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Grupo Arga Detectives provides top-level private research services for individuals and companies. Contact our private investigators in Madrid at any time. 24 hours available and 365 days a year.

We are a private detective agency in Madrid that has all the legal qualifications of the Ministry of the Interior, to develop investigations efficiently.



– Arga, a private detective agency in Madrid, effectively develops any type of private investigation.
– Discover the difference between hiring the best private researchers in Madrid and Spain
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  • Infidelity detectives


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Our detectives in Madrid investigate throughout Spain as well as abroad


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Interventions made by our private detectives in Madrid

The Arga Detective Agency has been for many years,
Analysis of investigations as Detectives in the community of Madrid, nationally and internationally. Our experience and recognition endorse us as the most prestigious Detective Agency in Spain.


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              If you are looking for detectives in Madrid who are tenacious, effective and above all professional, at Grupo Arga we have enormous human talent , each of our private investigators Madrid is willing to thoroughly investigate any claim, due to the variety of specialization we have .

              Through our private detectives Madrid, you get the best care, whether it is a personal, business, commercial, work, or other situation, there will always be a timely response, well designed based on your problems, because everything is 100% personalized to attend to your cause properly .


Occasionally different problems happen, which not only cause economic damage, but also immense mental discomfort, where the doubt ends up causing a great torment for anyone’s life, especially when it comes to infidelities, scams, fraud, absenteeism, among other situations. where there is deception involved.

              In the midst of this type of scenario, the functions of our detectives Madrid fit , due to the fact that they have a high level of experience, thanks to their dedicated training, to cover with knowledge the different areas of services that are within our service proposal for all users.

              When you need an ally who goes in search of the truth for you, especially because they have very precise and innovative techniques from the private investigation environment, to provide, as a final result, proven data, with the necessary validity to present it to the legal authorities. .

              Obtaining a report ends up being a relief for all users, since in it is the accumulation of evidence obtained throughout the investigation, where initially an action plan is drawn up that happens to be approved by each user, in which set the objectives to cover and the information to bring to light.

The work of our private investigators Madrid is exclusive, because from the interview with each client at the beginning, the route is set to attend to their needs in the hands of the best expert, so that your needs are covered by the person who knows in depth all incidents within that medium.

              This is what differentiates a great initial reading, compared to other services that can make you hundreds of promises, but in results it does not end up meeting your expectations or that the tests are not obtained legally, leaving you without the possibility of any action, such as also attracting more problems.

              What in principle is postulated as the solution to your problems, can be one of the bunch when you do not deal with experts, because to undertake an investigation it is not only about exposing facts, but it is about having the expertise, working with a license that ratifies the hard preparation that each of our detectives possess.

              By contracting our services, you receive the greatest commitment from Grupo Arga, since from start to finish we work to prove all the facts that are related to your concern, without raising false promises, much less, always focused on real.


Being confident of solving or clarifying a suspicion is feasible when you have the services of private detectives Madrid , as Grupo Arga we focus on ensuring the resolution of each situation, after an objective vision in all senses, the support of the private investigation falls on in the proportion of responses.


              Regardless of what it is, you can count on the certainty of finding a special answer, especially since we have a large series of experts, who represent each area in demand, which is why we have forensic computer scientists, having the opportunity to invest in situations of a technological nature.

We provide in each case a whole group of forensic tools, as well as professional procedures to treat and study each finding, so when receiving our final results you can rest assured about its validity, at Grupo Arga we take care of the preservation of the receipt legal evidence.

              In other words, it is not only about knowing the truth, but about building evidence, ratifying an event to have in your hands the possibility of unmasking some deception, this is key to acting in different areas, either for the legal path, or simply dismantle any kind of denial of the facts.

              Instead of continuing to live with that existential doubt that does not allow you to see clearly, there is nothing like having strong evidence on your side to make a definitive decision, but above all, having that level of mental peace that is what everyone needs. after spending so many overwhelming moments.

Really the true understanding and support, you find it in Grupo Arga, especially because we have an extensive history, this allows us to approach a creative solution on each case, which is materialized with forensic methods that reaffirm the credibility of the information obtained. The assistance provided by our private detectives is at the height of your problems, being the only option to get out of any lie, because there is no greater insecurity than feeling surrounded by fraud at your work, at home, or at the direction of a company , as well as having no idea where a person is.

              Clearing any type of uncertainty is a reality for our private investigators, who cover this profession with extensive dedication, even to the point of verifying the quality of service of your business through the mysterious client, that is, we have different professional care modalities.

              Everything you are looking for about information verification, or uncovering a hoax, imposing computer security, and so on, is in one place. At Grupo Arga we make sure that we are a multifunctional company, always available for every circumstance for which customers pass by, like a great alliance.


Simplify your problems thanks to our services, Grupo Arga resides the proportion of professionals in all areas, each of our private detectives Madrid is in charge of getting to the bottom of the truth, analyzing even the smallest detail related to the case in question .

              Through our specialists you can have the peace of mind of not overlooking anything, in addition to not winning more problems by invading the privacy of the person or the fact investigated, because it is a job through which you must be thorough, and above all have extensive knowledge regarding ways to proceed.

              To completely worry about your problems, you need our experts to study the situation, and respond appropriately, this requires a high level of specialty, in this sense you can rest easy, since our experts are trained and updated on your area of service.

              There is nothing that escapes from the hands of these detectives, with their objectivity they manage to impose a very prominent margin of success above the rest, this is what differentiates our professional service from someone else who only seeks to scam you, that’s why we always It is important to highlight that we have a license to operate.

Faced with a large number of complications that arise on a daily basis, the most appropriate thing is to respond with professional means, having the peace of mind of being in good hands, you only get this feeling when the answers are guaranteed, when each action of our detectives only allows you come closer to the truth.

              Within the common demand to require specialists on infidelities, we respond with specialists in these love affairs, which they classify as family members, since their consequences end up affecting even beyond those involved, therefore it deserves special treatment.

              Acting subtly where required, is part of the values ​​that our private investigators provide, who do not judge your motivation on the case, on the contrary, we work with the utmost discretion so that you have the confidence to communicate your problems to us and from each detail build an action plan.

              Concerns can be changed by answers when pursuing the verification of every detail, that is, instead of having assumptions about what is happening in your life, you can change this for concrete facts that have been thoroughly analyzed, therefore the private investigation is increasingly valued.

              Regardless of what it is, Grupo Arga has the best for you, so you know if your partner is being unfaithful to you, if you want to locate where a person is, that is, in any plane of daily life you can apply the virtues of private investigation to help you solve it.

              To make a difference in your personal life, is to act to get answers, instead of getting used to problems, wearing yourself out thinking about something that you are not even sure of, therefore it is necessary to check first, and then try so that you have the freedom to act according to how consider in your situation.


              The true power of a private detective Madrid from our team is that at Grupo Arga we ensure that each of our specialists is kept under the highest level of evidence, that he is always attended by the expert in that area, for this reason we seek to provide attention on every corner of Spain.

              The coverage of the private investigation by our detectives is first-rate, as it has been ratified by different awards for excellence that prove it, this only motivates us to continue improving to be at the forefront of any problem or situation that arises. present, from any field.

              For these reasons, each time the functions of a private investigator increase, which connects with each cause of the client, to treat them in the best way, this is what makes us stand out, making everyone who requests our services feel safe, counting with the certainty of finding an effective response.

              There is no doubt that with the ease provided by technology, and globalization in general to lie, it has made every fact question, this cannot be transferred to your personal life, because it would be all chaotic, instead. , you need to have facts that have been verified.

              This benefit or possibility is generated by our private detectives, who through their experience know how to act, but above all learn from each case, there is always a situation that demands you to improve, and this is the intention, to be competent on each cause that people present.

              Investigating a fact for some legal circumstance does not have to be a headache, because there are private cases in which if you have evidence beforehand, it ends up being more advantageous for you, since you can negotiate with the involved party and save time and money that would represent a legal instance.

              This service proposal ends up generating another alternative, to have results with greater immediacy, there is not much to think about when you can get answers in less time, to minimize the importance and size of the problems, also cutting a deception in time can be crucial for the economic issue.

              You can not allow you to be deceived, nor in your company, much less in the family environment that is where it hurts the most, this is an unnecessary suffering that you can skip when searching for the truth with the help of private investigation, where any border of deception and fraud that always leave a bad taste or sensation.

              We have all been victims of some deception at some point, it is not a reason to feel shame or feel bad, the best thing you can do is act, otherwise you give victory ground to those people who only seek to harm you, especially when there is So many means for intruders, information theft, and emotional disloyalty.




Knowing the truth, on many occasions directly depends on being very attached to the facts, that is, establishing surveillance and monitoring of a person or a place, in the face of this type of need, there is no doubt that you need detectives 100% committed and who know how to capture all incidents within an area.

              That is why we are expert detectives in this type of task, Grupo Arga is made up of a select group that has skills to work under cover, either for a specific task such as following your partner, or watching a public place such as a hotel, without Regardless of the size of the requirement, we respond with professionalism.


              For all kinds of situations that arise, you can have private detectives Madrid experts in surveillance and monitoring, we are true specialists in this area that has recently become in demand, since regardless of the power that technology has always taken the skills of field are required.

              The combination of skills and abilities is part of the training of each of our detectives, we are experts in different types of current needs, therefore we have a license and broad respect for the law after each action, understanding the limits that are established on this profession that deserves serious professionals.

              Regardless of what you need, we have complete surveillance, under an appropriate budget, from the beginning that explains the situation, a fair budget is designed, taking into account all the effort, and dedication that we invest in the site in question, to provide you with true data that is verified.

To expose all the findings obtained after the application of these techniques, methods such as taking videos, photos, audios, everything necessary to verify an event, as well as providing advice just when applying security measures on sites are used. of high concurrence.

Private investigation causes great advantages in all senses, it not only focuses on getting information, but also ensuring the interaction of events within some environment, this causes a great difference for different types of people, therefore within the services highlights the performance of the mystery customer.

The functions of a private detective go to another level thanks to their training, especially to test their skills, such as always exercising an action plan as the main analysis, then in the background being on the spot with all the prior knowledge of each corner of the place, and thus little by little it makes an effective intervention.

On the other hand, there is also the need to have a retentive, so that nothing can be overlooked in your memory, that is, it ends up being a high combination of concentration, because in each follow-up there is a lot at stake, especially privacy of the client, and we cover this completely.

Do not waste your money with false promise, a hiring of our services ends up being a safe investment, since we stand out as experts, reaffirmed in the extensive history of services, leaving a clear demonstration of the virtues of our private investigators who have been awarded with anteriority.



There is no doubt that at Grupo Arga we offer you the best service when conducting any surveillance or monitoring, our private investigators Madrid are prepared to respond to all kinds of needs, with results in less time, thanks to the commitment we invest.

Within each case, an exhaustive intervention action is carried out, firstly, the approach to the place is strengthened, analyzing in advance all kinds of events that occur, the performance of a private detective ends up being professional, our expertise is a value that does not you find in another detective agency.

About this type of work, you need a private investigator with a license, that is, you end up being able to accept this type of problem, until you find the most appropriate solution, that is, an impeccable job, through which you end up obtaining all the information you it is possible to repeat some event or what a person does.

This type of service ends up being useful to understand what happens in the face of an infidelity, as well as labor frauds, that is, before different causes or situations, it is necessary to measure the steps of a person is a matter, or also to measure the events that have life inside a space with high mass attendance or not.

Private investigation always merits professional attention, we can guarantee this for you, therefore we have different areas of attention, for each area of ​​need, so we fit with your first option when determining the steps of someone, as well as occurrences within a place.

This is a great opportunity for you, you can solve your problems by going straight to the search for the truth, because if there is any deception involved, which can be brought to light with the help of a true expert in this type of work, we are detailed in each case, because in this way we make sure to cover everything.

You have to know that you are in good hands, at Grupo Arga we serve you to assert your needs, that is, we seriously worry about getting to the bottom of the matter, the resolution of a case depends on the effort that each detective invests, so you must leave let the best take over.

If you are in charge of carrying out this mission on your own, you can be discovered, fall into some breach of the law for invading privacy, so it is better to leave it to an expert who knows how far you can go, this type of situation is handles with an outstanding domain when dealing with professionals.

This type of tranquility can only be found by Grupo Arga, where we have established, through each year, a constant update on different areas that we have, forming a solid private research assistance group, which covers every corner of Spanish territory and also internationally.


              Through Grupo Arga you can have real experts from all form aspects masters Detectives Madrid , capable, committed, honest and dedicated to each case, so it is about time to undertake surveillance and monitoring, one of the tasks merits greater concentration.

              It is not necessary to have to live under assumptions, if something is happening you can know it on the spot, capturing the other totally infraganti, in the act of committing the facts, which makes these events become a piece of evidence or piece key within a situation, being the first step to solve some complexity.

              Imagine capturing with irrefutable evidence that dishonest employee who is faking his leave, or your partner when he tells you that he is in one place, but in fact he is in another, these types of excuses are disjointed, to expose that false alibi, This is what is important for any good private investigator, to return certainties.

              We understand that the majority of clients come to us as a solution in the midst of their problems , therefore we respond with a notable priority, shortening the waiting time, locating each test, drawing a line in time with all the traces obtained, to finish arriving at the truth that is what interests.

Each situation is particular, therefore it needs methods that agree with what it requires, therefore each analysis and response ends up being personalized, in this way you will receive the best service according to the questions expressed, after each evidence a ratification of what is actually happening.

              Our attention is distinguished in any situation that is demanded of us, we are always in constant innovation, to combine the online monitoring techniques, as well as the trace that it leaves abroad, being indispensable for cases in which someone is being sought .

              This method of searching for information ends up being accurate when it is carried out by authentic professionals, this is what makes the difference to attend to your problems, which cannot be left to anyone, but at Grupo Arga you are only attended by our experts who have the best techniques.

              Do not worry about economic issues, at Grupo Arga we offer you advice and attention to design the budget that is according to your situation, but at the same time just with the quality of the service you are going to receive, since in less than you think it will Those problems that keep you so dealt with will end.

              To change your lifestyle that has been tarnished with a lie, you really need the best to provide you with evidence, in this way you will know what a person is doing or having exclusive details about what is happening in the middle of a site .



Each situation is particular, therefore it needs methods that agree with what it requires, therefore each analysis and response ends up being personalized, in this way you will receive the best service according to the questions expressed, after each evidence a ratification of what is actually happening.

              Our attention is distinguished in any situation that is demanded of us, we are always in constant innovation, to combine the online monitoring techniques, as well as the trace that it leaves abroad, being indispensable for cases in which someone is being sought .

              This method of searching for information ends up being accurate when it is carried out by authentic professionals, this is what makes the difference to attend to your problems, which cannot be left to anyone, but at Grupo Arga you are only attended by our experts who have the best techniques.

              Do not worry about economic issues, at Grupo Arga we offer you advice and attention to design the budget that is according to your situation, but at the same time just with the quality of the service you are going to receive, since in less than you think it will Those problems that keep you so dealt with will end.

              To change your lifestyle that has been tarnished with a lie, you really need the best to provide you with evidence, in this way you will know what a person is doing or having exclusive details about what is happening in the middle of a site .



The work of our private detectives Madrid , have left good results after each hiring, since in Grupo Arga we intervene actively, within problems such as infidelities, scams, even espionage actions, because our specialty has no end, therefore they are established more focus areas.

              You can be convinced that when contracting within the private investigation, you receive all the indications related to your situation, in Grupo Arga you can find the best service proposal, since we care that each area is represented by experts who have been trained hard for it.


              After hiring our services, you can be sure that in Grupo Arga you find the best care, firstly because we empathize with your situation, therefore you can feel free to tell us about your problems since you will not be judged or underestimated, secondly, you receive an action plan by our experts.

              As private detectives Madrid , we always focus on giving you the best, from the analysis and understanding of your problems, a personalized response is formulated, also in one place you find a whole line of care, whether for family, work or business situations , among other.

              For this reason we identify ourselves as a complete detective agency, you will not need another service, also in this search for attention, it is essential to have a contract where the detectives have a license to practice, this is guaranteed for each of the professionals from Grupo Arga.

              By having experts, you will have no reason to worry, the best support is to receive professional attention, especially to enjoy highly valid tests in all senses, which are made up of a high level of legality, since each of the requirements imposed by law to exercise.

              These types of guarantees are not offered by any detective agency, because in the proportion of evidence you have to be very careful, this work only merits being carried out by our professionals, who accompany you from start to finish, undertaking a very exhaustive investigation.

Its main benefit lies in the short time in which you can count on the final report, this is the product of a set of efforts that come together to reflect an outcome of the case, where our detectives become faithful witnesses to their case, with authority to ratify their findings before the judicial instances.

              In one way or another, knowing the truth not only helps you to clear up doubts, but also to claim your rights, especially when an illegal situation is being committed, everything that violates your privacy, causes you to lose confidence and financially, is persecutable legally, such as fraudulent work leave, for example.

              To dismantle deception of all sizes, forensic techniques are available, both technologically and abroad, either through surveillance and monitoring, where the skills of our private detectives are tested, to which they respond with great expertise.





              Without a doubt there is nothing more disconcerting than living full of doubts, we understand this completely, that is why each year that passes, we extend the usefulness of private investigation, placing it as a tool close to the needs of people, as private detectives Madrid we focus on your problems.

It ends up being beneficial to have professionals who go in search of the truth through legal paths, without jeopardizing the usefulness of this type of evidence, in some social areas such as employment and business, it is essential to have a private investigator who reiterates all information supplied.

Instead of being vulnerable to the excuses or claims of your employees, customers, and dishonest actions by the competition, you need to have advice to impose security measures, as well as corrective measures in time so that no catastrophic information theft is manifested .

These types of situations can be stopped in time, when you are well supported by our experts, we also have the application of electronic sweeps , to discard any type of equipment that is implanted with the aim of spying on you, we return from your spaces somewhat safe .

There is nothing that we preserve more than your security and privacy, in addition to operating subtly when necessary, that is, if it is a family situation, logically we address it with experts who understand this, who really know how and how to respond , in this way you are not so affected.

Even an infidelity can be brought to light in time, being one of the common demands that we leave without effect, because this type of deception is understood as a deterioration for your personal life, we offer you clear answers so that you do not have to live under the anxiety of suspicions or feeling bad about yourself.

The best way to stop a problem that grows and grows every day, such as cheating, is to bet on the path to the truth, its demonstration is the best path for you to feel better about yourself, to observe things. As they are happening, lies always leave traces and we are there for it.

From the emotional point of view, the intervention of a private detective is a great help, it ends up generating great benefits to live more comfortably, in a scenario where they do not make fun of you, take care of your resources, and your peace of mind above all To make decisions and assert your position you require irrefutable proof.

Likewise, when you are about to face any legal situation, being aware of the demonstration of the facts, generates the power to save you the legal process, by reaching an agreement, having the opportunity to negotiate, you leave the denials without arguments on the other hand, therefore it ends up being an assistance for legal matters.


There is no doubt that it is another type of feeling to have forceful evidence in your hands regarding a fact, this is simple after the hiring of Grupo Arga, where we take care of going to the bottom of the matter, following events closely, in all levels, whether in digital media, or in the external environment.

              When hiring our services you can count on the verification of all kinds of events, our private detectives Madrid specialize on each topic that is presented, so our main quality is to put professionals with command of that sector in front of your problems.

              Our level of specialization is what places us first when we want to investigate some fact, we can really shorten the lies in time, just thinking about all the problems you can save yourself, on all levels, both emotional and economic Our services end up being vital.

              We have made private investigation a versatile means, that is, different lines of care are involved, to serve as a tool in different circumstances, that is why we impose ourselves as a multifunctional agency, where there are no excuses to attend to your problems, but a wide offer .

              Professionalism is one of the values ​​that we invest in each cause, that is why at the business and commercial level we are in demand, reaching a significant level of success over most of the cases assumed, this is what defines us as an effective response with great distinction.

              The main distinction of a service with a long history, like Grupo Arga, is that in addition to gaining experience, it is the effort that we always seek to encourage to acquire more skills, in this way we end up combining knowledge with the successful practice that is practiced within each case.

              There are plenty of reasons to trust us with your cause, only the results are responsible for speaking for us, they serve as an irrefutable sample of what we are capable of providing, because once we draw up the action plan we work tirelessly to achieve them, from a realistic perspective.

              We do not seek to establish false expectations, or play with your needs, from the first moment in which you communicate what worries you, we assess the situation completely, dismantling detail by detail how we can act, and leaving everything in the hands of the best expert for said situation.

              The success we have on each private investigation that we undertake is striking, therefore our hiring always ends up being an investment for the client, because in exchange for our actions, you get a report full of verified evidence, with which you can free yourself from deceit .

              We provide you with clarity and advice for future occasions at all times, since when you go through a bad experience, you must set a precedent so that it does not happen again, either when you are going through some espionage activity that usually leaves great consequences. for your image as in the emotional.


              As for seriousness, privacy, and the results provided by Grupo Arga Detectives, we end up being the best alternative when investigating all kinds of events, we have a variety of Madrid private detectives who are trained to deal with everything it comes up from the customers.

              Never before has private investigation been carried out with such commitment and distinction, this is the central idea, to mark a before and after in this field, we seek to establish ourselves within Spanish territory and internationally, being a reliable response, studying each problem in retrospect until plot a solution.

              The best follow-up on your causes, we exercise as private investigation professionals, following every minimum detail, because the final result is not about one more test, but we understand what it is, it ends up being a support to get rid of the problems or decrease its size.

              The benefits are clarified, when you notice as a client the distinctive treatment we make about your cause, without having to deal with price premiums, or with a place where your causes are small, this does not happen like this, but the opposite, we analyze the details impartially This generates the feeling of being supported at all times.

              The unconditionality that our services provide you is one of our high points, from start to finish we always work to look for every nuance of the truth, forming evidence that is helpful to you, especially since they are a key piece of a whole head-breaker that it has some illegal incidence like some fraud.

              A direct route to the truth ends up being the action of a private investigator, without excuses, without continuing to give ground to those who intend to continue under the denial of what happened, so with evidence they will only have to assume the consequences of their actions, even if they have legal incidence.

              There are plenty of reasons to have peace of mind by having Grupo Arga Detectives, you assure us that we will work loyally for your concerns, we give you the solution to that difficulty of not being able to demonstrate what is happening, especially when there are so many reasons to distrust today , and the technology lends itself to fraud.

              While it is true that the figure of a private detective is not something new, but we always keep ourselves updated, we refresh our knowledge to be up to the problems that are emerging today, if intruders modify their tools and plans, why you should expose yourself to it, there are answers to this.

              Each case is a challenge that we accept with great responsibility, it really is a great satisfaction to be able to help so many people by investigating the facts, because we can even restore peace within a home, office, company, and control over certain open places, There is no limitation for exercise.

              Do not suffer or live any insecurity regarding your partner, employees, or electronic devices, this can be easily stopped by stopping the path of deception completely, with a collection of evidence that brings to light the dishonesty that exists in the medium.



              Given the rapid pace of deception, the spread of scams, frauds of all kinds, and even lies within personal relationships, arise with great concern, because you can even hire false alibi services, giving rise to infidelities, all these they are scenes where it is urgent to know the truth.

              For this you need to hire the best private detectives Madrid , which you can access without problems through Grupo Arga, where we consolidate ourselves as a complete detective agency, covering all kinds of situations, because we have experts on different matters, to provide a response after each case.


              When it comes to finding specialists to help you determine the truth in a matter, you need Madrid private detectives who are licensed to practice freely, but also to take care of the value of obtaining evidence, since any carelessness leaves to them without value, for falling into an illegal action.

              The best way to act in the face of any misleading doubts involved, is to collect all the evidence that conclusively prove whether there is indeed some malicious intention involved, being decisive when it comes to infidelity, locating someone, fraudulent work casualties , and even digital data recovery.

Regardless of the need you have, we have high-level detectives, on different areas of specialty, that is why we classify ourselves as the best to provide a timely solution to each problem, upon receiving each situation, it is analyzed with distinctive expertise to design a route of actual resolution.

It is not about creating false illusions, but we focus on really working for the solutions that are available to our experts, who employ forensic techniques and tools, which help maintain a high level of validity of each data, therefore our Private investigators give you the opportunity to use them.

Whether it is before a legal instance, or to process a labor complication, these tests will always be essential within the restoration of your rights, especially for scenarios such as divorces, proving fraud, arresting in time that employee who intends to collect for a discharge that it is not real, among others.

Each of the situations mentioned above can be shortened thanks to the clear findings that end up being one more piece within the legal instances, this keeps you more motivated than being surrounded by existential doubts about that lie that does not let you develop naturally in Different areas.

