Agencies expert in erasing personal and private information like ours can help you remove that trace left by Google from you, and how? With special techniques of erasing and deleting data on the internet. Request your free quote and find out how you can clean up the trace of you on the internet.

Labor Investigation is one of the most demanded research by our clients. It consists in checking certain behaviors that damage the image of a company, impair its production, or prevent the proper functioning of it, at the individual, or collective level.

Fraudulent job losses: This is the kind of problem that no boss or company wants to have. A worker suddenly comes one day, and tells us he’s on leave and he’s not going to work. We believe him, but at the time we begin to suspect that the discharge is fraudulent, what do we do now? Then contact detectives who are experts in labor investigations, more specifically, in investigations of fraudulent job losses. We will follow your worker for several days, and give you a detailed report on everything you have done in the course of the investigation.

Job duplication: There are times when we find that a worker performs less, but we don’t get to know the real reason. If you suspect any of them, ask us for an appointment without obligation. There is the figure of duplication of employment, either because this worker works elsewhere, or because he is taking clients from his own business to serve them privately. In either case, exercise is not legal, so if you hire expert detectives in duplication of employment, you can file a successful dismissal and save yourself good money. It’s an insured investment.

Unfair competition: Maintaining a business is sometimes a risky profession, because trusting people we don’t know at all can be quite difficult. If you suspect that an employee is working for your most direct competition, don’t let them through. Consult with our private researchers experts in unfair competition to guide you on what you can do, the possibilities you have and how much it can cost you, because it’s safe, which is much cheaper than you think.

Within the framework of technological investigations, a client can request a myriad of cases in which a private detective can help him, but of all of them, the most in-demand are these:

Spy device detection: Sometimes we get the feeling that someone is looking at us, or that someone is following us or listening to us, but what if someone really heard what we talked about in the privacy of our home? What if they’ve installed hidden spy microphones in our boardroom and found out about all the meetings? Hire professionals who can spot those hidden microphones and unsing the signal so no one can keep spying on them.

Placing hidden cameras: If you need to check that it happens in your home when you are away, or the requirement to know whether your clerk charges well or not, your solution is the installation of hidden cameras for behavioral verification. Check with us so that we can rate a quote without compromise on your case. We will ask you for specific data, and we will produce a tight price according to your need and your pocket. At the end, we will give you a report with full legal validity that you can provide as evidence in a court of law.

Electronic Investigations: Electronic  Investigation is one of the most powerful and important safety countermeasures out there. It is about continuously and time-free search, active and/or passive espionage equipment, (connected or disconnected), illegal or intrusive information reception systems, and wiretapping and intervention systems.


Every agency always has special surveillance and investigation services. This type of service is not special because of its pricing, what makes it special is the team of professionals that performs it. It is a group of qualified professionals specialized in the specific matter, so that, when the case comes into their hands, they establish a protocol of action, which rarely gives a different result to the one that the client himself expects from the subject. The different fields of action with which Grupo Arga has, are as follows:

Servicios detectives Arga

Servicios detectives Arga

Searching and locating people

When a family member, friend or someone around us disappears, it leaves a feeling of very large unease. In our agency  Arga Detectives Group, you can find a solution to that hard moment that you are going through right now.

Fingerprint analysis

A fingerprint analysis can only be done by a fingerprint expert, and at Grupo Arga, we have it. Need to reveal the prints of an object that has been tampered with and you don’t know by whom? Count on a firm with a reputation and experience in the field as an Arga Group. Fingerprint revealing is a thorough and specific service that requires exquisite preparation. If you need a quote for fingerprint revealing on an object, tell us the case, tell us what type of object you think the fingerprints are, and we’ll give you a free quote.

Mistery Shopping

What do your workers do when you’re gone? What image is given of your company? What business profile do your employees have when you leave? If you have questions about everything we have asked you above, you need a mistery shopping service. What is it? This service consists of visiting your business when you are not, making us pose as customers and simulate a purchase. With this action, we value the attention received, the cleanliness of the premises, the way of treating the client, the interest of the employee…, and after all this, we prepare a report with all the information collected, we attach the images recorded with hidden camera inside the premises and all this, with full legal validity.


International Investigation

International research is also available at Grupo Arga. If you need detectives or investigations abroad, please contact us. Tell us where you need detectives in and we’ll give you a quote. If your partner is going on vacation to Cuba, and you need to know if you are going alone or alone, or if you are going to see someone there, please check your case with us in advance. We will give you a solution and an action plan according to your pocket, and you will ultimately decide whether the international research is carried out or not.

Private detectives for lawyers

Lawyers and private detectives, the perfect tandem. Can a private detective assist a lawyer in a court proceeding? The answer is YES. In a family process, a private detective can help resolve the issue of alimony, compensatory pension, or even prove your ex’s partner’s overnight stay, to eliminate mortgage payments or recover family home.

