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Divorce and separation detectives

If you are going through a separation or divorce, at Arga, a detective agency  we know that this situation can be dramatic. Even more so when your partner does not want to take care of their obligations. It may happen that they are already divorced and that either their ex-partner has previously lied to avoid paying what would legally correspond to them or that once their financial obligations have been established in the regulatory agreement, this person is trying to lie to reduce their economic burden.

Whatever the cause described above, you will be vulnerable in this situation, and unfortunately justice, due to ignorance of the truth, cannot always issue a sentence in favor of that person who really deserves it for the use of surreptitious techniques of another person. If you talk to your lawyer, he will tell you that the only professionals to attest to reality are private detectives .

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Only we can provide the necessary evidence to be able to issue a modification in the regulatory agreement. Arga,  the Detective Agency  can prove that your partner is lying and really has more purchasing power than he claims to have . Normally, these people usually have a second job from experience that provides them with a significant amount of money.

This extra contribution is not usually declared, so you cannot prove before the judge that you have more income than you say you have. We can provide the necessary evidence to prove to the judge that this person is lying and not leave you unprotected with his lie. All our evidence provided has full legal validity . If an agreement cannot be reached after presenting the evidence, the Detectives of the Arga Agency can go to ratify the trial . If you want to investigate an infidelity, learn more about our infidelity detectives.

Does your partner not pay you alimony? We can help you

The fact of resorting to the services of a detective in a divorce process where the spouses do not agree has spread widely in Spain. The private divorce detective’s mission is to prove that the ex-partner is lying by providing evidence in this regard. The situation can become very delicate when there are children involved as well as real estate.
When you think that the real situation is different from the apparent one but you don’t know how to prove it, that’s when you should go to a divorce detective. We do know how to prove it . Our presence in the Courts of Justice in relation to divorce processes in the modification of alimony is increasingly evident.

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Divorce detectives experts in providing evidence

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Grupo Arga can help you throughout this process in different ways:

  • We can show whether or not the other party is capable of caring for your children.
  •  We can find out the solvency of the other party if it is real or invented.
  • If the precautionary measures ordered by the judicial authority are being complied with.
  • The actual income of the other spouse to check if the alimony calculation is correct



    True qualified professionals like Grupo Arga Detectives can help you prove all these points. To do this, come to our office and tell us the details about it. We will carry out an investigation of the result and you will win.

     Alimony after the breakup can become a nightmare if you do not have the right professionals. We will issue a detailed report where all the ends of the investigation will be collected with all the evidence and information obtained. All our reports have full legal validity, being fully accepted in court. Grupo Arga Detectives develops divorce and pension investigations throughout Spain.


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    Why acquire the services of a divorce detective?

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    Being a somewhat complex process, you need the support of a team of expert agents; highly qualified divorce detectives  , capable of serving you as cordially as possible and who can guarantee an effective and satisfactory procedure. At  Grupo Arga Detectives , our mission is to help you. We are an agency with more than 10 years of professional experience, where we have covered issues such as divorces, providing the necessary evidence in favor of solving problems that can range from the acquisition of assets, such as custody.

    If we’re talking about a situation where you deserve to receive property and your partner tries to sideline you in it, you need evidence to verify the truth. The same, which must promptly allege how the process of division of assets during the divorce is. For custody cases, the aim is to demonstrate that the person you are divorcing does not meet the necessary requirements to care for a minor.


    We don’t just talk about money; love and shelter is the most important thing. If your partner is abusive or exhibits behaviors that are harmful to raising a child, you need the evidence to prove it.

    Due to these and other circumstances, we at  Grupo Arga Detectives , assure you a fast and very efficient procedure, where our services have the best rates on the market, showing a great resolution in the quality-price comparison. For divorce cases  , we have excellent references from previous clients who opted for our services, feeling totally satisfied and grateful.