Our private investigators are in charge of analyzing all possible means, in addition to matching what the case demands, since each problem we work with a personalized response, being one of the main guarantees within the coverage of each case, always an attention professional.

There is no doubt, through the trust you place in our professionals, we will respond with conclusive evidence, Grupo Arga Detectives has an extensive track record in carrying out these tasks, where we have left a significant margin of success in each case in which we work, acting effectively.


              When solving different situations, you cannot leave the resolution of any legal incident to anyone, but only in the support of our experts, at Grupo Arga Detectives we really care about exercising quality service, we have demonstrated this year after year year.

Our private detectives Madrid are constantly updating their knowledge, especially within the computer area, which demands to be in innovation. We respond to this with concrete actions, putting together an area well supplied by experts, for this reason your cause is in the appropriate hands.

Both to retrieve and obtain digital evidence, even to carry out electronic sweeps, we are trained for this type of action, we relocate in the needs of people, where a large number of events that are being generated by the technological issue abound.

We solve computer issues, and we use these novel tools, to find answers to traditional questions such as infidelities, which can be discovered after monitoring your social networks, see what kind of activities you develop, this helps to build a pattern of behavior to visualize what happens.

Tackling a situation always requires creative and ingenious solutions, which are carried out with total brilliance by our private investigators, who initiate each case with a firm commitment to transmit a prompt response to the client, being part of the tranquility necessary within some complication.

It is evident that your posture towards deception, you cannot be tolerant, it is necessary to go for a service that provides you with a quick solution to that concern that torments you, we understand the sentimental value that each case can have, that is why we cover your expectations, a Once the problem is analyzed, work is done on it.

We interpret the situation objectively, and we immediately provide you with a transparent response, which is why it is not a simple hiring but a complete service, which at the end of each practice by the private detective, generates an element of conviction that represents the answer to your problems.

Each of our private investigators keep studying and working permanently, without a doubt the constant practice within this field is the one that ends up bearing fruit for the future, which helps us to continue on the cusp of private investigation, where only we seek to be useful to each client.

We usually take advantage of deception, because during the development of each private investigation we must take care of the chain of custody of obtaining the evidence, so as not to skip any legal requirement, since it minimizes the value of the same.

We emphasize the speed and legal support that must accompany each investigation process, so that the results are available in a shorter period, in addition to not breaking the legal framework that prevails within this exercise, therefore you cannot collect your own evidence , but prefer the expertise of our services.


To stop the appearance of irregular situations within your work, your house, or any other space, it is necessary to make the firm decision of it, that is to say to have the reins and go in search of the truth, for this the role of the Madrid private detectives , who represent a wide variety of advantages after their services.

              There is no doubt about the leading role that private investigation has today, as it is a valuable element of obtaining information, it ends up being a great help in an endless number of situations, what was previously a little unknown, today is a reality, the Private detectives’ assessment is evident from their results.

              Within each case, a timely response is analyzed, which is why we have collaborated with this profession in always highlighting the figure of a private investigator, in different problems of all kinds, we managed to unmask any pretense of deceit in time, this is what we distinguish within the medium.

              Curiously, we have gone from being sued within infidelities as a common call, until the technology sector has become typical, which reflects in one way or another, how the role of the private detective is managed to adapt to modern trends, regardless of times we are here to assist you.

              All this is due to the fact that in order to strengthen a service, it is necessary to put yourself in the client’s place, that is, observe what overwhelms him, such as the lack of privacy within a space, suffer economic losses due to information leaks, as well as always being with headaches when not knowing what your partner does.

              Instead of immersing yourself in the midst of this great variety of problems that affect you in inexplicable ways, which can be solved through private investigation, by understanding this, we have more than enough motivation to reinforce each sector of care, to always seek to give the best and that each client receives a response.

              Knowing the truth, always generates another air amid complexities, from the final report that you obtain, the opportunity to exercise legal actions opens or grows, in fact when it comes to pensions, modifications, or other inheritance issues where it is required the home of a person, we act with great efficiency.

              Given the majority of scenarios that are presented to us, we seek to address it with concrete action plans, without missing anything, in detail and precaution the practice of this profession is based, for this reason, at Grupo Arga Detectives you get the best coverage possible, no doubt about it.

              As a result of the efficiency that we have obtained over the years, we want to continue making ourselves known to familiarize each citizen with the facilities that this type of service offers you, being a means of gathering decisive information to free you from any kind of doubts.


              First of all, our private detectives Madrid always seek to provide you with the truth, regardless of whether it is favorable to you or not, transparency is always one of our main values, there is no negotiation about it, because this hiring involves having experts at all times.

              From start to finish, we strive to collect evidence that is significant for your cause, but above all with a broad legal level, so any final result ends up providing the key within some legal significance, where our private investigators become exceptional witnesses to each case.

              Given the variety of alternatives that we provide you with on each case, it is that we end up being the main choice within the current needs to discover the truth, regardless of what it is, the intervention of a private detective is exclusive when we have evidence to ward off all kinds of deception.

              If you are really tired of living in the midst of doubts, without any distinction that is an infidelity, fraudulent work leave, location of people, applying electronic sweeps, or some other complex scenario of this type, it is time to hire a private detective, which they are committed from the first moment.

              In the middle of each case, we exercise a high level of clarity that the clients cannot, for the most part, be involved, that is to say, in the end, our expert analysis can help to recompose you, always extending a possibility of resolution, for this reason we always work under real events you must keep in mind.

              If you want to consult the type of budget that is designed for your case, you should only contact through the different digital platforms, as well as in each of the extensions that we have on the Spanish territory, since at all times and at any instead, we are available to take care of your problems.

              You can not doubt the effort and all the commitment we invest after each situation, this gives you a break, because you know that you are just one step away from getting answers, leaving aside those questions that only overwhelm anyone’s life Although it is understandable and we strive to keep them at bay.

              Without losing hope or calm, you can find strong clues, saving you any kind of work on your own that would be complicated, in addition to not having the same domain to collect data, if you want to have valid elements, it is a subject or field for an expert within this type of demanding landscapes.

              At the time of wanting to have a different support, with a professional performance, you only have to go to the best, at Grupo Arga we are able to face what comes up with each request, where we act effectively so that you do not have to have a hard time, thanks to this recruitment.




              Many scenarios become difficult to manage, because in the face of complications you do not know for sure how to respond, that is, each circumstance is beyond you, a great level of knowledge is really required , therefore it is appropriate to hire private detectives in Madrid with discretion.

              We make this wish come true, since at Grupo Arga Detectives we have a very broad human group to give life to different sectors of care, giving life to a quality service, we cover from family, commercial, business, and even technological incidents, where we employ a high level of experience.


              Within the manifestation of different events, where a whole accumulation of deceits and lies is unleashed, full certainty of the truth is required, but presumptions are not enough, much less with affirmations, sometimes the vital thing is to provide evidence for being the best way of expressing events.

              For the collection of information, the intervention of private detectives Madrid is required , because they specialize with great dedication to this claim, previously it was not common to process the functions of a private investigator, but over time, they were exposed by never giving up in the face of deception.

              Because despite being overwhelmed by your partner’s excuses, lack of credibility about your employees, being a victim of information theft, as well as being spied on, among other situations, end up being scenarios in which it is required its verification and verification to stop these events.

              Instead of always staying on that victim posture, having so many headaches, living with that anguish, it is best to hire a service that represents an effective solution to these incidents, and even with the opportunity to receive professional advice from us. .

              We end up covering different problems, so through a contract a real commitment is made, from start to finish after each event, after each detail, no matter what happens, we will be substantially aware to collect authentic evidence that demonstrate what happens.

              At the end of each private investigation, we provide our clients with the proportion of a final report made up of the evidences, which can be presented within the legal instances without problem, in fact our experts can ratify each finding if necessary, asserting Your rights.

              Whenever it is about getting more peace of mind, you don’t have much to think about, hiring a private investigator is a necessary step, because it shortens the deceptions by providing a solid and forceful answer, giving you the opportunity not only to find out what is happening, but also to take action against the culprit.

              It is a guaranteed investment to hire and prefer Grupo Arga, since we are a functional company in every way, with a distinctive front of attention, because without discriminating the type of situation, you receive meticulous assistance, analyzing each evidence thanks to the forensic techniques.


              We are responsible for the investigation of your problem from start to finish, because through Grupo Arga we form a whole select group of experts, each of our private detectives Madrid , works under the values ​​of discretion, objectivity, dedication and professionalism for the extensive training we have.

              This type of knowledge ends up being crucial to constitute tests that serve within different areas, both for you as a relief to know the truth, and at a legal level for having in your hands a wide variety of elements that help you assert your right to privacy.


Our action ends up being definitive on infidelities, labor frauds by presenting a mock leave, and even discovering if someone is spying on you, because nowadays through some device an extraction is made of all the information that is provided about an environment.

              To free your environments from any espionage attack, it needs to be analyzed by means of an electronic sweep, these types of processes are effective in bringing to light all kinds of maneuvers that seek to disclose your data, this practice has become widely implemented by the competition to commercial level.

              The traits of professionalism that are present within our actions, help us to guide each case, where we observe every detail objectively, until we thoroughly verify its integrity, so that you can use it in legal instances, in addition to being clear about your personal life.

              You cannot accept getting used to cheating, it is a big mistake to cause you more problems in the future, instead you can exercise an intervention in time to stop the size of lies, for this purpose we have the best team, through which we have established a wide margin of success that identifies us.

              Changing the course of excuses is easy when in your hands you have evidence that does not allow excusing, in the face of love deceit this is crucial, both to end the relationship, and to fight for it, you need to know the truth, this causes another type of feeling when facing problems.

              It really is important to hire the services of private investigation, they are an open door to find the answers at all costs, above all else it always ends up winning the truth, this possibility becomes real when you have the support of our professionals who know about these problems.

              This type of assistance ends up being essential to obtain evidence, which is assured based on the level of experience we have within this profession, which gives us a broader vision, after each teaching of a case, is a lesson to follow. improving and being at the forefront.

              Within the field of private investigation, we act with great distinction, as we have done after each year, it is a good decision to seek to leave problems behind with the help of the truth, which serves to restore your tranquility, as well as to go in search of justice when it comes to some illegal circumstance.


              All the hoaxes they have built are automatically destroyed through the evidence presented, since they have the power to reveal the true face of the truth, which is highly convenient in situations both family, business, commercial and also technological in nature.

              Thanks to our private detectives in Madrid and their skill, the waiting period ends to be short to collect evidence that can distort the problems, they are a classic symbol when trying to combat different situations, in the midst of the chaos of the moment that the deceits are originating, not lose your bearings and contact us.

              It is easy to communicate your problems to us, because we always seek to transmit to each client a high level of empathy, in this way you are free to tell us about what is happening, with these details it becomes in our hands to execute an action plan that is effective to get to the bottom of the truth.

              Taking a position in the face of a suspicion of infidelity, disloyalty of your staff, and attempts by the competition to spy, is to demonstrate that these types of situations are really happening, to be sure that you are not worrying or bothering unnecessarily, you can stop these scenarios in time.

              In your hands is the quick way out in the face of this kind of problem, or any other, because every time we extend our offer to be available to every requirement, therefore you can be sure to go to our services, where we are pleased to be able to collect evidence that is important to you.

              We also know that they end up being decisive in a large number of problems, which motivates us to continue working and expanding forensic techniques, where the guarantee is to provide you with results that have been previously verified by exercising the appropriate chain of custody.

              Instead of letting the situation get worse, you can stop the lies in time, with the use of the evidence of a private investigation, there will be no doubt in between, you can join the intention of searching for the truth, when you act in collect information related to your situation.

              Everything you need to know, in the shortest time possible, you will have, without a doubt to do an effective follow-up and surveillance of someone, a place, or some other circumstance, we have professionals, each one specializes in a specific area for It is covered by a large proportion of expertise.

              We can take care of your concern, you just have to tell us what is wrong, to immediately start working with a high level of specialty, it is what characterizes us, that dedication with each client that is necessary so that more and more people trust our profession.

              After each complication that arises in the middle of private investigation, we know how to respond, getting to the bottom of every detail without needing to raise suspicions, that is, we work with first-rate capabilities, for which anyone cannot exercise this kind of task.


              The intervention of private detectives in Madrid is worth it, it ends up being a hiring that is required, instead of being subjected to believing lies, having that suspicion in your mind, it is best to verify even the smallest of facts, but with enough elements of conviction that are of great help to you.

              Based on the results that we provide to each client, we are able to completely change their life, it makes more sense when faced with the determined facts, really discovering infidelity in time can shorten some additional suffering that you do not have to live, with just making this decision on time you get it.

              You cannot give up under the circumstances, that’s why we fight to finish all kinds of work, no matter what it is, we respond with impeccable performance, thanks to our focus on each situation, being the best way to guarantee success over the same, we always analyze objectively to ensure reality.

              If you are waiting for help to avoid letting the deceits increase, the intervention of our specialists is necessary, this kind of services has a great social impact, we take care of helping you with the theme that is related to your problem, that is, if it is technology , you will have a forensic computer scientist.

Through this classification, it is possible to constitute a specific response for each case, so the analysis is an important step, from all the details you provide us , we end up struggling to find answers, always measuring the real possibility of each situation that arises. introduce us.

              You can not stay with the doubts, let the private detectives go in search of the truth, because it is not necessary that you undertake an adventure on your own, since you expose yourself without need, do not take risks, and save time with the help of our Private investigators, who carry out each of their functions with great passion.

              You have the opportunity to make a difference in the face of problems after this hiring, which brings you closer to having in your hands valuable elements of conviction, especially when there is any legal requirement for pension issues or others, this kind of legal situation and any other It has a solution after our services.

              There is no need to remain in the midst of suspicions, this is not a way of life, it can be shortened through the transmission of ratified evidence, by forensic methods, as well as within the technological plane with computer scientists, preserving digital data that can be very important in the future, in any field.

              We provide you with a quick exit, so you can dismantle any kind of infidelity situation, false loyalty of your employees, intruders on the part of the competition, among other scenarios, we are apt to meet a large number of requirements, do not hesitate about this contract and place it end lies for evidence.




              The needs that lead you towards the hiring of a private detective, are enormous, from the point of view, family, commercial and labor, this means that there are different situations that are the result of the hand or post of the private investigation, such as main tool when looking for answers.

              But the despair of a moment, can not make you fall into a bad decision, the resolution of your problems merits quality private Madrid detectives , that do not end up being a fiasco, where your money and your tranquility is safe, for that reason there is many aspects to take into account when hiring.


              When you want to hire private detectives Madrid you have to look primarily at their ability, which is confirmed when they have a license to practice in this world, with the special knowledge that is required, since any bad step ends up involving you in breaking a legal norm.

              It is important to enforce the right to privacy of everyone and everything involved in the case, so investigating merits having and even enforcing the legal requirements to operate these types of functions with great commitment, this is only possible by having experts like the ones we have at Grupo Arga.

              We are a multidisciplinary agency in which you can find experts within each area, each one is well attended with professional answers after each request received, this is just an important standard in the choice of private investigation services, such as getting all in one place.

              Thinking about trusting a detective is also easier or more feasible when he or she is accompanied by an extensive career exercising these functions, being a true representative of the search for truth with important results, these in turn help to have more faith in this ambit.

              Every time the power of private investigation increases, serving as an effective response when solving a large number of situations, so you can not be blinded by the doubt of what your partner is doing, of the honesty of your employee , feel spied, can be read overwhelming, but you have to choose well.

              Behind a hiring is the guarantee of the future results of a private investigation, because sometimes there are frustrated testimonies about the exercise of this profession, but in reality it is about having fallen into a scam of basic services or people who they are not even fit for it.

              If you want a service that really ends up being a before and after for you, you need real researchers, who seek more than the truth, intend to change your life to improve, with their data and revelations are a firm step to shorten the path to Deception, it is important that you know what is happening but in the legal margin.


              When you require the intervention of a specialist who looks for important information for you, you should leave this task in the hands of Grupo Arga, since each of the private detectives Madrid is widely prepared for different types of situations, after the passage of time they are updated and they are up to it.

              Its certification is an important reason to prefer us, but you can also trust all the skill that is invested in each case, this has been demonstrated throughout each year, being a forceful image for people to confide their problems to us without abstentions, counting on effective results.

              This hiring is one of those decisions that is worthwhile at all times, because you can have evidence to clarify whether a deception is really developing, but also to take some type of legal action, since in the collection of information preserves legal integrity.

              The relevance of these tests is a country or essential in the midst of problems, to corroborate the existence of them, but also to do justice for your cause, since there are deceits such as fraud and espionage that are prosecutable before the law , which increases the responsibility to choose an efficient service.

              That is why we constitute an honest company, each year that passes we establish ourselves as the best alternative when wanting to investigate some event, we passionately look for even the slightest evidence, we look at every detail and in its forensic processing, therefore we have the possibility of presenting said tests in judicial instances.

              This is an opportunity to discover the truth in any type of situation, you should not be afraid of being scammed, because we work with professionals, we respond by plotting each objective, from the first moment we analyze what can be done about it, without designing any false expectations , always based on reality.

              Through contacting our specialists, you will receive a different help, collecting and processing each test in a meticulous way, which will be exposed in the final report that contains each finding, which can be presented in legal instances, therefore You go to this service instead of being on your own.

              Most of the clients do not distrust the role of the private detective, but rather of having no results after hiring, but in Grupo Arga this does not happen, it is not about illusionist messages, but rather results that we have reflected over the time that charge to speak for us.

              We have different awards for excellence that prove the dedication that we have invested in each case, the success of each cause is obtained after a wide proportion of efforts, it is what makes it worthwhile to exercise in this environment, to think that at the end of each case is solving a real problem.

              That is why we initially understand your cause, and based on this empathy, we work with a greater focus to find answers promptly, this is what differentiates us from other private detective agencies, in Grupo Arga you get a whole wide area of ​​services to which you will not be able to resist.


              A hiring of private detectives Madrid from Grupo Arga represents a simple and reliable step, in return you get the widest and most detailed follow-up on your problems, because it is understood that this provision of services corresponds to solving a concern, using research to have more certainties in this regard.

              Instead of having an incessant doubt about the fidelity of your partner, or facing a large number of work problems, or attempts by your competition to steal information, you can go to the advice of a private investigator, who will give you a professional vision to the resolution of the situation.


The analysis that is presented after each situation, seeks to be precise and objective, on the other hand, any other detective agency that is not professional, can promise you false illusions at the beginning, which does not leave you with anything positive, but even economic losses in the future, Instead of going through this, you should opt for serious attention.

              The seriousness of treating a problem to solve it with the findings of the private investigation are part of Grupo Arga’s exercise, as the years have passed, we seek to make it clear that we are committed to raising the figure of a private detective well. It has diversified with more functions.

              Within the daily practice of a private investigator, today activities are integrated within the technology sector, for this reason we have forensic computer scientists, who are responsible for providing special advice on different incidents of this nature that may be complex for anyone.

              In the assistance that we provide after our services is the possibility of applying an electronic sweep, as well as different methods of collecting digital evidence, because digital channels are the main source of information today, therefore it requires expert treatment to its preservation.

              Denying any situation, and presenting it to a legal instance, with the intention of asserting your rights, is a real option in the hands of a private investigator, since with their techniques they treasure each piece of information to take advantage of it in any field, so you can have a personalized response.

              Losing confidence and tranquility cannot be an alternative for you, much less when we have formed a capable detective agency, with a wide offer ready to operate after different problems that may arise, these solutions are valued for being a response to the tricks.

              Instead of having to live confronting people who are only going to refuse to be acting against you, the most appropriate thing is to collect all the possible evidence, under the representation of a service with a long history, where there is no visible doubt to hire, You will be in good hands, we make sure to look after your interests.


              Our action through each private detective, simplifies that concern of hiring an agency to carry out the respective private investigation, since by offering you care from the hands of professionals, you put aside the concerns about the final results, but they become guaranteed.

              The Madrid private detectives who make up our team are constantly updating their knowledge in order to always offer the best of themselves, we comply with the basic requirements to practice, such as legal accreditation, experience, and social recognition throughout our work.

              This union always requires a fair response, at the same level of what the client needs, without major problems than it already presents, private investigation is not a whim, but a necessity, it becomes the solution in different scenarios, for therefore it must be exercised under this concept.

              The professional understanding of the functions of a private detective, you only get at Grupo Arga, in addition to being available in every corner of Spain, as well as internationally, seeking to overcome any distance every day and challenge the capacity of our services.

Whenever you want to study a situation in depth, obtain detailed information and evidence about what someone does, as well as what happens within an environment, you need to go to a professional who understands these tasks, it is not just about providing you with data , but have sufficient validity.

              But this is obtained is with the study and special knowledge of the regulations or limitations to carry out such an investigation, because any step can harm the investigation, therefore each of our experts takes care of their steps, the expertise is indisputable within the cases undertaken.

              You can imagine everything you can achieve with professional services, such as achieving a beneficial verdict by having strong evidence, modifying pensions, having an advantage in a divorce, leaving an employee who is committing fraud, and even going to confront those who violate your privacy, this is exclusive to professionals.

              The professional advice provided by Grupo Arga is the most appropriate to reverse any adverse situation, communicate your situation to immediately obtain a fair budget that estimates all the work that must be done to reach the resolution of the circumstances that concern you.

              The stress that used to haunt you when thinking so much about the deception you are in, can be changed by truthful answers, after the professional work of a private detective, but not just any, but those established through his training and the results obtained over time.

              The best advice when opting for private investigation, is to prefer the security of a ratified service, this way you will not have much to wait to have really strong evidence, just let the specialists act in these situations and change the circumstances in your favor.





              Undertaking private investigation can be classified as an art full of dedication, where beyond looking for information, it is also about manipulating or having in your hands the answer to an adverse situation for a person, you can change his life after the findings, In other words, this adds greater commitment and importance.

              This responsibility is exercised with great pleasure by Grupo Arga Detectives, since from the first day it seeks to be a benchmark in this area, but this involves effort and preparation, being just our basic pillars within the exercise of each service area that we have.


The private detectives Madrid that make up Grupo Arga, are professionals who are completely dedicated to their training, this being the main guarantee of each service, through knowledge we have established different areas of care, just because we have how to respond to each request.

              The reference of experts that clients give us, is due first of all to the wide offer that it has unlike other private investigation agencies, but it is not only about expanding services, but also offering expert coverage in this regard, it is say specialized detectives.

              Instead of having to go to different places, you can find the best alternative in one place, this classifies us first of all as multifunctional, after a contract each client has the opportunity to apply different jobs or forensic processes, under the same budget and with guarantees of results, is what anyone yearns for.

              For this reason, more and more customers prefer us, because after each year we exercise entirely professional actions, so that we do not have to let anyone have to take care of your problems, instead of thinking about going with a dubious detective agency Or expose yourself, you can let Grupo Arga take care of it.

              Building a reputation is about causing a major change within this guild, improving over time, being at the forefront of customer needs, that’s why we care about covering the computer sector, being one of the main demands that requires expert treatment.

              Each client that hires us always receives a personalized orientation of all the occurrences that exist on their case, in each emerging problem you learn, because none is equal to the other, the commitment that we draw with clients is unmatched, we empathize with the needs of each case.

              The vision we exercise when analyzing events is also clearly professional and impartial, so you can count on a fair budget for the work to be carried out, always being cheaper than any other type of service, providing other reasons to trust Grupo Arga .

              It is not a matter of offering services at a low price, but of maintaining high quality and effort in each case, because the search for the truth always implies causing a change in life and outlook for the client, so work in a meticulous, gathering evidence of great utility, that is the intention.


              There is no doubt that we have been concerned so that at Grupo Arga you always find solutions, but this requires preparation to design service channels, which will be attended by private detectives Madrid who are true professionals, thoroughly studying this area.

              The best complement to exercise private investigation is the knowledge and implementation of them over the years, this in combination ends up being a powerful weapon against deception, which is ruled out through the provision of evidence that are of great value to your situation.

              A classic actor who participates in the search for truth, must implement first-rate techniques, which are forensic and therefore ratified, this type of hierarchy gives you the possibility of taking legal action to claim your rights in addition to bringing to light that deception that is hurting you.

              We are an important source of solutions when it comes to discovering infidelities, fraudulent work losses, espionage, and even with the possibility of applying an electronic sweep, everything that is necessary to stop in time those actions that seek to extract your information, this stops on time by experts.

              You don’t need to continue exposing yourself to such stress, that’s why we differentiate ourselves as a different private investigation service, where in addition to everything, you have the possibility of being advised with security measures of all kinds, especially within the computer sector, being one of pending tasks today.

