Detectives expert in Corporate Investigations

What is a corporate investigation and how does it work?

Detectives  are investigative professionals authorized by the Ministry of the Interior in charge of collecting evidence, which means support to process a case, or generate a complaint, among other legal actions according to the situation that you present .

It is a direct investigation service, in which you can count on a team of specialists, who have the necessary tools and tactical knowledge, to carry out various analyzes of the situation, generating an information gathering plan, mobilizing completely low profile.


detective privado empresa

To attack a particular point, such as  company investigations . Detectives work under the investigation through physical and digital documentation. Tracking possible inconsistencies in the data established within the records in your company or well.

This, with the intention of detecting problems that put your assets and the profits it generates at risk. The manipulation or theft of valuable information, by the competition, can be used against you, in order to misplace your position in the market. Generating considerable losses and deteriorating the reputation of the company itself.

The intervention of these agents to deal with cases that include theft of information, in the hands of “hackers”, or the detection of false documentation such as curriculum, presentation of medical reports that require fraudulent sick leave, etc. It represents considerable support, where you will be able to restore normality within your company. Not to mention, the possibility of opting for defense mechanisms to protect all your information. Thus avoiding the intrusion of spies or cybercriminals, through procedures that include the famous electronic sweep . An extensive procedure, where the possible existence of espionage equipment such as microphones, cameras, sensors and more is sought.


We promote a high-level corporate investigation

Grupo Arga is a private research organization that, throughout its more than 15 years of experience, has precisely managed to consolidate a research policy capable of deploying various elements that, ultimately, guarantee the correct collection of information .

Providing the best results for our clients is a task carried out by our group of detectives, therefore, through a human team with great preparation and experience, it is possible to deploy in operations where this work is necessary. We carry out a useful analysis for this in taking a decision of strategic importance .

The structuring of results in economic research work benefits not only companies, but also key players in a sector, as well as political decision makers, a topic that will determine a much more agile and dynamic act for those who need it. , since you would get several benefits through research that you don’t get through business research at the enterprise level.

detective privado empresas

That is why, from the detectives of Grupo Arga, we have always been in charge of generating an application of these processes based on a standard of obtaining sufficient information for the construction of different cases where it is necessary to know in detail the progress and daily operation. of an economic and/or commercial sector.

Our detectives in the economic field are trained to provide the necessary answers and sufficient elements of analysis to decision makers.

At Grupo Arga, our detectives fulfill their commitment, which is why, from the work we do as a private detective agency, we never stop improving and providing a better service. Our detectives are the best!



Why hire a business detective?

As we mentioned before, the services provided by  company detectives   can be of great help to a company that is not properly managing its activities and strategies or that requires IT services for its protection. These detectives are in charge of providing multiple services that will guarantee protection and security to a company in its efforts, at the same time that it is an accessible investment whose results are notorious from the first moment.

Having the services of a business detective is extremely simple and you can verify your experience with other clients for greater security. These detectives are responsible for providing more benefits than those mentioned above.


security assessment

detective empresas

The security company that has probably said that through the detectives is responsible for evaluating its own employees and the proper functioning of the installed equipment. Is it really a good idea for it to continue that way? Do you think they are reporting objectively?

Lack of security is a topic that does not cause advantages, does not increase the rate of customer satisfaction and is generally not part of the training of the average manager. Therefore, it sometimes lies in the background. It is a problem that is common to think only in the calculation of the budget and the reception, but once hired, it is extremely beneficial.

Hiring a private detective to assess the security of your business will give you the perspective and experience of a fully trained and independent individual.



When to hire an investigation?

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The reality is that no, you do not need to wait for apparent threats to hire the services of a private investigator specialized in the business sector. You may need one simply to be able to advise you in these investigations and guide you in preventing the threats.

At Grupo Arga Detectives we have the best experts trained to provide advisory services in the different areas of labor investigation. We are able to guide you to prevent the different levels that can occur in your company.


The value of the detective’s report

detective particular empresa

The report published by Grupo Arga will be taken into account in any application for your company. All evidence obtained by our detectives will be entered into this report so that there is no doubt about the fact under investigation.

All the information applications of our detective agency are completely legal, maintaining legality and results. If you want to set up this problem, please find a professional who will guide you.


Key role against threats

investigador empresa

Private detective services for companies play a role in taking care of critical aspects such as a trial process, as well as identifying all the factors surrounding the investigation. The key points of these private detective services are the coordination with the legal team or the management of the company to achieve the objectives.

The detective is a defended resource for the ideal resolution of a labor investigation process. It can only be carried out by legally authorized private detectives activated by the Ministry of the Interior.