    We do not seek profit based on your personal problems. Our purpose as a  private detective agency is to be able to represent a support for the community. Bringing hope to those cases that are in a state of archive due to lack of conclusive evidence that proceeds. We are available to you 24 hours a day. You can request our help at any time and space of your liking. Acquiring a private investigation service  , more than an idea, results in a brilliant strategy. Do not think twice and check our rates today and receive all the necessary guidance from our team.

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    Investigation in divorce and separation

    If you are going through a divorce process   where your partner has not corresponded to the legal requirements attributed to him; it needs proofs of those events where the truth of the conditional fractions that correspond to it is revealed. Either it is about the material section that is reflected at the time of signing a marriage certificate, or that it is about something very delicate such as obtaining custody of minors. For whatever the case according to this nature, experts capable of fulfilling this mission are needed.

    We are talking about  private detectives . Highly skilled agents who are deeply involved in various investigative fields, including  divorce . They offer their services with the aim of providing you with the evidence you need to corroborate your case and thus be able to give you a solution. 

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    Detective work   is increasingly in demand today. Breaking the taboo and prejudices about an idea that is no longer seen only in movies. It all depends on the service provided by a particular agency. Therefore, choosing it is difficult.

    When it comes to your personal life, it is very difficult to give complete confidence to a person to take care of you in this tight situation. You have to have various parameters to take into account in order to find the right agency. Therefore, we  Grupo Arga Detectives , are one of the best agencies in the country; with the best teams and  divorce detectives , experts in this area; where you will find the care you need with very satisfactory results, all at the best price.

    The separation and divorce process can be very hard. Sometimes it is necessary to resort to qualified professionals to uncover a reality and show it to the judge so that the process is fair. In this context, the role of the private detective enters as a key element of decision-making by the Judge. Our intervention can mean a clear saving since thanks to our action we can make the amounts in the alimony and compensatory pensions lean in favor of our client.

    There can be many different cases for which a divorce and separation detective is hired. In some cases, for example, we have to prove that the investigated person shares the house, others prove the true income obtained, other times that the children of legal age are working. We know how important and decisive our actions can be throughout the process and we act with the utmost professionalism and tact.


    The best advice on divorces and separations

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    Separations  and divorces are not very pleasant due to the mixture of existing feelings, for this reason we understand that each client wants to finish as soon as possible, but at the same time wants to enforce their rights, for this reason going to Grupo Arga is the best answer to deal with this class of situations . With the help and attention of a private investigator, you can end up well freed from an adversity like this, because as professionals they know where to look and how to present yourself before a judge, since a civilian’s manipulation of evidence sometimes renders it null and void. when obtained illegally.

    A great difference is made in the contribution of knowledge, because mistakes do not occur when presenting each test. You can enjoy the peace of mind that it will not be refutable for any reason. So that you can face these situations with greater security and confidence, we have the conditions and tools for it.

    rivate causes or legal processes depend directly on the effort of the parties on how they refute and present their version in court. The dedication must reside widely at the level of the parties, starting an investigation is taking care of the course of a divorce or separation. The solvency with which we treat each case received is what places us as experts for each requirement, regardless of its nature. In family, business and industrial legal cases, we use our greatest dedication to feed the case with facts, that is, bringing to light the probative truth. The experience that Grupo Arga has within the field of private investigation is a clear sign of how we have updated ourselves to the level of your needs, for this reason we can solve any type of inquiry, we have the best detectives.

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    Win the bet. Most Requested Services to Try

    • Prove that the children work. Many times proving a situation such as that the children are working can mean the possibility of recovering the address that was given to the other spouse for the custody of the children. Given this new situation, there could also be the possibility of being able to sell the home or even stop paying the mortgage.
    • Prove that third parties live in the house . If it is proven that other people live in the house, everything could change for our client in his favor.
    • Economic research. We can prove that your partner has an undeclared job and therefore has assets to survive without the need for the high amount that she currently receives. We can also prove that she has hidden assets both in Spain and abroad. It is feasible to prove that your ex-partner maintains a standard of living above what should correspond. Our action will serve to reveal the real economic situation of your ex-partner in order to act in this regard by requesting a modification of alimony.

