Detectives Spain with Official License ®


Detectives Spain with official license

Detectives Spain with official license

You will get the requirement to hire a private detective in Spain at any given time.

In all such situations, it is extremely important to make sure that you are hiring a detective that has a license. 

That’s because only such an expert detective will be able to deliver an authentic, reliable and trustworthy service to you at the end of the day.



Detectives Spain with official license

Detectives Spain with official license

All the private detectives who want to offer their services to clients should obtain a license. That’s because obtaining the license ensures that they are getting a quality service at the end of the day. This quality service can cater to the needs of anyone.

In order to offer such a quality service, the private investigator needs to be equipped with certain skills. These skills will be analyzed at the time of offering the license. If a private investigator doesn’t have the required skills, he will not be provided with the license that is needed. Hence, obtaining the license is extremely important to make sure that a quality service is offered to the clients at the end of the day.

You should make it a habit to verify license related information before you get in touch with private detectives and obtain the services that they offer. In most of the instances, you can find the license related information available on the web. If the information that you want are not available on the web, you should ask for them. The private detectives usually tend to provide information upon request.

If such information is not provided upon request, you will need to configure it as a red flag. Hence, you must think twice before obtaining the services that are available.





Detectives Spain with official license

Detectives Spain with official license

The team at Arga Detectives Group will be able to deliver an expert service to you at all times. You can get our expertise and obtain the service at all times. This will be a fascinating service and you will be able to get the requirement catered at all times.

We are focusing heavily on delivering an excellent customer service. You can trust on us and obtain the services that we are delivering to you at all times. This can deliver a perfect overall experience to you at all times. You will be able to receive the outstanding service that we offer and get the requirements catered.

We are constantly looking forward to deliver customer satisfaction to our clients. This has provided us with the opportunity to stay ahead of competition as well. We will make sure that we don’t disappoint our customers at any given time as well. We will remain honest and open when offering these services.

You can get in touch with us and discuss about the requirements that you want to obtain at all times. If we cannot offer a specific service that you request, we will not promise to deliver that to you. Therefore, you will be able to make sure that you don’t face any issues at the end of the day. Here’s a quick overview of the main services that we offer


We are experts in offering background checks for the clients who are in need of them. We will get to know about your requirements and then try our best to deliver a quality service to you at the end of the day. You can tell us about the specific pieces of information that you need to obtain. Based on that, you can get our support and assistance to overcome the struggles that you are facing.


We can also provide a great service to you with process serving. This service include working on divorce petitions, witness summonses, claim forms, injuctions and bankruptcy petitions. Since the team of private investigators who work for Arga Detectives Group has an extensive knowledge on this, you will be able to receive a top quality service from us at all times.


The surveillance related services that we offer have received lots of positive attention. We can carry out surveillances in any part of Spain and deliver a top quality service to you. The agents also have extensive experience. They can work with efficiency and discretion to make sure that you receive a top quality service at all times.


Detectives Spain with official license

Detectives Spain with official license

We can provide personal checks as well. In other words, we will be able to check and confirm if a person is well alive or not.

Based on our findings, we will provide you with relevant information as well.

If you need any of these services or any related service, you can contact our team at Arga Detectives Group and get the support you need.








To sustain the quality of the services that are proposed in our country, our private detectives in Spain have been required to have a series of conditions, just like all professionals who wish to be included in this planet of private investigation.

Such requirements are:

Be of legal age,

Be a native of any state in the huge European Union

Have good physical and mental health.

The person does not have the possibility of having a criminal record, not being accused of a physical attack on any citizen, having no breach in security matters for at least 4 years before, not being discharged from any security force or body, etc. .

Pass the tests and have the baccalaureate approved.




Grupo Arga Dete ctives is your best alternative !

Everything that was said before is asked of a private investigator from Spain because it is necessary that all the professionals that enter are possessing enormous values ​​and capacities so that the services they provide have the highest viable quality.

Our detective agency in Spain offers its users countless benefits such as the absolute discretion with which these situations are handled and even more so the identity and data of the client.

The costs vary a lot in relation to the case presented by the client, there is also a great diversity of services which fit any kind of pocket.

To accurately understand the costs of your case, you can enter our website where you will find some data and information about your case and there they will tell you how much is the estimated value of your service.

In the town of Spain there are many agencies that provide detective services, but the preferred one is Grupo Arga Detectives.

If you require the services of an optimal private detective in Spain, you can search the internet for these services, but the best agency that you can contact is Grupo Arga Detectives.

Grupo Arga Detectives was awarded for its efficient quality service, and our success rate in relation to our inquiries in Spain is the most prominent in the industry.

The services of the Arga Group extend throughout the national territory of Spain, our group has all the demands to do our work proposed by the Ministry of the Interior.





To be a private detective at Grupo Arga, a 3-year diploma is essential and you also have to be in possession of a license provided by the Ministry of the Interior.


Grupo Arga’s private detectives are certified as follows:


Heads in security



Graduates of criminology

Security Directors

Computer experts.


Frequently situations will require other experts for their success, therefore, Grupo Arga has agreements with:


Psychology experts


Forensic informants



Technicians of the Scientific Researcher

Among others

All the time Our private detective office executes variants in its Investigative techniques to utilize the use of innovative technologies that help the work to be carried out successfully.

One of the other things it takes to be a private detective in Spain is talent and the most optimal way to act in an agile way, that is, to make independent elections that are based on the legal issue and that do not harm any person by violating their rights. We must make fast elections under pressure since we are going to have many changers against it and these elections must be exact and correct when we act.