              This kind of attention is classified as an opportunity to put aside the growth of deception, we focus on the achievement of your objectives, which are always drawn under the cover of customer expectations, since the study of each case it is always measured under the needs that each client presents.

              Becoming a benchmark, is to want to leave a legacy of what is a good service, always leaving high private investigation as the main solution when demonstrating a fact or situation, therefore it becomes a great functional tool when it is exercised by experts first and foremost.

              The motivation behind each case is to reach a prompt resolution to reveal the capabilities of our private investigators, who in each action leave a professional footprint that makes them become reliable and capable professionals, even to take follow-up and surveillance.

              By dominating more and more sectors, this undoubtedly helps us to intervene with distinction within more problems, covering a greater number of problems or situations, we have no limitation when receiving a case, but on the contrary, we have too many ways to its resolution.


              The entire service plan that Grupo Arga Detectives maintains, begins by leading personal or family situations, up to the workplace level where it is crucial to always maintain a strict level of security to verify even the smallest data, and also to apply defensive actions on your computer security. , among other actions.

              We have a dynamic group of private detectives Madrid , behind each area is the greatest effort to demonstrate their capacity, a case will always be seen as an opportunity to try to make a difference, we know that in our hands is a great guarantee of provide you peace of mind.

              What allows us to be at the forefront of this service, is to think at all times of the satisfaction of each client, what they hope to obtain, in this way we can deliver exactly what they need, the greatest learning is precisely to improve in order to unconditional for every problem that arises.

              It is not possible to offer a service by halves, but a variety of processes that allow us to have a special coverage within the different cases that we receive, the particularity of the attention that we invest within each situation is to always maintain the highest core values. like persistence, vocation and passion.

              We love what we do, really at Grupo Arga Detectives we seek to leave good feelings, by providing you with the final report, we design it as the solution to deny all those deceits that harm you, where we even offer you legal advice so that you can present such evidence within the legal instances.

              Follow-up within each case is vital, and we exercise it as an important task, because the traces within a case can be lost if they are not pursued on time, if they are not studied as appropriate, especially when it comes to locating people. This type of service is a race against time based on the details you provide.

              The essential thing is to make that first contact with the customer something enjoyable, because it is the means through which information is obtained from which we get to work tirelessly, by creating a reliable atmosphere customers are open to telling some things that they think they are unimportant, and are overlooked, so it is important.

              Each step within the investigation is carried out with tact, in that care it is possible to open a direct channel with the client, as well as to effectively design an action plan through which the imposed objectives are achieved, this will be a drawing of the budget to cover to have the results in your hands.

              Best of all, we seek to make each client feel comfortable, working with discretion and a high level of objectivity, this is what should prevail in each case, because it generates more security, the situation or the person in question cannot find out that is being investigated, nor its motivation can be judged.


              If what you want is to look for evidence, change an entire situation against you with conclusive information, Grupo Arga Detectives will always be the favorite option, we have many clients who verify the way in which our experts have provided evidence that brings you tranquility to your life.

              The performance of our private detectives Madrid , is in charge of speaking on behalf of the company, the results will always be the highest point in the trajectory of the services we perform, from simple matters to the most complex, we do not refuse the requests as long as possible and feasible.

Thanks to the work we carry out, we encourage clients to make the decision to get out of the deceits, through a private investigator, being responsible for collecting information, which will be very useful to expose your partner or that employee who is conspiring against you.

              There is nothing more important than getting out of that falsehood, for this intention we always focus on providing you with the tests that are the most opportunity according to your situation, understanding everything it feels like to be in the middle of such pressure, but for this you need to have in your hands sufficient evidence to do so.

              Once the time comes to confront a deception, it is evident that you must have forceful elements to help you, this is part of the work carried out by private detectives, we take care of obtaining findings that are essential to nullify any type of hoax that is against you.

              Being a reference and a solution resides in the diversity of service alternatives that we keep within the reach of each client, because we have a tireless intention of seeking information of all kinds and for all circumstances, we do not underestimate any cause, but quite the contrary, we face with seriously what worries you.

              From this point of view, we are in charge of always designing an answer that fits with the situation that is going through, finding so much compatibility, is that we classify ourselves as a benchmark, being the ideal point to come across a high-level tool at the find essential evidence for your case.

              All our clients know what we have become, in a different detective agency, with a well-detailed service plan always thinking about the needs of any client, giving a response in record time, this is what surprises and always makes us prefer to other agencies.

              When you have the need to investigate a situation, you should only think of Grupo Arga, to establish loyal support, after each complexity there is always a lie or a secret that you need to know, just contact us and you get a loyal service for it after the hiring from a private detective.

              The final result of a private investigation, will always be thought about the well-being of the clients, showing you what is really happening, do not submit yourself before the deceits, we have left a precedent in the exercise of this work.



              The burden caused by a problem such as the doubt of an infidelity, doubts about a leave filed by an employee, not knowing where a family member is, or undertaking a legal situation, pushes you to think day and night what you can do to solve it, but this has an effective solution regardless of the date or day.

              Searching for the truth is always part of the objectives and actions of private detectives Madrid , being responsible for unmasking all kinds of deception, in Grupo Arga there is a complete group of experts willing to find answers in record time, that’s why it is a effective outlet for different causes.


              Problems never look at days or dates, that is why in Grupo Arga Detectives there is a proposal of services that completely eradicate this type of situation, with attention that you will not be able to reject, since it helps to completely defeat those deceptions that seek to disturb your life.

              Instead of getting used to uncertainty, Madrid private detectives search for the truth without any excuse, it all starts by communicating through different channels, in any corner of Spain, and also with international links, you will have an effective service available to you at all times, to start analyzing what worries you.

              The virtues of a private investigator, is to put into context so quickly with the situation you present, to create an entire action plan that is compatible to reach an early solution, the attention we provide is different from that found in another agency, because we really have experience and vocation.

              These two powerful elements always drive us to improve with each passing year, creating a dynamic team that is up to any circumstance, dealing with family, commercial, work and even technological situations, all of which have a solution after the efforts of our experts .

              Each area is represented by true detectives, who love what they do, act with precision, their effort does not measure excuses, far from it, also understanding that there is much to do, in some cases there can be no delay, but everything On the contrary, chasing a trail is a matter of speed.

              There is no limitation when dealing with a case, so when an emergency increases the headaches that it produces, it is time to act and trust the capabilities of our body of work, to put aside all those who seek harm you through deception.

              It is easy to get out of assumptions with the truth, these evidences are the only ones that have the power to show you if your partner is really acting against you, if your employee is not fulfilling his tasks, no matter what it is, when there is a lie in the way, a hard proof is needed.

              The most important thing is that you know that after a contract, there is the widest and most suitable variety of services, which are available to anyone who requires it, our margin of success is responsible for speaking for us, based on each case solved, we care about improving more and these for each client.


              There is no doubt the level of stress that is generated due to a dishonesty that invades your personal, work and commercial world, where the figure of private detectives Madrid fits with great superiority, because they have the virtue of reaching where others cannot, Finding ratified information.

              Through the verification of each data, it is that you can confront whoever tries to fill your life with lies, it will never be healthy to live in the midst of uncertainty, and only by obtaining information do you get the power to confront events, the real possibility getting answers is in your hands.

              You cannot leave without effect your right to take care of your privacy, this hiring can bring you great benefits, that’s why the figure of a private detective ends up being a success, for becoming an exceptional witness, regardless of what happens in your life, private investigation brings key solutions.


The only way to leave behind the concern about not knowing for sure what is happening in your life, is to always look for the truth, this is the only alternative to really have accurate data, you must bear in mind that through Grupo Arga Detectives find a lot of solutions.

              After a single hiring you get the best from the specialization we have obtained after the passage of time, and also under exclusive training, all doubts are dispelled when it comes to believing in us, because we leave you a lot of reasons to don’t think twice.

              Just the name that we have built year after year is enough, where our results end up reversing complications, we have resistance within the different cases that we assume, because dedication is required to get to the bottom of situations, and this is precisely what we have at Grupo Arga.

              We are a company capable of obtaining all the evidence you need, when it is most needed, this is the best way to face complications, instead of regrets, all that remains to be done is to act, and let The experts are in charge of representing your cause, with their objectivity they ensure the integrity of the data.

              You cannot forget that when you decide to go in search of information, you should leave it in the hands of private detectives, because they are specialists and, in addition to everything, they know exactly how to obtain precision to present them in legal instances, because you cannot ignore acts or facts that harm.

              Falling into a deception, usually due to good planning, falsification, false alibis, and with suspicions you will not be able to do much, instead with evidence everything changes completely, because they are sufficient reasons to confront those guilty of designing such an attempt at deception .


              The first step to create a reliable image that motivates customers to choose us, focuses precisely on being available at all times, responding as it should with a professional performance that is up to your problems, at Grupo Arga Detectives we seek to be your alternative principal.

              Private detectives Madrid assert your rights to expose the truth, instead of being in the middle of so much complication, which we solve immediately, it is not just another case, but a real concern, behind each problem hides the tranquility of a person precisely.

              Understanding the true motives behind each case, your case is not questioned, but this leads us to work with greater effort, every request is delicate, but we face it responsibly, so you can have full confidence in which we exercise an intervention without limits, to provide you with the best.

              When you least imagine it, you can be involved in a deception, when you start to suspect that something is wrong in your relationship, in an environment where your own employee may be charging without fulfilling his duties, among other situations, everything is possible, no you can trust blindly but keep track of everything.

              Occurrences within different planes must be thoroughly verified, you cannot let your guard down, but leave them in the hands of experts who leave you except to be one more victim, sometimes it may not be absolute protection, but if we decrease the percentage by large percentages concurrence of deceit of all kinds.

              Each of our experts is prepared for any requirement that arises, you respond on time, there is no complication that is too big for us, so there is not much to think about when choosing us to solve your situation, when looking for a solution for mitigate cheating, research is ideal.

              The benefits of private investigation are evident, they reverse any lie, and in addition to everything, they give you a great advantage over those who remain under deception in front of you, even negotiating instead of facing a legal situation, shortening time and an unnecessary process.

              The 24 hours that any deception occurs, you can communicate through the different technological means, where you can communicate and express what you need to respond with jobs on time, this positions us as a benchmark over time, where in addition to everything we innovate after every year.

              We do not rest to seek effective solutions to your case, this hard work is reflected after a strict action plan that we comply with, let us know what worries you to act for you, look for each evidence for you without having to worry, much less expose to cross the margin of the law.


              As a detective agency we form a first-rate service, especially because as private detectives Madrid we focus on mastering different areas with the help of experts, that is, regardless of what the event is, it will be solved by the best.

              We are committed to finding crucial answers for your life, because if your partner is being unfaithful to you, if your employee is presenting fasos documents, you deserve to know them, as well as the location of someone important to you, there is no doubt that this job ends up changing you. the vision on the problems.


              The tranquility is in your hands after a simple hiring, shorten the distances and the consequences of a deception, through a simple call, we exceed your expectations completely, since you will be impressed with the precision of each evidence, which end up being fully ratified by the forensic nature.

              The skills that are needed within this medium, we exercise with total commitment, we fight for the truth, it is the only way to make others feel safe, you cannot believe all day today, technology lends itself for many things, including creating fake alibis.

              In the face of the growth of falsehoods, the only thing that corresponds is to act with professionals who come to capture and prove the truth, because it is not enough to know a fact, but you need to get to verify it, tell the world what really happens, without leaving them an opportunity to deny it.

              In checking the facts, we are the best, we seek to stop those lies that do not leave you alone, the main thing for your life is to find answers regarding a problem, the most important thing is that we do not discriminate what leads you to hire us, much less to give you away to those who seek to harm you.

              If you do not know what is really happening, to dispel the suspicions, you need to gather different evidentiary elements that help you to do justice, we understand this need and we carry out the fundamental work of providing you with answers, in the right time and without having to wait too long.

              Delays and excuses are eliminated, after the efficiency that is hidden behind our services, whether it is due to some technological incident or something of the kind, we have the capacity and enough experts to respond to cover your needs first and foremost.

              We love working for the causes of each client, because they have the right to seek stability, and the only way is through the truth, this will be the only certainty of knowing what they are facing, in addition to leaving behind the martyrdom of being In the midst of a deception, nothing is far from your reach, behind our virtues.

              In a short time, you will be able to have defining tests that illustrate your situation, this is the change that everyone needs to see problems in a different way, obtaining key pieces for your case, distorting those annoying deceits that do not let you progress.




There is no doubt that within the entire Spanish territory, there is the largest offer of private investigation, this service is well represented by Grupo Arga, where the best private detectives are found, who worthily perform each function with care and dedication. .

              Throughout our history we have sought to expand throughout the territory, as well as to grow our knowledge, since behind the preparation is that we can respond to the different cases that arise, as a private detective agency we operate with the greatest distinction that speaks for itself.



Behind every city in Spain, there is the greatest coverage by Grupo Arga, and Barcelona is no exception, we carry out private investigation with passion, our private detectives give themselves to each case, love what they do and know that their actions in the end they can reverse any kind of deception.

              In your personal life, different problems, doubts, and even economic losses may arise at a labor and commercial level, but which can be combated, with the search for the truth, where each test ends up being the best element to unmask all those events that torment you. .

              We form a very complete group of detectives, through a hiring you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of options to attend to personal, labor, commercial and labor complications, for everything that may arise there is an expert to assist you, there is no doubt of it.


              Likewise in Seville you will find a specialized attention from Grupo Arga, since as a detective agency we do not stop until we find the truth, you cannot miss the opportunity to obtain all the evidence you need, each of our private investigators reaches another level for your peace of mind.

              By hiring us, you get a truly remarkable dedication, which is why it is not important where you are, since we are committed to all of Spain to leave this profession well, there is no fatigue that is worth when it comes to fighting deception, the best guarantee of our services is to know reality.

              Instead of being behind a hoax for so long, you can dismantle this type of intention with the intervention of each one of our specialists, since no matter where you are, you get a wide range of services, even at the technological and computer level.

              You can not forgive the uncertainty, much less get used to having doubts regarding what is happening, the end of a lie begins with the work of a private investigator, who collect enough information, these data end up being decisive for your situation.

              You can be sure of obtaining strong guarantees, through the hiring of our services, because in each case we focus from start to finish, you will not have to worry about anything about it.



Our detectives Alicante are an essential piece within Grupo Arga, being one more extension of our effective service, which does not measure problems at all, but you will always be able to find a wide coverage, because we take care of conducting private investigation with passion.

As a detective agency, we always want to be available for everything that comes up, dealing with problems of revealing infidelities, espionages, frauds of all kinds, among other tricks that harm any staff in every way, both financially and emotionally.

Grupo Arga always represents an ally for all kinds of circumstances that arise, we have formed a truly trained group, convinced to deliver the best of itself after each cause, if you are looking for a service to trust, this is the answer you expected for get peace of mind.


              The results of the Benidorm detectives by Grupo Arga are conclusive, it is what you can expect at all times, zero limitations and greater certainties after the passage of private investigation, being a powerful tool that we use in your favor at all times, without impose conditions.

Regardless of the complexity that may be present in your cause, we are able to go further, when you leave everything in the hands of authentic specialists such as those who make up our team, which throughout Spain make this profession that every time deserves effectiveness.

It is simple, you just have to leave everything in the hands of our services, because in a short time you will have all the evidence you need to discover what is really happening, thus preventing the deception from continuing in your life, no matter where come, but how you respond, leave everything in the hands of our experts.



Detectives Mallorca, responds to each case that arises, because in Grupo Arga there is no deception that equals our level of response, that is why we are increasingly the choice that our own clients recommend the most, is that the results are the best proof of effectiveness that exists.

              We focus on generating a perfect answer for your cause, since it does not matter the size of the problem you are going through, since we look after your tranquility, hunting each evidence with a truly objective vision, this distinguishes us from the rest, going further of the obvious.

              Having Grupo Arga always provides a respite, it is that relief that you can not miss, because the only job you have to do is hire our private investigation services, the rest you just have to wait for us to provide you with the tests in an exceptional time, being able use them at the legal level.


              The Benidorm detective group is an extension by Grupo Arga, to amply demonstrate that there are no borders when it comes to private investigation, we focus on setting a service planning that really provides reliable evidence that makes legal action possible.

              The end result of any private investigation, seeks to ensure the tranquility of all clients, especially because behind this profession lies the effort to fight for the search for the truth, there is nothing that cannot be investigated, especially when it is about putting aside all kinds of deception.

              Whether for obtaining digital evidence, as well as exposing an infidelity, the location of a person, among other situations, the intervention of a private investigator always fits, who are in charge of studying in depth everything that happens to provide you a timely response.


              In each city Grupo Arga is in charge of giving the best of itself, with specialists who are focused on searching for truthful information, which can reverse the problem that so much stress brings to your life, regardless of the scope of said deception , we act with distinction.

When you need it most, you will be able to have first-class attention, that’s why we are a benchmark in this area, we make the client notice our efforts to improve, each area, each agency is a sample of it, we reiterate the commitment to the demonstration of truth each passing year.

              Everything you need to know, you can find after the intervention of a private detective, who are passionate about collecting each piece of information, who are previously ratified to use them with properties and cannot lie to you, the best way to unmask the deceits, is through reliable evidence.


              Before letting problems continue to move forward in your life, you can choose by the investigation of Grupo Arga Detectives, who retain the information of your interest, which is crucial when bringing to light the existence of a couple infidel, a dishonest employee, and cut the information leak in one area.

              You cannot tolerate complications that come and disturb you in that way, but private detectives are in charge of taking professional actions, these will be the greatest reflection of the benefits of private investigation, such as the compensation of your privacy and taking into account your hands the power of truth.

              The greatest security of a test, is its lawful obtaining, this step is covered with great distinction by each of our professionals, who are dedicated from the beginning to analyze your cause, to find the best way or process to get that proportion of information you need, with a fair budget.



In ancient times you had to live in the midst of doubts, or but still do the search and follow-up of the information on your own, bringing more problems to your life, for facing some situations in which you violate the privacy of the other, without getting Proof of legal validity, this is where a private detective must intervene.

Exercising private investigation must always go hand in hand with specialists, because not only do you seek to find out about an event, but also have the freedom to prove it, this advantage is provided by each evidence collected, which at the same time causes an important advantage over who tries to deceive you.

Throughout the Spanish territory, we play the role of making the truth known, of transmitting evidential elements with dedication that help to know exactly what is happening, without the possibility that there is any excuse or denial, so we must let the facts Collected by researchers are responsible for speaking.


              On a daily basis you expose yourself to a lot of deception, and anywhere, today there is no measurement or an atmosphere is achieved in which you can be free from it, because much falsified information is disclosed, which can only be contested with evidence that confirms its falsehood.

For this purpose, we always maintain a service offering that is not tolerant to deception, in Spain you have the opportunity to leave behind these constant risks that seek to violate your spaces, where large economic and emotional losses can occur that only you can stop. .

The best step to leave behind is by private investigators, who look at each of the details that surround a situation, to go on to study them thoroughly until they verify what is true and what is false, this distinction is made only an expert like our detectives, who have spent years in this work.



Private investigation breaks any distance between the truth and you, but this changes completely when the Arga Group services are contracted, where we are a company 100% dedicated to the search for truth, whether in Malaga , Mallorca, or anywhere in the country.

We have an important commitment to the Spanish community, that is why we improve with the passage of time, we extend the agency to be loyal to any inconvenience that arises, we are to demonstrate what happens, generating the freedom to end that unfaithful couple, or against the one who designs a deception.

Giving up excuses or the appearance of deception is simple, the evidence clarifies just what is happening, without making much effort, Grupo Arga is in charge of searching the truth thoroughly, you will have no reason to worry, the performance reveals with promptly great results, this is the main guarantee.


              Preserving your tranquility is having the truth on your side, this important advantage is generated by a private investigator, who is responsible for renewing your hopes to continue believing, Grupo Arga focuses on providing Torremolinos with an efficient way out of problems with obtaining evidence.

When you need it most, there are real ratified tests that you can use with total confidence, regardless of the type of problems you are experiencing, we respond with professionalism.


              As Grupo Arga Detectives, we have a complete and unconditional attention in all the necessary corners, we respond so that nobody makes fun of you, that you do not have to live under any anxiety, we always seek to provide you with evidence that is useful to you.

If you suffer from any complication, leave everything in the hands of private investigators, to serve all of Spain as it deserves, with a first-rate service, and always under constant improvement.



The private detectives in Madrid that make up Grupo Arga are a true example of professionalism, where their preparation is the greatest guarantee that exists on obtaining information, which ends up being used in the legal media, even being ratified under the forensic character. .

              Thanks to the fact that each one of our private investigators has a license, through legal compliance, they can exercise this work, until they become a fundamental witness within the application of justice, which is precisely the purpose pursued when there is a deception of via.



              Undoubtedly, the private detectives in Madrid who are part of Grupo Arga, are a key part in the demonstration of some fact to confront some legal circumstance, be it some personal incident such as divorces or pensions, as well as another level that classifies the frauds.

              The consequences of being a victim by deception, are high in all aspects, both financially and emotionally, there is much at risk and deserves a quick reaction, which should be exercised by a private investigator , being the true professional for these causes.

              The information they obtain is high, maintaining their absolute integrity, to the point of presenting them to the court of law, with the confirmation of the private detective, as they are professionals capable of operating within this area and give their testimony as expert.

              For these reasons, this profession is not only about seeking information, but about doing justice, all hand in hand with the actions of committed professionals, no problem will be enough of a challenge to respond accordingly, and in addition to everything, to give you the peace of mind that you life needs.

              The feeling of calm that a private investigator generates, this confidence is due to all the results that we manage to provide year after year, which reaffirm beforehand that we are fully dedicated to every cause that may arise, generating the alternative of asserting your rights that makes the difference.

              The transcendence of a private detective always advances after each need that arises, that is, it is all about staying up to current incidents, as worthy representatives of private investigation, which emerges as an effective tool before a large number of problems.

              There are many types of deception that are presented, which are prosecutable before the law, and this you can do thanks to the results provided by our private detectives, who anticipate the attempts to harm you that some undertake, who only seek to get away with it. yours and we can stop.

              For no reason can you pass up the opportunity to claim your rights, but what matters most in any case, is to fight for your peace of mind, this alternative is only made by a private detective, at Grupo Arga we seek to study your problems in depth until obtaining the respective evidences.


              There is no doubt that with each passing time, private detectives in Madrid are in charge of acquiring more knowledge to act with precision in the face of the growing commission of criminal acts, which can be detained when they are thoroughly studied by a professional.

              Even when you get to obtain evidence, it becomes more feasible to propose some negotiation, save yourself from having to face a whole legal process, these advantages are important to solve different problems in a fast way, which can be exhausting at first, but you can solve after a simple hiring.

The main guarantee generated by private investigation is precisely to find important evidence that is of legal utility above all, to offer you the peace of mind of having a verdict in your favor, but also of claiming all the problems that lie ahead and cause great torment in your personal, work and business life.

              Regardless of the type of sector in question, we seek to respond with a follow-up closely adhering to the law that then allows us to use these evidentiary elements, which will be responsible for speaking for you, are those that clarify everything that happened, either before the courts, as well as before all involved.

              It is not necessary to wait, nor to let others get away with it, but to act in time to have the possibility that no data escapes, time is always a factor that you must keep in mind, that is why it leaves everything in the hands of experts, who really understand this type of claim.

              The opportunity to obtain justice is alive thanks to the use of highly valuable evidence, especially because they are manipulated by specialists, 100% forensic specialists, who apply to technological areas, fraud, fraudulent casualties, and other similar situations, which merit professional study.

              The manipulation of an expert always makes that the tests are estimated and maintained without alteration, where the integrity of the same plays a key role within the presentation in the legal instances, therefore, the chain of custody in its obtaining and exposure.

              The information within a case is what marks the course within the final verdict, which is always in your favor when you gather enough supporting evidence to support you, in a legal case in which there is a complaint you can speed up its outcome with the help of a large number of tests to serve as verification.

              The mediator between truth and justice ends up being a private investigator, who focuses from start to finish on obtaining proven information, otherwise his presentation in court is not useful, therefore training is essential, which is reiterated upon presentation of license.

              To ensure that everything turns out well, within the fight for your rights, you need the support of an expert who strives to look for even the smallest data, this type of information gets greater relevance, especially in the legal sphere, to know with Accuracy all the possibilities you have in the application of justice.


              Living calmer is being able to ensure your emotional stability, but above all not to allow a visible deception to exist within your life, once you are a victim of it, what corresponds is to act on time, with the hiring of private detectives Madrid you get evidence of great value in any plane.