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    • False claims . In recent years, the fact of the abuse of false reports by the couple alleging all kinds of facts such as drug or alcohol use, sexual abuse, threats, harassment, aggression, etc. has spread. All this with the intention of establishing a court order to remove the minor as well as the family home. In addition, these false complaints can have serious criminal repercussions. Our intervention can clarify this type of behavior that is becoming more widespread every day.
    • Detection of spy devices. It is very common to place microphones, recorders and other hidden devices such as cameras and voice recorders, GPS, etc. This is due to the simplicity today of getting these spy devices. The ex-partner can take advantage of moments of entry and exit to install them without raising suspicions. The ex-partner tries to obtain information to later use it in the judicial process in her favor. This type of used spy objects can be placed in the most bizarre places camouflaged as one more element of the home. It could even be the case of devices permanently connected to the electricity system and that do not stop emitting abroad. Grupo Arga Detectives are experts in electronic sweeps, we are in possession of sophisticated devices capable of finding any spy element. We have been working for more than 10 years with complex electronic Countermeasures equipment capable of performing complete electronic sweeps to detect hidden microphones as well as any other device that threatens privacy. We carry out the inspection of your home with different techniques of electronic sweeps using cutting-edge technology.

    Find the best divorce detectives

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    A complex and bitter situation such as a divorce deserves an in-depth investigation that can clarify the situation that occurred within the relationship, because this serves to modify the pension or some other legal action that ratifies the right of the affected person. In order to gain ground within this area, the performance of  a Divorce detective is required , since it qualifies as a true professional for personal and family situations of this nature, which has become a common topic of high need that is You must attend with precision and professionalism.

    The detective agency like Grupo Arga has a group of specialists that houses the intervention of a divorce detective , who acts with great expertise within this field, attending in a special way to the problems that may arise until covering each of the expectations of the clients.

    We grow with the concerns that are part of the clients, especially in this sector that is going through an unpleasant moment such as a divorce, but when evidence is obtained, this can become a much more bearable experience, even achieving some kind of negotiation to end everything as soon as possible.

    Especially when there are children involved, it is best to try to end this situation as soon as possible, to limit the negative consequences that may arise as a result of all this tedious process, so this intention can be raised with a detective which they will comply fully through the imposed contract. The help of this kind of professional is decisive when alimony and care of the children coming from the couple are at stake, irresponsible actions deserve to be punished in time, for this reason the experience and advice of a professional is required . know about these situations. Divorces normally end in the outcome of a regulatory agreement, where all the details of this legal process are contained and specified, as a kind of resolution, which will dictate the rooted results of having gone through these legal actions.

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    Contact Grupo Arga divorce and separation detectives

    To deal with  divorces and separations,  we have a wide range of specialists who cover any trace of information without problems, because we are a multifunctional detective agency that accompanies each inquiry with the most exclusive and special services that can make a difference in such a legal process. By contacting Grupo Arga you can hire a service dedicated to your claim, where we will thoroughly study a route to collect a greater amount of information, these are known as investigation techniques that allow us to cover each incident that may arise within the search for evidence. .

    Private investigation is your ideal ally to reveal what really happens, because each piece of evidence can discredit its counterpart, so that you take advantage or the course of the legal process without problems, this is the best way not only to save yourself problems or that their tests are worthless, but not to enforce their rights.

    You cannot face the legal system without effective advice, because our legal department will be able to ensure the integrity of your cause, as well as any other, being a clear example that our services are the most appropriate to bring out the truth without it There is room for denial. The flagrancy of a fact is a key probative element that only an expert can capture, therefore, through a private detective and his advanced data collection methods, he may have the possibility of building a solid demand, as well as reaching a friendly negotiation due to the strength of the evidence.



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