What services does the Arga Detectives Group provide?

Grupo Arga Detectives, gives a proportion of multi-services which have the possibility of dividing into:


Many times a boss gives security to an employee and this security in turn creates conflicts at work. It is worth noting the phantom losses or the feigned losses. Private detectives in Spain may infiltrate a job to have a greater source of investigation and in the same way observe who on the labor issue has ways of proceeding out of the ordinary, or is doing outside work for the employee’s own benefit . So do not wait much longer and hire our private detective agency and they will solve all the mishaps that you have within your labor issue.


The frequent business cases that require a private detective agency in Spain is intrusion, since an industrial espionage case may be required that requires expert personnel against professional espionage or an employee who is preparing illegal documents, such as signatures, stamps or marks.


In this branch of technology, our agency has the highest quality experts to investigate any situation in which you are presenting some type of problem, such as “hidden cameras, microphones, microphones “. In this same way, a subtle superior service can be provided so that no one has suspicions related to this topic, being our private detectives in Spain essential in private Investigations in Spain since they respect the entire legal issue without breaking the privacy laws.

Forensic computer scientist.

In this situation it is spoken of the police informatics or forensic informatics, in this subject they deal with the documents that are eliminated or falsified for a legal subject or some legitimate contract. For example, we can investigate through the forensic computer investigation how a substantial file was transferred to another place without the consent of the owner of the attachment or some process of money stolen by the hacker. Grupo Arga Detectives has very advanced computer technology that makes it easy for its detectives to progress effectively and detect any hacker.


In our private investigation agency in Spain, what is truly requested is private investigation, since it is currently targeted in the search for people and although it sounds very simple, sometimes it is very difficult to exercise since not all people get lost in A single locality but they leave the country or simply hide without leaving traces for any kind of circumstance. That is why we have work areas in many parts of our state and we are able to find the desired person.




Every day the demand for private detectives who are experts in family investigations on divorce matters is growing. Throughout this development, delicate occasions are generated that have the possibility of upsetting the emotions of the entire family. Therefore, it is substantial to have experts to help throughout development.

Having the best professional advice is key to overcome a divorce circumstance without trauma. Among the multidisciplinary team that should accompany the couple should be a lawyer, a psychologist and in several cases a private detective.






In the course of a divorce proceeding, choices have to be made that have the potential to harm the lives of the people involved. A divorce can take place in different ways. A division can be produced by mutual agreement , a dispute, with pensions or distribution of assets, etc. It is always substantial to have advice from private detectives in divorce investigation.

In many divorce cases, reaching a friendly settlement is very complicated, which is why both parties are always trying to find legal elements to find any evidence that will allow them any benefit. In this sense, detectives experts in family investigations of divorces play a very substantial role.





Grupo Arga Detectives, has a staff of incredible divorce investigation experts. Among the services provided by this agency are the following:

Pension calculation:

This investigation is regularly requested when it is required to corroborate the real income of one of the parties, when the court has a knowledge of a pension that does not correspond to the truth.

Child custody:

At times persistent custody is asserted to one of the parties assuming it is the best choice. However, there is an opportunity that this is not the case. The private detective will be able to check if there is neglect or punishment for the children, with the aim of revoking the original custody.

Demonstrate infidelity:

Throughout the development of divorce, showing the infidelity of one of the spouses can influence the judge’s choices. So an infidelity detective is essential in this situation.

Compliance with precautionary measures:

It is generally impossible to argue in court that the former partner is failing to comply with the injunctions without evidence. One of the objectives of the private detective is to get them with the intention of reporting the fact.

False complaints:

Sometimes one of the parties in the couple makes false complaints about their spouse, such as drug and alcohol addiction, attack, sexual abuse, etc. Family detectives are in the capacity to show the reality of the circumstance.






Since according to the legislation of Spain, the private detective is the exclusive professional prepared to evaluate the facts through the contribution of reality, Grupo Arga Detectives, it is stated that its expert staff complies with all legal regulations so that your testimony is valid in court.

Our private experts have comprehensive training, which is why in addition to specializing in the field of research, they also have tremendous training from the ethical standpoint, which is why throughout their research they empathize with the client, standing out his sensitivity thanks to the delicate circumstance with which he deals.

g the services that our private detective office in Spain can provide, there is a branch prepared to attend to family matters and everything related to couples and divorces, in addition.

Family inquiries have the potential to provide evidence or at least the information required to sustain a case in a much more objective way.

The prices of our private family detectives have the possibility of changing and not in all cases are according to your budget, but we always get the best results.






Detectives who are trained in family investigations also have the opportunity to attend divorce cases and, as a detective specialized in divorces, give evidence they can collect.

In difficult divorce cases our partner could be found lying or providing information that has the possibility of being false. Searching for the evidence on our own is not in all cases favorable, since it reminds us of the position of “your word against mine”.

Our private family detectives have better and more practical utilities that will allow us to obtain information efficiently and impeccably.

There are cases that are going to be less simple than others and therefore require much more work on the part of the detective.

There are cases where information relevant to the change of custody or the change in relation to the pension has to be investigated and what one of the parties is doing to see itself in that circumstance, may be committing an irregularity or being within the legal framework.





Many areas of work of our private detectives in Spain make an initial investigation at an approximate price of what they could predict to spend on the day, both in the expenditure of their time, and in the expenditure of elements and utilities that they must have in your investigation.

Each investigation is different and then the costs are adjusted to the elements of time and knowledge that I manage to use.