              In every corner of Spain, we extend our services as a latent opportunity, to be available whenever necessary, when necessary, in this way Grupo Arga complies with the values ​​of being unconditional, efficient and aware of the needs of each client.

              No big or small problem for our private investigators, we provide everyone with the greatest possible dedication, with a personalized response on time, which ends up being changed and materialized by consistent results, with tests that have been previously ratified for you to use. as it suits you.

              In hiring our services, there is the hope of ending every problem, we understand this and we comply at all times with the legal requirements, both to exercise and to extract the information that the client needs, everything is coordinated to the end Obtain valuable data that takes care of your legal situation.

              You cannot leave those who have crossed the margin of impunity with total impunity, but go in search of that information that will help you to reverse your situation in your favor, with tests the whole picture changes completely, honesty and good sense is let the experts be responsible for finding each test.

              The doubts must be completely denied with forceful information, which requires special processing, this treatment can only be exercised by experts in the field, nobody knows the topic of seeking information better than a private investigator, instead of your having to falling into some physical effort and going through legal consequences.

              All the complications are saved when you let this be carried out by specialists, because on various occasions we support lawyers, as well as we draw a direct line on the forensic methods that traditional justice performs, to use the same techniques, for them our tests they are of great value.

              When there is so much deception, you only see enemies everywhere, anxiety grows every moment, and the only way to respond is to show what you feel is happening, to really base yourself on events that are ratified, so you don’t have to worry without reason.

              The legal support that a test requires, we exercise it by knowing what is required to be done, in addition to being intelligent when exercising a strategy that takes you directly to the tests that change the case to your benefit, we are attentive to each incident that occurs within of your requirement and we even provide legal advice.


              In any legal process, the main tool that allows satisfactory progress is to have strong evidence, for which you should always choose our private detectives Madrid , at Grupo Arga we take care of exercising the guarantee of using entirely legal evidence.

The best help to get justice is that of a private investigator, who is responsible for restoring your rights, especially under the final issuance of the report, which is made up of highly valuable evidence, these are presented normally in court, for the exceptional role of witness that our professionals play.

Giving face for your problems, is part of the functions of our private detectives, who fulfill their mission from the first moment in which the hiring is carried out, because it becomes the commitment to study their cause from start to finish, until designing a perfect defense of your rights before justice.

Getting out of the deceits through the legal route always helps you to be able to exercise important actions such as divorces, pensions, report the theft of information, among other legal figures, which gain value when they are carried out with evidence that supports what happened in a transparent way.

All the values ​​that are required to go in search of the truth are part of the profession of our private investigators, which at the same time generates tranquility, because you know that your causes will be in the hands of the best, at Grupo Arga Detectives we design an offer to cover this type of needs.

When justice is found in your plans, you only need the conviction to go in search of the truth, to leave this task to the experts, in this way you can eradicate the step of deception that always aims to overshadow your lifestyle and your tranquility .

Escape from lies, is to meet the facts that have been previously ratified by our specialists, is part of the vocation that we acquired after extensive training to assert at all times that legal margin to present and obtain the information of your interest.

By complying with any requirement of the law, we have the freedom to exercise and have a testimony in front of the Court of Justice, as the main guarantor of the rights of citizens, but it gives you greater weight to present yourself with sufficient elements of conviction.

Knowing perfectly what is happening depends on the evidence, to bring to light the procedural truth, being the one that really has value for every judge, the legal process always turns in favor of the one who makes the most evidentiary allegations, thus if you have someone Look for these elements for you, you are safer and with more opportunity.

The legal assistance and search for information found in Grupo Arga is first class, you can trust each of our services , which always end up standing out, in any instance or motivation you have, we respond with resounding facts.


              At the moment in which different circumstances arise that cause concerns, the immense doubts about the activities carried out by your partner, knowing if any employee is lying or not, in the same way as other similar ones, it is necessary to act on time, both for your tranquility to know what is happening.

This is enough motivation to think about going to hire a specialist to be in charge of collecting information, these events can be discovered by a private investigator in Madrid , but you cannot leave your affairs in the hands of anyone, but the best, such as those who they are in Grupo Arga Detectives.


              At first, the presence of a private investigator in Madrid may seem unnecessary to attend to your situation, but each time the stress increases, it becomes decisive to solve it as soon as possible, but without involving me in more problems, since by going for it yourself search for answers you expose yourself.

To be more calm, the correct decision is to leave everything in the hands of professionals who are prepared for it, at Grupo Arga we comply with all the requirements imposed by law to practice this profession, in addition to fitting within the basic pillars to choose this type of services before a problem.

One of the basic elements to choose the private detective that represents your cause, it must be visualized that they have experience, license to practice in any type of cause, and above all specialty, because each circumstance deserves an expert who understands any aspect that may have the problem.

For this reason, when choosing a private investigation professional, what corresponds is to contact Grupo Arga Detectives, because we make sure to create a highly professional care plan suitable for family, labor and commercial requirements.

The more coverage we offer, the greater guarantee is obtained to promote a personalized response to each situation, to provide each client with the best solution in one place, therefore we are free to design an action plan that includes the IT sector, since we even have this area.

We really have good attention from each branch of private investigation, thanks to the fact that every year of experience we strive to improve, meeting those expectations when choosing a private detective, since this motivation arises mainly from wanting information and response, before this we comply.

Theoretically, private investigation pursues every test with persistence, but it cannot be carried out by anyone, in the field it is necessary to have a coverage of monitoring and surveillance that has experience, first of all to obtain results, but also so that they are not discovered and the involved are not put on notice.

On the other hand, the handling of any information obtained in the field, such as in the investigation, merits subtlety and forensic knowledge, to ensure that the chain of custody is complied with at every step, being the greatest guarantee of the integrity and reliability of the evidence collected.


              Once you have taken that forceful step to find a solution to your problems, there is no going back, this task only falls on the best, it is about managing information that is important to you, that is why at Grupo Arga we respond with unmatched attention and a commitment to your cause that others don’t have.

Without a doubt when you are looking for a private investigator in Madrid , you need to contact us to receive a wide variety of services, it is not about false guarantees, far from it, but rather we seek to raise awareness with the client, and then draw up a realistic action plan to recover the data and information that interests you.

Our procedure is based on professional planning at all times, drawing an ethical line that obeys the training received, since they are fully dedicated to each assumed cause, after hiring a bond is fostered that does not break until the results are found that the client aspires to obtain.

As a large group in love with private investigation, we care about improving this service area, it is never enough in a world in constant innovation, where technology is used to create false data every time, as well as designing methods to steal information.

There are many variants within each problem, which become limited with the help of our experts, who have achieved important results when unmasking infidelity, theft of information, employee disloyalty, and other complications of this type.

In the face of threats that a deception will continue to take over your life, the best thing you can do is collect evidence that really transmits a clear image of what happened, as well as having the opportunity to confront those who issue false information for taking advantage of you. .

Stopping those excuses that only harm you in time is the best thing that can happen to you, because within a relationship, job or company there is nothing like being in the midst of such lies, but at the same time it forces you not to leave this up to anyone. that really matter to you, deserve to be treated by specialists.

When choosing a detective agency, Grupo Arga undoubtedly ends up highlighting the other options, complies with the main parameters to exercise such professional utility, we understand how difficult it is to deal with deception, so we seek to stop all those consequences in time of deceit.

For professional results, equally committed experts are required, the best means is the one that ensures your purpose, fulfilling that key purpose that is to take the truth, to bet at all times for your tranquility, that is why there are alternatives available to you as our services .

Both in Madrid and in every corner of Spain, we offer a wide variety of services that help us search for the truth of any case, there is no distinction when dealing with a case, because each specialist begins to attend to such incidents with what the situation needs .


              Whenever you need a private investigator in Madrid , who is up to the circumstances, it means that you must have Grupo Arga Detectives, as it is the best company to fulfill the mission of investigating and seeking information about some fact or situation.

 The variety of specialists who accompany us allow us to accept all kinds of cases, we are really passionate about what we do, to understand at all times what it means to carry out each of these missions, we do not give up on that search for truth, fulfilling each process that demands the situation.

The opportunity to make sure you find those important clues is part of the primary function of each of our private detectives, who generate the opportunity to present a personalized solution for you, based on all the knowledge they handle within different situations.

Regardless of what you need to find out, we have the best ones so that they can verify each information, in this way the client can trust with his eyes closed in the final result that is issued in the report, being able to freely present it in a judicial instance, all what you need to do will be a reality with the truth.

The direct way to find out the facts is through the ratification offered by a private investigator, especially to understand each of the details that develop within this type of case, that is, at the family level, for example, There are reactions that are already mastered by our experts.

You are in the best hands when it comes to professional care, when choosing Grupo Arga, due to all the trajectory exerting this role, which only motivates us to always want to give the best, no matter what it is, all the excuses for a very detailed action plan that we will materialize.

The choice is usually complicated when you do not know about this type of services, but that cannot mean you can fall for a scam or abstain from seeking a solution for your case, you should only pay attention to the diversity of professionals who have a license to operate with Greater precision.

On the other hand, to this is added experience, as an element of great value that we represent with responsibility at Grupo Arga, as well as the level of commitment and specialty that is required within the exercise of private investigation, to finally have from hard evidence previously analyzed.

In the value of each test, it is that you end up making a successful case or cause, regardless of what it is, it becomes necessary to set a series of steps that confirm the credibility of each data, to use it in that fight to leave behind the deception, like any circumstance in which a lie is involved.


              Doubts always arise when hiring a private investigator in Madrid , but with the help of the efforts made by Grupo Arga Detectives, you will be comfortable with this type of service, which is set up to protect you, ensure your interests at all times, until get to collect the information you need.

It is about leaving in the hands of experts both the analysis of the case, and its prompt resolution, everything goes hand in hand, if there is a correct reading of the situation, it ends up obtaining good results for you, being a beneficial opinion in every way , either to discover the truth, as well as to do justice.

Regardless of your motivation, you should also know that we maintain a wide level of discretion, your problems, as each portion of trust is in the right hands, you will not receive more than first-class care, due to high understanding, as well as for not judging your motives at any time.

Each case always deserves different attention, with its own demands, its own characteristics, these are the ones that end up giving the case a path to follow, which we always seek to be comprehensive, respecting any procedure according to the imposed chain of custody.

These processes of obtaining information, end up being the best guarantee to access the true certainties behind each case, that is, it is not just about getting more suspicions or indications, but final results that have been verified so that you can use them to suit you.

Throughout this journey, we seek to exercise a better service, covering each sector of Spain with the aim of combating all kinds of deception, that is, the lies the sooner they are nipped in the bud, the better it ends up being to avoid the consequences in the future, without taking over your well-being.

The passage of a lie is uncontrollable, it comes to take over your personal life when it comes to a family incident, like your entire work sector when it goes hand in hand with a situation with an employee, until you can put together a strategy for your company, for fear of being heard, therefore you must get rid of all this.

We even have the most innovative techniques to stop cyber attacks, such as detecting espionage attempts with electronic sweeps, since our specialty has no limits, on the contrary, install more areas that are more useful at the present time, to be at the same level of urgencies of each client.

There is no doubt that we position ourselves as the most reliable alternative within this sector, if you go through a complicated situation, you can have the freedom to prefer us with just one consultation, you will know the methods that we can exercise to come up with an efficient response.

When it comes to looking for a service that understands the urgency and the role of private investigation in society, this is the most accurate way to know if your partner, employee, company, or competition, is cheating against you.


              The figure and performance of a private investigator is increasingly understood and appreciated by society, based on the important results it yields, being able to know all the incidents on a matter, legally and even forcefully, thanks to the evidence they provide after private investigation.

The set of functions that accompany private detectives Madrid , always aim at the effective search for the truth, simplifying a large number of annoying situations that end up damaging you from different points of view, for this reason it is necessary to cut it from the roots, having in your hands the respective evidences.


              Among the objectives that private detectives set for themselves in Madrid , there is always that firm intention of exposing the truth, that is why in Grupo Arga Detectives this claim ends up being a guarantee, after hiring our services is the possibility of knowing and demonstrate each fact or event.

Currently, there are different complications, such as suspicions of infidelity, fraudulent work absences, finding a person, combating information theft, detecting espionage attempts, and even measuring the quality of service of a business, all this and more, within different actions they exercise.

In the face of all these types of circumstances, an effective response is designed to nullify any deception that is behind it, without a doubt they have a broad commitment to investigate a matter, no matter the difficulty of the case, because their observation and Critical analysis is perfect for designing an action plan.

The most important thing to exercise private investigation is to maintain a real objective at all times, because a client always lives a need to finally go to a private detective, so our function is to seek that truth in a professional way, always adjusted to the requirements of your situation.

The professional vision that we exercise on each case, is the one that ends up being decisive to gather the necessary evidence that provides an effective solution to your case, although within the powers that we exercise in private investigation there are also duties that set a precedent.

In the first place, we have the main mission of keeping ourselves under constant updating of knowledge, to be prepared at all times for each request, a case that requires physical abilities, but also an important accumulation of intellectual skills to find an ingenious alternative.

All these elements in combination, classify us as your best allies, in the resolution of different conflicts there is no doubt that Grupo Arga is postulated as your best possibility, through which you manage to handle important tests that bring you closer to the truth, reaching to the bottom of the matter.

Given the diversity of services that a private investigator performs, it is undoubtedly appropriate to exercise them in the best way, always looking for the path that is most convenient for you, therefore it is essential that within our aspirations we seek your benefit and at the same time cover your needs.


              Undoubtedly, to leave the deceits behind, the main action to be taken is the hiring of private detectives Madrid , their function will always be to collect useful information, that is, beyond knowing everything that is happening, it is also about having the opportunity to implement a complaint or what you consider doing.

This freedom of alternatives is only presented by a true professional, who manage to investigate thoroughly after monitoring, surveillance and also the forensic computer scientist, these elements end up being a direct route to the recognition of the truth, after a well-detailed verification.

Effectively you get to discover true evidence, because time is an important factor, in this way you do not lose track of the facts that must be investigated or related to the case, therefore while you go to a private detective with the sooner, the greater advantage it is to investigate.

The most ideal conditions to carry out private investigation are on the side of the professionals, who focus on discovering every clue for you, our utility always lies in the effective solution of big questions without having to expose yourself or waste time imagining what happens.

The work of each one of our private investigators is accentuated by providing at the end of each investigation with a well-detailed final report with conclusive evidence, which can always be presented in judicial instances, which adds more value to this type of findings, the idea is to obtain tranquility with the value of the truth.

Previously, each client had to remain in the uncertainty of an event, without knowing for sure if their partner was cheating on them, or what was behind a work leave, but this remains in the past entirely after the increasing diversity of functions that have I have been acquiring these private investigators.

With the passage of time, needs emerge that become dissolved by private investigation, because they are always at the height of the new complications of today, in view of these reasons it becomes more needy, expanding its usefulness with a range of care for each case or situation.

Each issue must be taken seriously, it is not necessary to underestimate any cause, but rather focus on obtaining accurate data, because a true private investigator feels this vocation as part of himself, he is passionate about solving each case, and with these results ends up expanding its usefulness.

You really notice the difference of knowing the truth, because it allows you to project yourself to make decisions knowing what is happening, being perfect to do justice to your measure, obtaining evidence after the intervention of a private detective is guaranteed, as professionals we patent a service special.

We adjust to all kinds of stress, be it family, work or business, in any field we produce an important variety of tests, also taking advantage of the technological method to collect crucial data, no matter where the data comes from, we end up obtaining substantial information for you case.


              There is no greater headache than spending day and night imagining what may be happening in your relationship, your company, as well as with the employees, each of these circumstances, our private detectives Madrid focus on dismantling any kind of doubt that it is present.

It is really exhausting for all clients to have to live under the shadow of a doubt, they had to stay with that suspicion, as well as face the false information that is easily created by the advancement of technology, which can be answered with methods Just as effective as the ones we have at Grupo Arga Detectives.

We are a truly complete private research company, we impose ourselves every time the challenge to improve, for this reason we expand our attention, seeking greater specialty, fitting in with the claims that play a key role in the life of each person, because it is another feeling to know the truth.

Having the fortune to find the truth is a privilege by which you get to the point of considering private investigation as the best solution, as it is the ideal way to change your perspective on a matter, no matter what it is, it conforms as a direct route to the truth.

After the solid benefits that private investigation promulgates, it continues to be classified as a perfect tool to get to the bottom of the truth. From this statement, without a doubt, the enormous usefulness that accompanies this professional practice is evident, but after each year, and every case increases your specialty.

It is not enough to limit yourself to a single area of ​​action, but to diversify everything that can be covered with the integration of a greater number of professionals, who are dedicated to serving a specific area, for these reasons a group is formed that defends your ideals to the last instances, with the aim of revealing evidence.

Ratifying the events goes hand in hand with these private investigators, being another of the motivations for having these services, which fit fully to mitigate the passage of lies, which will never be fair to all those affected, causing personal problems up to significant economic losses.

Identifying the scope of private investigation, makes it the ideal way to trust that this path, being the most useful and simple method to find the truth, is a solution that cannot be overlooked, but is increasingly receiving more value. , especially within our trajectory where we have achieved great results.

The resolution of a case only ends up pushing to want to provide unconditional support after new causes, forming the best service, since we care about the needs of each client, this is the cause of giving life to first-class care of private investigation .


              The firm trust in private detectives Madrid , focuses on each of the benefits caused by these professionals, believing in their training ends up producing them to obtain definitive evidence to clarify your situation, this contract is worth it, there is nothing to lose and everything to discover.

Access to the truth ends up being a resounding guarantee, astonishing the way in which these private detectives come to have important tests that claim your rights, where they do not have to make any effort to know what is happening within different areas. .

The importance of each evidence, is to stay one step ahead of the events that occur, as well as to shorten the deceits in time, before they increase in size and cause greater harm to you, the intervention of private investigation really ends up being important to know what happens.

It is decisive to let a private investigator take charge of acting for you, saving you all kinds of inconvenience, it ends up being highly valued by society itself, clients are the ones who end up expanding the usefulness of private investigation, since it was not so well known before for providing a direct path to the truth.

It is public knowledge, everything that a private detective is capable of providing, who understands what it means to suffer because of a deception, so as not to have to stay with any uncertainty involved, but to go for information that interests you in a Record time.

The efficiency of a private detective who works in each case is astonishing, since he dedicates himself to it completely, they serve to obtain valuable information, to assemble a series of evidence against someone or to be a reaffirmation of what happens, you away from that life clouded by lies.

There is no need to settle for excuses, as well as those lies that violate any space or environment, since in a matter of a short time, the private detective is in charge of recovering substantial information, through forensic techniques that maintain the integrity of the same.

The knowledge of a private investigator is really essential to avoid violating the chain of custody of information collection, this is what reaffirms the value of a data of all kinds, even digital to present it in some legal instance, so it becomes a support of fundamental justice.

The main proven provider of information is a private detective, so you should always trust your professional actions, this hiring becomes a first-rate need, faster to discover the truth, stopping anyone who wants to keep a cheated.

Both in personal situations where you do not know the way in which to respond, and in the management of a company, a professional response is required to follow up, find out and verify each information, in this way it will be known if there is a deception that can be stopped red-handed in full action.


              Within different scenarios everything becomes a complete existential doubt, because you no longer have to believe in, being a starting point that leads to leaving everything in the hands of private investigation to obtain a much more concrete truth, in Grupo Arga our private detectives Madrid focus on your cause.

In the midst of a difficulty, there are many reasons to take that firm step in hiring a professional to help you look for information that comforts you, by really knowing what is happening in your life, whether in the personal, business and commercial level.


              Commonly, certain questions are raised about some problems, as happens in a relationship after the appearance of unusual behaviors by your partner, the first statement falls on the idea of ​​some infidelity, this type of doubt is also planted on your personal, and even unfair competition.

The presence of our private detectives in Madrid on these problems is essential, because they delve into the search for the truth, be it in your personal life, at work, and also to face those actions that harm you from the competition, to which we react with an electronic sweep.

Given the variety of techniques and processes that are part of our performance, we can manage and assist any client who requires it, being the ideal means to search for information, all the unpublished details that are hidden after a deception, can be discovered, as well as exposed after professional help.

The main reason to think about hiring the services of private investigation is to obtain reliable information, to get rid of that headache that appears after constantly thinking about what may or may not be happening, because until you know for certain that something is wrong , you will not be able to act to make a decision.

Every manifestation of infidelity, espionage, low fraudulent labor, end up being figures occur, but require verification respect, especially for propo r vide any evidence to help in a divorce, amend i cation pension, among other scenarios require truthful information.

Undoubtedly, another power that each of these private investigators possesses, is focused on forensic management to take care and investigate fully to elevate the integrity of information, this increases the security and tranquility to have these tests to confront everything. the one who keeps emitting a deception.

Behind every doubt, there is a deep need to seek confirmation of what happens, so when searching for the truth, the most appropriate thing to do is to first make sure of reality, of your position in front of your partner, employee or before everyone involved.

On the other hand, with the help of the action of a private investigator, constant monitoring and research is obtained that helps keep each piece of information close to you, being an ancient field technique, but effective when combined with technology, is where the issue or the person to inquire is neglected, and we can act.


              You can not stay without doing anything, hoping that economic losses will continue to increase when it comes to your dishonest competition looking for your industrial secrets after espionage, where it is required to undertake an electronic sweep to clean each area in which you attend.

The private detectives in Madrid who make up Grupo Arga, are specialized in all these kinds of needs, also understanding that within a company it is very serious for an employee to fail to present false information, and you have to issue them a payment in this regard, which it’s not fair to anyone.

There are too many scenarios in which the intervention of private investigation becomes essential, understanding it as an effective tool for these issues, because we have already produced important results, under a well-marked margin of success in the time of our trajectory. services.

We are dedicated to covering this sector with a marked level of professionalism, where we have managed to bring to light the demonstration of important situations such as infidelity, for example, being a problem in which follow-ups are used, deep inquiries in social networks, as in the environment that unfolds.

In any matter of this type, we respond with dedication, especially to ensure that concern that ends up altering your life, emotionally causes a severe blow to all involved, to dissipate the situation a little, the best thing is to seek with arduous commitment the demonstration of each event.

Undertaking some pro-despair investigation on your own doesn’t help at all, it can be worse for putting those on alert, or simply finding out, but violating the privacy of others in the process, which ends up causing the tests to be useless. nothing, as well as falling into violations of the law.

This does not happen when you have an expert, since our specialists know their functions, as well as each limitation established by law to interfere in such matters, these situations are highly demanding, requiring a much more detailed vision.

The knowledge that is required to avoid causing any collateral damage to the matter, which is why what prevails is a substantial action, thinking of all the possibilities generated by having evidence about what is happening, all of which are highly positive, for ending with that amount of lies that torment you.

Putting an end to lies becomes a real action, when you hire us, you become on the right path to find those tests that you need, which end up changing everything, your perception of the matter becomes more objective, as well as the alternative of a judicial instance is opened.

The best thing of all is to have on hand, at your disposal in just one click, the confirmation of an efficient service like ours, because you can contact us and plan the resolution of your situation, understand the budget and get to know each of the attention areas designed to expose each occurrence.


              The main demand for our services is commonly based on infidelity issues , but it is not all that our private detectives Madrid can cover , while more requirements are presented, we respond with a highly functional solution, forming a truly complete service for your tranquility.

There is a lot at stake on the part of those who require these tests, so from the beginning we seek to empathize, after this connection we provide each client with a confirmation of being in the right place, from that moment a solution is made after a plan of action that brings satisfactory results.

In the search for truth, it is always about doing justice, meeting the objectives imposed from the beginning, to receive this type of impartial study is that you need to hire a specialist who is able to take charge, since in the midst of So much stress it is impossible to think clearly about everything that is happening to you.

Just by requesting the assistance of our experts, you receive a well-adjusted record of all the elements involved, everything that matters to you, this will be well retained after the means we have, since in the exercise of private investigation we distinguish ourselves, Each response and process has been well studied.

There is always a lot to be gained by preferring the services of our private detectives, who are confirmed as specialists in this type of claim, managing to put aside any deception, however perfect it is designed, there is always a trail that we follow with great caution. .

Without a doubt there are plenty of reasons to prefer and hire us, Grupo Arga is a true example of the proper exercise of private investigation, all mobilize to go for answers that help you, in the face of all possibilities and incidents we try to react and work accordingly.

Instead of falling into regrets, the best way to discard an idea for an affirmation is to investigate, whenever information is required, it is the only way to go, but being represented by experts, you will not run any risk, on the contrary, in each case we always do our best.