How is the research carried out?

investigacion corporativa

The beginning of any investigation is the focus of a client and sometimes, for your attorney, the need to know or prove any situation involving a problem or opportunity. You don’t just need court proof, you may need to improve your strategy or competitiveness or just operating information.

The analysis of the information provided by the client helps us to make our own investigative approach, which normally does not coincide with that of the client due to everything we know, legal limitations or limits to obtain certain evidence.

What are the benefits?

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Hiring a private detective office for the investigation is the first step that a company should be able to change the evolution of its activities, thanks to the surveillance of its clients, its suppliers or other companies in which they may work in the future.

It may have purified, contrasted and validated information through investigation and the performance of certain operations in accordance with those necessary for private detectives.

The main advantages highlighted within the company is a security system for decision making, which improves its economic strategy and as a significant result with a competitive advantage.

Importance of services for companies

The business landscape is becoming more competitive, leading many companies to hire private investigator services to protect their survival. A specialized agency like Grupo Arga can be responsible for different types of investigation, which can be classified mainly into two categories: internal and external.

  • Internal investigation: The main objective of such cases is to verify or eliminate the bad practices of the companies themselves, such as fraud, suspicious medical loss or breach of contract, among others.
  • External investigation: In this case, the investigation focuses on people from outside the company, who may pose a danger. Unfair competition, debt to the company, copyright, use of company patents or trademarks for other companies, etc. All these problems can damage the company in the short or long term, so it is important to keep them under control through specialized professionals. Often what seems simple to clarify turns into a difficult job that requires special techniques and specific knowledge.

If you suspect wrongdoing in your business, you’re in the right place. We offer business research services in the broadest sense of the term. During a non-obligation interview, we will discuss with you the suspicions and facts discussing a series of questions, such as the problems that exist (or suspicions), the purpose of the investigation, the legal structures, the costs, the way of reporting and, of course, Of course, confidentiality.

We are fully aware that we can learn a lot about your business during our investigation, so we like to emphasize our integrity and reliability . We work discreetly and will never share your confidential business information with others. After a first interview, we can provide our action plan. If you agree with the plan, we work!

On our website, you can find a number of specific sections and investigative situations, but in addition to these forms of fraud, abuse and wrongdoing, there can of course be more circumstances. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for an informative conversation. At Grupo Arga detectives we try to answer all the questions you have about our agency or methodology. Feel free to contact us and we will help you with the professionalism that characterizes us.

Experience and guarantee

One of the greatest gifts of our  private detectives , specialists in business issues, is the experience and knowledge within this plane, since we understand this type of activity, to know everything that is at stake, to understand each of the concerns that go through the minds of these customers.

Private investigation deserves a really committed exercise, we just do this, we try at all times to offer answers as soon as possible, in this way no lie can take over your company, or affect its productivity, we take care of ensuring its tranquility.

detectives para empresas

It is not easy having to face so many circumstances within a company, but we seek to strive in each case to improve, and thus also defend this area with a truly professional performance, which characterizes us as your main option, since we treat your concerns as a priority.

We stand out within the private investigation with an exclusive performance . After each case assumed, we look for a practical solution, both in the present and in the future, because these actions serve as a guarantee to leave a precedent against those attempts by your competition or fraud by your employees, these scenarios end up being a setback for your progress.

Guiding a company to success requires being careful in every situation that may happen, because the competition and others involved do not want it to achieve a breakthrough, and they can attack your privacy to take advantage of it, you cannot continue to be exposed to this great possibility but rather respond with our services. Leave everything in the hands of Grupo Arga to show that your company is not alone, you will be able to take that step that gives you peace of mind in management

Contact a business detective

We at  Grupo Arga have been working for more than 10 years in the field of private investigation. Offering an optimal and very high quality service, being recognized by various entities, both police and legal. Having in our record, more than 9,000 cases closed with satisfaction, where the investigation of companies is one of the services most requested by our clients. This is possible, thanks to the daily effort of our  company detectives , to seek justice and protection.

Being pioneers in research advances, we cover both physical and digital cases; having the support of the best computer experts. The same, which provide real solutions to extensive cases such as the loss of valuable information in the hands of spies or “hackers”, through online channels such as social networks, emails, blogs, among others.

Our mission is to bring you the evidence that exposes all these situations, very common in any company. In order to give you the opportunity to take legal action. In turn, keep you alert to other possible attacks on your business assets, offering complete advice on security methods and implements.

Running a company is a laborious job that requires a lot of dedication and attention to detail. On occasion, it can happen fleetingly; themselves, which represent a danger to you and the image of your company. Therefore, acquiring our company detective service is a brilliant strategy that ensures a real solution to these situations.


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