Grupo Arga Detectives has an hourly price table that works in a similar way. Initially, an initial budget is executed where the basic cost of a first investigation is covered based on the necessary efforts according to the expected results and the characteristics of the investigation.

If insufficient information is found in the first round of research, the costs will go up and a much deeper one will be carried out .

Some inquiries are not economic and have the possibility of representing a huge expense for us, however, in the long term, the costs will be rewarded by what was achieved by our expert detectives in family investigations.

The collection of evidence can be essential in case of facing a legal development with a partner.






One of the most serious disadvantages at the business level is those workers who take information from your company to sell it to other competitors. A private computer detective can guide you through these situations and, with other experts, can lead you to a fair trial where those responsible are punished.

But for this to take place, it is necessary that you hire the best business investigations, that allow them to find evidence of these acts, which undoubtedly you would not have the possibility to carry out alone, nor would you know what the judicial entities require. In this article you will find all the information you need.







Many times the worker himself is using the information of the company for his benefit and, in the medium or long period, he could transform himself into a competing company.

Another way where the worker can take advantage of the company’s information is by selling it to another company where they will be able to take advantage of it. It may be the case, for example, that the worker will be aware of their next movements, reaching places before you, offering a type of product much earlier, among many other ways.

For all the aforementioned, you should have the evidence to prove it. And we are not talking about simple images where the worker is seen suspiciously, we are talking about images that argue that the employee is selling information or that he is taking it out of the company and for that, real private detectives are required, through business investigations hired only from the best as Grupo Arga.






The private computer detective can guide you by installing spy cameras, microphones and some other type of procedures that he / she sees favorable to find the worker in the wrong way, without realizing that an investigation is being carried out.

A professional detective expert in labor issues can also be useful for this and several other events, since they are perfected in this kind of inconvenience and have a lot of experience to understand how to act in any circumstance as well.

Fortunately Grupo Arga Detectives is a private detective agency that has a lot of experience, both in the area of ​​computer investigations and in labor problems, given that together they would form the two most requested contracts in the world currently due to the enormous business heyday and the digital age.





Having already obtained the essential evidence, you only need to make the complaint in a judicial entity, either for selling evidence to the rivalry or for breaching the company contract, where insurance will be punished precisely and under the laws that protect you.

An electronic sweep or a forensic computer investigation could be the best if you want to start a business and end up falling into cyber risk thanks to malicious software. Detectives are those who have the possibility to guide you on this matter, but they are also professionals on the subject and want to contribute the best in each contracted business investigation .

We offer the best results through the techniques we use to emerge graceful from adversity. Hiring a private detective to get the necessary evidence is synonymous with quality in the security of your business, it does not hurt and at this time it is the preferable alternative.





By contracting a business investigation you can have a highly valuable asset: Security. Security is what will defend us from within the company and will ensure that we have the possibility of facing the difficult occasions that a high definition business may suffer. In addition, we would give the same security to our users and they would be happy with the services given.






Electronic scans are done to detect spy elements, among other things, hidden cameras. People believe that these cameras are the same ones that are viewed on the internet or on TV, but it is not in this way, they are much more complex and impossible to be detected by a person who is not a professional like us.

Grupo Arga Detectives belongs to the specialized branch of private business investigation and has a huge specialty in this regard, so you can proceed to investigate and inspect its facilities.






Our private computer detectives are part of the business investigation sector and cooperate to make society more   covered in cyber issues.

Contact the best private investigation professionals in business investigation topics such as Grupo Arga Detectives.

We have specialized private detectives. The first consultation is free.





Our Grupo Arga Detectives Agency has the best forensic computer scientists in all of Spain. Do you need to understand if they are spying on you through your electronic gadgets such as phones, portable PCs , etc.? This is a normal custom in all kinds of people passionate about the IT sector today. So, with just a little enthusiasm, they will be able to violate your security and privacy.

So, having technical assistance in this regard is the best option you can carry out. Find the most qualified forensic computer scientists in Spain!

Given that the internet has covered so much in today’s life, that everything is handled digitally, this makes the criminals look to take advantage, computer detectives have had an arduous task in investigating how and who are the people who affect their users, swindling them cybernetically.

All those who use the internet are exposed to a cyber scammer appropriating the information to get a profit from this, so it is good to be aware of this drawback, to avoid being the victims of these network predators.






The computer scam, a scourge that is developing, how can you avoid it and how can a computer detective guide you?

Since the internet took over bank transfers, transactions, and online sales, everything had a very large development, which is why the mafias and the owners of the outsiders look for this option that is more productive for them, due to that from a single computer they have the possibility of having a greater number of victims without exposing themselves as much.

In this way, as security has increased, hackers looked for options to carry out their tactics in a functional way, to get the most out of this kind of scam. There is a vast amount of electronic scams, ranging from stealing information over the network to intercepting a password.

With these clarifications obtained, computer criminals have the possibility of being able to carry out fraud, scams, robberies, blackmail and counterfeiting of cards, they have the possibility of making them use their funds to their advantage, carrying out consumptions and purchases with their data. .





¿ How to avoid becoming a victim of the computer fraud?

Make a backup or livelihood, recurrently, even manually, saving it in removable gadgets such as pen drives, external hard drives, etc. With correct programs to do this action.

It is forbidden to converse through emails, telephones, giving clarifications, less filling out forms that reach your email.

Place keys with a high level of inconsistency, placing upper and lower case letters, with numbers and letters, and particular numbers . Do not give keys by mail, chats, networks and do not use the same key for different sites.