Arga Group collaborates with several of the most important firms nationally, and the result is the one that is always expected of us.

All our investigations are accompanied by the respective videos and the corresponding report. Our cases, being made within the legal framework that orders law and private security regulations, can be used in any court, whether family, commercial, civil, and depending on the nature of the investigation, even criminal.

Old income surrogacy

Sometimes it’s difficult to have a home because of the problems it entails. If you have a property with old rent, and you suspect that the main owner does not reside in it, contact us as soon as possible. In such cases, so sensitive, because of the cunning of the person to investigate, we work in a different way from the rest of the research services we have. We come under a well-worked subterfuge, and record with hidden camera everything the customer needs. We will focus on whoever opens the door to us, we will investigate who lives there with the environment, and we will provide everything gathered in a report so that they can present it in a court of law. And of course, all with full legal validity.

Illegal lease

If you have rented your home, and your tenants have sublet it, call us. When one of the clauses that make up the rental agreement is broken, this contract is completely invalidated and free to be terminated.  That our tenants subled our home carries a risk. They can tear our house apart. If this is the case, contact us as soon as possible. We will do a thorough investigation into the environment to find out from when you have sub-leased, what money has been asked for it, and even who is paid and whether it is cash or not. Check out our rates with expert detectives on illegal leasing.

Against surveillance

How many times have we thought we were being spied on? Do you suspect you’re being followed and you don’t know who? We conduct these types of investigations as counter-surveillance at our Arga Group detective agency. Tell us in which area and at what time you suspect you are being monitored, and we will give you a budget according to your pocket, and your circumstance.


If you want to benefit from our special rates, ask us for an appointment without obligation and we will help you solve your problem. We will provide you with a budget according to your needs, your pocket and your circumstance.

The most repeated questions in an agency are:

  • Detective Prices in Madrid

    The prices of our jobs as private detectives, are very varied. We can give you an appointment, tell us your case, and guide you on how we can help you. All our budgets are free and without obligation. The prices of a private detective office vary depending on the type of case we are going to deal with, but never depending on the type of client. We are characterized by adapting our prices and conditions to all pockets, so fear not, we can help you.

  • Budget.

    Requesting a budget without obligation from a private detective agency and not being charged anything can be very difficult. We at  Arga Detectives Group, offer a complete service of free quote and advice for the client to come and visit us. In that free consultation, we discuss the details of the case, and adjust our rates to the maximum possible so that the achievement of the result is as satisfactory as possible.

  • What can a private detective do for me?

    A private detective is a qualified professional who can offer you the necessary clues so that what you need to find out is done in the best possible way and with the best measures and guarantees. Always ensure that investigations are going to be conducted by a professional and qualified private detective. With its license in force and duly authorized by the ministry of the interior.




For Arga Group, it is very important what a real customer thinks of us. At our private detective agency we always try to make the client satisfied. In an office like ours, image is important, because competition, and above all, bad competition, is the order of the day.

Our detectives always try to make all investigations go as the client expects, but each case is different, and therefore the result is also. In an important research agency like ours, what matters most to us, is that the client, whether private or company, is happy and satisfied with the result, for that reason, we always try to make it work out as best as possible, although although it is true, the end result is not up to us, but on the person or the fact to investigate.

Sometimes our customers have an opinion on google’s company listing, and here are some of their opinions. We are fully grateful that this happens, such as that we have made a hole in our website, and here are some of them:


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Investment Solutions International
Investment Solutions International
09:54 13 Mar 20
It was a good choose to work with Grupo Arga Detectives. They solved our problem very fast. Thanks
Cars Spain carpinter
Cars Spain carpinter
16:21 27 Feb 20
Nice experience! It was a good idea to contract the services of private investigation of Grupo Arga Detectives. They... helped us a lot! They got what we needed. Thanksread more
Tom Smith Williams
Tom Smith Williams
18:42 20 Jan 20
They solved our problem fast. It was a great idea to contract them. Congratulations. Thanks
Mikel Vozcer
Mikel Vozcer
19:13 05 Dec 17
Nice experience. I totally recommend Grupo Arga Detectives. They had a magnificent treatment wit us. They were a very... fast and professional private detective agency. I would repeat hiring theirs services again. Thanksread more
Joan Furrier
Joan Furrier
17:12 06 Nov 17
Nice experience ! I got the necessary information I needed . Thank you very much. Congratulations to his managing... director Martos Pagan. Thanks a lotread more
Luis Quirino
Luis Quirino
19:43 30 Oct 17
My company in Paris contracted the services of Arga Detectives . It was a fantastic work. We got everything we needed.... Thanks. A very good cooperation and service.read more
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