Looking for a private investigator who understands your cause, is to trust us, since we have a license, preparation and above all experience, as well as an avant-garde strategy to always create an ingenious solution as the situation becomes more complicated, we have how to respond to your needs.

We start by giving life and another direction to the exercise of private investigation, from another point of view, from daily work, making a difference in each case, forming evidence that is useful, these will change your vision regarding the problem, it gives you many more options.


              The reasons when thinking of choosing us as your representatives of that concern in the search for truth, begin with all the factors that are in our favor, we comply with social demands, as well as professionals imposed by law, we are definitely your best alternative.

   Each of our private detectives Madrid, focus on the resolution of different situations in one place, to eliminate that uncertainty of not wanting to leave your problems in the hands of anyone, this time they will be that of true experts on the subject that overwhelms you .

The stress caused by doubts must be limited, before you continue to collect pleasant moments of tranquility, to restore your confidence you only need to know the truth, that it is not a simple rumor or suspicion, but elements of conviction that are left aside all that accumulation of worries that torment you.

The step of deception always leaves great consequences, regardless of the environment in question, which forces us to act more quickly, this is accomplished with a high level of vocation, being a clear signal to convince you of the commitment that your case, since until it is resolved it becomes a dedication for all experts.

We set goals about your case that in the end have an answer with our methods, because instead of increasing the anxiety that exists behind waiting for the truth, we focus on achieving results, this is what ends up convincing most of our clients.

You can place your trust in us, after observing that we did not fail, from the first moment we are clear with the situation of your case, this transparency is to responsibly exercise our role, it could not be otherwise, since they precisely hire us to demonstrate the true, which further elevates engagement.

The answers from our experts, will always end up being satisfactory for you, we narrow a high guarantee on your case, we do this with the intention of transmitting security to you, which you can use to take that definitive step to hire us and know what is happening.

Instead of just falling into useless confrontations, because those involved will always deny what happened, or let your competition steal your information, it is a matter of hiring us as a response measure in time, we really seek to cause a distinction within this profession. .

We are a company really focused on demonstrating if there is a fake casualty, an infidelity, the location of a person, some spy device, we even help you recover your digital data, regardless of the context in question, we confirm what really it’s happening.

It cuts the ties of deception, with the confirmation of each test, no matter how hard it is to face it, there is no doubt of its credibility, especially for being treated under a strict forensic process, which generates the opportunity to use it in the face of an action. Legal, we ratify what happened as your best witnesses.



              At Grupo Arga we have always set out to clarify doubts of any kind, as a detective agency it is part of our duty, but at the same time, we want each person who goes through a complicated situation or comes to present themselves, understands the work we do year after year.

Our private detectives Madrid , has a strict duty to believe only in the facts and what can be proven, this is a maximum legal rule, but also of life, since otherwise they will only be assumptions, without certainties you will not be able to make nothing about it, not even confirming that you really have something to worry about.


              From the first moment that our private detectives Madrid commit themselves to fulfilling their profession, this implies having a deep vocation to retain the greatest amount of evidence of an entire event, especially finding a specialty area to cover, because we make sure to cover all needs.

Through Grupo Arga you get a really defined group, through a clear proposal, which pursues that intention of knowing what is happening in the workplace, commercial and family environment, in this way we position ourselves as a real solution to any problem that comes to be presented.

At each request our functions are activated, mainly the dedication to draw up an action plan that is real and achievable, to respond to each client with transparency, honesty is part of the duty in this profession, on the other hand there is also that sense of empathy to respect each case.

We do not judge your cause for any reason, but we seek to understand you so that you can share all the possible details and have a clear panorama, about where to start, and the reality of the matter, which is always treated under an extensive cloak of discretion, your cause will be protected in our hands.

It is never a matter of aggravating the situation any more, therefore we must respond at all times with the intention of helping others, under an objective, professional and serious reading , these basic pillars are the starting point for customers to trust us, the rest will be to take action to unveil the events.

The role of a private investigator is demanded when there is a lot at stake, especially on the emotional and economic issue, since we focus on collecting evidence, obtaining even the smallest data that helps us, without a doubt this is the best route to to know if you really are in the middle of a deception, where you cannot continue being the victim.

Each action by the detective ends up being a defense of a client’s ideal, to ensure their tranquility, that they do not have to be concerned, you will know in advance if they are being unfaithful or not, if there is a justified work cause not to work, or also if someone is spying on your conversations, this and more.


              In the actions of private detectives Madrid , the intention of solving every situation that is in their hands is hidden, because they place all their dedication in following up on these important data, they do not stop in the face of the adversities that may arise, they always respond with professional action.

Within the case study, it is also their responsibility to understand each trace, to empathize with the situation, to follow the thread of the facts, extending the trace even to the digital medium, where great substantial information is found, as it is the current means of communication in the society.

It is incredible the difference we make, since we have a license to operate, each researcher receives training that specializes in his field, therefore you can be sure that you are not being attended by anyone, these are experts who are prepared to arrive at the bottom of any matter.

It is evident that every time time passes, there is also the need to update ourselves, to be fit for what you need, this in the end is shown in the delivery of results, which is part of our functions, is issued under a well detailed final report that has legal validity regarding its use.

The primary duty of a private investigator is to capture the truth, to be attached to what the facts are showing, not to be influenced at any time, but rather to use their experience when following a trail, this type of professional vision is what marks the difference when trying to investigate on your own.

Without a doubt, exercising the support that a person with aspirations to know the truth requires, is a laudable mission that we gladly fulfill, because really bringing a person the satisfaction of knowing the truth, makes you feel good at the end of the day, every solved case only commits us more to this profession.

In each case, agility is required, having a critical thought before what may arise, we are ready to respond, our role will always be to defend the truth, we speak for our private detectives, because they really deserve a distinction, which is reflected in that important margin. of success behind Grupo Arga.

In this extensive experience, fulfilling the search for truth, we really want to set a precedent, leaving within the reach of each person, the opportunity to learn about an event, which directly or not affects them, regardless of the type of case that arises. or your motivation, we are committed to your case.

This type of professional, as well as human, response is what places us as a reliable option, due to this high level of guarantees, before starting a case we seek that the client agrees with all the processes and techniques to implement that we they will lead you to discover the truth.

In the same way, you will not have to worry about the budget, we place private research accessible to the needs of people, with a high level of quality, each job to be carried out is precisely detailed behind each price, which ends up being an investment in the name of your tranquility.


              Undertaking the private investigation merits serious professionals who enforce each expectation and objective, which is why at Grupo Arga, each of our private detectives in Madrid causes or generates an important link from the first moment, with your concerns to solve them soon.

Exercising this profession carries responsibility, and this feeling is assumed by each of our detectives, who really stick to each case in the best possible way, use their energy to find answers to your situation, first classifying what it is about, to adjust to a serious action plan.

Actually, each one of these functions is sensitized over time, because the situation is better understood, everything that is at stake, depending on the area in which private investigation is carried out, this powerful tool can only be used by who prepare for it.

The training acquired by our detectives is a clear reflection of a lawful exercise, of having the power to cover a large number of problems that are requested from us daily, to which we respond with a single intention, of presenting the client with evidence, solid facts that eliminate your questions.

So that people do not have to go through so many obstacles in their personal life, not knowing what is happening with their partner, or where a loved one is, having the suspicion that some employee is presenting a false leave, or any other scenario that demands our performance, will be answered with professionalism.

The characteristics of every private detective always lies in the passion for what they do, being a sign that distinguishes our professionals more, for loving what they do, truly feeling their role in society, when faced with every need we always trace a path that lead to that gathering of defining evidence.

A test or a ratified fact ends up being better than any word, so it is best to trust these elements of conviction, which go through a strict analysis before being presented, to give greater reliability to them, without altering their Handling is guaranteed by our experts.

Each function is covered with distinction because they have techniques and professional training, that is why they know how to solve different conflicts without spoiling the investigation, always preserving the secrecy, the audacity and giving you that proof that you need, being the only bearer of the truth that every customer hopes to get.

Instead of letting people lose faith in others, in their own privacy, in facing a legal situation without evidence advantage, our detectives are responsible for reversing each of these scenarios, with convincing results, being what life clients search and end up obtaining in Grupo Arga.


              The intervention made by each of our private detectives Madrid , ends up marking a direct route to a discovery, not missing any detail is part of its mission and function, on that side you will have nothing to worry about, everything you need to investigate or knowing becomes reality in our expert actions.

 Within the development of the actions of a private detective, what comes out is a sense of belonging to defend the truth, its function will always be to provide a final report where there is not the slightest doubt of what happened, in addition to otherwise being all negative, you can take that burden off you.

In other words, if there is no deception, your tranquility is restored, although for this, as private detectives, they comply with the duty to issue you what happens, and also fair advice for what the situation demands, it is about fitting in with the facts that are presented, forming a personalized response.

Through this path, it is possible to impose security measures or advice, so that you are not immune again to deception, so it will always be positive, to verify any information that causes you doubts, especially in the labor and commercial sphere, it is an environment very hectic where being attentive is not too much.

Whenever there is a need to search for the truth, explore what is happening in the midst of a situation, our private investigators position themselves as indicated to fulfill this mission, their preparation is sufficient to demonstrate to the client everything that is happening through Of the tests.

There will be no proof that is missing, each statement will be supported by a confirmation of what happened, these events undoubtedly have an impact in any environment, that is why within the functions that duty to work effectively is highlighted, there is no time to lose , is what every client yearns to obtain.

Beyond what is proven, this will always be the tranquility for every client, for this reason today’s private detective must live up to, master every requirement and work for the client’s expectations, this is what defines us as experts in this area, for focusing on fulfilling this.

Behind the performance of each one of our detectives, Grupo Arga stands out, we are a company that provides you with the best to investigate, where you can find those elements of conviction of any subject that arises, which is attended only by the most prepared.

In each sector of Spain we have a set of private detectives ready to assist you as you deserve, this kind of response is what keeps us going over time, and at the same time leads us to provide ourselves with more functions, operating at the computer, family level , labor, commercial and others.

Each sector of demand or need is covered by the experience of our private detectives, who beyond time seek to establish their conviction in the demonstration of an event.


              The exercise and representation of private investigation leads to constant innovation in both the offer and the performance of each private detective, because in the end the reputation of that detective agency is found in their duties.

In our case, as Grupo Arga, from the first day we have sought to offer each person the best, under their own review, the continuous evaluation of our own functions, which has led us to expand horizons, geographically speaking, as well as Intellectual, both go hand in hand.


              The professional development of our private detectives Madrid , deserves to be carried to every corner of Spain, we fulfill this claim over time, obtaining a wide coverage of the national territory, as well as all the areas of need that arise in each client that request to know the truth.

The vocation to serve, increases every time as the years go by, we just want to highlight the scope of private investigation, being a great effective tool, to change anyone’s life, it is a very significant element, because it gives each client the firm certainty of knowing the reality after each test.

This growth could not be stopped, but continued to the international level, since we have linked different alliances to exchange collaborations in case, as well as specialization, which helps us to form a service without borders, and at the same time being fit with more filming within of this work.

As a distinction is drawn in this area, this moves us much more to be available wherever it is needed, to extend the vision and development of this profession, which requires commitment from start to finish, this it is what we have left over from the first moment in which said company was prosecuted.

Forming a national and international service is a firm sign that we leave behind the passion that exists for these functions, because philosophically the truth does not understand distances, but on the service level, there is no reason to be that way either, quite the contrary, the attention line is getting stronger.

These types of expansions end up being a help for those who issue it, as for each client, since the level of confidence in what we do increases, but we also have support to cover any incident that takes place outside of Spain, or that requires of a peculiar specialty.

Any expert that may be needed to cover a case, we have it available at Grupo Arga, this is useful when wanting to have more solutions in less time, this type of increase in terms of location is only located us within the delivery of a first-rate service.

We are on the scale of placing private investigation as an indispensable element in society, whether it is to resolve a family, business or commercial situation, we are to find you a quick response to events, we really focus on leaving this valuable profession on top .


              Through Grupo Arga, you will always find Madrid private detectives willing to give their best, even in special cases, we have the support of different allied media for this, the international scale is not an impediment to it, but rather additional coverage of your problems.

Within our offer we have research in which we support from Spain, and we also obtain information about any incident that takes place in another destination beyond the border, when it comes to providing quality service, we eliminate the inconvenience by solutions.

As a detective agency with a long history in the exercise of these functions, we have the firm belief in leaving a mark, a good image, starting with greater preparation to respond to each client, and that this is later reflected in the results obtained, in that margin of success that represents us.

We managed to cross any existing distance with the truth, regardless of everything that has to be done, we focus on providing a clear answer, a proof of validity, over the years we only further refine the methods of obtaining such information, which ends up being key to customer peace of mind.

When looking for a responsible detective agency, which meets your needs, we are undoubtedly in that designation, because for this we have prepared and established a wide variety of specialization, even on an international scale, demonstrating that we have plenty of ingenuity to assist you.

The passion for private investigation is a feeling that identifies us, we really stand up for each case, in the same way these values ​​are extended by each private detective, who represent this profession with an outstanding performance, really end up being the executors of each objective initial tax.

What must emerge within each detective agency is precisely a high level of specialty, which we cover at Grupo Arga after a large number of years practicing, but also as lovers of private investigation, seeking to always take this mission to a new direction. Useful.

 Expanding the function of private investigation, lies precisely in providing a wide offer, where no one can resist, this type of feeling we have expressed after an open book of attention, because in the end the client can find everything he needs by contacting us and ask for information about it.

Behind each problem, we plan a fair resolution, that is, we react to its analysis, as well as to find the best expert we have to take charge, regardless of the turns or the needs of the case, we respond with an outstanding performance that has characterized.

Undoubtedly, as Grupo Arga we always leave behind a proven firm intention of wanting to help people, of always placing private investigation as a means of solving a large number of problems, which today is confirmed after each day that we operate and each new alternative.


              Boosting the scope of private investigation is part of our ideals, at Grupo Arga we want to ensure that we create a higher-level strategy , each of our private detectives Madrid specializes in operating in the face of a greater number of problems that present.

The actions on the part of our company are oriented towards a precise example in which professional actions are available at all times, so that behind a hiring is the best offer and approach of services that you can find directly.

These important extensions that we carry out within the implementation of private investigation, generate a much more versatile image towards clients, because at the international level we also have influences, this is what is important to continue progressing and improving the development of each function.

Within our duty there is always that feeling of giving the best, of being passionate about each cause, in this way it is possible to exercise a differentiated performance, it is really noticeable when a company cares about calibrating its actions and functions, that is why we classify ourselves as specialists for a large number of incidents.

Regardless of what it is, we form a response at the height of international instances, these alliances will always be important to continue forming an answer at the height of each client’s problems, which will always prefer the comfort of feeling represented .

Changing the problems in exchange for ratified tools, is the right way, is what ends up being a real help, is just what we intend to achieve, no matter what it costs, this effort is worth it to end up being considered as a service of first-rate private investigation.

When authentic professionals are required, there is only one place where you will find them, at Grupo Arga we always have specialists who stand up for your needs, who unite ties at the international level to continue obtaining greater experience as well as other types of well-functioning functions. differentiated.

 The particularity of our service is centered on that concern that is noticed, by continuing to add more tools for distinguished attention, all effort ends up generating a positive reaction in others, this is transferred to their well-being, but also to prefer us every time have a latent need.

The role that private investigation plays today is much more decisive, because there are not as many barriers as in the past, investigations are not only limited to surveillance and monitoring, but transcend to a much deeper level to obtain data valuable for research.

In the same way in the face of globalization, there is no border that is worth, what happens in Spain is made known in the rest of the world, this is a factor to take advantage of, when your concerns rise to an international scale, as it can reach be in the search and location of people for example.


              The value that stands out the most in the conduct of specialized international research is that drive to keep innovating, not to stop the progress of private research, but rather to forge a path in which it continues to change and improve people’s lives.

Thanks to our professionals at Grupo Arga, we make our private detectives Madrid respond with truly remarkable actions, these are the ones that demonstrate the true duty that rests on the performance of our specialists, to be called as such, we must have greater preparation.

This route of increased acquisition of skills that our private investigators go through, leaves them well classified as defenders of the truth, being clearly passionate about exercising their role that ultimately ends up generating the collection of valuable evidence, even internationally when required.

The more specialty within our services, the greater the responses we issue, that is, the ability to attend different situations without abstentions, but quite the opposite, a professional treatment that other agencies do not have, just by opening the possibilities of a journey international, this is demonstrated.

No extra effort on your part is required, you only have the duty to share your concern, to find the appropriate way to solve it, what happens far from our border, can also be covered, from the structure of the action plan we can manage extensive assistance to get to the bottom of the matter.

The more information you end up collecting, it ends up being a high benefit for the client, you feel well taken care of, this is what really counts for us, becoming a totally helpful company, making a difference in the development of our duties, making it most suitable way.

Each action by Grupo Arga in your case, will undoubtedly be a firm commitment to emit the truth, in whatever form or place you are, because the intention will always be to defend the cause of each client, in this way we can make a difference, an improvement for your situation.

Addressing a problem must be a task for the experts, so we want to leave a special performance, which remains as a precedent to observe the features of private investigation as a true success, we are that service that you need so much to know what is happening , to have answers.

  This service medium always requires proper handling and management of strategies, these are designed to discover or demonstrate any type of incident, so it should always be left to experts, there are no reasons why you have to go through more stress.

Shorten your problems and request more information about all the types of research we carry out, because regardless of the subject or the environment, we respond with a range of options that distinguish us, which is why we become your best ally by providing you with the tests that you need.



              The figure and disposition of our private detectives Madrid is very wide, having an influence within problems of all kinds, therefore their help becomes key in the resolution of many situations, in legal actions especially, where it becomes an urge to prove the truth of some fact.

That is why for lawyers it is also an ideal ally, having the research and the findings they provide are crucial in a case, which in the end represents a concern or claim of a client that deserves to be resolved, this becomes viable in hands of specialists who possess this skill.


              The understanding of the functions of our private detectives Madrid , extends into a useful specialty for each situation that arises, so we can provide a lawyer with a completely lawful information gathering mechanism that helps you have an advantage within these instances.

Really over time, this type of service generates a great procedural advantage for those who have a legal cause, where all claims need to be proven, otherwise they will be dismissed in the middle of the process, these field tasks of finding evidence must remain in the hands of specialists who understand all these factors.

We maintain the chain of custody from the collection of information, so that they preserve their legal integrity, which makes it possible to use them in any judicial instance, without a doubt this is what ends up making a difference of providing accurate results on the lawyer’s case .

The judicial issue always merits professional actions, it is not possible to fall into the emotional outburst of the moment, much less, but to exercise an impartial vision, which in the end serves to have substantial evidence, since these are keys to a favorable decision, everything that it is possible to demonstrate is what counts.

This type of judicial assistance is part of our objectives from the training received by each of our private investigators, who possess extensive forensic skills, therefore we end up applying the same techniques and procedures as judicial instances but in a personalized way.

We are thoroughly familiar with the estimates and evaluations they carry out on each test, which is why we always seek to ensure that each one we provide you meets these legal requirements, to intervene in the judicial environment, you must understand its operation, and without a doubt in it. we are experts.

The specialty that prevails over our work is what makes us compatible with any legal cause, since we have professional attention to cover all areas, whether it is family, business, commercial or even IT, generating the possibility of doing justice in every situation.

Instead of wasting time, due to the procedural delay on investigating a matter, hiring our services generates personalized support for you, which will ensure the resolution of your cause as soon as possible, but above all without letting those essential characteristics for them to be processed and valued.


              The functions of our private detectives Madrid are high, firstly because of the specialty they have in different legal cases, above all, but also because they generate important advantages for each involved, to the point of reaching negotiations, it may end up being a solution not to face a procedural path.

   The opportunity to succeed in a legal case is hand in hand with everything that can be proven, therefore the collection of information that we provide to each client ends up being a very important piece of evidence, their contribution in a case It is beneficial to change the course of the case in your favor.

Always our actions at the side of a lawyer, end up being of great relevance, the final development of any decision depends directly on each evidence provided, these are substantial for procedural success, where you cannot present any element altered or manipulated because it is dismiss.

With the intervention of a private investigator, you have the opportunity to have evidence that will be accepted and confirmed by our experts, since they become exceptional witnesses in each case, the final report that we issue and the evidence that compose it is always obtained within the framework of legality.

In the end, these legal characteristics are what give it another utility in the midst of a legal situation, a lawyer always requires evidence to present the corresponding actions, as well as the corresponding allegations, whenever there is an unlawful act through which the duty to do justice at all times.

We do not stop but we enact a growing level of commitment, on legal causes there is a greater dedication so that this legal line is not transferred, which ends up being the guarantee of being able to influence a cause, the professional performance of our detectives fits completely into a large number of cases.

If you are also defending a legal situation, the rights of a person, you must exploit and use in your favor all the possibilities that lead to the search for truth, that evidence that ends up being based on evidence, As experts we can also give testimony in this regard and ratify.

After using each of our information gathering techniques, we ended up forming important elements of conviction that are essential within a legal cause, either by the computerized means or by any other means, we establish surveillance and monitoring of the interests of the case.

We also have the advice of experts who always govern our actions under a legal reading of a case, where that advantage is cared for, which is provided to each lawyer who needs it, we are a very prepared link to end up obtaining that conclusive evidence .

The procedural environment can be delayed when there are too many facts involved, to accelerate this process and collaborate at the same time with the traditional justice means, private investigation serves as a tool to clarify all kinds of events that come to light.


              Our private detectives Madrid generate an important benefit for lawyers, by providing the most valuable aspect, such as the evidentiary elements , these end up being fundamental to emerge victorious in a case, having on their side the truth that will help them receive a favorable decision.

The efforts we make at Grupo Arga to intervene in different areas, thanks to extensive preparation, end up being satisfactory, that is, it makes us a special means through which a solution can be found in less time, providing proven findings to do justice.

The work of the lawyer is complemented entirely with the help of a private investigator, who strives at all times to match the intentions and aspirations of the lawyer, being the director of the cause of his client, this type of commitment They help to be one more ally in the administration of justice.

The support generated by private investigation breaks with any border, there is no limitation to operate, but quite the opposite, our investigation mechanisms become the main forensic tools for a private detective, who evaluates each of the claims or objectives of the case.

As private investigators we have the duty to communicate the truth, in any type of process or purpose, this is what distinguishes us, to be able to understand the purpose of using such evidence, which requires us to be more careful, to be widely professional within every action.

The functions and findings of private investigation extend to the legal path, where every cause finds an effective solution in the hands of each test, these have the power to bring out even the smallest event, these in the end are the ones that give life to each case.

It would be nothing to administer justice without evidence, since what happened without proving it cannot be determined, therefore there is also this link so closely attached to private investigation, being a source of precise information, where even the slightest doubt is ratified so that a decision is made based on what is proven.

Whenever you are in the middle of a legal case, the evidence will be lacking, to get enough elements of conviction, it only remains to leave the private detectives to take care of it, they are specialists to get to the bottom of a case, they work together with lawyers to do justice, to mark the value of our profession.

The contribution generated by the path of the investigation within a case cannot be left aside, because it ends up being the key to any jam, especially when it is a complicated situation in which one must look further and have knowledge to obtain information legally and without delay.


              The experience that makes up our private detectives Madrid is what makes us the most suitable to represent your legal case, working with lawyers we also gain much more experience in this field, being able to provide legal advice on obtaining and using the tests.

In the work of demonstrating an event, every effort for neatness and legality counts, it is an indispensable element that cannot be abandoned for any reason, it requires a great dedication of professionalism, being just what distinguishes us in Grupo Arga for a treatment authentic after each case.

Actually, our service always seeks to fit with every intention of exposing the truth, regardless of the field in question, this type of advantage cannot be missed, much less when the tranquility of a person who is possibly going through a situation is at stake. illegal or want to assert your rights.

Regardless of the motivation of the case, our services respond with an outstanding performance, ensuring the legality of the least evidence presented, to be used with eyes closed, trusting in our virtues, which focus on being able to extend the use and disposition of evidence.

The substantial and strict sense of undertaking private investigation requires a safe and guaranteed commitment, as Grupo Arga turns out, we are a company focused on the careful treatment of each evidence, in this way they become an essential piece for the resolution of a case.

The procedural triumph always falls on the timely presentation of evidence, so obtaining them is the determining step for the final decision, which is always intended to be favorable to you at all times, this effort ends up paying off for everyone those involved.

In the middle of a legal process, the preservation of the evidence ends up being essential, so this means of collecting information ends up being the most guaranteed to achieve a verdict in your favor, this ends up being a reaffirmed step that issues the true truth of the matter .