Enable Mac: which is a device connected to the network, it executes the filtering capacity so that only the gadgets selected for that can connect to your network.

The bank’s requests are personalized, it is necessary to attend to them to avoid being a victim of phishing , an important fact is that the messages of the scammers are usually more generic in this regard.

Be very careful with Internet addresses that contain the symbol of “@” included, it is normal in fraudulent sites, which seek to defraud those who visit this address.

If you happen to be the victim of an electronic scam, contact us, Grupo Arga Detectives, with a long history in Spain in cases of this style, we have a faultless assessment and we have the best detectives in the country, they will protect your interests as if they were your own .

Currently, technology has covered an important part of people’s daily lives, which is why the use of computer detectives is more frequent, dedicated to solving technological problems and unknowns. Putting this knowledge to the order of the clientele, and of justice when it is warranted.

In various crimes or offenses carried out in which this class of gadgets is involved, they are stored in the set. Frequently they manage to return as it was even after the suspect was sure that he erased all evidence, here is the consideration of this class of experts.






What are the goals of a professional forensic computer investigator?

Computer detectives are a substantial part of today’s investigation, computer crimes are increasingly recurring, prevention and prosecution are increasingly in demand. The objectives of forensic informatics are:

Seek to admit the harm caused by digital criminals

Seek to bring to justice and punish those responsible for these crimes

Create correct measures to prevent these crimes from repeating, the most relevant measure is the collection of evidence

Prevent crimes and prosecute criminals, enforcing the respective sanction, intervening in crimes that are frequently unrelated to information technology, such as : scams , murders, sale of substance, tax evasion, etc.

They also intervene in cases of discrimination, divorces, insurance research, business issues, various types of harassment (sexual, labor, among others), theft, internal declarations, industrial espionage, and many more areas and situations, where it is used as accompaniment in all kinds of cases.





Grupo Arga Detectives are the right group to turn to when you need an expert of this kind, we have the most effective experts with several years of experience, they will be at your entire disposal. We guarantee the client an intense and precise investigation. As long as they are within the standards of the law.

The computer detectives of this company are appropriately trained in legal matters so that the work they do is valid in court. Always attached to the norms that justice dictates in Spain, and with the responsibility and discretion that these types of cases deserve, locating a satisfaction to their inconvenience in a precise and light way

If you are short on money and are slowed down by thinking that you are going to spend a fortune capitalizing on a computer detective, you are wrong, because this group gives you the possibility that your first consultation is free, you will not have to cancel anything in your first approach with expert experts on these issues.

Prices at Grupo Arga Detectives will vary according to the level of disappointment that the situation warrants, but we assure you that our rates are among the most tempting in relation to quality and record resolution time. So have no doubts, locate our office closest to your home or workplace, and hire a quality researcher.





Computer experts have the ability to administer incredible computer sweeps, these are carried out with enormous continuity in situations that merit the restoration and study of computer equipment, either from the physical abilities of the group or from the information it contains.

These forensic computer scientists play an essential role in collecting evidence from computers, external devices, USB sticks and mobiles, in this way, as in the most common networks at the moment, through this it is feasible to find enormous information of importance for most of the situations.

Computer professionals are the solution to gather that information that was supposed to be lost.

In the private investigations of us, Grupo Arga Detectives, we make the so-called electronic sweeps, it is classified as the most relevant measure of security of electronic equipment, which is to systematically search with the correct investigation instruments for an invasive system that are in electronic equipment, as well as, telephones, cell phones and radios

Our experts at Grupo Arga Detectives, not only propose high-definition computer expertise, but also guarantee the performance of a licensed collegiate computer expert, which gives you that added value in court. It is important to highlight the consideration of the titular expert opinion since it will have more value over non-events, in the legislative framework.

Even when technological research and expertise obtains information through networks and digital information extracted from electronic devices, computer experts are aware that physical evidence is essential to support the information. In this sense, the team must work together in order to achieve the ultimate objective.






There are some companies that are susceptible to corporate espionage, so it is not uncommon for them to be victims of hidden cameras, microphones, or some other gadget designed to remove information. Using the latest technologies in Grupo Arga detectives, it is feasible to follow any of these devices.

This work is carried out by an interdisciplinary set of experts who guarantee efficiency and discretion. It is considerable to maintain secrecy in the investigation, with the aim of not raising any suspicion and being able to reach the perpetrators to bring them before the law.

It should be noted that there are different prosecutors with whom we have worked during our history as Grupo Arga Detectives, this feeds back the experience in investigations of the entire professional staff of the agency, generating security and prestige in what is the legislative framework of the entire area, that is why our clientele is completely satisfied.

At Grupo Arga Detectives we have multiple recognitions, thanks to the recurring technological originality, as well as the enormous experience gained over the years, which has generated security for its users until now.

Be sure to have computer experts throughout Spain. We have a specialized staff to assist you. Reach out and ask about your concerns

In the directory of experts in computer expertise investigations, we mainly include Grupo Arga Detectives. We are creditors of the Professional Excellence Award in 2017, we have experts certified and duly accredited by the Ministry of the Interior, through the Police Force with the Professional Identity Card, combining youth and professional development with enthusiasm, the vocation of service and the experience of the most recognized experts applied to this task.

On our website you can see the quality of service of computer investigations, also the profile of our agents, the fees and prices of the service established in the rate system, the trajectory of the agency, the areas of investigation, the types of techniques and procedures used for in the different tasks, and mainly those that concern computer investigations, where among the various services, we offer electronic sweeps, which are one of the techniques with greater approval and security.





The directory of profession agencies is an instrument that makes it easier for clients to project their efforts and plan their investigation beforehand, as well as offering utilities to clarify their concerns regarding the form and time that their specific case may require. This is essential to be a satisfied client regarding private investigation.

The entry of this information is persistent and within the reach of any individual, but by detailing direct contact with the chosen detective agency, the client obtains a sound orientation tailored to their needs, which is generally free.

With this prior orientation, the client is able to choose whether to start a job of this nature to offer satisfaction to their concerns with the technical support of one of the best private computer research companies.

In addition, you can verify the professional profile of the computer experts, and choose if you want the services of one in particular, that meets your expectations and considers suitable to do the job.

It is helpful to understand the skills of the experts on the part of the client, since they know their scope and requirements with confidence, so they can actively and correctly take part in satisfying their case.

At Grupo Arga Detectives we are transparent and cordial in the treatment of our users, since we know the importance of private computer research for people’s lives and generally for the advancement of organizations.

For this reason, we always seek to make available to the market all the information, technology and communication utilities that manage to serve them to carry out investigations of all kinds, from the simplest to the most complicated or complex, such as computer science, where the usual denominator is always quality and discretion.

It is simply a matter of having the correct information, which is feasible with the slight virtual consultation of our Grupo Arga Detectives blog. There is no doubt that, throughout Spain, we are the preferred agency to obtain the data and reliable evidence in computer expertise, thus being able to respond to your problem with the professionalism and speed that meet the expectations of the most rigorous.






As it is known, our forensic computer scientists are equipped with the latest generation technological tools and utilities that accept to examine in an effective and simple way the inconveniences that they may have at the computer level.

Hiring only qualified forensic computer detectives like those that belong to Grupo Arga is your solution. This is a wise choice when hiring the services of forensic informatics, since it guarantees that the work will be carried out as soon as possible and with all the quality and expected results.

If you need the services of an optimal forensic computer detective, it is best to do a very thorough search, because not everyone can do the jobs that expert forensic computer scientists do in computer surfaces, software, hardware, OS, computer networks, information protocols, programming languages ​​for apps and others.

So, we suggest you visit Grupo Arga detectives. We were awarded for our efficient quality service, and our success rate in relation to computer forensic investigations is the most prominent in the industry. In 2017, our group was awarded the gold star for the 10 years that we have provided services, with impeccable ethics and transparency for our users.

Grupo Arga has an unrivaled discretion so that the client can feel safe getting the services they need.

If you have problems in relation to your communities, you should not worry because the detective will do all the essential work to protect you.

Through our official website on the internet you will be able to contact our experts, ready at all times for the solution of your problems . Do not hesitate to find us and resolve your conflict immediately!






Our Agency Grupo Arga Detectives is a company with a huge business history, being known in 2017 for its countless inquiries carried out with success in Spain. However, the work of this company managed to cross borders, since they also offer their services abroad.

As is well known, one of the primary and essential properties of being a detective is discretion, and this is a substantial quality that our forensic computer scientists give.






Making contact with our forensic computer scientists is very simple. Simply enter our website or call us on our phone number to have our services. With well over ten years of experience, we have managed to cover different areas of computer forensic investigation as well as family, marital and technological issues, among several others.

And, who at some point did not feel the need to hire a forensic computer scientist and has not done so because of lack of security with a particular company? Our forensic informatics agency consists of personnel highly trained and empowered by the Ministry of the Interior to carry out the necessary exploration not only for individuals but also for companies that need an investigation.

It should be remembered that the forensic computer detective is regulated and controlled by the Private Security Brigade of the National Police, which offers security to those people or companies with interests in forensic computer services.

Occasionally events occur that require the search for private detectives to solve what happened. In most cases, something that is always requested is that you have absolute discretion, this taking into account that you do not want to involve many people in the subject.

However, when you are a victim of computer assaults, the duty is to act with time and not let it pass, because inadvertently, this can unleash an endless number of problems that can end up damaging third parties.





Why use professional forensic computer detectives? ¿ What should be understood to hire?

Computer forensics, as its name implies, is simply the branch through which it is possible to carry out investigations of a general and complicated nature, according to assaults or sometimes negative, that occur through computer science. Fundamentally, there is talk of the execution of investigations that go far beyond the superficial.

Resorting to private detectives who are professionals in forensic informatics is the ideal, because they are the most qualified experts to help in the group of investigations that undoubtedly must be done, in relation to the case and in relation to everything that is important to achieve the completion of the investigation that is being merited.

On the other hand, another reason why this class of detectives is chosen, lies in the specific fact that, to carry out some types of investigations, it is required to carry a sequence of authorized licenses and privileges that not everyone can carry out, is you need to study for this.

What must be understood to contract these services. It is the fact of verifying if they really have all the licenses and privileges up to date, in addition they should be informed of the city where they are assigned and what the resume is, and all the jobs that the detective could do before.





How to contract the services of one of the best detective agencies in Spain?

At Grupo Arga Detectives, we provide a host of experts to guide you in any circumstance, according to your needs, and that also goes hand in hand with the entire subject of investigation. We are valued as one of the best detective agencies, which you will have the possibility to find in the country, and we have a high reputation.

We have experts with privileges and licenses duly enabled, and in a timely manner. It is enough that you consult our services that you can provide to your customers so that you do not suppose it anymore and begin to get out of all the troubles that you have the possibility of creating some occasions.