You cannot face a judicial instance without having the respective evidence on your side, these elements end up being substantial to dismantle a problem regardless of the size or the theme that results, because we have a wide variety of specialty to serve this kind of purpose.

Every lawyer requires an additional ally to have that information that helps him get ahead in a situation, the evaluation of these elements and their processing is what leads to building a procedural result, which is favorable or not, depends on the way in which that every situation has happened.

The resolution of a case, must be left to experts, to interpret the law are the lawyers, and at the same time to give them powerful tools to litigate, are our private detectives, as professionals we get to the bottom of every matter.



There is no greater question than to live thinking intensely, what will be the location of someone, either for some sentimental motivation, as well as for some legal need, it ends up being important to have a home or a last trace that can clarify events.


For this type of task, our private detectives Madrid are 100% dedicated to collecting information to find the whereabouts of a person, at Grupo Arga we teach all your needs, therefore we form a body of specialists who understand what is to be done.




              When the time comes to undertake a search and location of people of interest, it is better to leave it in the hands of our private detectives Madrid , they are cataloged as authentic specialists to fulfill this mission, where nothing can be overlooked, to follow the trail of a person must be meticulous.


Through Grupo Arga your cause receives the best care under special monitoring, following a trail that leads us directly to know where that person is, which can be decisive within a legal incidence, since you can always discover where they are. a person, and where has he been.


This type of information we understand that it can be very important in the midst of a family situation, although we do not prejudge your reasons, it is about working 100% for each contract, this is what defines a professional response by private investigation.


We take into account each factor involved in the case, in addition to the fact that when this series of questions arises, it is vital to act in time, because this also has an essential value on the final result, since different details can be overlooked or elements when time fades the evidence.


But there is always hope when you go to experts, since we have a long history of what results in the opening of this service, this need to know the location of a person, has been one of the basic demands since the beginning of private investigation , even at the level of some manifestation of infidelity.


In reality, there are many situations in which the work of our private investigators can intervene, which forces us to maintain an instant solution for everything that comes up, responding at all times as a totally unconditional service, just like the client. wait.


The function of private investigation is extensive to unimaginable levels, for changing a person’s life, each test being the vital element to promote a certainty of the place in which a person is, being precisely the information that one wishes to find, will be at your fingertips after a simple hiring.


You cannot doubt the capabilities of our private investigators, who really seek to expand their virtues, helping more people, so that you can keep track of a person at all times, the end result may lead you to an exact location or not, from real goals are set in the beginning.




              There is no doubt that when it comes to discovering a person’s home, our private detectives Madrid focus on finding both the person and all the possible information about the steps they have taken, for which physical follow-ups are combined, as well as movements through social networks.


It is nice to have full certainty about a person’s whereabouts, because it clears any doubts about it, it generates a reality about the indications, and where the research is going, especially when it has something to do from the emotional point of view, being professional response is more urgent.


In a short time you will have the identification of essential evidence for your situation, from start to finish we focus on transmitting tranquility, those tests you need about the whereabouts of a person, become yours when you hire our private investigation services.


You can not neglect and stay with the doubt, but go for the search for the truth through our services, which are used to get to the bottom of any doubt, you can know in advance with patience and the dedication of our specialists the sites that have been frequented by said person.


It is difficult to get a service that really meets your expectations, but for this Grupo Arga focuses on highlighting the most important thing, because for this there is a level of trust in this profession, to respond with resounding facts, that is, to give life to Evidence that serves as ratification of the steps of the person in question.


Determine the place or domicile of a person, it is an effort that we face with responsibility, we are to cover all kinds of needs, it is the main goal, to identify your ideals and concerns to find a quick solution, we have the clues and a trace to follow to the bottom of the matter.


You just have to measure our capacity through the results, to confirm the power we have and the distinction in the exercise of these actions, we follow each corner frequented by the person to know their steps, this type of monitoring and surveillance is what offers in the end a series of guaranteed results.


There are no reasons to worry about not knowing the whereabouts of a person, it only remains to act, undertake this contract that will undoubtedly lead you to a professional treatment that focuses on following and checking the evidence, being useful in situations that are related to inheritances or any other similar situation.


Regardless of what it is, we are for you, we can locate and locate that person, without you having to make any effort or worry, leave everything to the actions of our specialists, who know what it means to act as a researcher privately, we assume this responsibly.




If it is a matter of knowing where a person is, Grupo Arga ends up being your effective solution, because we have private detectives Madrid who specialize in this type of claim, in the same way they have high training for it. , knowing how to interpret even the smallest trace.


These types of professional reactions, their functions end up being perfect to find concrete results, we seek to make a big difference within the concerns of clients, and by not knowing where a person is, you can always go to our services.


A simple consultation is enough for you to understand the level of commitment we have with this type of work, we do not reject any cause but quite the contrary, we have the ability to analyze and collect information that is useful, where each data is handled under invaluable integrity.


Everything that private investigation means to us is a great provider of justice, for that reason when exercising these tasks we seek to study in depth all kinds of situations that may arise, there is no better answer than solid evidence, this ends up being ratification to exercise as it should.


All that stress you feel when facing a problem, has no reason to be assumed to such an extent of doing nothing, but cutting off this serious panorama, to change it for a professional response, without having to make any effort, because For this we are, we support you through truthful and important information.


These pieces of information eliminate that anguish that ignorance causes you, as private investigators we focus on reducing those mental gaps, private investigation goes as far as the client needs it, we look for that person that you are so interested in, to provide you with detailed information.


In this research route it is essential that even the smallest data is preserved and the client tells us what he knows, but for this it is necessary to generate an empathetic environment through which they feel safe, from this point we understand the way in which we should act, the success of the case happens to be in our hands.


We strive to try not to fail for any reason, this attempt in the end is rewarded by obtaining important evidence, which ends up leading directly to the truth, no matter how complex it is, you can trust the effort we end up dedicating to solve the case.


Whenever it is a matter of knowing a location, the action the faster and more precise, the better results end up obtaining, we end up generating an important guarantee to really discover the whereabouts of a person, which is not far behind our professional actions.


Without a doubt, the skill of a private investigator serves to help a large number of people, in any scenario that is demanded of us, we respond with a well-established commitment, we are trained to represent these objectives, especially when it comes to a race against time.




              As a company passionate about private investigation, we seek, in any case, truly purchased results, in this way they will be more useful to the client, when it comes to searching for a person, we always work under real possibilities, our private detectives Madrid respond with the true.


The importance of a problem is due to the lack of response, but with the help of our actions you can smile at them, because we generate professional support for you, being the best way to discover the truth, we always find a way to get there to retain important evidence.


We have a group of professionals specialized in the search for information, evidence to determine the place where a person is, there is much at stake knowing a location it can be everything, it ends up being the information that changes the course of everything for full.


The performance and exercise of private investigation, ends up being the appropriate means to discover different possibilities or actions to exercise on the action plan, to succeed in this cause, regardless of what it requires, you We demonstrate the location or any latest movements.


These traces within the activities of the people always leave a small data of what they do, as well as where they reside, everything ends up being a joint effort to reach that final test of great value, which is responsible for defining the location of that person.


The questions can only be solved by specialists, we focus on finding the most effective response method, checking those steps that guide us towards determining the location of the person in question, everything requires forensic monitoring to generate results. .


It is not tolerable to continue with any uncertainty, if you want to know the trail of a person, without a doubt our intervention is required to change those doubts for informative features that help you to have a firm conviction about the location of someone.


Participating in an investigation, ends up being a role that we assume based on the level of knowledge that we have, this leaves us well positioned to obtain a clear vision of what this person has done to investigate, as well as in the locations that he has had, always you have to follow the slightest trace to be successful.


The power to participate in a private investigation is a pleasure that leads us to generate a result in which each person fully trusts, because they are endowed with full confirmation, without violating the law, thanks to the fact that we have a license to exercise freely, leaving high that profession.


Before any incident you do not have much to think about, our private detectives can help you, to get answers within family, work and commercial situations, and in this case also some legal intention, where some address or search for people is always required, this will be covered.



Within different environments, it is always necessary to be attentive to the truth, that is, to the obligation to check each information, that is why detectives have fit into different areas, whether personal, work, or also about the business sector, being one of the currently in demand.


Regardless of the scenario in which responses are required, our private detectives Madrid are responsible for ensuring development and well-being within any venue, our specialty extends to having professionals willing to investigate any suspicion within the business world, being so demanding.




Without a doubt, running a company implies leading a group of employees, and at the same time being attentive to the attempts and actions of your competition, being too many variables that only through our private detectives Madrid can you keep under control with a follow-up and timely inquiry.


In such a hectic environment, what corresponds is to establish a defense mechanism for you, both at the computer level and on a daily basis, both possibilities are covered by the service areas provided by Grupo Arga, where we are a company committed to ratifying even the smallest trace of information.


At the competition level, there are many means through which to steal secrets as well as data, which is classified as espionage, and can only be limited after an inspection of your meeting areas especially, although it must also be ensured privacy within your vehicle, home and every device.


When considering all the possibilities that exist to carry out an information theft, a prevention and defense mechanism is required for this scenario, which can be detected in time with the help of the application of electronic sweeps, being a perfect way to discover any implantation.


Even if you do not believe it, really through your mobile device, computer and others you can get all your files, as well as that there may be hidden microphones and cameras to retain your secrets, so with a clean environment you can feel much more secure, it is what makes a difference within this job development.


The running of a company implies too much exposure, where everyone happens to be also put to the test, that is, they can be one more step of deception, because they are obtaining information to use them for other purposes, therefore the credibility of each employee is another factor that must be under investigation.


You can not trust blindly for any reason, within a company the more verification there is, you can be sure, that is why at Grupo Arga we seek to serve you for this type of protection, in the same way we provide you with prior as well as subsequent advice so that you do not be one more victim.


In a business sector, different incidents occur that affect you emotionally, as well as economically, by accommodating the production of deception, fraud, and other actions that lead to greater problems, which can be stopped with the help of private investigation. .




Through Grupo Arga it finds a strict follow-up of any incident, each of our private detectives Madrid is able to attend to all these types of situations that occur in the atmosphere of a company, be it fraud, false information, stopping to deception entirely.


In each business instance, a strict check is required so that nothing is overlooked, this security is provided by our detectives who focus on following each letter, certifying any emission made by an employee, as well as espionage activities that seek to exercise competence. .


You can not be relaxed in the face of these serious risks, otherwise you will be one more victim of this type of event, protecting yourself in this very active world is mandatory, otherwise there are unfortunate setbacks, the action of private investigation is very useful to stay up to date with every malicious attempt.


Stopping deception in time is one of our main intentions, for your company we establish a very special follow-up that covers the computer sector, as well as every information that is issued, these are the best steps to ensure that you are truly free of threats and false information .


The delay caused by this threat of leaking information, can be serious for the conduct of your business, instead of hiring a private investigator you can take charge, because we are dedicated to investigating every time it is necessary, defending your interests completely.


This type of commitment is the one that positions us as your best alternative. Your company must be the best, to respond to any incident in record time, especially so that the competition cannot appear in this environment. much at stake at the commercial level.


The best protection is always to search thoroughly for the truth, investigate everything you can, in this way that margin of being cheated or swindled is shortened, fighting fraud will always be an exceptional way to ensure the integrity of the operation of each company.


We take charge of establishing a computer security response to every risk, eliminating that threshold of losing digital data, which can also be recovered thanks to our extensive advice, we care about imposing a path in which each company can be safe.


Each client ends up recommending us, because they feel a significant change, by treating each data with substantial care, in our expert hands you can trust with your eyes closed, we take care that you benefit from each step or complication that may arise.


Companies need a research service that is aware of what they need, to fully interfere in each unusual activity that occurs, because it will be a clear sign of dedicating follow-up and research, in this way we provide you with great results at the time of try some event.




Our service is special, that is why we have an area completely dedicated to companies, our private detectives Madrid focus on studying each occurrence with a marked dedication that you will not find anywhere else, that is why after the passage of the years we focus on improve service.


For each client we make a personalized response, always thinking of meeting their needs, thus achieving to be the most predominant private investigation service in Spain, as well as internationally, this responsibility is observed after each of the areas of care we offer .


We design the breadth of services as a clear synonym of innovation, we are up to the task at all times, fitting in with problems of all kinds, both personal, commercial and IT, being experts in all causes of private investigation to cover this type of need .


What is recorded within each client, it is the satisfaction you get n thanks to the efforts we invest in this important works, leave that out of the scope a lot of situations that cause injury, which in the corporate sector is finished translating in losses and more losses.


The mythical image of a detective with his pipe only following people, remains in the way, the investigator of today has to go beyond the obvious, his functions have been fully extended, to the point of participating in infidelities, location people, and other events, where the business environment could not be the exception.


We put a really wide offer that cannot be wasted, on the contrary, after a simple hiring you receive the best attention, even advice that does not completely free you from cheating, but that large percentage of being one more victim of it is reduced.


Instead of just being one more target for espionage, fraud and other information theft intentions, the best thing to do is take a step towards our professionals who understand these circumstances, know how to deal with them and resolve them, as well as exert a preventive and defensive strategy.


Regardless of what it is, each event will be analyzed in detail to receive a personalized reaction, which is always manifested or exercised by virtue of what you need, that is, the coverage of your needs are within the actions from Grupo Arga.


We are a company specialized in representing companies in the face of so many obvious risks, the protection of their information cannot fall into the hands of anyone, but rather make sure of the credibility of each piece of information, that way you don’t expose yourself too much.


Today’s decisions must always be attached to the care of privacy, this is part of your right and can not be waived or neglected for any reason, much less when we have specialists to treat them, who respond to the extent that you need them.




One of the greatest gifts of our private detectives Madrid specialists in business issues, is the experience and knowledge within this plane, since we understand this type of activities, to know everything that is at stake, understand each of the concerns that go through the minds of these customers.


Private investigation deserves a truly committed exercise, we are just doing this, we try at all times to offer answers as soon as possible, in this way no lie can take over your company, nor affect its productivity, we take care of ensuring your tranquility.


It is not easy to have to face so many circumstances within a company, but we seek to strive in each case to improve, and thus also defend this area with a truly professional performance, which characterizes us as your main option, since we treat your concerns as a priority.


In any case of a company that needs to investigate something, get out of the doubt of being able to use your spaces for meetings, it will be necessary to hire our services, because we are completely dedicated to it, to your interests, with a level of empathy that other Detective agency does not offer you.


We stand out in private investigation with an exclusive action, applying the electronic sweep in a timely manner, getting that answer you need about the existence of a device that is violating your atmosphere, because if the competition seizes such information it will be harmful to you .


Instead of having to suffer for it, you should only let us take care of applying this counterintelligence measure to respond to those computer attacks that violate you, but we also offer you the opportunity to correct it in the future, establishing precise and exclusive security measures. .


You do not have to go through an attempt to spy twice, that you have fear once, it is enough to turn on the alarms and act, seek a prompt solution, this that in the hands of private investigation specialists, such as those we have in Group Arga, which are at your entire disposal.


After each case assumed, we look for a practical solution, both in the present and in the future, because these actions serve as a guarantee to set a precedent for those attempts by your competition or fraud of your employees, these scenarios end up being a setback for you progress.


Guiding a company to success deserves to be careful in every situation that may happen, because the competition and others involved do not want you to have a breakthrough, and they can attack your privacy to take advantage of you, you cannot continue to be exposed to this great possibility but respond with our services.


Leave everything in the hands of Grupo Arga to demonstrate that your company is not alone, and that even the smallest curriculum will be investigated, as well as the meeting areas, you can not leave a percentage to the deception, the more it is covered, you will manage to take that step that gives you peace of mind in management.





              There are many special causes or problems that require verification, because before making a judgment, you can undoubtedly put this concern aside with the intervention of our private detectives Madrid , since they are capable of investigating in different situations, and the workplace is no exception.

When a reasonable doubt arises about an employee’s employment situation, the most convenient thing to do is to first inquire about the certainty of their discharge, try to get to the bottom of the matter, in this way it will be possible to know if it is only an excess of mistrust or abuse by the employee.


              In the work environment, there are endless excuses for not working, which causes them to take advantage of you, it is just where it becomes a fundamental pillar to carry out a private investigation that serves to reveal what happened, because otherwise you will be issuing a I pay without reason to a person who does not attend.

Instead of fighting this on your own, and lighting the alarms on other colleagues, the most ethical thing is to contact our private detectives Madrid , because at Grupo Arga we are dedicated to these types of causes, like many others in which we operate with skill, being the element that characterizes us.

You cannot expose your employees to issuing a false justification and get away with it, but neither can you take actions on your own, since you can violate their rights in the attempt, as well as being complex to demonstrate, especially if it is about a health issue, because experts in the issue should be involved to assess the situation.

This type of problem becomes greater when other employees detect the level of vulnerability, you cannot leave that image, but go for the corroboration of each element presented by the employee, this serves as a preventive system for a large number of situations in the future, as is the fraud of faking a loss.

The smell of a private detective is the best way to expose this, since they understand that there are oversights, so it is vital to establish an important follow-up and surveillance of the actions of these employees, where they can make mistakes and there capture that they are pretending a limitation that they do not possess.

Uncovering deception is simple, when we have forensic techniques and processes that help us measure the integrity of each allegation as low, thus we provide you with a clear answer about the limitation that the employee presents, instead of being ” supposed “, you will have it as an affirmation.

We care about each environment, causing a reliable, harmonious environment to be preserved without any visible doubts, because otherwise it becomes difficult to cope with, in addition to being a fraud, therefore it generates significant economic losses, so while it is resolved on time , less severe consequences for you.


              Through Grupo Arga you will be able to get rid of that enormous doubt caused by the sick leave presented by the employee, each of our private detectives Madrid wants to successfully get to the bottom of each situation, this is one of those special causes that requires a professional treatment.

Not all casualties are false, but if the behavior of the employee is highly suspicious, it is always worth investigating as a preventive, regardless of what happens, we analyze what we can do to respond to such doubt, through legal evidence that you help stop this fraud.

It is important to hire a professional service whenever it is necessary, and this type of problem is one of those situations that requires gathering information, the one that supports what really happens, because otherwise it will only be conjecture, to face any lie it is necessary to have evidence on your side.

What causes fraud of this type can be debilitating for the development of an entrepreneurial atmosphere, which always requires paying attention, following each employee’s movement on social networks, as well as through monitoring that alludes to their Steps.

No deception is perfect, we are prepared to expose any fraud that is occurring, the important thing is to have substantial information that proves the integrity of said loss, also through our services a security reaction is installed that helps don’t let it happen again.

Regardless of whether you have been the victim of fraud of this type or not, it is imminent to ratify every trace of information that the employee provides, without going blind, much less questioning from the outset, what is really worth it is to act in a manner smart and letting us act so as not to expose yourself or alert the staff.

 It is necessary that it be handled in the most professional way possible, so as not to alter others or raise fuss in an atmosphere in which it is intended to carry out work activities, no matter what they do, it is obviously necessary to verify each previous information before trusting .

We ended up throwing out important evidences that lead us to uncover the origin of this termination, which must be analyzed from its issuance to its reality, obtaining all the possible information about any ally that the employee has to falsify the termination, and in their usual activities. the impairment does not match.

Sometimes there are different losses, those of a mental nature are delicate to verify, but through our techniques we can make a real effort to try to understand what is happening, but above all to understand the way in which to demonstrate it, since Simple suspicion is not enough.

It is important to hire us for this type of claim, since otherwise you are at risk, because you must ensure above all the rights of the employee too, good faith is presumed, the rest remains to investigate, and we take care of this, to prove if the low presented is really false.


              At the moment in which you receive a termination from the employee, it is always striking to want to find out its reliability, especially if it becomes a recurring event, to deal with this type of situation our private detectives Madrid are experts, since they seek above all to know for sure if you really can’t work.

Instead of having that blind trust that does not benefit anyone, a review is never over, which in the future will be the best way to avoid having to suffer more consequences later because of the losses generated by this type of fraud, there are Many questions within the workplace, it is in your hands to shorten this event.

You can not let that satisfaction grow in others to deceive you, much less in a work environment, because it causes a significant destabilization, both for you and for the rest of the staff, it is not a fair thing that you can allow yourself, much less when you count with the hiring of our services.

At Grupo Arga we have the firm conviction to improve each service area, of course labor is one of those missions to be fulfilled, we always make sure to adequately represent each concern that may arise, it is not necessary to let the risks in this area, but take care of each data.

Employees turn out to be the most valuable human resource, therefore it deserves direction, guidance, but also follow-up, a blind trust will only bring more problems, it is best to defend yourself before something happens and put security measures that are positive for everyone, they generate an important order.

No matter how good the fraud is, we make a professional response that helps you reverse any adversity, we get to cover even the smallest trace, which helps us get to the bottom of the matter and demonstrate reality, this will be the only way to stop the damage and consequences it causes.

The approach we invest in each private investigation is the one that helps us make a difference, to get to see if the drop is really justified or just another hoax, through these tests it ends up doing justice to you, and also for other employees who do fulfill their duties.

From the beginning of a problem, we seek to carry out an exhaustive study, through which the ways to catch that employee who tries to get away with it are observed, always under a discreet job, so that they never see coming that they are being investigated, but rather trust yourself and catch him in complete error.

Without a doubt, we are your best allies to verify how credible this drop is, you can not let yourself be influenced by what you think of the employee, but let the tests be in charge of speaking, this is the only way to really make decisions appropriate with what happens.


              Through Grupo Arga we cooperate with your cause, we are really interested in showing the world what is happening, our private detectives Madrid do not seek to cause you more stress but quite the contrary, you will get answers in less time than you think, on your own you are only going to make the situation worse.

What most frequently happens is to present a fraudulent leave, it is even assumed to such an extent that it goes unnoticed, this can only be shortened its incidence, after a very exhaustive approach, leaving us to investigate what happens, it is not worth settling and believing everything the employees tell you.

Instead of letting cheating be part of your life, it is better for you to hire our services, private investigation is the ideal way to check the authenticity of any information, otherwise you will only have suspicions, with these you get nothing .

We are a company specialized in this class of cases, which we defend with great dedication, you do not have to be a victim of fraud but rather the opposite, we want to offer you a very thorough representation, where the safest thing you will get is a large amount of irrefutable evidence.

These elements of conviction that we provide you end up being the only ones that will help you do justice, counting on the advantage of knowing the truth after irrefutable evidence, these end up being the solution to not let these casualties continue to generate a type of economic benefit without working .

This type of deception can be classified as minor, but in reality its highest classification is to be silent, because the possibility that the loss may be false is sometimes overlooked, but in fact it happens frequently, there are no reasons to stay with arms crossed.

We take care of acting for you, we look for the information that manages to demonstrate whether the withdrawal is true or not, in this way we do justice, we also guide you on the actions that you must exercise, both to avoid suspicions, in the same way the legal possibilities to respond to this type of deception.

Do not let yourself go from impotence to want to confront these employees, or look for evidence on your own, as private investigators we focus on the search for the truth, being the key to stopping a problem as soon as possible, preventing it from being worse or bigger , we are the indicated to cover your needs.

We look for those deceits to be ruled out, we inquired about them and we recovered those tests that tell us what is happening, these are the only ones you can trust, the rest will only be suspicions or suspicions, therefore the demonstration of the facts end up being the key to achieve this end.

There is no doubt, when it comes to exercising the investigation, we are specialists to fulfill this purpose, we direct you to those conclusive tests that you require to unmask this fraud against you.



              The work of a company or business that pays attention to the public is under great pressure, because clients are more demanding with the passage of time, but it must proceed under an adjustment that is well received by its public to capture much more attention gaining potential clients.

To improve care within your business, you can resort to private investigation, being the main element to find information on any matter, that is why at Grupo Arga our private detectives Madrid perform the service and the role of mysterious client to provide you with clear answers in this regard. .


              Facing frequent customer visits, exposes you to receive criticism but also to establish a response system tailored to their expectations, by contracting our services at Grupo Arga you can find the option of a mysterious visit in the enclosure to find out your answer.

Our private detectives Madrid are in charge of going to your business to fully know what may be happening, this is the famous mysterious client, this figure is not new in the investigation, but ends up being really effective, because he retains the information from the customer’s view.

To have empathy to solve the delays that your business presents, is to think about the client and the client, which is difficult with so many things to do, since this visit is made to measure how the attention responds, since it is the true version that ends up knowing the client.

This vision helps you improve from the inside any situation that is in your hands, these small changes in the end end up being beneficial for the business, because you must think about the customer first, thanks to them, you end up getting sales, and these keep your business afloat.

In the face of these circumstances, the work of our private investigators, who prepare and acquire all the knowledge that is needed within the sector of your business, fully fits to understand each incident, in this way we also have a much more precise evaluation .