The professional detectives in forensic informatics are, perhaps, the experts who find it most difficult to find, thanks to all that corresponds to their work, however, here at Grupo Arga Detectives, we have them.

The subject of the search for private detectives is something that, beyond being granted in a non-recurring way, always creates a dispute because you have the possibility of offering opportunities in which, occasionally, you must resort to one. The most frequent would be forensic computer scientists.

In this same order of ideas, finding professionals in the computer sector is not something that we have the possibility to achieve with much simplicity, however, there are what would be private detective agencies in Spain in which we managed to find the best professionals , it is only enough to search accordingly.






Is it very difficult to find professionals in forensic informatics in Spain?

Whenever you are looking for professionals in a specific sector, you must take into account multiple causes that should not be overlooked. First of all, you must take into account that it is a requirement to find reliability, ethics and professionalism. Since these are the primary values ​​that have the possibility of captivating a distinguished clientele.

Secondly, in the situation of forensic computer scientists, you should look at the path of the experts you want to hire. On the other hand, it must also be ensured that they have the approved licenses and capacities, since this will be the guarantor of having the possibility of achieving the desired results.

Finding this type of private detectives in Spain is not difficult at all, in fact, one of the best groups you can count on is us, Grupo Arga Detectives. We are a detective agency with appropriately trained experts, also, we have all the necessary information, with this we make decision-making easier.

When hiring this class of experts, you must be clear about what is going to be carried out, what information you want to find, and how long the investigation can take. In addition, you should take into account that any kind of information found can be useful for achieving the desired objectives.






How to get to the best detectives? Are they really expensive?

In many opportunities, finding the right people is not a simple task, much less going to be simple to get with professional forensic computer detectives. However, it is a search that can become much faster if you as a user are clear about the type of job you are looking to get.

The type of investigation that most of the cases these experts do also needs a lot of discretion, being this one of those points that we precisely do not have the possibility of omitting. Beyond this, it does not mean that these experts have much higher costs for their services and fees.

Grupo Arga Detectives, among other things, managed to establish ourselves as one of the most widely used options in relation to these experts, because we precisely have the best prices and the personnel prepared to ensure that all our users have the pleasure of a job well carried out. cape.

Our rates have the best value for money, in addition, this depends on the agreements reached with our organization.





Hiring the services of the best forensic computer scientists is very simple. Grupo Arga Detectives stands out for giving resolutions and proposals that hit the spot with the information you require.

Our forensic informatics agency executes a contract detailing the hours the exploration begins and ends, the budget and all the information on the person or company requesting the service, as well as the person or group to be investigated . In this contract, the person or company and the agency will have to sign this contract as a way of guarantee in case of judgment since it cannot be investigated with verbal agreements.

In the detective market, there are different options, but our forensic computer scientists, unlike the rest,  give quality and have the purpose of solving people’s concerns in a very efficient and reliable way. We are well-trained experts for this job, who will provide you with a successful job response, and we will do our best to do it with the necessary discretion and commitment that such special and meticulous work entails.

Feel free to choose how you want to do the exploration and which professionals you want to work with, but do not hesitate to ask Grupo Arga, since the first consultation we will give you is free.





When you want to hire a private detective who specializes in labor matters, such as fake casualties, you need a private investigator with high training in the situation. A feigned discharge could lead to the suspect being immediately dismissed.

If you suspect that a worker is carrying out a scam, do not hesitate to contact Grupo Arga Detectives to resolve your concerns.

The labor investigation is  hired by many companies because of the irresponsibility and lies exposed by the workers, since they are using a fraudulent disability to get their earnings without the need to work and since that is illegal, many companies are looking for detectives labor experts in fraudulent work casualties.

The truth can be understood through the enormous disparity of elements at the moment of having labor conflicts that have the possibility of being offered between a worker and the company.

The consideration of an impeccable investigation is the writing of an optimal report that our labor detectives will deliver to you.





Already when it is at the level of idealization, a good labor detective should know himself as the palm of his hand the labor legislation that is currently circulating, all those probable sources that have some reference to the aforementioned topic and thus be able to focus the investigation to get the essential evidence that can destroy any fraudulent work leave.

At a formal level, it could be commented that the report cannot have any error or exaggerated statement that is not detached from the observation made and thus be able to achieve the proposed tests.

Something simple that a detective should understand when he has a labor matter, the really basic thing would be to get an intensive formation of labor rights, and it is a requirement for the correct accomplishment of all labor investigation.





Grupo Arga Detectives in Spain has an extensive diversity of professionals, with knowledge on the labor issue to achieve in this way getting the necessary information that the client requires to continue with the dismissal of the alleged inventor.

When it is required to comment on the value of labor detectives, the truly common thing would be to search for Grupo Arga Detectives, given that you have the possibility of obtaining the evidence you need without any hesitation.


It is important to understand that not all detectives have the same price for the proposed investigation, because they have the possibility of having a low or high value.

When hiring a Labor Detective, the first thing that people look for the most is the economy, but on the contrary the costs derive in relation to what services the client requires or what costs the client achieves through the search for some satisfaction you need ..

Extra expenses in the event that there are, should be justified. You have the possibility to list below:

Travel expenses. Since carrying out a search at 10 kilometers is not the same as carrying out a search at 200 kilometers.

Some costs that have the possibility of deriving such as registration, which are registration, ownership, highway ticket, etc. To achieve achieve give the information that is required.