We look for those answers that are useful for you to discover what is happening, in the face of a decrease in sales or so much thinking about what you can do to improve, some additional ideas are never too much, in the same way each client imposes their own standard to have Present.

In other words, each of the characteristics that the client wants to test, we use them to challenge your response mechanism, no matter what happens you cannot analyze it for yourself, since employees can behave in front of you, and Another in your absence, therefore substantial follow-up is required.

The observation for each private investigator ends up being the most used sense that is tested, where with each detail a great difference is made within the operation of the business, as well as that retention of situations that can be overlooked in day management a day.


              The intervention of a Mystery Shopping within your business ends up being essential, in Grupo Arga we have the best private detectives Madrid to fulfill this claim, where that essential information is collected to determine the operation of a business.

Every business in which customer service is exercised is exposed to a high level of questioning, so you must trust us to make such an estimate, these final results help you improve, change those delays in the proportion of services or products, for efficient alternatives.

The mistakes that are made within the management of a business are common, they can only be fought under a critical vision, which our private investigators are in charge of, after their findings they end up generating a constructive free way so that you have the opportunity to reverse what is wrong.

When you are in front of a business, there are various claims by the client that must be covered with the professional analysis of our experts, we focus on capturing and gathering all the necessary evidence to demonstrate what is happening within the business until correcting those small details .

The path to success within a business is that desire to reinvent itself, until then you must always make assertive decisions, which must always be based on the client, the concern for these is what will keep you as the main choice, that’s why you we provide effective advice.

There is no doubt that to improve you have to know yourself very well, these virtues are what drive you to be able to modify what is wrong, or that only requires a little push, the best thing is to always be willing to improve and accept these criticisms , we willl take care of the rest.

If you want to change the direction within your business, it requires an effort, as private investigators we focus on looking for that information that will be your starting point to know what should be readjusted and what should not, you will look at your business from the optics of your client, being a longing for anyone.

Without a doubt, it is common to require this service over time, which clearly demonstrates the concern to improve each service, since these businesses are focused on serving the client, therefore they must think about what each one of these he hopes to achieve.

Your client’s information is the greatest power for a successful business, even in today’s marketing action this is important, knowing what the client thinks, which you can do differently, looking for an analyst who thinks like himself, to This is done by our private investigators.

The best experts to have true data in your hands, lies with the figure of private investigation, this is the best way to measure your abilities, to really know the opinion and the feeling you cause in the client, as well as any other type of data that you wish to obtain, you impose what we must seek.


              To find information about your business, the best alternative is Mystery Shopping, this mysterious detective works undercover, it is part of the functions that our private detectives Madrid have , who are concerned with finding those answers that you are so concerned about knowing.

When it comes to the future and progress of your business, our functions end up being decisive so that you have the opportunity to correct everything that merits your attention within your business, because this self-evaluation is overlooked daily but ends up being the origin of everything. .

Private investigation becomes your best ally, we can act with discretion as if it were a true client until obtaining their thoughts, in addition to knowing the speed, neatness, clothing, and cordiality, as basic elements that every client expects to obtain.

Regardless of the parameters you want to test, we comply with evidencing whether they are met or not, we issue you a transparent report where each of the tests are captured, these are key to demonstrating the effectiveness or not of the business, it is an opportunity blatant so you can progress.

Doing the right thing is thinking about the growth of your business from the customer’s point of view, there is no doubt that our results will end up being advantageous for you, they are faithful evidence of the development of customer service, which cannot be neglected for any reason. .

Whenever you hope to move forward, have more effectiveness and influence on customers, you need to hire our services, which are widely designed to be a front row witness to the exercise of customer service, we can measure with which accounts and what aspects improve.

The best thing to do always ends up being relying on private investigation to find these answers, you can not neglect and give your competition the opportunity, but the opposite, leave this in our hands to give you a comprehensive evaluation of your situation, we respond with tests reliable.

Every business needs to be taken care of with the greatest possible subtlety, we help you adapt to the expectations of the clients, since our private investigators are totally dedicated to focus on what each person wants to find in any business.

Everything is connected within the success of a business, the customer’s thinking, as well as your offer, that is why from Grupo Arga we intend to provide the best care, cover this type of doubts regarding the exercise of your business, because you can always maximize sales , which is a clear reflection of progress.

That concern of every business for not knowing what customers think is behind, when it comes to looking for information we are the best for it, we build strong tests that help generate a clear idea of ​​what you must correct so that your business becomes frequented every day more.


              Our private detectives Madrid exercise the task of operating as Mystery Shopping with caution, nobody ends up noticing, which allows you to capture much more spontaneous data than you would look for on your own, for this reason the hiring of our services ends up being a necessity.

 Exposing the virtues of your business is part of our intentions, because you cannot resign yourself to leaving a work system over time, but rather challenge it, aspire to improve, be considered by customers as the best of all, in this way we want help your business stay afloat.

In the same way if you think that your staff is not being as efficient as it should be, it is best to go in search of such findings, because the truth on your own you can only place a tense environment, nobody will admit on their own account to be neglecting customer support but you should capture it and try it.

You can save yourself a great number of problems with our professional performance, where we mark ourselves as north always showing exactly what happens, you do not have to worry about being in the middle of that anxiety, much less, we know how exhausting it becomes.

This type of services is applied frequently and with great success within restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, car washes , and others, any environment in which customer service is developed, we can exercise this camouflage to know what the true face of the business is day by day. day.

This is an opportunity that in Grupo Arga we make you a reality, you do not have to continue going through inexplicable losses, through our ingenious private investigators you retain even the smallest incidence within the place, we control the parameters to measure to see the management that is developed.

Within all the experience that we have in the midst of these functions, there is no doubt that we attend to those labor incidents that affect every business, we do not leave any field unattended, but the opposite through private investigation, we manage to resolve different situations.

That mysterious buyer always goes unnoticed, other people believe that he is a regular customer, and they serve him like any other, in the middle of these actions it is possible to observe how these actions end up being, of the offer or reception that is obtained within some business.

We comply with some specific detail that you want to know, we are cautiously dedicated to capturing each incident, with the possibility of using audio or any other means of evidence that you need, the idea is to truly verify everything that is happening in this type of daily attention and bringing customers closer.

Whenever improvements are made to serve the client, it will end up being positive for them, there is no doubt that if your mission is to progress within your business environment, you should test yourself, it is better to realize and correct than to lose frequent visits, At Grupo Arga we help you with this purpose.



              The concurrence of intruders as well as espionage activities with the objectives of stealing information, are part of the day-to-day of any company or business, it is a matter of assuming this type of risk, until doing everything possible to eliminate this incidence within your environment, for becoming so damaging.

The best way to protect yourself against so many concurrences of information theft, you require computer security measures and applications, which are within our offer, because at Grupo Arga we have Madrid private detectives experts in this sector, capable of applying electronic sweeps.


              In the middle of the management of a company it is very important to create a safe space, in which you can develop all your projects without any limitation, because you begin to suspect the presence of a data extraction, which undoubtedly leaves you exposed after each exercise.

Through the hiring of our private detectives Madrid, you get careful attention to the privacy of your spaces, we make sure after an analysis of the area so that there is no presence of an artifact that listens to and disseminates the conversations within the environment, filtering your secrets.

To deal with this type of risk, the action of electronic scans fits as a personalized solution, which we apply without limitation because we have computer experts who master all these types of incidents so that you do not get to go through that situation is the one that steals information from you. and causes losses.

Instead of espionage starting to escalate within your organization, causing a great headache, you can stop it by investigating which space is being violated, we can do this without any problem with the help of this technological counterintelligence tool.

Sometimes so much risk limits people to use technological means, but you cannot limit yourself for this, but rather acquire advice from our experts, we make sure to put aside that high level of incidence that exists of espionage and others. actions that are introduced within your spaces.

Through the hiring of our services you ensure that there is no spy method that listens to your conversations, the level of privacy should always be prioritized, trying to be high at all times, we seek to offer you peace of mind within your company or business, leading you after an effective solution.

The versatility of private investigation goes up to the point of turning each of your areas into a safe environment, but also discovering those spy devices that are designed to cause you significant deterioration, but can be stopped just with that inspection that the application throws of process.

The true method to know if your offices, vehicles, and even devices are intervened, you need an extraordinary detection response, quickly so that this information leak does not continue to be generated, no matter where it is implanted, we guarantee that we will discover what is happening.

As a detective agency we carry out these types of expansions to be available in different areas, offering a computer service at the forefront of any problem that arises on this matter, since it is detrimental that your industrial or commercial secrets are revealed.

Before carrying out any event or meeting, it never hurts to keep that well-detailed monitoring of any device that is implanted to spy, there is no doubt that these actions end up being both preventive and defensive, and they save you endless problems, the usefulness of this service is elevated today.

We make this desire to feel safe possible, because at Grupo Arga we are concerned at all times to combat computer threats, regardless of the function of the spy device, we take care of detecting them so that they are extracted and you do not have to suffer those annoyances, cut the threat root is the ideal.

We know each of the techniques that these spies use daily, which helps us to respond with greater distinction, you just have to leave this type of concern in the hands of our experts, since we know what to do, we respond in time, with a commitment that highlights us to dismantle espionage.

Spy attacks are more frequent than you think, you cannot expose or wait for them to happen to you, but rather impose our services as a preventive measure, at Grupo Arga we seek to analyze that every place or corner of your daily life is without any spy implantation that affects habitual development.

Regardless of the specialty of the site, we seek to cover the place with this technological countermeasure that helps to know the frequency of the device that has been placed to carry out the theft of information, stopping these advances will be decisive so that it becomes an ideal area to work no leaks.

You can place all your trust in our services, because we have a long history that leads us to a much more professional exercise, as well as extending attention to all kinds of causes, since instead of focusing on one area, we advance in training to respond to everything that comes up.

Your best opportunity to leave behind that fear of losing substantial information, of it being disclosed, is through our computer experts, who exercise forensic techniques that ensure the reliability of each process to be carried out, in which you end up obtaining evidence who has planned these espionage attempts.

It is too difficult to notice any device that is implanted in your comfort zone, but with the professional help of these types of techniques that we have, we can find the device and get rid of it, in addition to acting with caution so that they do not know that they have been discovered.

The possibility of discovering who is behind these attacks is your privacy is in force, obtaining important evidence that leads you to do justice, because you have the right to privacy, and no one can go violating your environment just because they feel like it, we are experts in discovering these attacks.


              In the middle of managing information, it is necessary to be very careful with their exposition, since you never know who may be listening to your conversations, because it is common for companies to place hidden microphones to capture your conversations, being an attempt of usual espionage.

Through our private detectives Madrid you can discover if you are being monitored through these microphones, which are not detected by the human eye, but require the application of the electronic sweep to capture the frequency, and thus know in advance what can arrive to be happening in your areas.

The main strength in a commercial and work environment is the privacy of everything you do, otherwise it is only an immense risk, which you cannot afford to spend, much less when at Grupo Arga we prepare an answer unconditional for this enormous concern.

It is unfortunate how technology is used within the espionage plane, but it is a situation that happens and cannot be ignored, it is all about knowing how to act on time, through a hiring of our actions, not only do you find out if there is any device in place, but the security measures you can implement.

It is necessary to act in time so that you do not constantly expose yourself to said situation, no matter how many actions your competition carries out, through our computer specialists you can limit this danger, your information is the most valuable in any plan, we help you keep it intact as also respond as a defense.

There is no need to fear every day to communicate a plan, but to put an end to that hidden espionage dynamic, it is invisible to human discovery, but with the help of the electronic scan, it ends up exposing the presence of said apparatus that does nothing else than to cause you discomfort.

Within our functions it is always found to cause a well-being in those situations where there is a latent risk of exposing your privacy, whenever there is any computer design to steal information it will be used to favor itself, which does not suit you for any reason, it is necessary to do it at a side.

The panorama within private investigation is to be able to discover the deceits, especially when it comes to elements of illegally gathering information. We seek to stop this type of action immediately, we respond with professional skill so that it is not repeated and does not obtain your data.

We work to dispel those computer attacks that cause a stir, the most important thing is that you place your trust in the action of our computer scientists, who at the same time are going to guarantee you justice, espionage cannot be tolerated, it is an illegal activity that requires attention and detection.

To analyze any corner to the point of knowing if there is a microphone present, you just need to take advantage of our electronic scanning services, which are very useful for discovering the frequencies present, being devices that do not cause anything else, but a major detriment to all the senses.

The virtues of our private detectives Madrid are exercised within different needs, especially this level of espionage, being a current problem difficult to omit, where only the actions of our professionals remain to be taken, at Grupo Arga we extend the answer so that we do not keep losing information.

Reacting to the consequences caused by espionage, is precisely having our unconditional services, these are designed for you unconditionally, cleaning and tracking every corner of your office or company is necessary so that leaks do not continue to occur of data.

The response of our specialists guarantees you to free the environment from those microphones, which are in charge of retaining the conversation that manifests itself within a place, this becomes risky in the personal, commercial and especially in the economic aspect, this is which generates greater importance to electronic sweeps.

The application of computer techniques to put aside intruders and their means of espionage, are first class when they come from the hand of Grupo Arga, we are completely dedicated to improving your security, it is not necessary to expose yourself or have such losses The best decision is to let us take care of it.

We seek to dedicate ourselves to the protection of your information completely, we impose special strategies that limit the growth of espionage, safeguarding all data that you emit within a space, our main objective is to preserve the integrity within any area in which important data is revealed.

We are pleased to represent your causes, we seek to improve at every step after an essential action, over time we gain more experience within these computer problems, which are redesigned to cause harm to others, but also in the same way they can help defend yourself.

There is no doubt that through the exercise of private investigation we can help you, we reduce that number of devices that seize your information, leaving aside the appearance of these you can be calmer, without having to make so much effort to maintain a private setting.

If this has to do with your company, leave it in our hands to treat it with stealth, since otherwise the person who has implanted these devices is alerted, so we advise you on the application of electronic scanning so that the intruder does not see coming, so we get more information from the responsible.

We are a great alternative to renounce such exposure, there is no worse than being exposed, without having some type of privacy, we specialize in stopping these attempts in time, however hidden the microphones or cameras are, they will be found after the electronic sweep .

Our efforts reach to stop this type of maneuvers that expose you, therefore thanks to a simple hiring you will have the solution of this type of problem without additionally suffering an evident response in time.



              The personal and emotional side generates endless thoughts, especially when a problem such as infidelity arises, first of all due to uncertainty, and then also due to the disappointment generated by just thinking about it, to get out of this vicious circle, it is essential to find out the truth.

If you need to know if they are really being unfaithful, you need private detectives Madrid , who specialize in this family cause, at Grupo Arga we have professionals who lead the investigation of this type of situation with dedication and the respective corresponding discretion.


              The concern generated by thinking that your partner is being dishonest is enormous, it is not a feeling with which you should get used to living, but rather go in search of the ratification of the facts, being a task covered by our private detectives Madrid , who study this type of cause.

Sentimental problems always deserve special attention, having enough tact for the sensibilities that are involved, requires it quickly to collect information that can demonstrate the true events, concern about the relationship and its future, depends of our findings.

We promise to issue you a clear answer no matter what is happening, we also draw up an action plan that will lead us to obtain each piece of information, these end up clarifying what your partner is doing secretly, where it mostly ends up being a cheated.

Instead of having to exhaust yourself thinking if your partner is being unfaithful to you or not, you just have to hire us to look for the answers about this matter, where we link an empathic vision, which will make you feel in the best hands since it ends up being like this We are specialists in these causes thanks to great results.

The margin of success that we have within the majority of cases that we treat is one of our distinctions, there is no doubt that in each case we invest a great effort to discover the truth, using techniques designed for that purpose, such as It is the monitoring, surveillance and also investigation of social networks.

Regardless of the type of infidelity that is developing, we create a profile of your partner’s behavior to unmask him, the intention is to follow his steps to capture those important evidences that help you process incidents, as well as awaken you from that deception that in the future it causes more stress.

It is important that when you begin to notice these behavior changes in your partner, also the appearance of frequent excuses, it is best to go to private investigators who take charge of closely following each event until you catch any deception that is occurring, with evidence forceful that help in legal matters.

Both for your peace of mind, as well as to face legal causes such as divorces, pensions or others, you need evidence to support the deceit your partner is committing, you are the one who has the decision to use the evidence, we only give you we grant the possibility of knowing the truth.


              By having an expert like our private detectives Madrid you can have the peace of mind of getting to the bottom of what your partner is doing, even if he tries to hide what he is doing, after our exhaustive methods you will be able to be certain in less time than What happens , thanks to this performance you get the truth.

The passion we invest for private investigation, accompanies us to work on causes that have to do with family or emotional issues, which deserve the professional advice of our experts, who are used to dealing with this situation, understanding the suffering that there is. behind each client.

For us your causes become a priority, an infidelity is one of the deceptions that most sequels causes from the emotional point of view above all, affecting the most valuable thing you have such as your tranquility, either to end the deception or continue fighting for your relationship, you need evidence of what is happening.

Getting out of those overwhelming thoughts is easy thanks to receiving photographs, audios, and other evidential elements that finish demonstrating the events, finally putting aside those doubts that little by little weaken your confidence, which only requires being invested in the powers from Grupo Arga.

As a detective agency we focus on extending the offer to the defense of everything you believe in, without a doubt the development of your relationship cannot be compromised by a suspicion that becomes true and changes your life, therefore the professional treatment That is exercised is crucial to not have to suffer so much.

Unfortunately incidents of cheating between couples increasingly are increasing, therefore action as a defense determined by the search for truth is required, it is essential to use each of these tests to take patiently what happens, the final report We provide you have legal validity.

To comply with any claim to use these tests, it is available when obtained through legal instances, there is no limitation to use them with ease, this advantage is only obtained thanks to our professional services, which are made up of detectives with license.

The training of each of our detectives helps them understand each specialty and exercise it with distinction, there is no better specialist to entrust your personal situation to, we take care of undertaking the right follow-up to follow each action they are carrying out behind your back.

As private investigators we make a firm commitment to fully understand the specific problem, and under your own demands this translates into a personalized vision, so that the situation can receive exactly what it demands, as well as issuing a fair budget on the steps or processes. to apply.


              We base each final result on the evidence, no thought can be more powerful than reality, so instead of basing your concern on simple ideas, it is best to focus on what the tests dictate, they are the only elements you can trust You get these from our private detectives Madrid .

Everything is different as long as you only have suspicions, until we provide you with a proven answer, sooner than you expect you will end up knowing if your partner is cheating on you, the speed of the service ends up being a breath for you, bridging that gap caused by yes only a doubt.

At first it may seem exaggerated to go to a private investigator, but this coverage, like many others, ends up being a key step, that is, they are applied frequently because they give results, they are demanded and they generate an important solution, therefore they are perfected and available whenever a client requires it.

Our experience in situations such as infidelities is remarkable, throughout this trajectory we define ourselves as experts because of the findings we issue that comfort those involved, we cannot let the step of deception be much greater, but bring to light everything what may happen.

It is not necessary to push yourself and go by your own means to search for the truth, since you expose yourself to being discovered by those involved, falling into some kind of confrontation, and the evidence will not have the same value, that is, you only incur more problems This is not helpful, it is also not necessary.

Instead of continuing to increase concerns, you can leave this in the hands of a simple hiring, from which we focus on serving your cause from start to finish, this guarantee ends up causing you enormous stability to make decisions, everything always starts with find out exactly what is happening.

Revealing a situation as complex as infidelity is, is a real fact for each of our detectives, their knowledge places us as unconditional allies, they understand how to act, the urgency of actions, that is, all the circumstances in general that are in game.

When it comes to a sentimental situation, the answers are urgent, they rest in the hands of our specialists, who are committed to communicating each progress and indication once it has been ratified, in this way you will be sure of what is happening, that’s why We end up being the best option in this type of problem.

If you plan to ignore this type of anguish, the problem will only grow, so you can not refuse to discover the truth thanks to the passage of private investigation, being the most appropriate means to discover privileged information about the steps your partner takes, having in your hands the control of these data.

No matter how complex it is for you, we listen to you from the first moment with the patience that is required, we make you feel comfortable to tell us other details about each suspicion that you have, these will be our starting points to start investigating These can lead us to the determining tests.


              Each evidence provided by our private detectives Madrid ends up being the resolution of a personal concern, we assume this synonym with responsibility, and for this reason we transmit a great effort to find them at a prominent time, knowing that in each action we reduce your stress.

Each of the answers we issue ends up being a hope for each person, an important clarity that helps to see each one of the events exactly how they occur, in this way you can make the best decision for that situation, when you are in question. Judgment of the integrity of your partner, it is necessary to inquire.

You cannot underestimate all the clamor that causes an infidelity, we really do not make you feel guilty or ashamed, it is your relationship and we support you with an impeccable investigation, which ends up ending that incessant doubt, since you must always believe in the done before any overwhelming idea.

The best help to feel good about yourself is to find out the truth, from the emotional point of view the performance of our professionals is the best relief, therefore you cannot think more than twice about choosing us as your best alternative, where we strive to verify each data before making a judgment.

Without confirmation of what happens you have no reason to worry day and night, so we not only ratify any suspicion, but we offer you help to use these evidentiary elements wisely, this distinction ends up exchanging problems for solutions.

Private investigation finds clues and solutions in all situations, so we become a tool not to be overlooked, but to keep faith with each private detective that makes up our detective agency, which has a computer area to verify any find in advance.

The verification of each data is what ends up granting you more substantial value, just imagine all that you save by having tests, instead of thinking tirelessly, assuming hundreds of scenarios that perhaps are not even happening, or that you do not earn anything without having evidentiary elements to face this situation.

We focus at all times on obtaining information about your case, which when it combines professionalism and emotional concern, ends up serving with greater precision, being an instrument that defends the demonstration of some event, you just have to trust each of our virtues.

As private detectives we want to expand our offer to be a solid solution to cheating, in any form or field, we take care of collecting evidence that leaves behind that feeling of emptiness that does not leave you until you know the truth, being the greatest element that will make you feel better completely.




              The impact of technology within modern life is a fact that cannot be hidden, especially due to the important benefits it generates within communication, above all, so little by little it has increased its power, as well as negative incidents. for increasing the risk of losing digital information.

In view of this type of situation, the demand for help in the computer field is notable, and at Grupo Arga we respond with Madrid private detectives who have experience in this sector, that is, we have forensic computer scientists who can process and obtain digital data No problem.


              The most widely used messaging application today in all media, whether personal, commercial and others, ends up being WhatsApp , but beyond issuing messages it also stores a significant amount of digital information, increasing the importance and love for this application. .

The use of this digital medium has no reason to imply a risk, but a great utility to break any physical distance, when a problem arises in which you feel that you are being spied on or you have lost important information, the hiring of a private detective is warranted. Madrid through Grupo Arga.

Digital content should always remain in the hands of experts, otherwise you can increase the problem, they can be completely lost, their handling is very volatile, only our experts are able to respond, taking care of that valuable information for you, so that do not have to worry about such a situation.

While using this application, many hacking situations or others can be triggered, therefore its management requires responsibility, as well as the fair advice from our experts helps you reduce this possibility, you cannot be exempt from losing any data, but We support you so that it does not happen.

The subject of computing always requires professional intervention at all times, otherwise you will only attract more problems, leaving this content is a possibility that falls to our specialists, through our detective agency you find the best solution on different Causes.

You cannot tolerate any attempt by an intruder, or that fear of using technology, but advice from our professionals is required so that no other unwanted situation is unleashed, we take care of leaving behind those risks for more alternatives.

It is all about learning to deal with the computing environment, without having that feeling of fear, but rather gaining more confidence thanks to taking advantage of our experts, who focus on getting that information you need, always in the digital medium there is a trace of a small data.

If you need to recover WhatsApp , in Grupo Arga you will have a special treatment, we take care of providing you with a unique answer to this problem, this is making a difference within the different scenarios that arise as a result of the questions that technology leaves to your He passed.


              Intruders and other unscrupulous people seek to seize any information at all costs, to violate privacy through digital channels, these incidents have become a risk for which many people think twice about entering their personal information online.

The methods to extract information in the digital environment, are usually those spy programs, these are designed with the sole intention of stealing information, to seize your privacy, which is one of the risk materializations that exist in the computer field, can occur but can also be stopped.

With the help of our private detectives Madrid you will be able to count on a wide computer specialty, being able to establish security measures so that in the future some event like this does not happen to you, or also cutting off a manifestation of this type at the root, we are the indicated ones for it.