Given that if you are looking for an economic detective, when obtaining it, it would be recommended that you not hire him since it could be much more expensive for him to waste time in most cases, since sometimes they do not have the correct understandings for research.





If you are looking for technical advice on technological investigations, Grupo Arga detectives is the agency of private experts that will provide you with the highest service that can be used in the entire market.

In today’s society, you are becoming increasingly dependent on technology. However, elements such as communities and the Internet greatly violate the privacy of their individuals.

Similarly, thanks to this growing dependence on digital media, they are suitable for all kinds of computer crimes.

This is when it becomes a requirement, an intense technological investigation based on concepts of forensic informatics.

Grupo Arga Detectives has one of the best groups of technological detectives in Spain, these are very different, given that they come from different surfaces of the national territory and the panorama worldwide. Grupo Arga detectives has one of the most specialized law firms in private technological investigations with rigorous excellence and discretion.






Technological research is a development by means of which, through scientific techniques applied in forensic computing, it is possible to save, retrieve and investigate computer data from different technological infrastructures associated with equipment.

Commonly, the data flowing from computer inquiries are used in legal proceedings, therefore, the computer experts who carry out the investigations must be meticulous in obtaining the information.

If you are looking for the preferable usable advice in technological matters, Grupo Arga Detectives’ computer experts are the preferable alternative that you will find in the market, not only for their incredible professional development, but for their incomparable costs throughout Spain.

We are going to explain why Grupo Arga detectives is the preferable of the private investigation agencies in Spain.






The private agency Grupo Arga detectives is popular for two things: its professionalism and track record. These properties were recognized by the business sector with an excellence award thanks to outstanding research carried out successfully in the business area.

With this, he only makes his career even more current, with well over ten years doing a job in Spain and throughout the country.

And it happens that the private experts of Grupo Arga Detectives mix two essential elements throughout their inquiries: professionalism (our researchers are appropriately titled) and the impetus that only youth can offer to an investigation.

Grupo Arga Detectives’ private experts are experts in all kinds of private investigations similar to marital inconveniences, business investigations, computer sweeps and technological investigations.





Our researchers are linked to spectacular settings, creating a unique bond of empathy and security that stimulates the achievement of objectives successfully.

Grupo Arga detectives is a company that stands out for the development of its personnel, which is titled in the same way that the Spanish laws on the matter establish, in this way as with close expert ties with graphologists, psychiatrists, scientific researcher technicians, experts, computer professionals, etc. experts who have the ability to give your research.

If you are looking for the best computer consultants in Spain, go to Grupo Arga Detectives. We guarantee to find the information that is required to benefit your technological research.

Our work areas offer you the first advice for free, at the best costs, go to the best private experts in all of Spain. Grupo Arga Detectives guarantees you success in your investigation.

A widely used counterintelligence technique is electronic scanning. If you want to confirm that your privacy and access to your personal information is only yours and your circle of security, the best way to ensure this is with a sweep by Grupo Arga Detectives.

Nowadays, with the technological advances in all the probable spaces (this has inside active listening equipment, spy programs and innovative telephone participation elements) it becomes increasingly difficult to keep our privacy. That is why we must take some provisions intended to preserve it, which we will talk about now.






In counter-espionage matters, one of the most used techniques to prevent information theft is electronic scanning. This is a conglomerate of techniques and the use of different premeditated devices to discover all kinds of information gathering devices such as active listening gadgets.

These gadgets have the possibility of being spy microphones, hidden cameras, information theft gadgets, the discovery of intervened telephone lines, in short, basically any spy element lodged in an unauthorized way in our homes or work areas.

Undoubtedly, if you require these services, you will want to understand which is the company focused on private investigation that has the best experts legally authorized to carry out computer sweeps in Spain? That company is Grupo Arga Detectives.





Grupo Arga detectives is a pioneering private investigation agency in electronic scanning techniques throughout Spain and the most relevant in all of Spain. Her track record of well over ten years in charge of all kinds of cases related to marital investigations, electronic investigations and the execution of electronic sweeps support her.

Recently, this private investigation agency in Spain was awarded with recognitions for excellence through its relevant work done by legally qualified detectives and graduates in accordance with Spanish law.

Grupo Arga Detectives private investigators have the latest equipment and the most up-to-date spy microphone discovery techniques, so that if you need an immediate electronic scan in a precise space, you will receive the most remarkable and safest of the jobs that a legally licensed private company can give you.

Gupo Arga detectives will ensure you know if your room, office or place of life is subject to the participation of telephone lines, use of active listening gadgets or if there are hidden cameras in them and, if you discover it, you will receive the best advice in the matter to take legal actions and protect your privacy.

Our private experts will advise you on everything related to preventive measures of this kind of irregular practices, such as espionage and information theft.

Today, if you are not careful, you can also be the victim of information theft through your computer gadgets such as computers or latest generation phones. Grupo Arga Detectives also makes special computer experts available to you.

Feel free to come to our work areas to receive the best advice and special costs.






Is it essential to hire the best private technological detectives? Modern advances have made the technological configurations of private detectives in a complete update, so we must always have information on par with technological advances.

Our Agency provides services of all kinds, both for individuals and companies. In the technology sector, GPS services are proposed, followed by Smartphone . It is worth mentioning; recover any kind of data, such as written content messages, call and internet history, contacts, etc.

When the client comes to see us at our office, our private detectives will provide the first consultation completely free of charge and without obligation, and will provide an action plan along with a budget.

Private Technology Investigations specialize in the latest advancements in technology. Technological detectives have the possibility of obtaining information required by our clients.