To detect the presence of such programs, it takes an effort from specialists, to have skill in this area, so once data is stolen, you cannot feel bad about it, but rather take defensive actions such as forensic computer scientists, who can determine if there is any danger.

These kinds of programs are stealthy, they are never seen coming until it is too late, which requires having greater precision to detect them and even find the author of this type of action, which is mostly about espionage, causing enormous damage within the personal, commercial and labor level.

It is complex to understand how we operate, but you do not need to go through that headache, just make a contract in time to shorten the damage they cause you by taking over your data, as truth researchers, we take care of knowing what happens inside of this expropriation of information.

It is not easy to detect them on your own, you can even lose substantial evidence to discover what is behind this attack, it should only be covered by specialists, at Grupo Arga we have first-class care to leave behind this series of conflicts that abound in today.

Regardless of what happens, you should always trust our services, we seek to get to the bottom of every situation, especially one of these, such as IT, which we represent with experts, who understand the best that can be done to reestablish your situation. .

You can be sure with the support we provide you at Grupo Arga, because we apply an immediate response so that you continue to lose important information for you, therefore each action we carry out ends up being defining so that it does not occur or generate greater damage to your Personal life.

Undoubtedly, spies do not have scruples, but you can not let them operate freely, but rather stop it with a professional response from us, we make sure that you do not continue to take any risk, as well as that you use actions that take care of you every day, we are to watch over you in all aspects.


              In many occasions, investigations of all kinds deserve a much more special follow-up, because the field work is complemented with great distinction thanks to the computer medium, being an opportunity to corroborate both information, this data crusade ends up giving results.

Our private detectives Madrid rely on different means of searching for information to have greater certainty, with totally irrefutable evidence, this task is accomplished thanks to a remarkable dedication, by having a computer area that searches every detail within social networks .

Each of these evidences must be processed by experts only, that is why an investigation is carried out in social networks by the hand of our private detectives, for example in the event of any infidelity or fraudulent work leave, it is essential to follow the steps of those involved, since that everything is published on social networks.

This means of information can be used in your favor to leave behind a large number of problems, even where there is some illegal behavior, measuring actions is much more predictable after monitoring each profile and online activity, with the least possible carelessness we capture those essential data.

You can not let the people who cause harm go well, because with the help of private investigation there are no existing limits, on the contrary, we cover all environments and social areas to retain even the smallest data that is involved, serving as evidence in many cases.

Every time the legal systems are more adapted to the intervention of technology, they are elements that are presented and processed without any problem, on the contrary, they become legally valid to use in your defense before a judicial instance, there is no abstention when it comes to digital evidence.

We carry out research within the computer plane with great relevance, where these data can be definitive to adopt as a solution in any case, to check deception, fraud and others, social networks work perfectly, these are a mechanism for obtaining accurate information.

The preservation of digital evidence is essential today, they are the main evidence in each case, it is a busy environment due to its importance today, but it always requires its legal ratification, so that it is not altered because it loses validity when using it. , after hiring you will not have to worry.

Fitting reality, with what is broadcast on social networks is part of the mission of our private investigators, in their hands is the firm certainty of finding a connection about your cause, and that information broadcast in any digital medium, we respond with a outstanding performance.

Do not undertake this journey on your own, the information may be on social networks, but if it is not manipulated by an expert, it will not do you any good to present it, it will lose validity, on the contrary, it constitutes a powerful piece of evidence that you should take advantage of and use at all times.


              A forensic computer investigation ends up being the ideal means to obtain those digital data that are essential to unveil a situation that haunts your life, whether it is fraud, infidelity, fraudulent work leave, the location of a person, and other scenarios.

Regardless of the type of situation in question, our private investigators Madrid , are in charge of thoroughly studying each digital element, without altering or modifying it, this is because they are experts within their specialty area such as the digital one that is found under high daily demand.

When you want to present strong digital evidence, you should leave this to our detectives, because in Grupo Arga there is special attention from computer experts, they focus on each cause and the study of these evidences, which are so important to you.

The forensic nature is due to an arduous preparation, which places us as capable of implementing techniques and processes used by the traditional administration of justice, in this way we can guarantee its validity at the time you wish to use it, that is why as a detective agency we are pioneer in the breadth of services.

Every investigation that we undertake is assumed with a high commitment, for this reason, regardless of the topic in question, we have professionals and the tools to respond, since your concerns cannot fall into the hands of anyone, but rather those who best exercise the private investigation.

The experience in this field only leads us to improve the offer, to strive every day to cover every need, we focus on customer satisfaction at all times, what we aim to do is train ourselves in different areas to face each request, therefore the Computer theme is not left aside.

We seek, through the intervention of our computer experts, that the findings have additional value, since the basic intention of our services is to know the truth, but also to demonstrate it, this will not be able to be exercised if there are no true evidentiary elements .

Within our intention is the deep need to provide strong evidence, whether digital or any other type of techniques, we have a wide variety of experts who will represent your cause from start to finish as much as you need it, this is what that transforms us into your true option.

At Grupo Arga we only seek that you feel comfortable, our service responses after a simple consultation will help you visualize all the means we have to help you, regardless of the type of problem that may arise, we are for you, private investigation is your best ally.

Computer science should only reside under the actions of experts that we provide you after the hiring, you will not have to worry about anything, you will benefit from knowing the truth and making use of a final report that contains strong evidence, these are definitely the solution to your case in particular.



              Hiring a private detective can be both a great solution, and a sea of ​​uncertainty for many, to avoid this situation you can always contact us, since at Grupo Arga we are pleased to seek an effective response to your problems through our approach so extensive.

The possibility of having our private detectives Madrid is in your hands at all times, especially because we have an extension of the service for every corner of Spain, as well as internationally, and with a wide variety of specialists so as not to give up on no cause.


              At the moment in which different circumstances arise where so many doubts are sown, surely you do not know what is the best decision to discover the truth, which is always just a click away or a call, because in Group Arga we have a lot of alternatives.

Our private detectives Madrid are in charge of forming a wide offer for the development of private investigation, counting on experts from the family, commercial, labor and even computer science, this variety of coverage in each area is what guarantees you always find a solution after our services.

There is no doubt that when any trace of infidelity appears, fraudulent work leave, espionage activities, or some other scenario, the best decision that remains to take is focused on our private investigators, with whom you can count without as much paperwork as you imagine, a Once you tell us about your problems, everything starts.

After the initial interview we seek to empathize for greater insight into the case, after the respective action plan is formed, you can approve it or not under a fair budget , our prices are low compared to the quality we provide, it ends up being an investment for you tranquility.

From this point of view we end up being your allies to collect that information that you need so much, you cannot get away from our actions or professional offer just for fear of the economic estimate, it is much more expensive to continue living with the deception without noticing it or without certainty of the same.

Instead of having to go through these kinds of situations, you can respond with the help of private investigation, which we exercise with enormous pleasure, we are dedicated to your case because it is part of the commitment of this profession, prices and fees will end up being an insignificant procedure after our results.

The important or distinctive thing about our service is its quality, but also that important training to respond in different causes, because each of our specialists has a license to practice, this allows us to have a level of knowledge that in another agency detectives do not offer you.

At the first contact or suspicion with a deception, you will only have to communicate with us, to have access to this offer, which is thought and designed to put aside your concerns, as well as combat the deception, we focus on those evidences that your case needs for prompt resolution.

The function of a private detective extends in every way to a much more diversified plane, this occurs thanks to a great training that we exercise, these places us at the top of the other alternatives, if you require professional intervention you should only think of Grupo Arga.

Our private detectives Madrid defend your cause with the highest concentration, and application of forensic techniques that are essential for the integrity of the evidence, especially when there is a legal aspiration involved, therefore this role cannot be exercised by anyone within the search for truth.

 The world of private investigation needs a response to match, but above all in time, that is why we do not extend your concerns, but the action plan is launched as soon as the hiring is done, so there are plenty of reasons to carry out this hiring and thus promptly dispose of these evidences.

In this environment it is necessary to operate with a license, this type of headache disappears after a reasonable price, the intention is not to increase your concern, but to find an alternative that fits the witnessed scenario, the study by the private investigator, ends being the impulse to reach the truth.

A truth without proof, it will only end up being an assumption or your word questioned, that’s why when making this contract we provide you with sufficient evidence that cannot be denied, but through which you can do justice at all times.

This possibility is only provided by our experts, it is a decision that you will not regret but quite the contrary, you will have solutions that will help you reverse adversity, this is evident after the awards we have received after years of dedication and passion to demonstrate the truth.

With the passage of time we have contributed to this expansion of private investigation, as well as to staying within the forefront of these services, because it is basically about being available to the current needs of each client, this type of approach we maintain year after year year.

There is no doubt, with the help of Grupo Arga you can put aside those doubts that only serve to generate headaches, we intend that the figure of the private detective is at the top, we look after your tranquility, this investment ends up bringing you closer to the bottom of a matter that can grow more, if we don’t inquire about it.

Regardless of what it is, do not stop, we seek to help you after a wide variety of specialties, that is why we want to keep our offer updated, the main motivation is to think and have a sense of belonging for each cause received by a client.

Grupo Arga’s rates end up being flexible, we place quality as a priority, and also fair compensation for the application and mastery of different techniques that help you count on important findings within your case, everything ends up being a sum of efforts for you.

As we treat each case, we gain much more experience that drives us to give our best, so you can be sure that each rate is estimated fairly, to compensate for the process or technique to be implemented, ensuring that both parties end up satisfied, the success of the case is part of our triumph.

That is to say, by solving your personal situation, you end up eliminating from the root that concern that does not let you be calm, we contribute from the emotional as well as the economic level, we offer you a wide coverage when looking for the truth, regardless of the problem that has arisen, we respond with forceful actions.

The evidence that we provide you ends up being reliable, you will not be able to limit yourself when using or presenting it, but rather the opposite, you get the freedom to use its legal validity within any cause, everything is due to the forensic analysis that we use for its processing, therefore is that hiring becomes necessary.

In Grupo Arga we offer you incredible rates that you will not find in another detective agency, especially without giving up that proportion of quality, that is proven after a remarkable margin of success in the years that we have carried out this work, under a promise to comply with each real goal, without instilling any false expectations, far from it.

We agree with the claims imposed based on the problem raised, from this communication we made a precise action plan that helps us obtain more evidence, it is a really precise path that ends up attracting reliable results, ratified in a legal way to present them in legal instances.

Prices do not represent a problem, but quite the contrary, they are an opportunity to access a special offer, we contemplate different fields and specialties attended by professionals, that is, they are not left in the careless, we make available the greatest possible human talent and vocation.

By investing these elements, the profession of seeking the truth becomes much more decisive but above all effective, we take care of covering the functions with a high level, so you can carry out the respective hiring without the slightest doubt, we focus at all times is promote the best results.

Obtaining evidence becomes substantial to demonstrate different versions of reality, bringing to you that certainty that helps you discover if you are going through some infidelity, a fraudulent work leave, know the whereabouts of a person, among all kinds of situations that call into question a truth.

The love for research innovation defines us, because we seek to impose a pure specialty through our offer, we are there for everything you need, through these professional actions we make a difference, there is no need to worry more, especially when there is an affordable price.

The service proposal that we offer you at Grupo Arga is an expansion to take advantage, since in one place you find different means to find the truth, combining different skills in the field with the help of forensic techniques, forming a last opinion of great help.

Undertaking the hiring of a private investigator always represents your best alternative, at Grupo Arga we invest in first-rate tools that encourage us to obtain more accurate data, our private detectives Madrid are in charge of leading you towards important discoveries about this problem that torments you.

The diagnosis about a situation is provided by the evidence, so you should always have an outstanding appointment with the benefits of private investigation, precisely through our services you get the best care and professional action to exercise our functions freely.

The final outcome of the private investigation is in charge of leaving behind all those problems of immense doubts, which can only be eradicated with forceful facts, these end up speaking more than any other explanation, therefore with the obtaining of evidentiary elements you receive justice on your case.

Among different types of concerns, the intervention of a private detective is urgent beforehand, when it is understood by the clients, they end up trusting in advance in the virtues of their actions, your tranquility cannot be put at risk but quite the contrary, hiring us to overcome those challenges beforehand.

The issue of estimation and budgeting ends up being a reference on the processes to be implemented, being those that will end up fostering that obtaining of information, a necessary path to a wonderful and beneficial end for you, ends up reversing a whole problem in your favor.

The true face of the tranquility that private investigation causes, is reflected in that feeling of satisfaction, of being about to have in your hands evidence that you can use according to your preference, what we intend is to make that desire to leave aside the negative consequences of a deception.

As private detectives we focus on collecting highly valuable evidence, regardless of the type of problem that arises, we respond with a remarkable vocation , so when making any type of hiring you can be sure that in the end you get evidence that will serve you in all planes or scenarios.

We put ourselves in your position to understand the incidents, in this way we draw up a true personalized plan, we put those concerns first, which you get solution through that professional commitment that is marked as the years go by, this experience ends up being used to your favor

The values ​​within the trajectory of our services drive us to make the development of each case something perfect, that is, we seek to respond to all kinds of complexities, by having training and a high level of knowledge to have a greater skill in dealing with that the case demands.

Without waiting or doubts about the price of hiring to exercise private investigation, it will be the least worrying you, especially when we have an exclusive offer, which year after year is improved to satisfy those personal, commercial, work and even IT.




              The trajectory of a service always yields important benefits that we must take into account when making a contract, so when it comes to requiring the benefits of private investigation, at Grupo Arga we have the best offer according to the classification of our clients .

Our private detectives Madrid have been in charge of designing a solid image of good services, through their actions they disseminate and transmit an opinion, but above all a final result that must be beneficial, meeting each initial objective imposed as a real goal.


              At Grupo Arga we take care of establishing a base after each year we exercise, that is why we always look for the solution that adapts to the problem posed by the client, we really want to make a difference in this sector, that is why we always try to improve, so that our private detectives Madrid to be more efficient.

The opinion of each client matters to us, it is the main motivation to want to strive in each case, because it is not a simple hiring, but a concern that must be solved, so we empathize from the first moment so that Needs are not overlooked.

Usually we trace a commitment that is noticeable, and is reflected after the awards for excellence that we have reaped, being an important fruit of hard work, but at the same time it serves as a reiteration to continue connected with this profession, it is a sign of greater delivery.

Our mission is to put the opinion and satisfaction of each client as a priority, this is really the only way to carry out private investigation with broad coverage, since otherwise it would not make sense, we seek privileged attention, therefore we extend professional attention .

We understand the leading role of each evidence, therefore the route of obtaining information deserves to be precise, based on legal compliance so that it is completely legal, that is why our private investigators have a license to practice, which ratifies us as experts for this type of request.

In each area of ​​specialists we defend your concerns with remarkable effort, we innovate with capable tools and techniques, leaving each client with a pleasant feeling of being unconditionally, which is why they end up preferring us, in addition to imposing low rates compared to quality of acting.

We are concerned at all times to let customers know that if we draw real objectives, it is because these will be satisfactorily fulfilled, without raising false illusions, but always under a realistic pretense, for us private investigation is everything, that is why the we leave at the top.

Beyond the time that passes, we want a greater acceptance by customers, this materializes thanks to the strong evidence that we provide, whether for family, commercial or computer issues, we respond with the intervention of an expert who exercises each technique cautiously.


              For our private detectives Madrid , the most important thing is our clients, that is why their satisfaction is the main intention that is noted within each case, our records end up being forceful to speak for us, in these lies the firm intention of helping more people.

Private investigation is an essential tool that in the hands of our experts is used to provide you with conclusive results, it ends up being the direct path to your tranquility, for that reason the main opinion that we seek to sow is the one in which we offer you an important benefit.

To resign that enormous headache that causes uncertainty about a case, all you need is evidence, since they are the only ones that tell the truth without increasing or decreasing it, it is produced exactly, in addition to treating them as a probative instrument that helps you to defend you against a wrongful act.

Many clients are grateful with each action, all thanks to the fact that they end up being living testimonies of the true usefulness of a private detective, who focus on providing timely evidence whenever necessary, for this type of response is that we position ourselves as the best for your cause.

Without a doubt when it is necessary to investigate a situation, have decisive tests, these clients recommend us, since they have been able to reverse their problems by demonstrating the facts, this being the best way to make a decision, and even to know what to do. can do.

Changing the face of the difficulty is just a hiring, which is classified as simple, for this reason each of the clients ends up being left with an unbeatable treatment, this is due to the deep dedication that is invested, to provide answers in record time is what is expected behind this service.

Going out to confront your problems is not easy, but clients end up changing their minds with the help of private investigation, this increases their preference over our actions, which always serve as an example of that good representation that we exercise even to protect you in the future.

Obtaining the best advice is not a problem, within Grupo Arga we also seek to provoke a feeling of being safe in the future due to the recommendations we make about your situation, which is studied from start to finish to carry out the most appropriate action according to your needs.

The best way to reject problems and fraud, is obtained through the intervention of private investigation, this concept is the one that is planted on each of our clients, who postulate this path as the most successful to have access to these elements substantial.

It does not matter if you have been defrauded before, in Grupo Arga you will find a series of recommendations from clients who have changed their lives, to help corroborate some suspicion of infidelity, fraudulent work leave, location of people, hacks , that is, a whole series of situations that merit professional attention.


              The acceptance that exists on each of our clients is due to the important threshold of success that is applied to different cases, at Grupo Arga we seek to extend precisely this feeling, because each of our Madrid private detectives seeks to create a precedent for this profession.

 The figure of private investigation is closer to the needs of each client, therefore, in case of any incident that may arise, the function of our experts can be consulted to ensure the conclusion of your concerns, which is achieved through of forceful data.

We continue with an impeccable work, because in the improvement of each sector, a truly reliable image resides for clients, being one of the greatest virtues of our services, so that they can choose us with their eyes closed, we try that with these evidences the problems are left behind.

Within different scenarios we operate with a wide level of distinction, being the fundamental idea of ​​each job we take on, where we draw a line focused on meeting a greater number of needs, thanks to the fact that we act with the expected skill, in that fulfillment of expectations s that they end up preferring us.

Behind each case, the firm commitment to make a superior effort is hidden, this ends up being noticed, our clients appreciate it because they can leave behind immense doubts by having on their side the evidentiary elements that communicate the truth, being the main opinion of each person who trusts us.

We do not rehearse with your case, but professional strategies are invested, we want you to visualize us as an unconditional solution, for a large number of topics we are available, after communicating your problems you can come across a powerful action plan that makes it possible to get to the bottom of the matter.

The effort of our private detectives ends up evidencing clearly in the cases, which are not just another hiring, but a need to which we try to find a timely response, we look at those details that are important to you, and at the same time they are for our specialists.

Instead of having to live in a constant struggle to get out of that deception on your own and create more inconveniences, customers value that time savings generated by the evidence obtained by detectives, since it does not make them move a single finger or have to expose, this is part of our functions.

At the center of the defense of your tranquility are our private investigators, who look for even the smallest information, everything that is important to you, becomes so for our professionals, after this empathy, they end up choosing us, causing a greater liked by customers.

The reference that places us above time, is that of being a complete detective agency, where you can find so many offers at the same time, being able to investigate the integrity of each data, to use it as freely as possible, being an important welfare for legal issues especially.


              At the rate of time, at Grupo Arga we are concerned with offering a wide opportunity to investigate each matter to each client, our private detectives Madrid are supported by an important result at the end of each case, as well as the opinion of the clients that ends up being a motivation to give the best.

We seek that each case take the course of collecting as much information as possible, everything is based on the broad level of knowledge that our experts invest, who calmly and precisely end up being the ones indicated to do justice to each case that is complicated and has consequences negative.

The impact of fraud within modern society is worrying, but for the defense of its interests there is the timely intervention of private investigation, which when carried out by our specialists ends up being the key step to end a whole series of complex events.

We are established as defenders of the truth, these elements of conviction are manipulated, under a compliance attached to the chain of custody, that forensic concern is that it causes clients to be satisfied with what we provide, no matter the level of difficulty that exists , we respond in the best way.

Beyond the request of each client, we offer you a comprehensive result that our clients come to classify as savior, since it puts an end to that martyrdom that generates a lie or suspicion, these tests are what clients most estimate, there is much in game and our detectives are a great guarantee for your claims.

We support the integral path to the truth, beyond what may be presented, we want to seek the resolution of each case, and our clients trust these actions precisely, they feel safe when our professionals work for them, they are the consented ones who enjoy of these tests to do justice.

As representatives of the truth, we seek to do our best, our clients end up cataloging us as specialists to recover these evidences, which will serve to put in order your emotional well-being as well as economic at the same time, because the deceits end up taking over everything and causing stress especially.

We continue to carry out the tasks under a margin of distinction that clients feel, that is why they end up opting for Grupo Arga at all times, we generate emotions and defend the truth at all times, we focus on demonstrating our own capacity leaving aside what is tarnished your life, we prepare for it.

Each thanks is a living testimonial of how they come to trust with closed eyes in what we do, is that this action reduces the probability of being deceived, we ensure that clients can obtain important findings, we watch over them and thus reaffirm it after the tranquility of each client.



For Grupo Arga, what a real customer thinks about us is very important. At our private detective agency we always try to ensure that the client is satisfied. In an office like ours, the image is important, because competition, and above all, bad competition, are the order of the day.

Our detectives always try to make all investigations go as the client expects, but each case is different, and therefore, the result is also different. In an important research agency like ours, what matters most to us is that the client, whether private or company, is happy and satisfied with the result, for this reason, we always try to get the best possible, although if it is true, the final result does not depend on us, but on the person or the fact to investigate.

Occasionally, our customers give their opinions in the google company file, and these are some of their opinions. We are fully grateful that this happens, so much so, that we have made a place for it on our website, and here are some of them:





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Peter Wolf
Peter Wolf
15:34 20 Mar 20
El servicio contratado por nuestra empresa fue todo un éxito! Se trataba de una baja laboral fraudulenta de un... trabajador. Gracias a Grupo Arga pudimos recopilar las pruebas necesarias para solventar satisfactoriamente el asunto. Dinero muy bien investido. Grandes profesionales en España a los Qie se puede confiar. Nuestra más gran gratitud por la ayuda prestada . PETER WOLF - System Capicity Global.read more
Juan Raimundo
Juan Raimundo
10:33 06 Mar 20
Buenos días. Teníamos una empleada que se encontraba disfrutando una supuesta baja y teníamos sospechas de que... estaba realizando otro trabajo realmente. Recurrimos a estos detectives privados en Barcelona y pudimos constatar que efectivamente nuestra trabajadora estaba cometiendo una baja laboral fraudulenta. Pudimos despedirla de forma procedente gracias a Grupo Arga. Aunque a primera vista es una cuantía significativa de dinero a medio plazo sale más qie rentable y amortizado . Fueron profesionales, rápidos y discretos. Mi recomendación de estos profesionales de primera mano .read more
Ivan Ríos Gutiérrez
Ivan Ríos Gutiérrez
18:15 20 Feb 20
Muy agradecido por sus servicios. Fueron rápidos, profesionales y discretos. Gracias por todo.
Jorge Ramos Guillen
Jorge Ramos Guillen
10:00 07 Feb 20
Gracias!!!! Actuación rápida y discreta. Muy profesionales. Una baja laboral fraudulenta que parecía enrevesada se... resolvió de una forma sencilla. Gracias Grupo Arga Detectives . Jorge Ramosread more
Lorena Gutiérrez Cebollo
Lorena Gutiérrez Cebollo
11:44 31 Jan 20
Gracias !!!!! por los servicios prestados de informática forense. Contratamos un informático forense en Madrid para... realizar una investigación informática forense sobre difamación en redes sociales por injurias y fue todo un éxito y acierto el contar con los informáticos forenses de Grupo Arga. Nos hicieron una investigación forense impecable en las que pudieron identificar claramente al autor que se escondía en las difamaciones y pudimos llevarlo a un juicio y salir victoriosos. Mi recomendación de Grupo Arga detectives sin lugar a dudas. A veces las cosas son más sencillas de lo que parece ! Solo es cuestión de dar con los profesionales adecuados !!!read more
Servícios jurídicos Barcelona
Servícios jurídicos Barcelona
13:42 13 Jan 20
Queremos agradecer a Grupo Arga Detectives los servicios de investigación ofrecidos a nuestro despacho durante los... últimos 5 años. Requerimos mucho de sus servicios en relación a bajas laborales fraudulentas y otras investigaciones laborales y queríamos darles nuestro agradecimiento por todos los resultados obtenidos gracias a su intervención. Nunca el dinero invertido a dado mayores frutos. Hemos conseguido ganar en los últimos años alrededor de 14 juicios gracias a sus informes y ratificaciones. Gracias . Ana Pérez.read more
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