Our detectives will provide you with all the data collected in the contracted private investigation. This is evidence and clarifications, which have the possibility of transforming into a fundamental part in judicial processes.

Our technology detectives must have a legal computer base to do their job properly.

At the signing a one contract with our detectives will have all fees start to follow the development of exploration, under the aegis of the experience and professionalism of the best.

You can enter the official page of the Arga Group where you will have approximate prices on our fees .

In Spain there are many agencies that provide detective services, but the best is Grupo Arga for many reasons, among them due to our age and commitment to quality.






The value undoubtedly belongs to the primary causes when considering a service and Grupo Arga Detectives is aware of this.

However, it is a requirement to take into account the value for money, since frequently the mistake of choosing a service is paid for which less is paid and in the end the expected results are not achieved or responses that do not meet our expectations are achieved .







The best detectives are part of the Arga Group, which is a company that deals with strict exploration, either to have true evidence in any judicial process, or simply to please the curiosity of an individual or business group.

For this, it is a requirement that the company provide security to its users or people with interests in this special system such as private exploration. That is why our agency is an incredible alternative, since it has been more than ten years in the labor field offering the best services.

The prices and rates of the exploration service have the possibility of fluctuating in relation to the type of service requested, since our agency provides multidisciplinary services since we have specialized private detectives in different areas. Our company allows all kinds of approval, from labor fraud, family or marital problems, including for the search of people to the most complex technological investigations .

As stated before, the rates provided will depend on the type of exploration contracted. Now some examples:

The budget for monitoring and surveillance, which would be everything that includes the time control that is dedicated to work, behavior control, etc., range from 70.00 euros per hour and per detective. It is important to emphasize that costs increase if it is a public holiday or if the service is carried out at night.

The price of a technological investigation will depend on the specialized service contracted. As an example we highlight the services more against all :

The installation of a hidden camera can range from € 450 to € 1,400 depending on the complexity.

The realization of an electronic sweep will range from € 1,100 onwards depending on its complexity as well as the space to be covered.

A forensic computer investigation will start at € 550. Being able to fluctuate a lot depending on what you intend to hire. Thus, for example, detecting if a mobile phone has any spyware will have a basic cost of € 550. A study in social networks will cost from € 1,300 depending on the complexity. An online reputation cleanup will start at € 1,500.





If you want to get in touch with the best technological detectives, without a doubt, your best choice is Grupo Arga detectives. All our detectives are constantly retraining their knowledge in the latest technology applied to private investigation.

You can make an appointment with us through our 24-hour telephone number 913866294. A professional will assist you and guide you throughout the process so that the investigation is as pleasant as possible.






Our agency Grupo Arga Detectives has the best private investigation professionals from all over the national and international scene. Our detectives are very different, since they are experts on different surfaces. Our group of detectives has one of the most specialized law firms in private investigations with rigor, excellence and discretion.

Our private investigators are authorized to carry out investigations for individuals that are essential, always at the request of a third party entitled to obtain the evidence and information that are conclusive for the situation.






Our detectives are characterized by acting with transparency at the moment of investigating the situations of our users and offering them a unique job.

Grupo Arga are professionals in relation to inquiries, obtaining information, surveillance and monitoring with detailed recognition throughout Spain. We do an excellent job in relation to the suitability when investigating the situations of the users, planning the actions together with the exploration teams and in offering the final results in the reports in a formal, legal and complete way.

Our private investigations for individuals provide information and obtain pertinent information and evidence related to the needs of our clients.

When hiring our investigations for individuals, our detectives will provide you with all the data collected from the exploration, evidence and clarifications which allow you to act efficiently and capable, both in the most intimate and personal and judicial settings. Evidence has the potential to become a primary part of court proceedings.





Our private detectives are characterized by discretion, experience, duty and effectiveness, essential pillars to offer our future users positive results.

Our detectives contribute to effective resolutions and results in your company or on a personal level in a confidential way. All the data obtained from the inquiries will be exposed in writing in the report and verified in a judicial development if required.

The private detective who forms Arga Detectives is a professional trained under legal standards, carrying out in- depth investigations of each case that the client wants for a profit, whether personal or legal.

As all of our detectives have a legal basis, we will comply, without a doubt, with giving you a contract that will detail the type of order to be contracted, hours from the beginning and the completion, the data of the client and the investigator, which will be signed by both, the client and the agency. You will have copies for backup of both. Avoid contracts that are verbal or detective which do not give you guarantees.

If you want to hire an optimal detective you have to keep in mind Grupo Arga, which has been offering its services in all plots for 10 years.






Our agency provides services of all kinds, from issues of particular interest to issues of judicial interest. By attending our office, our detectives will give you the first consultation completely free of charge and without any obligation, and read we will propose an action plan together with a budget.

In any situation, the private detective has the function of cataloging the information, including taking photos on the scene, and then presenting them to the client for whom he was hired, then the client will take the appropriate measures and use the evidence collected based on his interest.

Our private detectives are trained and qualified to obtain information more quickly and to obtain pertinent information and evidence regarding accusations or crimes that have the possibility of being prosecuted at the request of a party,

At the conclusion of the private investigation, our private detectives will provide you with all the data collected from the examination, evidence and clarifications.

Our private detectives seek excellence in customer support and the most outstanding viable deal. We have a huge human team committed to all private investigations and extensively trained, also having enormous experience in solving problems.

We are the best private investigation professionals to carry out private investigations, obtain information, surveillance and follow-up.




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